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									      CAYMAN   ISLANDS
Extraordinary No. 43/2009                                             Friday, 26th June 2009
                             Departmental Notice
                     ELECTIONS LAW (2004 REVISION) SECTION 59(2)

                             GENERAL ELECTIONS, 2009
                                ELECTION RETURNS

        Mr. McKeeva Bush
        Mr. Rolston M. Anglin
        Mr. Cline (CG) Glidden
        Capt. Eugene Ebanks

        Mr. D. Kurt Tibbetts
        Mr. Mike Adam
        Mr. Alden McNee McLaughlin Jr.
        Mr. Ellio Solomon

        Mr. Moses Ian Kirkconnell
        Ms Juliana Connolly-O'Connor

        Mr. Mark Scotland
        Mr. Anthony "Tony" Eden
        Mr. Dwayne "John John" Seymour

        Mr. Ezzard Denison Miller

        Mr. V. Arden McLean
                                             Issued by the Supervisor of Elections, 21 May 2009
Extraordinary No. 43/2009   2   Friday, 26th June 2009
                                           POLICE AUCTION

The Police Auction will be 9:00 a.m., 25th July 2009 at the Vehicle Licensing Department, Elgin Avenue,
George Town.
     EX/FP#           DATE                             DESCRIPTION
                                    COMPUTER / PLAYSTATION
140/05(16)EX        2/13/2005 10 Xbox games, 1 Playstation 2 games, 10 DVD Movies (all various names)
65/05(1)EX          2/13/2005 One black Xbox Video Game System (with 2 controllers).
897/01(2)EX         8/23/2001 One Sony Playstation 2 Game System (with 2 controllers, 1 game, and
                                 cords) in box.
917/01(1)EX        12/21/2001 One Nintendo Game System (with 2 controllers, 8 games, and cords).
140/05(12)EX        2/13/2005 One pair of gold-coloured knob earrings.
140/05(10)EX        2/13/2005 One gold-coloured neck chain.
140/05(15)EX        2/13/2005 One gold-coloured John Grey High School "Damien 1997" class ring.
       EX           4/14/2007 One pair of silver and gold-coloured pierced earrings.
291/05(15)EX        2/16/2005 One thin gold-coloured neck chain with "S" pendant.
291/05(17)EX        2/16/2005 One gold-coloured snake-link neck chain.
291/05(16)EX        2/16/2005 One gold-coloured bracelet.
291/05(14)EX        2/16/2005 One gold-coloured heart-link bracelet.
291/05(13)EX        2/16/2005 One gold-coloured neck chain with cross pendant.
291/05(11)EX        2/15/2005 One gold-coloured lucky charm chain with round ball-shaped crystal-stone
291/05(10)EX        2/15/2005 One silver-coloured neck chain with heart-shaped pendant.
291/05(9)EX         2/15/2005 One tiny diamond-like stud pierced earring.
291/05(8)EX         2/15/2005 One gold-coloured neck chain.
291/05(7)EX         2/15/2005 One pair of silver-coloured square earrings.
291/05(5)EX         2/15/2005 One pair of gold-coloured lucky charm earrings with round ball-shaped
                                 crystal-stone charms.
291/05(4)EX         2/15/2005 One gold-coloured dimpled-patterned finger ring.
291/05(3)EX         2/15/2005 One gold-coloured finger ring with 4 diamond-like stones in it.
291/05(2)EX         2/15/2005 One gold-coloured finger ring with intials EJH on the face.
291/05(1)EX         2/15/2005 One pair of gold-coloured large loop earrings.
861/01EX           11/14/2001 2 gold-coloured neck chains (each a different type of link).
205/02EX            4/27/2002 One broken gold-coloured chain and heart-shaped pendant.
26/03EX             1/16/2003 One gold-coloured finger ring (shaped like an indian's head).

       EX             4/14/2007 One ladies silver-coloured "Tissot 1853" wrist watch.
81/08FPWB             10/24/2008 One ladies silver-coloured rectangle-face DKNY wrist watch.

        EX       10/24/2006 One pair of black Rayban sunglasses in an Adrienne Vittadini case.
Extraordinary No. 43/2009                           3                                Friday, 26th June 2009
        EX             4/14/2007 One pair of olive green "Five" "Made in USA" sunglasses and one black
                                 cloth "Genuine Software" eyeglass case.
   313/07(1)EX        4/14/2007 One pair of black Oakley Polarised sunglasses and one black cloth "Genuine
                                 Software" eyeglass case.
   557/02(1)EX        11/3/2002 One pair of black "Bolle" sunglasses and one pair of gun-metal frame "Maui
                                 Jim" sunglasses.
   237/08FPGT         12/31/2008 3 pairs of sunglasses (2 white and 1 black).

718/01(11)EX           8/30/2001   One black Olmpus Acura Zoom 38-105mmm Ultra Compact camera and

                                      CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL
14/05/(2)EX           1/19/2005    One new package of 6 white and gold cabinet knobs.
476/05(10)EX          7/29/2005    One 12" Toilet Supply Line.
476/05(5)EX           7/29/2005    2 rolls of teflon tape.
476/05(9)EX           7/29/2005    3 new pkgs. of gold-coloured door hinges.
476/05(8)EX           7/29/2005    One small brown of screws.
476/05(3)EX           7/29/2005    2 brand new packs of red toilet flappers.
476/05(7)EX           7/29/2005    One box of Hillman 10 - 24 x 3/4 flathead slotted machine screws.
476/05(4)EX            7/29/2005   One brand new in pack 8" Ballcock.
721/05                10/26/2005   One box of 18" x 18" "Casagrande" floor tiles.

                                      SMALL AND LARGE TOOLS
910/05EX              12/24/2005   Rubber hammer/maul & old flat-point screwdriver
947/05EX              12/22/2005   Yellow and black cordless 18v Dewalt Drill/Hammerdrill (model # DC988)
       EX             10/24/2006   One AllTrade Rotary Tool and accessory set in a case.
140/05(1)             2/13/2005    One yellow interchangeable head screwdriver.
04/05EX                1/1/2005    One yellow-handle short star point screwdriver.
10/05(4)EX            1/16/2005    One new-in-box Porter Cable 2-1/2" Angle Finish Nailer Kit.
23/03EX               1/15/2003    One yellow and blue AllTrade interchangeable head screwdriver.
10/05(3)EX             1/16/2005   One red cordless Milwaukee 18volt 1/2" driver drill.
476/05(6)EX            7/29/2005   One Craftsman adjustable wrench.
476/05(2)             7/29/2005    One black 1/2hp Simer (model # 2980) Mark IV Submersible Sump Pump.
744/05EX              10/29/2005   One 32" long sledge hammer.
282/04EX               5/22/2004   One large red and black bolt cutter.
15/08FPWB              1/25/2008   One torque wrench in a case.
876/05(1)EX           12/12/2005   One small red and black bolt cutter.
876/05(2)EX           12/12/2005   One yellow-handle wire cutter.
813/05EX              11/21/2005   One Vise Grip and one "Tuper" flat-point screwdriver.
100/04EX              1/11/2004    One grey-coloured "Plano" tool box containing various assorted tools.

Extraordinary No. 43/2009                            4                                  Friday, 26th June 2009
22/03EX         1/14/2003          One silver and black Energizer flashlight.
866/05EX        1/22/2005          One black and yellow Dorcy flashlight.

                                CD's / PLAYERS / HEADPHONES / TELEVISIONS
718/01EX              8/30/2001 Black Olympus Pearlcorder S701 micro cassette recorder
       EX             10/24/2006 Grey and black "Iriver" MPC player with earphones.
140/05(20)EX          2/13/2005 One black zippered CD carry-case containing a variety of several CD's.
140/05(18)EX           2/13/2005 One silver and black Coby CX-9 MP3 player.
745/01EX              8/20/2001 One silver AIWA CD AM/FM stereo radio cassette recorder.
65/05(2)EX            2/13/2005 One silver/grey Symphonic DVD/CD Player (model #SD200E).
237/08FPGT            12/31/2008 One Kenwood car CD radio player.
783/05(1)EX           11/11/2005 One round silver and black portable Coby CX-CD241 player.
783/05(2)EX           11/11/2005 One round silver and blue portable Coby CX-CD241 player.
639/02EX              12/3/2002 Two black hard plastic CD cases containing a variety of assorted CD's.
245/02EX              5/22/2002 One silver and blue "Curtis" portable CD and cassette player.
365/07(1)EX           4/21/2007 One silver-coloured AMW DVD player with remote control.
365/07(2)EX           4/21/2007 One large silver and dark grey-coloured Toshiba television set with remote
65/05(3)EX            2/13/2005 One black and silver 13" television.
521/04EX               9/3/2004 One large black 25" Zenith television.
478/04EX               8/6/2004 One black Phillips Magnavox television.

400/01(4)EX            6/12/2001   Black blouse with floral design (size small).
400/01(3)EX            6/12/2001   Light blue "E-est T01" shorts (size 7).
400/01(2)EX            6/12/2001   New pair of green pants (size 12).
400/01(5)EX            6/12/2001   White marina/tank-top with screen print of a tiger's face on the front (size

897/01(3)EX            8/23/2001   One pair of men's white and blue "Nautica" size 9 running shoes.

                                     DISHES & DRINKING GLASSES
294/01EX               4/10/2001   8 eating plates and 5 drinking glasses.

                                       WALLETS / PURSES / BAGS
823/07(1)EX             8/9/2007   Ladies gold-coloured Fossil handbag
140/05(22)EX           2/13/2005   One pink and black Jansport bag/backpack.
601/08EX               4/29/2008   One white and brown handbag.
305/06(3)EX            4/13/2006   One black canvas "Marques Casaconcha" carry bag.
170/05EX               3/26/2005   One multi-coloured beach bag.

Extraordinary No. 43/2009                              5                                   Friday, 26th June 2009
125/04FPGT             8/18/2004   One small black canvas "Unicco Sport" zippered change purse.

                                       FISHING / DIVING / WATER
718/01(5)EX            8/30/2001   One Hummingbird depth finder
84/05(1)EX             2/13/2005   On pair of black Tasco Optics 10x25 binoculars.
140/05(17)EX           2/13/2005   One yellow and black ProMariner WaterSport 7x50 Waterproof/Fogproof
111/07FPBT              111/07     One white Buoy with yellow rope tied to the end.

                                        MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS
1037/05(3)EX           7/9/2005    3 brand new packs of 5" white candles (4 candles in each pack).
1038/05(1)EX           8/5/2005    One brand new in pkg. "500amp Battery Selector and Master Disconnect
1038/05(2)EX           8/5/2005    One brand new in pkg. "MaxiBus" Electrical Bus.
        -                  -       One small artistic wall hanging of a lion's head
20/08FPWB               2/1/2008   Child's burgandy frame, red handle, blue seat, fixed speed, bicycle.
66/08FPWB              8/26/2008   Child's white fixed speed 180 XGames bicycle.
        -                   -      Child's white fixed speed Mystic Trek bicycle.
        -                   -      Child's repainted black bicycle.
        -                   -      Child's blue Huffy Edge bicycle.
        -                   -      Child's repainted black bicycle with orange fork.
21/08FPWB               2/1/2008   Men's blue and black Huffy Cavern 15 speed bicycle.
22/08FPWB               2/1/2008   Men's repainted black 2 speed bicycle (pink under the seat).
59/08FPBT             11/29/2006   Men's blue and white Huffy Starliner bicycle.
70/08FPWB              9/17/2008   Men's black and silver 18 speed Trek 3500 bicycle.
71/08FPWB              9/22/2008   Men's red and black 18 speed Huffy bicycle.
80/08FPWB             10/29/2008   Men's red and black Body Glove bicycle.
54/08FPWB              7/26/2008   Men's silver, blue and lime green 21 speed Ironman Triathlon Pro bicycle
                                   with shocks (no seat)
62/08FPWB              8/25/2008   Men's red, silver and black 24 speed Jamis cross-country 1.0 x CT bicycle.
63/08FPWB              8/26/2008   Men's yellow and black 18 speed Huffy Alpine bicycle.
65/08FPWB              8/26/2008   Men's red fixed speed Sun Retro bicycle with wide seat and handles.
112/08FPGT              6/8/2008   Men's white and silver 21 speed Huffy B1 mountain bicycle with shocks.
        -                   -      Men's repainted purple and silver 18 speed mountain bicycle.
        -                   -      Men's yellow Max Pro mountain bicycle.
        -                   -      Men's red/burgandy Huffy Blackwater bicycle.
        -                   -      Men's red and black Huffy Sentinel bicycle.
        -                   -      Men's silver Royce Union DTX bicycle with shocks.
        -                   -      Men's blue Mintcraft bicycle with wide seat and handles.
        -                   -      Men's burgandy Tred Navigator 200 bicycle.
Extraordinary No. 43/2009                             6                                   Friday, 26th June 2009
         -                  -   Men's small repainted yellow bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's blue and black Huffy Cavern bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's grey Jamis 2.0 bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's black Bolinas Ridge Marin bicycle with green handle and fork.
         -                  -   Men's Schwinn Frontier bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's black Cranbrook bicycle with wide seat and handle.
         -                  -   Men's red and black repainted no-name bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's small silver and black repainted no-name bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's blue bicycle with wide "Sun" seat and wide handle.
         -                  -   Men's black Huffy Universal bicycle with red forks.
         -                  -   Men's silver Royce Union bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's Magna MTN Tamer bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's red and black Huffy Sentinel bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's white Cignal bicycle (paint scraped off a bit).
         -                  -   Men's green Magna Anza bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's repainted burgandy bicycle with Cateye light on it.
         -                  -   Men's silver and red Cimarron bicycle with shocks.
         -                  -   Men's burgandy Mojave bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's light purple Huffy Canyon bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's silver HB Highland Aluminum bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's blue Huffy Tundra bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's dark red Huffy Sandstorm bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's repainted dark grey bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's dark blue Formula Mountain bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's dark grey 7200 Multitrack Trek bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's silver and black 3500 Trek bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's burgandy Huffy Ignite bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's repainted blue with black no-name bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's light blue and black Huffy Alpine bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's purple sparkle Shimano Townsend bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's thick-frame grey XC Jamis bicycle with shocks.
         -                  -   Men's gold and black Huffy Alpine Extreme bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's blue Mt Sports Roadmaster bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's burgandy 3700 Trek bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's thick-frame repainted silver no-name bicycle with shocks.
         -                  -   Men's silver, red and black Huffy Tremor bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's yellow and dark grey Huffy Incline bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's repainted silver no-name bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's dark grey Lurch bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's silver HB Highland Aluminum bicycle.
         -                  -   Men's silver Domaine Goose Aluminum bicycle with shocks.
         -                  -   Men's dark grey Huffy Braemar bicycle.
Extraordinary No. 43/2009                         7                                 Friday, 26th June 2009
        -                   -      Men's purple Huffy Sandstorm bicycle.
01/08FPNS              2/2/2008    Ladies light blue Bianchi Avenue bicycle.
02/08FPNS             5/26/2008    Ladies pink Huffy bicycle.
03/08FPNS             5/26/2008    Ladies pink Huffy bicycle.
39/08FPBT             5/14/2008    Ladies purple Huffy bicycle.
67/08FPBT             8/12/2008    Ladies black and red Huffy Sentinel bicycle.
79/08FPWB             10/29/2008   Ladies green 18 speed Huffy bicycle, 2 bicycle tyres & one tube.
64/08FPWB             8/26/2008    Ladies black and rusty Montauk Cignal 21 speed bicycle.
143/08FPGT            6/15/2008    Ladies red fixed speed Sun Retro cruiser-type bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies purple Huffy Tundra bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies purple Huffy Blackwater bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies purple Huffy Cavern bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies silver and blue Huffy Blackwater bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies red and purple Huffy Sentinel bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies blue and silver Sun bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies Sun Rambler bicycle with wide seat and a back holder/tray over rear
        -                  -       Ladies purple Huffy Specter bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies dark red Huffy Mohave bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies silver HB Highland Aluminum bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies burgandy Huffy Sentinel bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies silver Giant Rock bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies turquoise Huffy Granite bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies purple 21 speed Huffy Ridge bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies small purple Huffy Blackwater bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies blue Huffy Granite bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies purple Huffy Cavern bicycle.
        -                  -       Ladies red Sun Retro bicycle with wide seat and handle.
14/08FPBT             3/29/2008    Aluminum Huffy Highland Active Spring bicycle.
40/08FPBT             5/14/2008    Small red and black bicycle.
58/08FPBT             4/17/2008    One purple and black Huffy Vagabond bicycle.
63/08FPBT             10/24/2007   Black bicycle.
01/06FPNS             10/26/2006   One blue Huffy bicycle.
72/08FPWB              9/24/2008   One black and green 12 speed Huffy bicycle with shocks.
78/08FPWB             10/24/2008   Blue and black bicycle.
77/08FPWB             10/24/2008   One silver, light blue and aluminum Highland bicycle.
111/08FPWB            12/30/2008   One red mountain bicycle.
        -                  -       One burgandy 18 speed Huffy Ignite bicycle with shocks and Monocoque
         -                  -      One orange Mongoose Wildcard bicycle.
         -                  -      One red/burgandy Huffy Cavern bicycle with torn seat.

Extraordinary No. 43/2009                            8                                  Friday, 26th June 2009
         -                  -   One greyish/purple Huffy Monocoque bicycle with shocks.
         -                  -   One small orangish/red fixed speed "7005 Aluminum" bicycle.

Extraordinary No. 43/2009                         9                                Friday, 26th June 2009

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