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Goal Worksheet by vcl99353


									Goal Worksheet
1) Executive summary
   a) Goal Statement
brief statement of the end goal in present tense
remember SMART: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time-bound

   b) benefits
brief statements of the answer to the 'why?' question of my goal
what specific and tangible benefits will I receive when I reach my goal, and/or in the
process of reaching the goal?

   c) deadline
when is my goal project finished (i.e. what specific calendar date)?
when can I make an honest and clear evaluation of the project's success?

2) Inputs
   a) critical actions
what are the most important, specific, and concrete actions that I take regularly (i.e.
weekly, daily or more frequently) in order to build toward my goal?
are there less frequent or one-time actions that are needed?

   b) time allocation
how much time am I willing to allocate to this goal per day or per week?

   c) resource allocation
does my goal require any resource inputs such as money, specialized equipment,
facilities, subcontractors, etc?

3) Outputs and measurement
   a) check-in times
how frequently do I evaluate progress toward my goal? (daily is recommended)

   b) metrics
what is the best way for me to record progress toward my goal? (e.g. paper notebook,
spreadsheet, text document, whiteboard, etc).
what kinds of quantitative measurements can I perform, in order to track progress
according to an objective standard? (think in specific units - dollars, kilograms,
horsepower, calories)
4) Risk
   a) sacrifices / tradeoffs
what price must I pay - financial, time, emotional, physical, social or any other kind of
price - in order to reach my goal?
is there anything positive or valuable in my life that will need to be given up in order to
reach my goal?

   b) obstacles and challenges
what are the expected challenges, risks, or threats that I may face in pursuing this goal? in
what areas do these exist - financial, personal, emotional, health?
how do I handle deviation from the path toward the goal? slower progress than expected?
how will I handle unexpected challenges or interruptions to the progress toward this
how do I get back on track in the event of an adverse event?

5) interactions
   a) major subgoals
is there a natural division of my goal into identifiable component parts?
can I work on subgoals concurrently or are they dependent on a particular sequence?

   b) dependencies
does my goal depend in any way on other goals that I am currently pursuing?
does my goal depend in any way on the contributions or cooperation of other people or

   c) synergies
do other goals that I am pursuing support efforts toward this one?

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