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									ISSUE 4


Inside the Redevelopment
• Iwi blessing of the Redevelopment
• Redevelopment Art Competition
• Photos of the demolition
                                                 celebrations at tHe park
message from ceo                                 fareWell to tHe soutH stand
Welcome to the fourth issue
of “In Touch.” A lot has
happened since we last
updated you on progress
with the redevelopment at
Eden Park, not least of which
has been the demolition of
the historic South Stand –
the site where New Zealand
lifted the inaugural Rugby
World Cup trophy.
We have made great progress in the past
few weeks. With the south stand now
demolished and the south-west stand
days away from demolition completion,
work is well underway with the early
                                                                                               The Community Day
stages of construction. foundations have
                                                                                               that followed the project
been laid and the first of the new south
stand’s columns can be seen emerging                                                           blessing was a final
from the rubble of the old stand.                                                              chance for more than
                                                                                                5000 neighbours and
We are delighted that the demolition has                                                        the wider Auckland
not only gone without a hitch, but also
                                                                                               community, rugby,
without any problems arising with local
                                                 cricket and other sporting fans to farewell the old South Stand and
residents. We are very conscious of the
proximity of the park to our surrounding         re-live many sporting memories.
neighbours, and we are committed to              the day was a celebration of the planned developments at the park and the
minimising disruption to you. inevitably         start of a new era and it gave people a final opportunity to tour the iconic
there will be problems from time to time,        south stand and look at areas that were not normally open to the public.
but the fletcher construction team are
there to deal with your concerns as soon         the spot where 1987 all black captain david kirk hoisted the Webb ellis cup
as they arise.                                   has now disappeared with the demolition of the old stand, but in its place is
                                                 a new area where every new Zealander hopes to see eden park history
With the resource consents having been           repeated in 2011.
issued for both the new south and east
                                                 to give people a perspective, a model of the redeveloped park was unveiled,
stands, the final consenting stage will
                                                 complete with lights and rugby World cup stands. (featured on the cover)
deal with remaining traffic and transport
issues, as well as the one-off requirements      the community day was also a chance for would-be sports stars of tomorrow
of rugby World cup 2011. We will be              to strut their stuff on the turf in games of rugby, league, and soccer. more
holding a public meeting about the               general entertainment in the main lounge enabled families to enjoy a special
application on tuesday, 6pm, 18 november         visit from king fu panda, Xbox games, along with a host of games and prizes.
at the players lounge, West stand, eden
park. it is an opportunity to raise any issues   displays and plans were available for those interested in the various stages
or ask questions you may have of the             of the redevelopment and the architects and project team members were
redevelopment team prior to the consent          on hand to answer any questions.
application being made in december 2008.
if you have any questions on this or any
other aspect of the redevelopment please
email or call us on the contacts details in
this newsletter.

Adam Feeley, CEO,
eden park redevelopment board
iWi blessings launcHes redevelopment

Ngati Whatua o Orakei chairman Grant Hawke,
trustee Cyril Talbot and other iwi representatives
formally launched the redevelopment of Eden
Park with a mihi, karakia and hymn on July 20.

The project blessing ceremony, which paved the                         redevelopment board chairman John Waller announced that
way for the formal start to demolition of the South                    ngati Whatua have agreed to partner with architects Hok sport
                                                                       and Jasmax in contributing to design elements within the park.
Stand, included Prime Minister Helen Clark, Labour
list MP Louisa Wall (also a former Silver Fern and                     “the involvement of ngati Whatua will enable us to incorporate
Black Fern), and representatives of the Eden Park                      features within the park that will make it uniquely new Zealand,
Redevelopment Board, Eden Park Trust Board and                         and at the same time add relevance for the tangata whenua of
the Rugby community.                                                   auckland,” mr Waller said.

local kids Win tHeir place on community canvas
plans for a community canvas on the construction hoarding              the community canvas is expected to be up by the end of november.
surrounding the park were unveiled at the community day. local         Congratulations to:
schools and childcare facilities participated in a competition for     charlotte brown, adam dryden, rushini fernando,
their artwork to feature on the community hoarding. other plans        thomas dunham, krissy tollemache, tessa Hartley,
to include details of the construction project were also on display.   yashna arora, morgan rose, keano kini and india ryan.
doWn WitH tHe old...

Virtually hours after the
All Blacks won the Bledisloe
Cup in a thrilling game
against Australia, recycling
and demolition crews moved
into the old South Stand.
Midnight was the witching hour for the start of salvage               demolition was designed to minimise noise and the neighbours
work to remove Trade Me charity auction items and                     had been brilliant about the disruption to their normally quiet
                                                                      neighbourhood during this stage.
the stand seats, which have been given to various
sporting clubs across New Zealand.                                    He said the six-storey south West stand is scheduled for
a few days day later peter Ward and his crew from Ward                demolition in the middle of october and would follow the
demolition rolled onto the redevelopment site to begin works to       same process as the old south stand.
bring down a portion of the terraces and the old south stand.
                                                                      mr gray said the bulk excavation of the site was well now
two weeks later the old stand was gone. many residents may            advanced and the majority of the controlled rock blasting
have been surprised that there was no “big bang” or wrecking          had been completed.
ball on site, but working within a residential setting, the safest
                                                                      “We really appreciate the understanding and cooperation
approach was a piece by piece removal of the main structure.
                                                                      we’ve had from neighbours and on behalf of the project
project director for fletcher construction, alan gray, said the       i want to extend my thanks,” he said.

...and up WitH tHe neW
Two tower cranes are now installed on-site and around 20 foundation
pads for the new South Stand have already been laid.
While there is nothing much to see above ground at this stage, mr gray said there
was a lot of work going on off-site.

“dozens of pre-cast concrete components for the new stand are being made in
factories from Whangarei to napier,” he said. “they will be trucked to the site and
fitted together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. the building will start to rise above
ground in mid-november.”
park remains operational
                                                        recycle, reuse and reduce
despite the fact the south stand, part of
the terraces and the south West stands have
gone, eden park will remain operational as a
                                                        our carbon footprint
playing venue during construction, albeit at a
reduced capacity.

locals will have noticed that the old light towers
                                                        Environmental sustainability
were removed and replaced with temporary, high
quality sports lighting. these lights were tested       is an important focus for the
and light spill to the neighbourhood monitored          Redevelopment Board. As part
before the last night rugby game of the season
on 20 september 2008. local residents will              of this, we have always planned
receive an updated list of game dates for 2009          to ensure that any part of the
by the end of the year.
                                                        old South Stand that could be
                                                        used was either recycled or
resource consents                                       re-used elsewhere.
a resource consent application will be lodged           this began with the salvage of
with the council before christmas to seek               equipment and fittings which saw
variations to the redevelopment consent and             volunteers from new Zealand rowing
for some new activities.                                remove 10,000 old seats from the
the key changes to be included in the application       south stand which will now reappear
will be the relocation of the transport hub to the      at lake karopiro. not only do parts of
south-west corner and the inclusion of temporary        the south stand continue to live on,
seating for the rWc2011 above the east and              but with a bit of luck they will witness
West stands.
                                                        further world cup victories for new
We will be holding a public meeting to discuss          Zealand when karopiro hosts the
the application later in the year, prior to lodgement   2010 rowing World championships.
with the council. We will also be requesting that                                                   30 ranch sliders have already been
the resource consent be publically notified to          other sporting codes also benefitted        transported to the pacific islands for
enable full public participation in the process.        receiving a range of donated items          reuse in a development.
a hearing on the resource consent application
is likely to be held in the first half of 2009.
                                                        •	 600 seats to counties manukau             Recycled Matter         Volume (Tons)
                                                           Hockey;                                   concrete                      4,917.88
History                                                 •	 2,489 seats and old sports lights         salvage                          60.61
sold off to                                                to franklin district council;             steel                         1,074.20
tHe HigHest                                             •	 248 seats to West auckland soccer.        crushed concrete              2,279.00
bidder                                                                                               total recycled                8,331.69
                                                        While the seats remain intact at other
memorabilia from the                                    grounds, much of the remainder of the                                      (90.57%)
old south stand was                                     stand (i.e. concrete, steel etc) has been    other Waste                     867.44
auctioned off in a trade me charity auction.
                                                        demolished but will still be put to good                                    (9.43%)
diverse items from carpet squares with the
“eden park” logo to famous all black changing           use as recycled building materials. the
room pegs were auctioned online. congratulations        demolition was managed by kiwi firm         it is a result we had hoped to achieve.
to those who purchased their own piece of history.      Ward demolition. peter Ward and his         both the redevelopment team and
the redevelopment board will be distributing the        team had a comprehensive demolition         fletcher construction are delighted that
funds raised to community groups over the                                                           we have been able to reduce our impact
                                                        plan which aimed to not only ensure the
coming months.
                                                        demolition was carried out as quickly,      on the environment by recycling so much
                                                        safely and quietly as possible, but also    of the demolition material from the old
                                                        in a manner that enabled different          south stand. the redevelopment board
public meeting –
                                                        materials to be segregated.                 would like to extend their particular
transport and traffic                                                                               thanks to peter Ward and his team for
management issues                                       rather than using explosives or a           an excellent job, completed safely and
                                                        wrecking ball, seven specialist power       ahead of schedule.
the eden park redevelopment board will be
                                                        shears and hydraulic grapples arrived
hosting a public meeting. Qualified professionals
                                                        on site to “munch” the south stand          peter Ward said, “it is important that
will on hand to answer questions you may have
about the final consenting stages of resource           down from the inside. this enabled          people understand they can utilise
consents for the south and east stands. they will       easier sorting of the building materials    recycled materials in their own building
be covering traffic and transport issues, as well       and in just two weeks, the stand was        projects. for some projects, crushed
as the one-off requirements for rWc2011.                                                            concrete can be used in place of
                                                        down with the vast bulk of the materials
When: 18 November 2008 at 6.00pm                        having been recycled either by being        aggregate together with some second
Where: Players Lounge, Eden Park                        used as backfill for the foundations, or    hand building materials. using recycled
       (entry through gate 1, Walters ave)                                                          materials not only saves potential
                                                        being transported to other locations for
if you have any questions about the                     recycling. Whilst the exact destination     cost but allows you to do your bit
meeting, please forward your queries                    of all recycled materials is not known,     for the environment”.
  update on east stand
The Redevelopment Board will soon be making
contact with property owners affected by
shading from the redeveloped East Stand.
Under the terms of our resource consent, the                           auckland city council will consider the content of the shading
Redevelopment Board was required to instruct an                        analysis and mitigation plan and once satisfied, approve the
independent expert to complete an analysis of the
shading impact on properties resulting from the                        in arriving at the mitigation sums required to offset the impacts
redevelopment of the East Stand. We have engaged                       of shading to affected properties, connell Wagner has based the
independent engineers, Connell Wagner to complete                      analysis on generous assumptions. the mitigation amounts are
this analysis.                                                         designed to offset the tangible impacts to property owners from
                                                                       increased shading, such as any increased heating costs.
once complete, we are required to submit both the shading
analysis and a detailed shading mitigation plan to auckland city       an independent planning advisor to residents offered mitigation
council. the shading mitigation plan sets out the methodology          packages is already working with residents affected by the south
used to calculate the financial mitigation packages as well as the     stand and his remit will extend to residents affected by the east
actual financial amount to be offered to affected property owners.     stand when appropriate.

update of tHe amenity of eden park
Eden Park neighbours and Aucklanders in general have                   from the registrations of interest and won their own dedicated
the opportunity to make a personal contribution to the                 tree or paver. the winners were:
perimeter landscaping by sponsoring trees.                             Trees:                            Pavers:
the project team have coined the phrase “putting the park              Jackie bridges, greenlane         les ambridge, one tree Hill
back into the park” with the landscape plan designed to soften         carl mintrom, sandringham         graham potter, birkenhead
and visually mitigate the new stand structures and retain the          michael kemp, kingsland           david Walker, new Windsor
leafy residential neighbourhood feel of the surrounding area.          alex meldrum, balmoral            frank ryan, mt albert
                                                                       mark darrah, muriwai              margaret manson, glenfield
the landscaping plans focus on new Zealand native trees
and shrubs that will attract new Zealand native birds to the           further details of the exact location of the commemorative
surrounding neighbourhood.                                             walkway and the location of the dedicated trees will be confirmed
                                                                       in the coming months. for more information on how you can
the public were invited to register their interest in having           get involved with aspects of the project, go to our website at
their name commemorated on a walkway paver, or plaque        
on a tree within the park. ten names were drawn at random

                            redevelopment team
                            Adam Feeley                              Heidi Tukuafu                        Alan Gray
                            chief executive                          executive assistant                  project director
                            e:                e:          e:
                            m: 021 333 539                           m: 021 570 043                       mobile: 0274 400 429
                            Joe Flynn                                Nick Beale                           Alex Lee
                            project management                       project manager rcp                  community liaison &
John Waller,
                            e:                  e:                  environmental manager
                            m: 021 570 599                           m: 021 277 0217                      e:
                                                                                                          mobile: 0274 422 257

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