Waterfall Worksheet

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					                           Waterfall Worksheet
1) Describe the formation of a waterfall using the diagrams below. Include the
   terms plunge pool, collapse, gravity, erosion, gorge, retreat, undercut and

     a)                                    b)

     c)                                    d)

2) Match up the following clue cards for the famous waterfalls:

           Name                  Name                  Name                     Name
     Niagara Falls          Victoria Falls          Angel Falls             High Force

           River                 River                 River                    River
    Set on the River         Set on the          Set on the Churun       Set on the River
         Tees               Niagara River              River                Zambezi

          Location             Location               Location                Location
      Venezuela, S           North East           Border between          Border between
                                                 USA and Canada, N      Zambia and Zimbabwe,
        America            England, Europe
                                                     America                   Africa

           Size                  Size                   Size                    Size
    At 979 metres tall     108 metres wide but   At 20 metres high it    52 metres high but
       the highest          one of the widest     is one of the most      one of the widest
     waterfall in the        waterfalls in the   famous waterfalls in   waterfalls in the world
                                  world               the country

3) What factors might affect how quickly a waterfall develops, and whether it
   creates a gorge or canyon?

4) How might a waterfall affect an area? Think about tourism and using the river
   as a transport route.