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Howard Tang


									Howard Tang
Digital Portfolio:

Over the past 7 years in the professional game industry, I have credited work in 13 published
titles, not including those that are currently in production, along with many other crucial
contributions towards other projects: published, cancelled, or unannounced. My main focus and
goal has been to empower players on an emotional, engaging, or subconscious level where the
player invests more than just time and leaves feeling rewarded. I want to educate the player.
Games provide a great opportunity to engage and enrich an audience, rather than just a means
to kill time. From instructing a combat player package to teaching basic math, my goal as a
designer is to craft meaningful experiences.

I have a strong interest in 'classic' style gameplay, where fun mechanics and low learning curves
are keys to accessibility and enjoyment by a mass audience. Personally, I like games with fast
action and engaging interactions, like fighting games, rhythm games, and sidescrollers, which
feature ease of introduction for novice players yet also advanced systems that cater to the
devoted. Not limiting my perspective to digital games, my fascination with games, pattern-
recognition, and rule sets include board games, pen-and-paper, traditional card games, logic-
based puzzles, and collectible-card-games.

Working on a variety of platforms has each brought unique challenges to each project. With an
emphasis on portable devices, the limited power of the technology has shaped and refined my
design to bring out the most "fun" within the smallest scale. In addition to game development, my
background includes a degree in advertising. I combine my knowledge of consumer behaviors
and market study to address how concepts and designs are best executed to target the right
audience. Having mostly worked around licensed properties, I am able to tailor designs that
effectively blend the intellectual property with thoughtful, engaging design.

My corresponding resume should further detail my credentials, but if there are any additional
questions/comments, feel free to contact me. Thanks for your interest.

- howard tang
Howard Tang
Digital Portfolio:  


- Worked on 17 published titles, 2 upcoming, 5 cancelled projects across multiple consoles
- Background from various creative fields that bring new perspectives to both outlook and work
- Maximizes use of proprietary tools and technology to produce the best results within scale

Software Skills -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

     -    3D Studio Max, Maya                                           - Photoshop, Illustrator
     -    Perforce , CVS, SVN Tortoise, Sourcesafe                      - Quark Express, Pagemaker
     -    MS Office (Word, Excel, etc)                                  - HTML, Javascript, CSS
     -    Proprietary scripting engines                                 - LUA

Experience ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vigil Games (THQ)                                      (November 2008 – Present)
Combat Designer
    - Responsibilities:
          o Concept/creation of enemy AI through proprietary scripting language similar to C
          o Directing look and feel of animations
          o Planning and execution of player package
          o Proprietary tools/scripting engines for level building and scripting
    - Upcoming Title:
          o Darksiders (Xbox360, PS3)

Amaze Entertainment / Fizz Factor (Foundation 9) (November 2005 – October 2008)
Game Designer
   - Roles:
          o Assistant Lead, Lead Level Designer, Game Designer, Level Designer, Scripter
   - Responsibilities:
          o Preproduction, prototyping, and planning
          o Created game concept proposals and pitch documents for publishers
          o Extensive system mechanic documentation
          o Lesson planning and Educational curriculum rollout
          o Player package design and revision
          o Enemy AI and behavior design and scripting
          o Level design and creation
          o Concept and designed prototypes for multiple original combat systems
          o Direct input into design/art for use of particle systems, animations, and effects
          o Proprietary tools/scripting engines for level building and scripting
   - Credited Titles:
          o The Incredible Hulk : Movie Game (Nintendo DS)
          o Unannounced edu-tainment title/prototype (Nintendo DS)
          o Over the Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts (Nintendo DS)
          o X-Men – The Official Game (Nintendo DS)
          o WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 (Nintendo DS)
          o GI Joe – Rise of Cobra (Sony PSP)
          o 2 cancelled 3rd person action titles (Nintendo DS)
   - Additional Design:
          o Player package refinement for other projects in studio
          o Enemy combat behavior refinement for other projects in studio
Sony Online Entertainment                           (January 2005 – October 2005)
       - Responsibilities
              o Created documentation for future content for QA verification purposes
              o Updated database used in the distribution of tasks for development
              o Trained and managed new members to the department
              o Combed through existing/future content in internal and online environments
       - Titles: Star Wars Galaxies (PC)
              o Combat Upgrade, Episode 3: Rage of the Wookies, Trials of Obi-Wan,
                  New Player Experience

Acclaim Studios Austin                                (August 2002 – August 2004)
Game Designer, Level Designer
       - Responsibilities:
              o Scripted all enemy population and triggered scenarios in all game levels
              o Handled scripted events and camera paths in proprietary scripting system
              o Worked closely with programmers to fine-tune different tools and packages
              o Took over additional responsibilities in other designers’ absence
              o Prototyped new attacks/weapons for player characters
              o Concepted and documented game mechanics, controls, and combat system
       - Titles:
              o The Red Star (Xbox, PS2)
              o Cancelled survivor horror title

Acclaim Studios Austin
QA Tester (Xbox, PS2, Gamecube)
       - Responsibilities:
                o Combed through a given title(s) to track down any and all issues
                o Provided numerous feedback and suggestions used within the game(s)
       - Titles:
                o Vexx, NBA Jam, All Star Baseball 2004/2005, Turok Evolution, Legends of
                     Wrestling: Showdown

Rector-Duncan & Associates                         (June 2002 – August 2002)
Art Director
        - Responsibilities:
             o Designed layouts for various trade publications, newsletters, featured print
                 advertisements, and web sites
             o Maintained trade association web site
             o Worked under a multitude of tight schedules simultaneously successfully


Always a valuable team member in every project, I effectively communicate positive ideas
and concepts in order to achieve a greater goal and resolution that benefits the team.

                                                                                                Howard Tang

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