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               TO:                             CHAIR AND MEMBERS
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                                   COMMUNITY AND PROTECTIVE SERWCES COMMITTEF
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                                           MEETING ON JANUARY 25,2010

                                                   ROSS L. FAIR
                                      GENERAL MANAGER OF COMMUNITY SERVICES               ~~

                                               THE CHILD AND YOUTH AGENDA
                                                YEAR ONE IMPLEMENTATION

I                                             RECOMMENDATION                                                  1
a.) That, on the recommendation of the General Manager of Community Services, the following
    actions BE TAKEN:
    i.)         That, on the recommendation of the General Manager of Community Services, this report BE
                RECEIVED for information.
    ii.)        That Civic Administration BE AUTHORIZED to contribute the estimated 2009 Child and
                Youth Agenda budget surplus of the Neighbourhood 8, Childrens Services Division in the
                amount of $180,000 to the Consolidated Verification Reserve Fund, it being noted that these
                funds will be utilized one-time to support the Child and Youth Agenda in 2010.


        Provincial Announcement Regarding Full-Day Learning for Four- and Five- Year Olds in Ontario


        (November 16,2009);
        Dr. Pascal’s Report- Implementing Early Learning in Ontario (July 20, 2009);
        Update on Best Start Funding (April 27, 2009);


      1 Child and Youth Agenda (October 6,2008):
        Best Start Phase 2 Plan for System Integration and 2007-2008 Child Care Service Plan (July 9,

        Best Start Implementation Plan Update (October 16, 2006):

      . Best Start Implementation Plan (May 8, 2006);
        Best Start Plan Update (October 17, 2005);
      = Best Start Plan (August 22, 2005).


In December 2008, Council endorsed the Child and Youth Agenda (CYA), a London-based initiative
to improve outcomes for children, youth and families. In February 2009, CPSC approved a budget of
$936, 480 in support of the agenda and 2009 represented the first year of implementation. The
purpose of this report is to highlight some of year one’s successes as well as request that the CYA
surplus funds be reinvested in 2010 to support the agenda when more project implementation costs
will be incurred.
The Child and Youth Agenda’s vision: “Happy, healthy children and youth today; caring, creative,
responsibleadults tomorrow,” is driven by over 130 local agencies that comprise the Child and Youth
Network (CYN). In 2009, the members of the CYN put forth tremendous dedication to tackle the
challenges that face London’s children, youth and families. The four main prioritiesof the CYA include
ending poverty, reducing obesity and physical inactivity,improving literacy and creating an integrated
system of services, London’s specific goals, outlined in the Child and Youth Agenda, include:
           1    Reduce the proportion of London families who are living in poverty by 25% in five years
                and by 50% in 10 years;
           1    Be a provincial leader in child, youth and family literacy by 2015;
           9    Create environments, neighbourhoods and opportunitiesthat promote and support daily
                physical activity and healthy eating for all our children, youth and families; and,
           1    Make it easier for London’s children, youth and families to participatefully in their
                neighbourhoods and communities, and to find and receive the services they need.
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The success and progress of the CYA thus far are outlined in the 2009 Progress Report (see
appendix A), which provides an in-depth description of each CYA priority and their related initiatives.
The work of the Child and Youth Network, or the driving force behind the CYA, is being recognized
provinciallyfor its ability to bring together families, neighbourhoods, the private sector, governments,
and not-for-profit organizations, in an effort to achieve a common vision.
CYN members have reported many positive community impacts occurring as a result of the Network.
As mentioned above, the CYN continues to grow - with approximately 50 organizations at its
inception in 2007 to over 130 participatingagencies for 2010. Through the various initiativesand work
at the neighbourhoodlevel, a growing number of organizations and individualsare becoming involved
and partnerships are being formed. With expanding membership and multiplesuccessful initiatives,a
logo was adopted in 2009 to brand the work of the Child and Youth Network
In addition to the overall success of the CYN, the four priorities of the Agenda- Ending Poverty,
Making Literacy a Way of Life, Lead the Nation in Healthy Eating and Physical Exercise and Create a
Family Centred Service System- have made significant progress in 2009. Some of the highlights

Ending Poverty
       A position paper recommending immediate policy changes to the Ontario Works Program,
       titled "First Steps to Clearina the Path out of Povertv." This paper identifies the Ontario Works
       rules that have unintended impacts and recommends changes that should be made to break
       the cycle of poverty; and,
       Developing a food charter for London to address issues related to food accessibility. This
       initiative will identify the fundamental principles that a community shares in terms of food
       security as well as link sustainable food security policies and community action.
Make Literacy a Way of Life
       The development and distribution of a free literacy kit, called "Baby's Book Bag: Literacy...
       Right from the Start!" The kit includes practical, hands-on tools and information to use with
       newborn babies. In 2009, approximately 400 bags were distributed through 36 prenatal health
       classes in London.
   *   The development and distribution of these bags is an excellent example of the valuable
       partnershipsformed through the CYN, which includesthe Kiwanis Club-Forest City London,
       Middlesex-London Health Unit, Bethesda Centre, London Public Library and the Ontario Early

   .   Years Centre.
       Huron Heights planning district has been selected as the neighbourhood demonstration site to
       implement an integrated approach to literacy involving collaboration between home, school
       and community.
Lead the Nation in Increasing Healthy Eating and Healthy Physical Activity
       In June 2009, multiple CYN agencies developed a plan to respond to the Ministry of Health
       Promotion's request for funding proposals for the After- School Strategy. Four cooperative
       proposals were submitted and received a total of $340,000 funding, which will provide 375
       children in London the opportunity to improve their personal health and wellness in after-
       school programs.
       In 2009, Middlesex- London in motion@conducted a survey of county and city residents to
       establish some baseline local data on physical activity levels, and healthy living awareness.
       The survey is the first of its kind to be completed on the Middlesex-London population and
       allows for future comparisons, planning and tracking of progress related to healthy living and

   .   physical activity.
       Westminster planning district has been selected as the neighbourhood demonstration site to
       develop new healthy eating and physical activity opportunities. Residents are currently being
       recruited to develop a neighbourhood action plan that addresses their healthy eating and
       physical activity needs.

Create a Family-Centred Service System
       Developed the Integration Assessment Tool, which is a resource that agencies use for
      support prior to or while engaging in joint service activity. The use of this tool is being
       encouraged for all new and existing CYA initiatives.
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           Developed and currently distributing a service referral map for physicians, service providers
           and parents who may be concerned about an infant, toddler or preschool child's development.
            The map is to be used as a quick reference tool to look up services and contact numbers of
           agencies in London that provide services for children.
In addition, the members of the CYN have played a key role in preparing London for the
implementation of a service system reengineering plan for children (0-12 years old), as a result of the
Province's commitment to implement full-day learning for four- and five- year olds. The plan is
currently being generated through a community planning approach and will identify ways to reduce
duplication and provide an integrated and seamless system of services for children, youth and
families in London.

During the 2009 Budget process, City Council approved total gross costs of $936,480 in support of
London's Child and Youth Agenda, it being noted that these costs would be partially offset in 2009
and 2010 by an annual draw of $336,00Ofrom the Consolidated Verification Process (CVP) Reserve
Fund resulting in a net annual impact of $600,480. The CVP reserve fund was established by Council
to fund unmet social service needs.
The City of London's investment in the Child and Youth Agenda has generated significant
organizational support. Since the implementation work of the Agenda began in 2009, we estimate that
the local agencies supporting the Child and Youth Network have contributed in-kind contributions
valued at approximately $800,000. In kind contributions include staff time and expertise,
materiallresources, and future project support. In addition to the in-kind contributions, the first year of
implementation was based heavily on planning and development with many project start up and
implementation costs that will not be incurred until year two. As a result, it is estimated that a surplus
of approximately $180,000 will be realized in the Child and Youth Agenda accounts for the year
ending 2009.
Civic Administration is recommending that these 2009 surplus funds be reinvested for 2010 to support
the Child and Youth Agenda when the remaining one-time project startup and flow through
implementation costs will be incurred. Therefore, we are requesting that these one-time surplus funds
in the amount of $180,000 (subject to final year end adjustments) be contributed to the Consolidated
Verification Reserve fund to support the Child and Youth Agenda in 2010.

The CYN will continue to strive to achieve its vision for children and youth- "Healthy, Happy Children
and Youth Today; Caring, Creative Responsible Adults Tomorrow." Some of the focuses for 2010,
include increasing awareness of and engagement in breaking the cycle of poverty, the continued
development and implementation of a comprehensive literacy neighbourhood action plan, the
development and distribution of a healthy eating in motion@     shopping tool, and the reengineering of
London's system for 0-22 year olds. As we begin to move into London's neighbourhoods and Gontinue
to implement our plans, we hope to achieve even greater successes in 2010 and see positive impacts
on London's children, youth and families.


     Kaysee Schiestel Manager
     Children's Services
     Department of Community Services

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                       /'   k          /                                     9-
   Lynne Livingstone Director
                                                            y A I-
                                                       Ross L. Fair
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11 N k a h b o u r h b d & Children's Services         General Manager
11 Department of Community Services                    Department of Community Services
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                                                   Child &Youth
                       London's Child &Youth Agenda
                               9 Prugress Report
Mon c4 London%childrenand                            @mn y
                                           have the c p u H to g r w up healthy and                     but tw many are being
Left behrrnlr
    . I d every 5 chlldren h r n in London today will live in poverty,
    1   more than 1 In 4 wtll not be ne*       to )Rwn In grade t, and more than ?       k 5 wfll not graduatefrom Mgh ~ h o o l ,
        1i      n      4       ~       i       l    ~      ~        ~       ~        ~      t     ~      ~
E a ctty as camg as London.tMs is not good enntgh. We want
n                                                                                    lo be the best piace to mise afarnity

So what is tondon doing to create a brighter future for our chiklren?
London's ChlM and Youth k t w o r k [CYN) 1s made up of more thm 125 agencleJand experts dedicated to dohg
what4 b& far our chtldren, youth and farnlNer. Mlofkkrg together, the CYN Is changing the way servtces are &llvmed.
d i n g It easier for chlidren. p t h and famtlles to the ServKm t h y need, when they needthem

Wdf-beiIXJ SFaItkIg
Children, youth and                                                                                      t approachesto tKwe

life and make Londona mO a leader In healthy eating and k a W y phpicd actWly.
                       t n(

By worktngtogether, we are matdng W o n aneven better place to I& and grow.
We are pleased EDpresent the first annuai pn
                                           -       report h  ~     lsuccessesofthe u over the past year
                                                                        ~    ~     CMJ ~
While XXKI was a deve-mt       year In t r of ~~1~
                                       em                   the Ch4M and Youth        we have much to
celebmie In 2010. as we move Into Londons nelghbarmooQ and contlnue to implement our @am, hopewe
to a c b ewngreater succeaes and see posffhre rmpaason &ildren,puth and f m I sW we on our way
                                                                               a 4l .
t        o       ~         ~       ~       r        v      ~        ~            ~
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                         Page 3
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 Child and Youth Network $uccesses

                                              People are talklng about us here in Londcm The CnlM and Youth Network
                                              15 recehrlng much recognitkm at the hwncial level for ow wok The CYN
                                              is betng hailed as a succezs story of a community coming bgethec 10
                                              get things dooe.As welt CYN members repon many posltlw communny
                                              lmpacrs already occurrh-q as a resub o belng a pan of such a age ancl
                                              successful network d indbkluds and organlzatms worklng towards a
     h e r weofaw rPSOUrCerZ                  common goal. A g e W have seen ?mprovemenfi in qua//rydprogmms,
                                              mkeondpmnenhlpras a resuh of cmmufUiyl m e n f m m CYN’
                                              We contlnw t hear from cur

                                s u p p ~by CYN a d ot+r cornu
                                936poo to help Implement the Chf
         Agenda In add%bn,commonity partners hake c n    o-             more than
         $ s o O , in direct financlzlr
     I The CYN contlws tog
       at R‘s inrepdon I xX17 to 114
       agenda to over 305 memben
                  Is are befng engaged through our i      ~      ~teams and t
                                                                          a                 ~
       lwrghbourhood w k
     . The CW has also embarked on a reiatlonal nmarketlngcampalgn to engage
       other sectors. indudlng hslness ieaders, in the wark we are doing.
     . Rc$& Managers were hlred in July Mo9 to h mode infmlve
         l             m W k In      ~             ~                ~               ~           ~
     - InOctober 2RO9the CYN                                                            I

         theworkwedo Aswella”

         collaboratW pxtnershm,London 4 better
         to take advantage of appwtunlties as

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Ending Poverty: To reduce the p r o ~ ~ ~ofo n
                                           i London families
who are living in poverty by 25 in five years and by
50% in 10 years.
The members afthe CYN Mlwe it% to start a new c c m m m n . one that q a g m the whak comrnunny
                                            ng a mttl-faceted a
                                                              -         to address all the factors that
                                                                                       Learning and child care
                                                                                    F and recmtlon,klwreand
                                                                                     their mental heaRhandseMe

  *   All families in London Mil have incomes a b w t e lovv income cut aff,
  -   All familleswillhave opportu~@!es partidpate In their ~
                                         tu                                  ~the labour market
                                                                                            ~            ~
                          e to acquire the income. savfngs and a m to be financialiy sraMe.

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                                leader in c i
Literacy Goal: To be a ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ child, a l
youth and family literacy by 2015
The Child and Youth Agenda llteracystra                a cuiture shtft a change in the waywe Mink &out Itten9and
a decision to ma                                                                        k already being done in the
community and                                                                           des wkpbce lileracy, llteracy
awareness and a                                                                     Bks, the CYA I using an integrated
         h based on cat
   1   A81 &Men wll! be ready to learn In Grade 1 and no ow will fall
       wrlting and math:
   . All w t h will pass therr Grade 10!Et        tr and graduate rm hhgh sehaol;
       Ail students will be engaged in t
       All cmmuntty rnend3en MI! be           d InacWtIes that I          -Y

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Lead the Nation in Increasing Wealthy Eating and Wealthy
Physical Activity (HEHPA) Goal:To create environments,
neighbourhoods and opportunities that promote and support
daily physical activity and healthy eating for all our children,
vouth and families.
Thls strategy frxuses on engaging the comrnunlty, rnakhg healthy choice the easy choice, and creating physical
and sock1environments that promote safe, healthy, active &wing. o make a difference in #e I W of w chlMren
                                                                T                                  r
and youth, the entre cmmtinlty % taking r            ~ for Fmpming &amy eatlng and phy9cat acthllty.We aft!
                                                                  ~           ~           ~          ~           ~
using a community ~~~~~~~~~~t~                              a 9 ch&ben~ t h and FamlweS Icl all ofwrdivecse
cernmunCks to find new creatiw ways to encw                 to be acthre and make the rlght fmd chokes.The four-
part strategy will k gabout ttw!folkwrk.cg m c m
   - Familkts eat heakhydiets;
   I   Children,p f h and families        tpate In regutw phyrkal W t t y ;
   E   N        e       ~          h heamand acWre
                                         ~     ~        5         ~       ~     ~
   . London enjoys a culture of heatthy eating and healthy phySrcal activfty extmdfq to wkplaces and che dally
       liws o its c i t m x and,
   . More and k n e r Iclfotmatlwr is available lo       n about the eatlng and activtty habits of Ks dtlzens.

Child &Wth                                                                                                       Page 8
Agenda Item X   Page X

                         Page 9
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Create a F a ~ ~ l y - C e ~Service System (FCSS):To make it
easier for London’s children, youth and families tu participate
fully in their n e i ~ h ~ u r and c~ s o ~ and~ find and
                                  h ~                to ~      n                                                               ~

To successfully Irnpfement the plan for the first three years &the CY& servkces in our momrnunity mud be more
family-cmtred The semi          st be easy for children, youth and famllles to use, and thpy have to work well together.
M b e n dthe CYN a                 c h l y wtth fmlk to Integrate wrvKes and make them avakiabk in key, easy-to-
use sites in our c~mmunity firre-part strategy wtfk
       Make I    ~    ~ farnilles,a ~ ~
                           u servke                                                  icy makers maware Orservlces in the
       c    ~     ~    n     ~    ;
                              in creatlng a mo6e   ~~~~~~                   s y m
       Build capacity to prowrde mare and mcxe accesslbfe scz~lces;
   -   Help organizaticms mow along the cmtlnourn ~                         ~
                                                               ~ services and,        ~          ~                         ~   n
   I   implement hubs or gathering places whew children, youth and farnilles can cmnect wRh sewices


                                                                   wd RtMk Health Nurses and organaatbM that

                                                                                                               e communities

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W are on our way to achieving our Vision for our children and youth:


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