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									                                                BO XU
                                   9931 223 Ave NE  Redmond WA 98053
                        <H> 425-836-4589 <M> 425-802-0872 

Microsoft Certified Professional with more than 4 years of software and hardware testing experiences,
and 6 years of experience designing and implementing web-based applications (e-commerce, Internet).
Additional strong background in game testing, database design and implementation. Career goal is to
obtain a challenging position within IT Operations. U.S. citizen. Core competencies:
     Superior technical aptitude; continually expand skill base and proficiency
     Lead and contribute to teams including cross-functional and cross-platform groups; patiently
        and expertly guide junior staff as a mentor and trainer
     Excel at organization, time management, learning new skills, multi-tasking and meeting
        demanding deadlines in challenging environments
     Obtained MCDBA certification recently. Exams passed: 70-228, 70-229, 70-315, 70-291.
Technical Skills
Software and Programming Languages
    ColdFusion, PHP, Java, C#, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, XML, XSLT, C++ and ANSI C, JavaScript,
    HTML, Visual Basic, CGI/Perl, Pascal, SQL, Oracle 8/8i, SQL Server, Macromedia Flash,
    Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, MS SourceSafe
Hardware and Operating Systems
    Windows XP/ME/98/95, Chinese Windows, Windows 2000/2003/NT, UNIX/LINUX, MS-DOS,

Highlights of Professional Experience
Software Test Engineer/Lead: Volt Services Group Redmond WA                                6/2003 - Present
     Responsibilities include the creation and execution of test cases, manual ad-hoc testing, defect
       reporting and regression testing. Additional responsibilities include testing system setup and
       configuration and automated test scripting.
     Manage and train team members; provide weekly report to upper management.
     Test hardware devices, compatibility, UI, and functional features for Xbox games in multiple
       languages (Chinese, Japanese, English).
     Provide Chinese language translation support to the team.
     Communicate information and report anomalies that are critical to the release of the software
       products thoroughly and effectively to the client, Microsoft.

Web Application Consultant: Novelty Design – Redmond WA                              9/2001 - Present
   Drive design and implementation projects for diverse small business clients. Collaborate with
      business partner on technical and business management functions.
   Design and implement websites [ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, JSP, XML, Perl, and HTML with
      MySQL, SQL Server database]
   Design web graphics [Fireworks, Photoshop, and Flash.]
   Set up Apache and Tomcat for JSP web applications, set up Netscape Web Server with
      ColdFusion application server for ColdFusion applications.

Test Engineer: ActionTec – Sunnyvale CA                                               11/2002 - 2/2003
Leader in broadband communication and networking devices. Products developed for client companies
as well as ActionTec’s private brand.
     Designed and developed test plans for “Wi-Fi” (802.11b) wireless access point, wireless adapter,
        Internet router, DSL/Cable modem for broadband ISP clients including Verizon, AOL, Qwest, etc.
      Modified auto test scripts for AOL DSL connectivity test
      Used variety of testing software for Firewall, DMZ hosting, Service blocking, VPN, on PPPoE,
       PPPoA, RFC1483 for multi-OS testing environment
      Tested wireless Internet access equipment with standard and advanced encryption, DHCP client,
       SNMP, IP filtering, Voice over IP capabilities

Senior Web Application Developer: Recom Technologies, Inc. – Moffett Field CA       3/2001 - 8/2001
Assigned to NASA’s Ames Research Center for this IT services firm.
     Developed new web applications and maintained existing web applications [ColdFusion
       combined with Sybase database]
     Designed and implemented web application forms to meet Section 508 accessibility requirements
     Set up Netscape iPlanet Enterprise Web Server along with ColdFusion Web Server
     Set up Apache and enabled PHP application server

Software Developer: WorkExchange, Inc. – Santa Clara CA                                9/1999 - 12/2000
Completed various projects for this freelance system as Project Leader.
     Designed and implemented the data structure and backend of a business network model website
       as a key developer [ColdFusion, Java, JavaScript, C++ (Netscape API), Visual Basic, and HTML]
     Used Oracle Stored Procedure, ColdFusion Query, SQL Worksheet and Oracle tools to transfer
       information and maintain Oracle8 database
     Set up Netscape Enterprise Web Server with ColdFusion Web Server
     Collaborated with outside consultants, client companies’ business partners and contractors
     Established work environments, interviewed developers for projects, provided input for hiring

Computer Database Developer: USPS Sacramento District – Sacramento CA               2/1997 - 1/1998
   Designed database for the Human Resource Department [Visual Basic, MS Search Jet Engine,
     SQL and Access to build customized database that integrated with PowerPoint and Excel
     worksheet; designed customize GUI by using Visual Basic]

Website Developer & Computer Communication Chair: UC Davis TCSS – Davis CA            6/1996 - 10/1998
   Designed and maintained a website [HTML, CGI/Perl, and Java Script]
   Created CGI/Perl form to handle member shipment applications
   Consulted to members with PC hardware, software, and Internet questions
   Set up Ethernet with MS NT and Client for MS Networks

Computer Assistant: University of Rochester – Rochester NY                             7/1995 - 9/1995
Department of Radiation Oncology
    Provided assistance for input and analysis of data for medical database
    Designed web pages to access patients’ information through database
    Took photographs with digital camera and transferred those into database
Education & Professional Development
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Engineering: University of California, Davis
    Minor, Chinese Language and Literature

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) on SQL Server 2000

Certified Object Oriented Programming Using Java: University of California Extension, Santa Cruz

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