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									Sample Letter of Recommendation for a Friend
Here is a sample letter of recommendation for a friend, which could be helpful if you are looking for tips to write a recommendation letter... So your friend has requested you to write a recommendation letter for him/her for a job application. In case you are stuck for ideas about it, I am here to help you with some tips and a sample letter of recommendation for a friend. Well, first things first, what is a letter of recommendation? Basically, a recommendation letter is nothing but a letter in which the writer assesses the qualities and capabilities of the person whom he is recommending. A recommendation letter or a character reference letter is specifically requested to be written about someone, during job applications, college admissions or even scholarship eligibility. Before going to the sample letter of recommendation for a friend, here are some points that you must keep in mind while writing a recommendation letter. Things to remember while writing a recommendation letter  Always keep the recommendation short and to the point.  Mention your relationship to the applicant.  Mention the time period for which you have known the applicant.  Do not make it sound too good to be true! Keep it real.  Draw up on the positive qualities if your friend, like honesty, or good character.  Always give examples or instances, which demonstrate the applicant’s capability.  Remember it is a formal document - use clear and crisp sentences.  Avoid dramatic sentences and claims. Sample Letter of Recommendation for a Friend Date: To, Whomsoever it may concern, It has been (time period) years since I have known (your friend’s name) as a close friend and a fine colleague at work. I was first introduced to (your friend’s name), when I joined (company name), where he/she was working as a (designation in the company). I am writing this reference letter with regard to his application for (mention the name of the position and the company/university). (Friend’s name) is one of the most disciplined and punctual people I’ve ever known. His/her ability to work efficiently under stressful conditions and nerve-wrecking deadlines speaks volumes about his/her hard work, determination and his composed demeanor. During the project (insert name of the project) he/she has worked as a project leader and has demonstrated excellent leadership skills and team spirit while working with a team of (number of) employees. In general (Name of your friend) is a compassionate and hardworking human being with perseverance and ambition. I think he

is a deserving candidate for (university program /company’s post) and would be a great value addition to your organization. I strongly recommend (Friend's name) and am available for any further details you wish to know about him/her. Yours faithfully, Your name Your designation in the organization Name of the organization Address of the organization Mobile number Email address

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