Damien Murtagh

					                            Damien Murtagh,
                                Farrangarve, Arvagh,
                                     Co. Cavan.
                                 Tel. 087 9282019
                  Show Reel: http://www.damienmurtagh.com/CV

2007-2008   MSc. (1.1 Results) in Interactive Entertainment Technology, Trinity
            College Dublin, College Green, Dublin 2.

            This is a part taught and part research course on the technology behind
            computer games and interactive entertainment applications in general. Subjects
                 Graphics hardware and real-time rendering.
                 Real-time animation and physics.
                 Numerical methods and advanced mathematical modelling.
                 Software engineering for concurrent and distributed systems.
                 Vision systems and augmented reality.

            Practical experience obtained includes:
                Successful development of two games as a group, which have been
                    approved for distribution via the Xbox live community marketplace.
                Successful development of a networked game.
                OpenGL and direct3D C++ programming.
                Exposure to agile processes through the use of XP and Scrum.
                XNA through .NET/C# and HLSL shader programming.
                Client based work, involving collaboration with an external customer to
                    develop an educational game, and management of an artistic budget.
                Physics simulation, animation and vision projects.
                MATLAB.

            For the research part of the course I investigated a number of techniques for the
            animation and skinning of 3-dimensional characters. I implemented a skinning
            algorithm which is currently regarded as state of the art, along with a proposed
            improvement to this algorithm, then studied its properties.

2001-2005   BSc. (Hons) 1.1 in Computer Science and Software Engineering,
            Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin 9.

            This course provided a sound foundation in computer programming, primarily
            focused on java. There was a strong emphasis on software engineering and
            system specification. During the programme I successfully completed a six-
            month work placement and two major projects; one concerning java servlets,
             network programming, tomcat and apache and the other in the area of graphics,
             image processing and computer vision.

             Areas of study: Databases, Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, Software
             Patterns and Object Oriented Programming, Networks, Security Protocols,
             Cryptography, Digital Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Assembly
             languages, Technical Communication, Physics, Electronics.

1996-2000    Moyne Community School,
             Moyne, Co. Longford.

             Leaving Certificate: Maths, Physics – A1 (Higher Level)
                                  Overall points – 530

Work Experience:
Apr04-May05 Avaya, The Atrium Block A, Sandyford Business Park, Dublin 18.

              Internship (6 months full-time, 7 months part-time)

                    Build maintenance, smoke testing and installer development.

May05-Oct07 Avaya, The Atrium Block A, Sandyford Business Park, Dublin 18.

             Graduate Software Engineer (Full time)

              Working on the development of a next generation audio conferencing server:
                 Media Server C++ coding. Debugging stack traces etc., in a Windows
                   and Linux environment. Tools used: Visual Studio, gcc, gdb, etc.
                 Primary developer of a conference booking plug-in for Microsoft
                   Outlook using .NET and web services.
                 Developed billing and email notification software running within a j2ee
                 Scripting experience with Perl, shell scripts, sed and awk.
                 Gained experience working with Linux.
                 Experience in enterprise level java technologies: Jboss, hibernate, j2ee,
                 Primary load tester of a J2EE server and its individual components.

Additional Information:

      I have a full clean drivers licence.
Hobbies and Interests:

       Playing and listening to music, swimming, playing pool and computer games.

Dr. Steven Collins, IET course administrator and Havoc co-founder, steven.collins@cs.tcd.ie,
01 896 8436.
Dr. Ladislav Kavan, dissertation supervisor, kavanl@cs.tcd.ie, 01 896 3679.