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									Road Trip Planner Template                                             2010


       Date                     Activity               Notes
       Jan 01, 2010             Atlantis to Timbuktu   5 hours

       Jan 05, 2010             Zoo                    Bring coupons

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Road Trip Planner Template                                                2010

       Date     Town   Hotel        Cancellation Cost   Confirmation Numbers and
                                    Policy              Other Notes

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Road Trip Planner Template                                           2010

       Date    Breakfast        Lunch         Dinner        Snacks

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Road Trip Planner Template                                                         2010

       Things to Do
       Activity                       Associated Activities   Materials
       Nature Journal                                         Camera
                                                              Duo-tang w Paper
                                                              Scotch Tape
                                                              Lap Tables
                                      Leaf Rubbings           Crayons
                                                              Hard surface
                                      Flower Pressing         Wax Paper
                                                              Heavy Book

       Other Must Haves
             Water spray bottle              Plastic bags            Ball
             First aid kit                   Ginger candy            Activity books

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Road Trip Planner Template                                                                            2010

       Things to do

       Two weeks before
          Launder clothes to go. Pack for each person:

                  o   Swimwear                           o   Socks                            o   Towels
                  o   Long pants                         o   Tylenol                          o   Sweatshirt/
                  o   Shorts                             o   Thermometer                          hoodie
                  o   PJ’s                               o   Allergy medicine                 o   Hat
                  o   Underwear                          o   Afterbite                        o   sunglassses
                  o   Shirts                             o   Washcloths
             Collect materials for activities.                            ________________________________
             Pack activity tub.

       One week before
           Bake goodies                                                   ________________________________
           Find someone to pet-sit
                                                                           ________________________________

       Two days before
          Pack other essentials
                  o   Hairdryer                          o   Facial cleansers                 o   Teething tablets
                  o   Shampoo &                          o   Make-up                          o   Essential oils
                      conditioner                        o   Comb
                  o   Bodywash                           o   Nail trimmers
             ________________________________                             ________________________________

              ________________________________                              ________________________________

       Day before
           Pack trunk
                  o   Potty                              o   Other food tub                   o   First aid kit
                  o   Suitcase                           o   Camera                           o   Flashlight
                  o   Cooler                             o   Phone                            o   Electronics bag
                  o   Activity tub                       o   Batteries                        o   CD’s

             Make lunches                           Pack other food

       On the way
           Toothbrushes/toothpaste                                        Ice for cooler

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