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Premoded Xbox including Xecuter 3 and the
X3 Control Panel

                    The Xecuter 3 CE is such an
                    advance it is considered 5th
                    generation and as always is
                    leaving the competition
                    behind, not only do they
                    always lead the scene on the
                    latest advances they also
                    have the biggest user based
                    support of any other product
giving you the quality of product along with the
support you need. It is also one of the only chips that can allow full Xbox Live
support, Bios upgrades that don’t require a special programmer or tools (Just a PC),
and a configuration boot up allowing full customisation right down to the colour of
the “blob” at start up….

                     Xecuter 3 Control Panel
                     The X3 Control Panel (X3CP) is a complete replacement of the
                     front panel of your Xbox, giving a professional and clean option
                     to have your XLCD screen (Included in this package), 2 x USB
                     ports (included), all switches and status LED's in position giving a
                     look and feel without having to cut messy holes or to have to do
                     any time consuming DIY mods to your case.
                     No cheap pieces of plastic or tacky extension panels are
involved; the design has been a professional and expensive development process as
with everything Team Xecuter manufacture.
The switch panel is included, XLCD included, USB ports included, this is everything
you need to just fit and plug to your Xecuter 3 or Xecuter 3 CE for the complete
custom look… Allows you to use a USB Keyboard & Mouse for a PC feel

Comes complete with…
   • 50+ Xbox Games
   • 50+ Emulation games (Arcade, Amiga, SNES, N64 etc)
   • 14days+ of MP3 Music, Approx 9Gb or 200 albums
   • 4 Simpson’s Seasons
   • Selection of Latest Films and Adult entertainment (removed on request)
   • Broadband ready (browse and use the internet like a normal pc)
   • Ability to copy games from Disk to Hard disk (hirer or borrow from friends and have your
      own game for a only £3.75 (blockbuster), so no more buying £45 games…
   • Latest version of all software and Xecuter 3 Bios
   • Light Gun
   • USB Black Keyboard and Mouse
   • All leads to connect to TV…..                                    JUST PLUG IN AND GO

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