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Fulfilling their Potential


									Fulfilling their Potential
Lacey Green Diary

October 13th 2006
Library staff visited the youth club and talked with Bev and members of the
Youth Committee. Police and fire service as well as local volunteers were at
the club. It was agreed by the young people that there would be a special
meeting of the youth committee, open to all other interested young people,
on Wednesday 25th October.

October 25th 2006
On a very stormy night the attendance at the meeting was disappointing, but
the young people who braved the storm were enthusiastic about having a
collection of books and other materials in the youth centre. They had
consulted members of the club about the creative event, and the majority had
expressed a preference for a Graffiti Workshop. They felt that the
volunteering opportunity (taking charge of the loan collection) was likely to
interest some members.

November 2006
It became clear that the timescale for “New Wilmslow” was likely to slip, and
it was agreed that the project would focus on outreach and involving the
young people in service development rather than the new building. Staff
changes will bring a new library manager (Lynda Cotterill) to Wilmslow. Paul
Everitt is keen to remain involved as much as possible from his new post in

December 18th
Libraries‟ Marketing and Development Group agreed to provide £200 to buy
magazines for the Lacey Green Project. This will be the only new money
available from libraries for Fulfilling their Potential; other contributions are in
staff time, and from existing resources.
Shan Wilkinson (Young People‟s Specialist), Anne Sherman (Reader
Development Officer) and Lynda Cotterill (Wilmslow Library Manager) met to
discuss progress and bring Lynda up-to-date with the project. It was decided
that funding for magazines should be available at Wilmslow so that the young
people could choose from local newsagents.

January 19th 2007
This was the proposed start of the project at Lacey Green, as agreed at the
above meeting, but was postponed for one week because the Young people
had already arranged a „Make Over‟ night at the club, supported by the Body

January 26th
This date was postponed because of problem behaviour at Lacey Green.
Youth workers wanted to close the club to deal with a small number of young
people whose behaviour is unacceptable to other members of the club.
February 9th
Shan Wilkinson and Julie Bullock arrived at the youth club with a trolley, 25
books, 12 Xbox and PS games and some magazines. The vice chair of the
youth committee volunteered to take charge of the collection, until other
members of the club felt they could help out. She also arranged to visit
Wilmslow library to choose a second collection of books to supplement those
chosen by Shan and Julie. At first the young people looked at the computer
games and tried a couple of Xbox games on the club‟s consoles. They were
not very impressed by the games and asked for PSP and more recent PS2.
After some encouragement by Bev and a discussion about a budget for
magazines, the girls spent some time discussing the magazines they would
like to buy, and asked some of the boys for ideas. Later in the session a
group of girls looked at the books, but the boys were unwilling to commit
themselves. The only book which attracted boys was the latest Where‟s Wally,
perhaps reading is not something they are prepared to admit to! No books,
magazines or games were borrowed.

February 12th
The volunteer librarian visited Wilmslow library and, with Julie‟s help, chose
an additional set of books for the trolley.

February 16th
Lynda Cotterill made her first visit, bringing the books and magazines that
were chosen on Monday. She also brought some withdrawn books from
Wilmslow. Shan brought some PS2 games and a PSP game from Chester.
Two games were in use on the consoles all evening. Shan and Lynda had a
game of air hockey which Lynda won, and Lynda played table tennis with one
of the boys, who had an interesting “fast bowler” service. This week there
was a lot of interest in the magazines and books, by boys and girls. Requests
were made for additional magazine titles. 7 Books, some magazines and
games were borrowed.

February 23rd
Anne Sherman made her first visit, to talk to young people about the
proposed Street Art workshop to be held at Wilmslow library. A group of girls
discussed the ideas with her, and she saw the art work on the walls which
members produced after discussing the project before Christmas. Shan had
brought another PS2 game, and Julie was there with more magazines and
some more withdrawn books from Wilmslow (Asterix, Tintin and Where‟s
Wally). 4 books and 2 games were borrowed. The PSP game is popular, but
there is only a very small stock of that format.
Bev is to bring the young people together at the start of next weeks club, she
feels, due to the numbers of young people who attend the club sessions it
may be more beneficial to open club another night for those young people
who want to take part in the graffiti Art. A discussion at the start of next
week will determine if this is the best way forward.
March 2nd
Shan spoke to the young people about the Street Art event which has been
arranged for March 17th at Wilmslow Library. Some members of the club said
that they will be unable to attend because of work or sport commitments on
Saturdays, but 17 signed a list of people who planned to be there. Bev
pointed out that there was very little time to publicise the event and Shan
agreed to ask her son Dan, who is a designer, to make a flyer. Shan is going
on holiday to France for a week from next Friday and will miss the Street Art
event, but Lynda, Julie Anne and Bev will be there.

March 7th
After some e-mail difficulties due to file size the Street Art Flyer reached Bev
in time for her to print it before Friday.

March 9th
Bev distributed the flyer to all the young people who were there, and planned
the delivery of flyers to those who had not attended.

March 16th
Julie and Lynda attended the Youth Club. Chatted to some of the young
people about the workshop at Wilmslow Library that was happening the next
day. There was a lot of enthusiasm for the event and an appreciation of the
money being spent to enable the workshop to take place. Bev had also
spoken to club members to try and gauge likely numbers for the event as it
had to be limited to 20.
Julie and Lynda were also invited to play snooker with a group of the young
people. This was a knockout contest… to pot a ball 3 times and you were
„out‟. Needless to say neither Julie nor Lynda won, but they didn‟t disgrace
themselves either!
The Street Art event was promoted again. Books and magazines were

March 17th
Graffiti Workshop at Wilmslow Library
Anne Sherman had sourced Nugent Graffiti Workshop to run the event from
11-1 in the meeting room at Wilmslow Library. Bev, Julie, Anne and Lynda
helped to host the morning, with Bev and Julie ensuring that the teenagers
were made to feel welcome as they arrived at the library and were shown to
where it was all „happening‟. Bev had done a sterling job of getting new
members – 5 children and 2 parents joined and were very excited at the
prospect of being able to choose books for themselves.
The 2 people running the actual workshop were able to enthuse the
teenagers and the kids really seemed to enjoy the morning, producing their
own „graffiti‟ on individual pieces of paper which were displayed in the library
at the end of the morning, and remained there for the following 2 weeks

The workshop acted as a taster session on Street Art and gave them some
ideas to work on. A big thank you, particularly to Anne for organising the
artists and Bev for whipping up support.

9 young people attended the creative workshop at Wilmslow library and
produced images on an animal theme. 7 joined the library and borrowed
books, some for homework.

March 23rd
The club provided another opportunity for designing street art both for those
unable to attend the event at Wilmslow library, and those who simply wanted
to do more. We all tried designing “tags”. Drawing on the whiteboards with
special pens was a great success, and Shan promised to find some manga
and cartoon drawing books for next week.

March 26th
Shan found several manga drawing and cartooning books at Chester library
on Monday but she will not be at Lacey Green this week so she sent them to
Handforth for Bev, she also returned a book that someone has used for
homework. Shan has used the magazine choices from Lacey Green as
evidence in a debate about providing magazines for young people in all
libraries. At present only a few Cheshire libraries provide magazines aimed at
young people but that is about to change and libraries will be interested in
the choices made at Lacey Green in deciding which magazines to buy.

March 30th
The last session before the Easter break. The manga and cartooning books
from Chester had not arrived at Handforth. Bev decided to take advantage of
the current interest in art to involve Lacey Green in Handforth library‟s
promotion of the Summer Reading Challenge which has an environmental
theme. Bev and the young people will be collecting materials for artwork on
an environmental and wildlife theme which will be designed and produced at
the youth club and displayed in the library. There was a photograph of young
people at the art workshop at Wilmslow library and an article in the Wilmslow
Advertiser, three weeks after the event!

April 6th and 13th
The club was closed over the Easter break.
April 20th
Shan was ill and was unable to attend the club, where she had hoped to
discuss sustainability with young people. The club is looking for another
volunteer to help her to run the loan collection. 2 books were borrowed.
Young people started art work for Handforth library.

April 27th
The club was closed because of the death of a parent, many club members
and the youth workers had gone to the funeral.

May 4th
Shan‟s final visit. Bev was ill and could not attend. Shan and the volunteer
librarian discussed the future of the loan collection. Another young person has
volunteered to help her, but she is not able to attend every week, so most of
the work will still her responsibility. Julie will help her to change the stock
over the Whit holiday. Lynda will come next week and help the other young
people decide which books and games they want to change. Two young
people were reading graphic novels for most of the session. Overheard at the
book trolley (one of the boys looking at Simpsons comic books) “I‟ve read
that one… that one… that one… that one… that one…
read „em all!”

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