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MV Midas takes surfers to un-crowded breaks and reefs that the skipper knows well.
These waters are often beyond the reach of slower boats operating in the region.

It’s not just the experience of the crew and the comfort and luxury of the Midas,
which makes it such a popular charter boat for professional-groups and private
surfers; it’s its sheer speed! Boasting twin 1100hp Man Diesel motors, the Midas
reaches speeds of up to 26 knots. It has a range of approximately 600 nautical miles
from its base in Padang and can easily remain at sea for up to two weeks.

Built to the highest safety standards and refurbished in 2006 Midas is a spacious,
fully air-conditioned vessel designed for fast cruising in style and luxury.

Midas accommodates between 6 to 10 guests in four superbly appointed cabins.
Each cabin is equipped with air-conditioning; surround sound TV/VCD/DVD, stereo
systems and individual ensuite bathrooms.

Guests come together to party, or simply to chill out, in the enormous saloon
equipped with TV, DVD, Bose Sound System and Xbox console. For those who can’t
get enough of the great outdoors, the aft deck comfortably seats 8 people and is
the perfect place to sip an ice-cold beer and watch the sun go down. Or sit in the
air-conditioned fly bridge or exterior seating area to take in the surf action. All the
facilities you’d expect from a five-star hotel come as standard on the MV Midas.


*   Builder: Vitech Marine
*   LOA: 74.5ft / 22.7m
*   Beam: 17.7ft / 5.4m
*   Draft: 5f t/ 1.6m
*   Engines: 2 x MAN 1,100 hp
*   Range: 600nm (740km)@18 knots
*   Max speed: 28 26 knots
*   Cruising speed: 10-20 knots
*   Cabins: 4 Berths: 10 Crew: 5
*   Weight: Approx 50 tonne
*   Fuel capacity: 8000 liters
*   Water capacity storage: 1800 litres, water maker producing 120 litres /day
*   4.6m RIB (zodiac) with 40 hp outboard and sunshade
Captain and crew

Selected for their detailed knowledge & experience of the surf industry and high
standards of customer service, every member of the crew is highly regarded by their
peers in the Mentawai. Our Indonesian team - Suri, Eka, Judian and Paul the deck
hand treat everyone as friends.

The crew is made up of both men and women, to make sure that all guests feel
comfortable and welcome. Renowned female pro surfers like the Roxy team are
regulars onboard Midas and they love our mixed crew.

There are five crew in total including the captain, John Bowden; Suri the cook; our
Engineer Eric , Judian, a general hand who manages the RIB and takes the surfers to
the breaks; and another general hand, Paul. Captain John Bowden is an Australian
with over 10 years of experience guiding the industry’s top pro-surfers to those
special locations. His experience of reading weather conditions and his contacts with
local boat operators means he can quickly pinpoint where the best surf is breaking.
On the last two OceanPacific Mentawai Boat Challenges, John was chosen as the
lead boat skipper as he was recognized as one of the most astute and experienced
skipper s in the region - one capable of finding the best surf for a large pro group.
And he did!


While you and your friends are surfing the dream waves of the Mentawai Islands, we
can arrange for a photographer to capture the experience on film. This is your chance
to be professionally photographed in perfect surf. We shoot from land, boat, and
dinghy to get the best angles on the world-class breaks of the Mentawai Islands. Just
make a note on the booking form and our photographer will contact you.

Professional masseuse

Don’t worry about your muscles getting pounded on the surf. We can arrange for a
professional masseuse to accompany you on the trip. Aches and pains will magically
vanish with a relaxing massage on deck in the warm rays of the sun. See booking
form for prices.


Surfing Mentawais

MV Midas is one of the fastest and most powerful surf charter boats in its class
operating in the Mentawai waters. Midas operates surf charters from Padang
between March and November 2006.

This is the ideal time to surf the Mentawai waters - the southern hemisphere’s winter
generates high quality, consistent surf in the Indian Ocean.

The region is dotted with surf locations that are active at different times. Many
operators cannot reach the best surf breaks on the fringe of the region because the
distance is too great and their boats do not have the speed .

To reach these remote breaks you need to be aboard a fast boat with a skipper who
knows the area. In addition to its luxurious comfort, MV Midas has one of the most
extensive range of all the boats operating in the area due to its top speed of 26
knots. This is one of the reasons why the top pro-surf teams in the US choose Midas
as their charter craft; they want the top breaks and the great photo opportunities that
we can give them.

Surf trips start and leave from Padang Indonesia. Alternative arrangements can be
made, including special trips to the north of Siberut and up to Nias.

Book your surf charter now.


Enjoy five-star treatment between surfs. Get active or just laze on the deck with a
cool drink in your hand.


From Midas can take experience some of the seas most beautiful coral reefs and
colourful fish. Midas charters north as far as Mergui Archipelago (Myanmar),
covering Tarutao, Adang, Rok Nok, Lanta, Phi Phi, Similan, and Surin Islands. The
boat is fully equipped with 10 sets of snorkeling equipment and a zodiac.

Chill out

When you are not surfing, relax in the sun and watch the breath-taking scenery pass
by. We have an extensive selection of DVD movies for you to watch during your stay.
If you prefer feel free to bring your own DVD’s and VCDs to watch onboard.


Between breaks, why not try your hand at fishing and catch some of the wonderful
fish that swim in the Mentawai waters? We can provide you with high quality
Shimano reels with Penn rods and tackle, or you can bring your own if you prefer.
And if you catch something tasty, our cook will prepare it for dinner that night!

3-seater Jet Ski

There is a 2006 model Yamaha 1100 cc 4 Stroke jet ski available for extra close
photography, tow-ins, wakeboarding and wake skating.

Wakeboard and Wakeskate

If you find the waves a bit too easy for surfing, test your balance and endurance on
our Wakeboard and Wakeskate. It is an easy sport to learn - if you can surf you can
Wakeboard and Wakeskate!

Food and beverage

Each person who boards Midas on a surf charter receives a complementary case of
beer to consume during the trip. If that’s not enough for you, we will buy more - at
local prices - before we leave. We don’t believe in charging you inflated prices for
such necessities!

Soft Drinks soda, water and juice are freely available from the saloon at no charge.
If you want wines, spirits, or something special, just let us know and we’ll stock the
refrigerator for you - again, at local prices - before we cast off.

All the food served on board is included in the price of the charter and is prepared
daily by our excellent cook, Suri. Whatever you’re craving, she’ll prepare it for you:
local Indonesian cuisine, pasta dishes, pizza, chicken and, of course, fresh fish. We
know that every meal is important - you need your energy for surfing all day. And
Suri serves up generous portions of everything so be prepared to eat like a king!

Food served at set times so you don’t have to wonder when the next meal is coming.
Oh, and we like to have as many barbeques as possible. There’s nothing more
satisfying than a seafood BBQ with your friends on a remote tropical island.

Those in your group with special dietary requirements should let us know prior to
boarding. Just make a note on the booking form.

Booking form

You are required to book a surf adventure as a group. Individuals are welcome to
join groups where vacancies are available. Individuals should visit the dates page

and email MV Midas preferred and alternative charter dates. We will negotiate for
you to join a group that matches your dates if possible.

Those wishing to book a corporate or private charter please contact our consultants

Group Booking

You are required to pay no money to make a booking. The information you provide
will be sent to MV Midas as a reservation. MV Midas staff or a travel operator will
contact you to confirm the booking and make the necessary arrangements.

To book please visit


The charter last 10 days / 11 nights. Midas sails with a minimum of 6 people, and a
maximum of 10. 10 people are ideal because the cost per person drops significantly.

Longer stays can be negotiated. Charters are booked within certain time slots. See
our schedule for details.

The base cost for a whole boat charter with 6 persons is $US28,500 and is normally
shared between all members of your group. The more passengers there are, the
cheaper the per-person rate. A deposit of $1,000 per person must be paid in order to
confirm a booking.


The charter packages have been designed to include as much as possible. One fee
covers almost every activity and circumstance.

Included is:

*   All food, snacks and soft drinks.
*   A case of beer for each passenger.
*   Individual cabin accommodation with en-suite bathroom and air-con in each
*   Snorkel and fishing equipment
*   A zodiac to use for photography and wakeboarding.
*   Airport transfers from Padang airport
*   Day hotel as required

Also available at competitive rates are:
*   Overnight hotels if you wish to arrive early or leave a few days later
*   Additional beer, wine and spirits
*   Satellite phone (US$6 per minute) and free incoming calls
*   Satellite phone email with wireless connection (US$15 per mb)
*   Jet Ski with 10 hours minimum booking time ($25 per hour)


Price Per Person:                            10 days $USD
6 passengers                                 $4,750
7 passengers                                 $4,000
8 passengers                                 $3,500
9 passengers                                 $3,200
10 passengers                                $3,100


The 11 Night / 10 Days Surfing schedule for Midas in 2006 is featured below. A slot is
held for a maximum of one week and confirmed only after a deposit is paid.

Individuals are welcome to join groups where vacancies are available. Email MV
Midas your name, and a preferred & alternative charter date and we will try and
arrange for you to join a group.

12-day charters depart 1 day earlier than scheduled here.

To find available dates visit



Between December and March Midas is available for corporate functions and special
occasions. Corporate charters include harbor cruises around Singapore for small
groups of executives, up to a dinner cruise for 35+ guests.

Midas is capable of entertaining and accommodating overnight up to 8 guests
in ultra-comfort and offers a fun and original alternative to traditional corporate
hospitality. Use it to host a conference or event. Or enjoy the unique ambiance to
mark a special occasion, wedding anniversary, 50th birthday party for a few select
friends etc etc .

For private charters Whether you are planning a half-day, full-day or even an over-
night cruise, your birthday, surprise party, or wedding day aboard Midas will
be a day to remember forever. Our consultants can help organize catering, live
entertainment, hotels and airfares if necessary.

Midas can be chartered in the Indian Ocean between Singapore and Phuket
Thailand. Explore the pristine islands and stop at the sun drenched beaches for
lunch or evening cocktails. Lay anchor in secluded beaches away from the bustle
of the harbour - whatever your desire, you’ll find our skipper and crew most

Special rates are available so plan your corporate event now. Click here.


For the most part a corporate or private function is about enjoying good food and
scenery in the company of good friends, work colleagues and family. That is exactly
what the Midas package offers.

For children and adventurous types there is an array of available water activities.
Dive, snorkel, fish, wakeboard, wakeskate or jet ski. Even book our professional
masseuse for a therapeutic massage, pedicure or manicure in the shade of the fly
bridge deck.

Diving and snorkeling

Midas can take you to some of Asia’s finest dive sites. From Langkawi charter north
as far as the Mergui Archipelago (Myanmar), taking in Tarutao, Adang, Rok Nok,
Lanta, Phi Phi, Similan, and Surin Islands. Midas can arrange for a scuba diving
instructor or dive master to be on board. The boat is fully equipped with 10 sets of
snorkeling equipment, and a zodiac.

Chill out

If you fancy something less active, relax in the sun and watch the breath-taking
scenery pass by. We also have a good collection of movies to watch during your stay
or Xbox games to play. Please feel free to bring your own DVDs or VCDs to watch if
there is something particular you’d like to enjoy.


Fish and troll between the locations you are visiting and try to catch some of the
wondrous fish that swim in the regions waters. We can provide you with Gold
Shimano 2 speed high grade game fishing reels with Penn game rods and tackle, or
you can bring your own. Catch something and our chef will cook it for you to your

3-seater Jet Ski

There is a new 1100 cc jet ski available for the private charters as well.

Wakeboard and Wakeskate

Test your balance and endurance on our wakeboard and wake skate behind the RIB
or Jet Ski. It is an easy sport to learn, and even beginners can be become skilled
quite quickly.


Midas can provide corporate catering onboard. We can fully cater small events such
as weddings, birthdays and family parties, or serve finger food for groups of 35 or
more. We use only the finest quality foods and our service and attention to detail is
first class. Just ask our consultants what they can do for you.

The bar is always stocked with an extensive range of beers, wines and spirits. And if
you want something special, just let us know and we will arrange it. Our Barman can
mix all of your favorite cocktails (you should also try some of his own creations)!


Special rates are available to corporate bookers.

*   $US1,500. The charter price for a half-day (5 hour) cruise excluding catering.

*   $US2,500. This charter price for full-day cruise excluding catering.

*   An additional fuel surcharge applies for guests wishing to travel at speeds

greater than 12 knots.

Half-day and day cruises are limited to a 50 nautical mile range. Want to sail further a
field? No problem. You will need to pay a surcharge for the additional fuel required,
and we will give you a revised quotation that takes this into account. Just let us
know at the time of booking. The boat can charter any region between Singapore and
Phuket Thailand.

To book or for more information speak directly with our consultants to structure a
package that suits you. Click here.


The Schedule for private and corporate charters is open between December 2006
and March 2007 and will be updated as bookings occur.



The Mentawai Islands are located approximately 100 miles west of the
Sumatran port city of Padang, the launching point for Mentawai Charters. There are
four main islands in a chain, with numerous smaller islands surrounding them.

Mentawai surf breaks

4 Bobs

4 Bobs is a short, playful right-hander located next to a popular mooring area. Swells
that break here wrap considerably around the south end of the island and break over
a relatively safe reef.

Board: Any type of board works great here.


Bankvaults is a thick, barreling right punctuated by a shifting line-up. Sets seemingly
emerge out of nowhere and can wreak havoc if you’re caught out of position.

“Bankvaults” earned it’s name because once you got locked in to the barrel here it’s
hard to get out of it.

Board: A few extra inches will help you get into the waves easier and give you
enough speed to make it out of the barrel.


Burgerworld is a last alternative when everywhere else is flat. Most of the time it’s a
mushy, fat shoulder set against a scenic backdrop. Occasionally “Burgers” can get
quite fun if it’s small enough and hugging the right section of reef.

Recommended Board: Shortboard or fish if you brought one.


E-bay is a fast, barreling left that gets good when it’s head high or bigger and the
swell is out of the west. The overall set-up is flawless, stereotypical Indonesian, with
beautiful, bluish-green water and tall palm trees everywhere.

Board: Usually you can get away with your shortboard but anything overhead and
you might want to grab the next largest board in your arsenal.

Lance’s Right

Lance’s Right is a fast, perfect, barreling right-hander. There are three main take-off
zones, but it’s the deepest zone, dubbed “The Office” that serves up the heaviest,

scariest, roundest, most mesmerizing barrels in the world.

Board: On smaller days a shortboard with a drawn in tail works great - on bigger
days grab your favorite mid-sized gun and charge!


Nokandui is one of the fastest, down the line, left-hand barrels in the world; it is an
obscenely hollow wave with your only option for survival being tucked deep inside
the barrel. No room for turns just stand up and accelerate!

Board: Use a slightly bigger board than normal to get the necessary speed.


Rifles aka Kandui Right is one of the longest, most perfect, awe-inspiring waves in
the world. When it’s breaking properly you can expect ridiculously long right-hand
walls, which boasts numerous tube sections or one very long tube section from
beginning to end when it’s perfect. Rifles might just be the best right in the entire

Board: The fastest board you have, unless you’re pro you’ll need it.

Lance’s Left

Lance’s Left is one of the most popular destinations in the Mentawai’s for
consistency and quality. It is an occasionally grinding left with multiple take-off
zones and during the right conditions two distinct barrel sections. It’s a really good
left hand reef point.

Board: You can use almost anything out there.


Macaroni’s, also known as “Macca’s” is one of the best lefts our planet has to
offer. The wave barrels graciously on take-off before walling up into the highest
performance oriented wave imaginable. Unfortunately it almost always has a few
boats on it waiting for it to turn on.

Recommended Board: Your favorite shortboard.


Nipussi is a fun right situated inside a reef-laden cove. Most people line up at the
apex of the point and surf a solid wall that hugs the inside, but during a west swell
some people prefer to sit wide and wait for the swinger sets which break in the
middle of the cove. Nipussi always has waves and is a good alternative when the
rest of the islands are flat.

Board: It can be a little slopier than other waves in this area so if you have it a
slightly flatter board works wonders.


Pitstops is a really rippable right-hander that breaks when E-Bay is too small.

Board: Short board or a fish.


Telescopes is a remarkably long left that serves up a wondrous, steep, hollow wall.
Telescopes is frequented by many boats based on its premiere quality. However,
there always seems to be plenty of waves to go around and when it’s absolutely
firing at six to eight foot.

On it’s day it might be the best left in Indonesia.

Board: Once you see the waves make the best call for yourself.


Thunders is the largest, most consistent break in the Mentawai. The line-up is
extremely complicated as waves seem to break everywhere around you; however,
on a rising swell a solid, slabby wall offers a serious drop followed by a forceful
shoulder. The wave breaks in deeper water than you’d expect so it’s unlikely you will
hit the bottom here until you hit the very inside.



Surfline is the most comprehensive surf forecasting and reporting website on the
internet. They have a great tool called LOLA, which is remarkably accurate in its wave
height, period, and wind direction models.

* Subscription required


Brand new website with a tremendous wind, wave, and period forecast for Sumatra.
Very high tech, easy to use, provides a fantastic visual display for many areas
including Sumatra.


This is a very accurate and easy to read 4 day forecast measured by the most
relevant Mentawai buoy. An extended 7 day forecast is available on a subscription
basis. This site also boasts great local wind information.

NOAA Wave Height Animation

168 hour forecast covering the entire Indian Ocean in a spherical format. This is what
all of the other websites use for their data, just not as fancy. If you want a quick, easy
to understand link, this is it.

NOAA Wave Period Animation

168 hour forecast covering the entire Indian Ocean. This link provides a simple to
understand wave period animation. The longer the wave period the more spots
waves can sneak into, especially in the Mentawai.


This is one of the most impressive, free Indonesian surf reports on the internet.
It’s got accurate wave height, period, wind, and tide information in an easy to read


A series of in depth graphics covering wave height, marine observations, and even
sea temperature across the entire Indian Ocean. Takes a little longer to load than the
others but is definitely worth the wait.

METEOSAT-5: Satellite Image

A remarkably detailed satellite animation of the Indian Ocean region. Make sure
you check out the “zoom” feature. This will show you basic storm patterns and wind
shifts along the Equator.

METEOSAT-5: Enhanced Satellite Image

Practically the same animation as above but in an easier to read enhanced color
format. This satellite enables you to see clouds and precipitation a lot easier than the


Mark Sponsler at Stormsurf has put together an extremely comprehensive list of
swell and weather links for the Indian Ocean region here. It seems as though he’s
covered everything we have times 2.


OK. So far it all sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well don’t just take our word for it. Read
some of the comments from our previous guests.

“My dream ride - Rifles best ever, crew rocks cool trip. Ted Haberfield CA

“Thank you to a great skipper and crew looking forward to more adventures. Ramon
Purcell, San Diego.

“What a cool trip and boat. Randy Rarick, Hawaii.

“Ten great days aboard Midas with surf media veterans and A pros - X factor trip.
Steve Barilotti, surfer Magazine and Fuel TV team, with a heavy contingent of A+ list
surfers on the wave of compassion trip

“Finally made it after 20 years of waiting. Thanks Eka, John and crew, great time”
Jeff Morris, LA.

“Midas rocks thank you see you all again soon. Midas will be the best crew in the
Mentawai” Todd Van Dussan, CA.

“Thanks for a great trip. Great job to the crew, Unbelievable trip. Jamie Krogman,
Cari and Don Sandford, CA.

“HI. Great crew, great companions, really fun waves. I’ll be back on Midas. John
Bunnell, AKA Dr Gigi.

“How much fun can one person have? Mahalos to the crew of the Midas - we have
been well looked after” Dani Bunncll, HI.

“Best crew in the Mentawai!! Great boat to work from. Thanks” Justin Krumb,
Roughcut Productions.


What to bring

Pack as few things as possible. You’ll be spending the majority of the time in the
water so you don’t need to bring much with you. However, here is a list of items you
definitely should bring:

•   airline tickets, plus copies

•   drivers license or equivalent photo ID, plus copies

•   Passport with more than 6 months validity from the date of entry into Indonesia,
    plus a copy

•   VISA

•   cash (unmarked and crisp and notes dated after 1990, more recent the better)

•   toiletries

•   credit cards

•   clothing (shorts, t-shirts)

•   electricity adaptor (optional)

•   long sleeve t-shirt

•   malaria medication

•   moisturizer (optional)

•   mosquito repellant with dht (optional)

•   multi-board travel bag

•   pants (1)

•   sandals

•   shoes

•   silica gel (for inside Ziploc bags)

•   camera/video camera with protective bag

•   sunglasses

•   surf towel

•   travel backpack

•   waterproof jacket (optional)

•   big wave leash

•   fin keys (3)

•   fin sets

•   helmet (optional)

•   leashes (4)

•   long sleeve rash guard (optional)

•   reef booties (optional)

•   tropical surf wax

•   wax comb

Before you leave

1. What are your exact terms and conditions? Click here to read our terms and

2. What information do you need from me before my departure? We will need some
details from you. Surf charter bookings click here. Corporate or private events click
here. We use this information to set up your trip and secure the necessary permits
for you to travel to the Mentawai Islands.

3. Who organizes flights? You book flights through your travel agent or on the
internet. Don’t leave this until the last minute as flights can book out quickly during
peak season. Some of the low-cost carriers experience regular delays so be wary
using them.

4. Do I need a VISA? Most travelers coming in from US, Australia and Europe are
issued tourist visas upon arrival. But if you hold a passport from other countries
to need to check your Visa status. [add a ‘click here’ link to Indonesian Embassy

5. How much does it cost to go on these trips? Our standard 10 day 11 night surf
charter costs US$28,500 for 6 people. For an additional $2,500 in total you can take
up to up to 10 people. For corporate/private events a half-day charter starts from
US$1,500 and the full day price is US$2,500.

6. What method of payments do you accept?. We require Wire Transfer. For
additional information Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for detailed payment


7. How much do you require for a deposit? To confirm a booking we require a
deposit of $1,000 per person no later than 10 days after a booking inquiry is made
and Midas has confirmed back to you the date is now held for you. The remainder
must be paid no later than 60 days prior to departure.

A) Please note that payments are to be made in two transactions, deposit and final
payment, no payments for individuals please.

B) Customers may make payment in the form of wire transfers, or money orders. ��

C) Deposit payment will be confirmed to you once we can confirm the transfer has
been cleared.

D) Transfer charges are to be to your account.

8. When is the final balance due? The balance of the total cost is to be paid no later
than 60 days prior to departure (or at a later date as agreed in writing between Midas
and the client). Failure by a client to pay the balance by the due date shall result in
cancellation of the forfeit of the booking deposit.

9. How much money should I bring aboard? Theoretically you don’t need anything
because everything is inclusive. However, you will need to pay $25 for your VISA on
arrival in Indonesia. . You may also wish to buy Midas T Shirts, rent the jet ski, tip the
crew or buy additional alcohol, so we recommend that you bring $US200 - $400. We
often go to the local market in Padang and you may wish to buy some gifts as well.

10. How do I get cash? The best way to exchange money is to simply take it out of a
local bank ATM once you arrive in Indonesia. If you are planning to exchange cash
please make sure you are carrying unwrinkled, immaculate notes (sometimes, even
these may not be accepted). Traveller’s checks are not widely accepted.

11. How many boards can I bring? This depends on how much overweight baggage
you wish to pay the airline. Most surfers bring 2 to 4 boards. Breaking boards is not

12. Do you provide travel insurance? NO. Its very important that you get this when
you arrange your flight bookings.

13. Do you provide medical insurance? NO. The Mentawai is known as one of the
top surfing areas in the world and surfing over reefs is dangerous. It is mandatory
that all customers have comprehensive medical insurance that includes Medical
Evacuation. We carry a comprehensive first aid kit on board but will not be
responsible for medical treatment whilst you are on the boat.

14. Should I be concerned about Malaria? Anti-malaria medication is not compulsory.

However, malaria is in some sites we visit. Where possible bring tablets and wear
mosquito repellent.

15. What documents do I need to bring? Ensure you are carrying a passport with at
least 6 MONTHS validity remaining and one additional form of identification. In case
you lose one of these documents, carry photocopied duplicates.

16. What else do I need to bring? For a complete list, see the essentials page.

At the airport

1. Which airport do I go to? You will arrive in Padang Airport in Sumatra. Flights to
Padang are frequent from Singapore or Jakarta.

2. What do I do when I arrive? First pay your VISA fee just before going thru
Immigration. If you have already entered Indonesia through another airport on your
journey, you will not need to pay this fee again. Once you have paid, you are handed
a special form you must retain. It is best kept with your passport.

3. What is the fastest way through customs? The quickest way to get through
customs is to ask a porter to handle your luggage. The porters have the right
connections and know how to speed up the process. They will carry your luggage
and load it onto your mode of transport. It’s a good idea to tip them 3 or 4 dollars.

4. Where do I go once I’m out of customs? Once you’ve cleared customs a Midas
representative will meet you in the arrivals area and take your luggage. You’re then
taken to a day hotel to rest and recuperate before being driven to the boat around
mid afternoon.

5. When do we begin surfing? The boat departs in the late afternoon and travels 8
hours during the night to Mentawai waters. By dawn the following morning you can
begin surfing - weather permitting!

6. How long can I stay in Indonesia? The standard length of a tourist visa is 30
days. If you plan to stay for a longer length of time in Indonesia you can arrange an
extension through an Indonesian Embassy.

7. What happens if my flight is delayed or Board goes missing? We have rarely
encountered problems with boards not arriving through the airport. If your parties’
flight is delayed, the boat will wait in the harbor for you. If boards are off loaded
and are due to arrive later we can get them air freighted to one of the islands near us
or put them on a local ferry which we will intercept.

Aboard Midas

1. Can I recharge my video or digital camera onboard? The boat’s voltage is 240 V
AC 50 Hertz so make sure any battery chargers you decide to bring are suitable. The
boat’s power points are 3-pin English. We have some adaptors but it’s best that you
bring your own to make sure.

2. Can I be contacted on board? Yes, satellite phone and satellite based email is
available. Rates are competitive. Incoming calls and SMS are free. Satellite phone is
US$6 per minute and satellite phone. Internet email with our wireless network on
board is US$15 per mb.

3. There is also a wireless network to connect a laptop to? Yes, a bit slow but
effective. It runs at compressed 56kb and is satellite based communications.

4. Are there any rules I need abide by while on board? Surf etiquette applies.
Respect for passengers, the crew and the possessions of all those on board goes
without saying.

5. What do I do if I have any special circumstances eg. Dietary or disability needs?
Please take note when filling out our booking order the section titled ‘dietary or
disability needs’. Give us as much information as possible regarding this topic.

6. What medical coverage and services are available in the event of an emergency?
The Mentawai is in a remote part of the world and there are no high quality hospitals
in Padang or the nearby islands. We have phone access to an Australian Accident
and Emergency Doctor who is familiar with surfing injuries and on whom we can
call. In the event of an accident requiring evacuation we will coordinate with your
team and your insurance firm to get to the closed airlift point.

7. Can I do my laundry on board? Yes, but you will be bringing aboard so little
clothing it is probably not worth your time.

8. Does the boat have DVDs on board? Yes. You can also bring your own too.

9. What other activities to you have? We have DVDs, music, board games, fishing
and snorkeling gear, to many to list. There is also a three-seater jet ski you can rent
for $25 per hour (min 10 hrs). The emphasis however is the surf and chilling out.

10. Should I tip the crew? If you think they have made your holiday or trip
something special and you want to recognize this then they will be stoked to receive
something. You can give it to them individually or club together and give to the
skipper who will share out equally between the Indonesian crew up to you.

11. What is your policy on illegal substances? Our operation is drug-free. If drugs are
discovered by authorities in a passenger’s cabin or baggage we could lose the vessel

and all face imprisonment. In Indonesia possession of drugs carries a potential death
sentence and the authorities have recently taken such action against Australian
citizens in Bali. Please be considerate of others and the crew and not bring illicit
substances on board. Those carrying special medication need to declare it to the
captain before boarding to ensure there is no confusion with the authorities if they
choose to board and search the boat.

Contact us

MV Midas

15 Rochester Park, Singapore 139226

All enquires please email MV Midas consultants at

Alternatively contact one of the following offices.


Grant Dennis or Mark Leigh , Executive Directors

Phone or SMS: +65 9276 8808 or +65 9675 8998


Padang, Indonesia

Lyri , Padang Charter Co-ordinator

Phone: +62 751 36345


Onboard MV Midas

Satellite Phone: +62 868 1212 2577


1. MV Midas Singapore Pte Ltd will be hereinafter referred to as the company will
include its servants, agents, and sub contractors

2. To confirm booking the Company requires a $1,000 deposit per person within 10
days of requesting the charter date. We currently accept payments via wire transfer
and money order.

(a) Please note that payments are to be made in two transactions, deposit and final
payment, no payments for individuals will be accepted.

(b) United States customers should make payment in the form of wire transfers, or
money orders to our nominated bank accounts.

(c) Deposit payment will be confirmed by the Company to you once the payment has
been cleared.

(d) Transfer charges are to be to your account.

3. The balance of the total cost is to be paid no later than 60 days prior to departure
(or at a later date as agreed in writing between us and client). Failure by a client to
pay the final payment balance by the due date will entitle the Company to cancel the
booking whereupon the deposit paid by the client shall be forfeited to the Company.

(a) Final payment will be confirmed by the Company once the final funds have been
cleared by the Company bank.

4. The Company will always do its best to make sure that your surf charter
arrangements are satisfactory and we accept liability for, but only to the extent of
any direct loss or damage sustained by you as the result of our negligence or that of
our employees or agents.

However, we cannot accept any liability of whatever nature for the acts, omissions or
default, whether negligent or otherwise of those airlines, coach operators, shipping
companies, hoteliers or other persons providing services in connection with your
MV Midas surf charter pursuant to contract between themselves and yourself ( which
may be evidenced in writing by the issue of a ticket, voucher, coupon, or the like )
and over whom we have no direct and exclusive control.

5. We do not accept any liability in contract or in tort for any injury, death, damage,
loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly
by force majeure or other events which are beyond our control, or which are
not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part including but not limited to
war, civil disturbance, fire, floods, unusually severe weather, acts of God, acts of
Government or of any authorities, accidents to or failure of machinery or equipment

or industrial action ( whether or not involving our employees and even though such
action may be settled by acceding to the demands of a labour group), Any failure by
the client to obtain a passport or visa or proper vaccinations., the person or client
being intoxicated or effected by drugs at the relevant time

6. The Company is a private boat charter operator and not a licensed travel operator
nor a carrier or hotelier, nor do we own aircraft, hotels, or coaches. We exercise every
care in the selection of Travel Operators whom sell our Charters. It is important to
note, that all the bookings with the Company are subject to the terms and conditions
and limitations of liability imposed by airlines, coach operators, hoteliers and other
service providers including but not limited to shipping, rail, car hire, and restaurant
operators, whose services we utilize, some of which limit or exclude liability in
respect of death, personal injury, delay and loss or damage to baggage.


7. The Company will always do our best to make sure that your holiday
arrangements are satisfactory and we accept liability for, but only to the extent of
any loss or damage sustained by you as the result of our negligence or that of our
employees or agents.

However, the Company cannot accept any liability of whatever nature for the
acts, omissions or default, whether negligent or otherwise of those airlines, coach
operators, shipping companies, hoteliers or other persons providing services in
connection with your holiday persuant to contract between themselves and yourself
( which may be evidenced in writing by the issue of a ticket, voucher, coupon, or the
like ) and over whom we have no direct and exclusive control.

8. Any cancellation made by a client must be received in writing by the Company at
its stated contact addresses. The following cancellation fees apply:

(i) If the written cancellation is received by the Company not later than 60 days
prior to departure the complete deposit is non – refundable, unless the Company
can resell the Charter at the same rate as the cancelled charter. Refund will be at the
discretion of the Company in these cases.

(ii) If the written cancellation is received by the Company after 60 days and not later
than 14 days prior to departure, the complete deposit is non - refundable and a 50 %
cancellation fee applies to all other monies received by the Company.

(iii) If the written cancellation is received by the Company within 14 days of the
departure date the Company shall not be obliged to refund any monies whatsoever.

9. Amendments to individual itineraries will be made on notification from the
client if possible within the rules and conditions of the carriers and land operators.
Where any operator we have arranged bookings for the client imposes additional
late booking fees these will be passed on. An amendment constitutes a change to an
existing booking.

10. The Company shall not be liable in the event, due to climatic conditions, that
satisfactory surf is unavailable or that surf is of too great a magnitude for a client to
participate in such activities.

11. The passengers shall comply with the instructions of the Company’s
representatives at all times.

12. No passengers shall remain on the tour while their status or mental or physical
condition is in the opinion of any representative of the Company, such as to
render them incapable of caring for themselves and nor shall any passenger
make themselves objectionable to other passengers and the Company will not be
responsible for expenses by such persons precluded from completing the journey
for this reason.

13. Travel Insurance is mandatory to cover loss of deposit and cancellation fees,
baggage and medical expenses.

14. The Company or its representatives has the right to cancel or alter any itinerary
without notice as may be found necessary and to decide the suitability or otherwise
of climatic conditions, sea or other conditions for the normal performance of the
tour. Any additional personal expenses incurred as a result of delay, including delay
from mechanical breakdown will be the responsibility of the passenger. Refunds are
not available for tours, accommodation or any other services not utilised.

15. Governing law — Agreements are governed by and construed in accordance
with the laws of Singapore. Any dispute or claim arising out of or related to the
Agreement, or the breach thereof and not otherwise resolved between the parties
either by agreement or mediation shall be submitted by the parties to the jurisdiction
of the courts and tribunals in Singapore.

16. Costs Not Included in Tour Price : - Excess baggage; Personal spending money;
Travel and Medical Insurance; Airport departure taxes; Indonesian Visa on Arrival,
Tips, Drinks other than provided on the boat Passport and Inoculation costs, Meals
other than those specified, and any other exclusions as updated in the web site time
to time.


This document was last updated on 1 March 2006


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