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                           Acting Chairman’s Ruling

                                  12 June 2007

Complaint 07/243

                       Complainant: K O’Connor
                       Advertisement: Microsoft NZ Limited

Complaint: The radio advertisement which was broadcast on several different
stations including More FM and the Breeze promoted the Xbox 360. It featured a
mock interview of the Character Don Corleone, the Godfather. Part way through
the commentary the interviewer and the Godfather start arguing, at this point a
gun shot is heard and then Don Corleone says: “You can, buy an Xbox 360 Core
Consol for just $549.99. Xbox is the next generation in gaming –capiche?!”.

Complainant, K O’Connor, was of the view the advertisement was “not within the
bounds of normal decency” and was “totally unacceptable”.

Duplicate complainants shared similar views regarding the portrayal of
violence in the advertisement.

The relevant provisions were Code of Ethics, Basic Principle 4 and Rule 5.

The Acting Chairman noted the concern of the Complainants. In making her
Ruling she took into account Decision 06/450, which also concerned a similar
radio advertisement for the same product.

In that Ruling the Chairman had said:

    “..Taking into account the product, audience, context and medium, he was
    of the view that the advertisement which promoted features and the
    content of a new Xbox game, through the persona of the well know
    gangster, Don Corleone, had been played on an appropriate station at an
    appropriate time. More FM was a live, local station with an adult music
    format that targeted the 25-44 year old female. Accordingly, he was of the
    view that the advertisement had been prepared and broadcast with a due
    sense of social responsibility and could not be said to lend support to
                                        2                                 07/243

    unacceptable violence. As such there was no apparent breach of the
    Advertising Codes.”

The Acting Chairman was of the view that this precedent applied to the
advertisement before her, both on More FM and The Breeze, and that there were
no grounds for the complaint to proceed.

The Chairman ruled that there were no grounds for the complaint to proceed.

Acting Chairman’s Ruling: Complaint No Grounds to Proceed

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