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					Going Green Together Personal Action Plan Responses– Question 2

How can I work with my business/workplace/school/church or other affiliate group to Go Green?
Water • Get our homeowners association to let us have the option of using wash lines as opposed to dryers –2 responses • Work w/ gym to change to more water conserving fixtures • Suggest to my company that they give Nalgene Bottles to employees with company logo • Reusable water containers accepted in classrooms Transport • Carpooling more often –4 responses • Advertising for café on hybrid vehicle used for deliveries and catering • Provide secure bicycle parking to encourage biking • Travel at the least congested times Waste • Encourage more recycling at work –5 responses • I can convince my company to organize recycling (batteries, lightbulbs etc.) –3 responses • Eliminate disposable cups/plates/flatware –3 responses • Encourage use of reusable coffee cups, water bottles –3 responses • recycling/composting at school –2 responses • Do not print out information form computer (e-mails etc.) Also print on both sides –2 responses • I can be a good example, collect batteries • Organize hazardous waste collection • Help eliminate junk mail at workplace/school • Contra Costa Times paper edition wastes too much paper • Recycle program for high school • Reduction of plastics at Trader Joes • Get Kaiser, Longs and Safeway to accept outdated meds to ensure proper disposal • Encourage fast food places to utilize better materials • Recycling bin at gym • Ask county to change their policy forbidding employees to bring in their household used batteries to work recycling receptacle • Ban purchase of bottled water for events • Coordinate hazardous waste collection in neighborhood • See if parent company would use biodegradable soap at work • Drop center for hazardous materials • Water bottles at softball games

• • • •

Encourage reusable lunch containers Encourage my business to buy more recycled office products Encourage friends and coworkers to get store canvas bags for weekly shopping Compost at church

Energy • Turn off computers –3 responses • Manage window blinds to manage heat gain and loss • Turn off lights and computers • Work with businesses I patronize to turn down AC and close doors • Turn off computers when not in use • Turn up AC, close doors • Encourage solar heating • Unplug electronics when traveling • Encourage rewiring/installing master power switch to shut off all electronics when you leave the office/workplace/home Communication/Outreach • Notify community through newsletters –3 responses • Encourage the establishment of an environmental club in Rossmoor –2 responses • Develop charts to educate neighbors on what and what is not recyclable • Work with the science teacher at my school/workplace to promote • Initiate neighborhood emergency response group that also deals w/ neighborhood “green” issues • Get a website up announcing our green business and offer green tips and links • Attend Green Friend meetings and wok on projects • Educating customers on new eco-friendly, sustainable produced and organic products • Mention Going Green to my church friends • Educate neighbors and clients about Going Green • Set up website for neighborhoods network recycling responsibilities • Teach neighborhood composting • Gather homeowners together to talk about Going Green • Talk to people whenever I see an example of unsustainable practices • Be part of efforts by government and groups to promote sustainability • Give more talks to the younger generation • Bring in CCSWA to school annually to teach recycling • Outreach to kids friends • Hold a Going Green House party to educate neighbors • Share information with co-workers • Convince our CEO to embrace a more sustainable business ethos • Add Green efforts to neighborhood watch


Many businesses have negative impressions about green products and services so I always discuss the options with them i.e. carpet cleaners, hardwood floor installers, etc.

Misc • Buy more recycled products • Research and promote ideas to incorporate native plants throughout Rossmoor • Connect with Howe Homestead Park and neighbors with land for composting and growing vegetables • Currently in the process of getting a “Green Restaurant Association” certification for my café, Caffe California in Walnut Creek • Buy US made goods • Cultural pressure/acceptance at High School level • Locally grown foods in school cafeteria • Request that Trader Joe’s carry more local products • Hire locally • Patronize businesses that hold my values • Encourage church and schools to buy local food • Create a better indoor and outdoor environment for all • Start a community garden

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Description: This document offers some tips on ways to clean up your act, from ordinary citizens who are attempting to live a greener lifestyle. Water, transportation, energy and other aspects of daily life are discussed in conjunction with myriad ways to be more environmentally sustainable and healthy.