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					Subway Sandwich Order Form
Please submit your order by faxing this completed form to 372-5367 or by saving this form to your
computer, highlighting in red your choices, saving it again and then placing the file as an attachment in an
e-mail to Orders must be received by 5:00 pm on Monday for delivery to
the small front meeting room at the United Way building from 11-11:30 the next day.

Name:                                                      Phone Number:

Circle from each category:

6”        12”       Flatbread

Italian (white)     Wheat       Honey Oat      Cheddar Bread        Italian Herb & Cheese


American        Pepper jack     Provolone


Cold Cut Combo ($2.99)          Ham ($3.29)      Turkey ($3.49)       Ham/Turkey ($3.49)        Club ($3.89)

Roast Beef ($3.69)      Tuna ($2.99)        Chicken Salad ($3.49)      Italian B.M.T. ($3.29)     Veggie ($2.49)

Other __________

*The prices listed above are for 6” sandwiches. All of our 12” sandwiches are $5.*


Lettuce    Tomatoes         Cucumbers       Pickles      Green Peppers     Olives    Onions

Banana Peppers       Jalapeño Peppers       Carrots


Mayo       Lt Mayo      Mustard      Oil      Vinegar      Southwest Chipotle

Honey Mustard        Sweet Onion       Ranch      Salt     Pepper

Chips $1.09 a bag                                Cookies .59¢ a cookie                Drink (Bottled-$1.59)
Reg. Lays                                        or 3 for $1.39                       Coke
Reg. baked Lays                                  Peanut Butter                        Diet Coke
Barb. Lays                                       Oatmeal Raisin                       Water
Barb. Baked Lays                                 White Choc/ Mac Nut                  Sprite
Doritos                                          Double Choc. Chip                    Red Powerade
Original Sun chips                               Chocolate Chip                       Blue Powerade
Baked Sr. Cream and Cheddar                                                           Milk
Baked Sr. Cream and Onion                                                             Juice Box (.79¢)
Miss Vickies                                     Other Sides
Cheddar Sun Chips                                Apple Slices ($1.29)
Garden Salsa Sun Chips                           Yogurt ($.99)
Reg. Sr. Cream and Onion Lays

     Adding chips and a drink makes any sandwich a meal deal for only $2.40 more!