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					                                                             JOHN EDWARDS
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Highly creative and experienced in visual effects, lighting, rendering, compositing and design. Diverse in a wide range of production techniques and
software tools. Skilled in art and technical directing, supervising and project management. Accomplished team leader with strong written and verbal
communication skills. Well-organized and adept at problem solving, multitasking and interfacing with multidisciplinary teams. Creative thinker with
a technical and analytical mind, a good eye for detail and a great sense of humor.

 Advanced knowledge of visual effects art and animation, including particle systems, fluids, physics and dynamics, rigid and soft bodies, post-
   processing, expressions and custom scripting.
 Skilled in color and lighting, multi-pass rendering, Mental Ray, Final Gathering, global illumination, ambient occlusion, sub-surface scattering,
   caustics, holdouts, mattes, depth of field and HDRI.
 Expertise in digital compositing, color correction, matte extraction, keying, roto/paint, motion tracking and post effects.
 Proficient in 3D modeling and texturing, including high and low poly construction, NURBS, subdivision surfaces, texture painting, shader
   development and UV mapping.
 Keen design sense of aesthetics, color, layout and typography. Skilled in motion graphics, new media, web development, print and DVD.
 Adept in photography, video, music and sound production, editing and post processing.
 Strong abilities in concept development, storyboarding, sketching, painting and illustration.

Software / Hardware
3D – Maya, XSI, Rhino, RealFlow, ZBrush 2D – Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, Particle Illusion, Deep Paint 3D, Dreamweaver, InDesign,
Filter Forge Compositing / Video – After Effects, Shake, Digital Fusion, Premiere, Encore Office – Project, Excel, Word, Access, Visio, Perforce

Scripting – MEL Script / OS – PC, Mac, SGI, UNIX

                                                     PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

JUNCTION POINT STUDIOS / DISNEY INTERACTIVE – Austin, TX                                                                           2008 – Present
VFX and Lighting Lead / Art Director – Unannounced Game Project
Directing efforts on visual effects and lighting. Setting up particle systems, fluid dynamics, rigid-body simulations, blend shapes, object animations,
modeling, texturing, shaders and UVs. Establishing methods and style guides for lighting, shading and rendering. Contributing to environment
modeling and texturing, level layout, game design, player controls, AI behavior, UI and camera system. Working closely with engineers on designing
and building out software tools and production pipeline. Maintaining effects task lists, asset tracking and scheduling. Training and mentoring teams
on production processes, software techniques, tool usage and pipeline workflow.

NAUGHTY DOG – Santa Monica, CA                                                                                                                   2007
Contract Senior VFX Animator – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Third Person Action Adventure Game (PS3) – Shipped in 2007
Created effects and dynamics for in-game and cut scene assets using proprietary tools and script-based particle editor. Set up global effects systems
for dust, debris and water. Coordinated effects development with programmers, animators, environment artists and game designers. Collaborated
with engineering department on developing custom effects, shaders, particle system dynamics and tool functionality.

VISUAL CONCEPTS / TAKE 2 INTERACTIVE – Novato, CA                                                                                      2006 – 2007
Contract VFX / Lighting Director – Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Third Person Action-Adventure Game (Xbox 360 / PS3) – Shipped in 2007
Directed design and development of visual effects, lighting and rendering. Lead art and engineering teams on graphics quality, consistency standards,
color design and aesthetics. Co-developed production pipeline, and introduced techniques and methodologies for particle dynamics, shader effects,
lighting, modeling, texturing and UV animation. Worked with engineering teams on developing custom particle features, shader controls, lighting
solutions and post processing. Created concept drawings and design mockups for effects sequences and style guides. Trained staff on effects creation,
lighting design, rendering, texturing and shader setup.
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SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT – Foster City, CA                                                                                          2005 – 2006
Contract Senior VFX Animator / Compositor / Lighter / Designer – The Retriever – Third Person Action Game (PSP)
Set up visual effects, lighting, rendering and compositing for cinematic movies. Created techniques for particle dynamics, render passes and post
effects. Wrote scripts and expressions for effects generation, procedural animation, lighting controls, shader development and rendering. Contributed
to in-game effects and dynamics, and aided in environment modeling, texturing, UV mapping and lighting. Designed and animated graphics for user
interfaces, logos, promotional trailers, attract sequences, product packaging and marketing materials.

OMATION STUDIOS – San Clemente, CA                                                                                                               2005
Contract Senior VFX Animator – Barnyard – Animated CG Feature Film – Released in 2006
Designed and animated effects for characters, props and background environments. Developed methods for rigid and soft body dynamics, particle
systems and fluids. Created models and textures for grass, foliage and terrain. Set up lighting, rendering and compositing for effects, and coordinated
shot elements with compositing teams. Directed staff on effects setup, particle simulations, shader development, render passes and compositing.

CARL’S FINE FILMS – San Francisco, CA                                                                                                    2003, 2005
Contract Senior VFX Technical Director / Modeler / Lighter / Compositor – Various TV Commercials
Created models, textures and shaders for numerous characters, props and background environments. Animated effects with particle systems, fluid
dynamics and post-processing. Integrated live action shots with CG elements, and hand-tuned frames using roto and paint. Set up scene lighting,
render passes and compositing. Photographed live action sets with light probes and processed image data for HDRI lighting and rendering.

NEW PENCIL – Sausalito, CA                                                                                                                       2004
Contract Senior Compositor / VFX Animator – Various Projects
Sims 2 – E3 Tradeshow Cinematic for EA
Zoo Tycoon 2 – E3 Tradeshow Cinematic for Microsoft
Set up compositing and post effects for all shots. Lead design and development on visual effects. Set up fur dynamics, UV mapping and color tuning
for characters. Developed scripts for procedural animations and effects setup. Introduced production pipeline for multi-pass rendering, and
implemented methods for color correction, matte extraction, holdouts and image processing. Designed and animated motion graphics and title
sequences. Directed staff on creative techniques for lighting, rendering and shader development.

ESC ENTERTAINMENT – Alameda, CA                                                                                                                  2003
Contract Lighting / VFX Technical Director – The Matrix Revolutions – Feature Film – Released in 2003
Set up lighting and rendering for environments, characters and effects. Organized scenes into render passes, and prepared shot elements and asset
tracking for compositing teams. Animated background objects, and created 3D mattes and holdouts for live action plates. Developed various lighting
rigs, and integrated effect sequences into shots for lighting and rendering. Set up comps for sequencing, color development and shot breakdown.

TREASURE VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE – Ontario, OR                                                                                                  2003
Contract Lead Designer – Various Projects – Print, Digital Media and Websites
Lead design and development for brochures, posters, mailings, websites and DVDs. Developed new look for corporate packaging. Designed motion
graphics, title sequences and menu interfaces. Managed and coordinated jobs with outside printing facilities and oversaw quality control.

RADIUM – San Francisco, CA                                                                                                                       2002
Contract Senior Technical Director / VFX Animator / Modeler – Various TV Commercials
Directed staff on visual and technical aspects of shots, and coordinated work between CG and design departments. Set up effects, camera motion,
shaders, lighting and rendering. Created models, textures and animations for background objects and product packaging.

LINDEN LAB – San Francisco, CA                                                                                                         2001 – 2002
Contract Art / Design Lead – Second Life – Online Virtual World (PC) – Live in 2002
Directed design and development of visual content. Built 3D architecture for structures, cities and world environments. Created textures for building
materials, terrain, vegetation and atmospheres. Formulated techniques for procedural animations, creature behaviors and particle system effects.
Co-developed unique modeling and construction process for building flexible and expansive geometry. Set up visual and technical design for user
interface and proprietary 3D world building and texturing system. Introduced and implemented art and design techniques, and set up production
pipeline for art department.

LAMPA STUDIO – Sausalito, CA                                                                                                                     2001
Contract Senior Technical Director / VFX Animator – Pirates of Skull Cove – E3 Tradeshow Cinematic for EA
Developed hair and cloth simulations for characters and effects. Rigged models for animation, and set up elements for lighting and rendering.
Guided compositing and rendering teams on shot breakdown, color correction and post effects.
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WILD BRAIN – San Francisco, CA                                                                                                        2000 – 2001
Contract Senior Technical Director / VFX Animator / Modeler – Various TV Commercials
Designed and animated numerous visual effects. Developed particle systems, scene dynamics and shaders. Set up shots for lighting, rendering and
compositing. Modeled and animated digital sets, props and backgrounds environments. Managed all aspects of 3D production and coordinated visual
consistency between multiple departments.

MICROPROSE – Alameda, CA                                                                                                              1996 – 2000
Cinematic Director / VFX Animator / Modeler / Lighter / Compositor – Various Game Titles
Star Trek: Birth of the Federation – Turn-base Strategy Game (PC) – Shipped in 1999
Falcon 4.0 – F-16 Flight Simulation Game (PC) – Shipped in 1999
Star Trek: Generations – First Person Action-Adventure Game (PC) – Shipped in 1997
Directed and supervised cinematic department. Managed both internal and external development teams. Established movie development process and
implemented production pipeline. Set up animations, visual effects, cameras, lighting, rendering and compositing. Built models, textures and shaders,
and developed methods for render passes, motion tracking and post effects. Created storyboards and concept treatments for shot layouts. Set up
schedules, budgets and project tracking. Trained and mentored staff on design methods, production techniques and software tools.

Senior Designer / Concept Artist – Various Projects
Master of Magic II – Turn-base Strategy Game (PC)
Created concept drawings, style treatments, design mockups and storyboards for various aspects of game art. Co-developed game design, user
interface and production pipeline. Implemented database for asset management and game documentation.

Project Websites – Production and Development Intranets
Set up production sites for art, design and engineering departments. Designed layouts for graphics, type and user interface. Developed project
databases for game art and design documentation. Organized and facilitated site planning, implementation and testing.

MIDWAY / ATARI GAMES – Milpitas, CA                                                                                                   1994 – 1996
Senior 3D Artist / Modeler / VFX Animator – Primal Rage II – Side-Scroll Fighting Game (Coin-op)
Set up models, textures, lighting and rendering for background environments and props. Designed and animated effects for characters, environments
and atmospheric phenomenon. Created concept designs and layouts for pre-vis and look development. Contributed to game design, UI/front-end
graphics, aesthetics and playability. Set up development process for art department, and guided creative teams on art and animation techniques.

MONDO MEDIA / MECHADEUS – San Francisco, CA                                                                                           1991 – 1994
Lead Artist / Designer / Animator – Various Projects: New Media, Product Demos, Attract Sequences and Corporate Presentations
Clientele: Autodesk, Clorox, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Microsoft, Namco, Oracle and Virgin
Directed and supervised design and production on client projects. Created graphics and animations for digital media, print and video. Organized and
facilitated project planning, scheduling and budgeting for corporate accounts. Served as client liaison for art, design and technical issues.

3D Artist / Modeler / Animator – Various Game Titles
The Daedalus Encounter – Interactive Movie Action Game (PC) – Shipped in 1995
Critical Path – Interactive Movie Action Game (PC) – Shipped in 1994
Created models, textures and animations for various props, vehicles and background sets. Set up shots for lighting and rendering. Created concept
drawings, storyboards and design mockups for game style and aesthetics.


ALIAS / AUTODESK – Toronto, Canada                                                                                                               1995
Certified training in Advanced 3D Modeling and Advanced 3D Animation

ACADEMY OF ART COLLEGE – San Francisco, CA                                                                                                       1993
Communication Design

COMPUTER ARTS INSTITUTE – San Francisco, CA                                                                                           1990 – 1991
Certificate for Advanced and Foundation Curriculum in Digital Design and Animation