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									                    MyPyramid Worksheet
                    Check how you did today and set a goal to aim for tomorrow

Write in Your                Food Group          Tip                         Goal                                List each food choice         Estimate
Choices for Today                                                            Based on a 2200 calorie pattern.    in its food group*            Your Total

                                                Make at least half your      7 ounce equivalents
                            GRAINS              grains whole grains          (1 ounce equivalent is
                                                                             about 1 slice bread, 1
                                                                             cup dry cereal, or ½ cup                                          ounce
                                                                             cooked rice, pasta, or cereal)                                    equivalents

                                                Try to have vegetables       3 cups
                            VEGETABLES          from several                 Subgroups: Dark Green,
                                                subgroups each day           Orange, Starchy, Dry Beans
                                                                             and Peas, Other Veggies                                           cups

                            FRUITS              Make most choices            2 cups
                                                fruit, not juice

                            MILK                Choose fat-free or           3 cups
                                                low fat most often           (1 ½ ounces cheese =
                                                                             1 cup milk)

                            MEAT &              Choose lean meat and         6 ounce equivalents (1 ounce
                            BEANS               poultry. Vary your           equivalent is 1 ounce meat,
                                                choices—more fish, beans,    poultry, or fish, 1 egg,
                                                peas, nuts, and seeds        1 T. peanut butter, ½ ounce nuts,                                 equivalents
                                                                             or ¼ cup dry beans)
                                                                                                                 *Some foods don’t fit into
                            PHYSICAL            Build more physical          At least 30 minutes of moderate     any group. These “extras”
                            ACTIVITY            activity into your daily     to vigorous activity a day, 10      may be mainly fat or sugar—
                                                routine at home and work.    minutes or more at a time.          limit your intake of these.   minutes

How did you do today?            Great            So-So              Not so Great

My food goal for tomorrow is:

My activity goal for tomorrow is:

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