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									                           SPECIFICATION FOR HYBRID/ELECTRIC TROLLEY BUS


ITEM                              SPECIFICATION REQUIRED                                     VARIATION

1. The Propulsion System       The Propulsion System consists of the Traction Motor, the Traction Inverter, the
                               Battery System, the Generator-Set, and the Electronic Controller. The Traction Motor
                               is the only power source that provides tractive power to move the bus. The Traction
                               Inverter energizes the Traction Motor at the proper Torque level commanded by the
                               bus operator. The Battery System provides peak power to the Traction Inverter for
                               intermittent power demand to operate the bus in hybrid mode. It also provide all the
                               power need in Zero-Emission mode. The Generator-Set provides the average power
                               need to support extended range operation. It is powered by a diesel engine. The
                               electronic controller serves as interface between the bus operator and the Propulsion
                               System. It also coordinate the operations of the components in the propulsion system
                               for optimum energy utilization.

1a. Traction Motor             The Traction Motor shall have a minimum output of 150 hp on a continuous duty
                               basis at 40 degrees Celsius ambient temperature per National Electric Manufacture
                               Association (NEMA) MG-1 standard. The motor shall have 150% overload capability
                               for 1 minute out of every 10 minutes. It has 300 hp peak power rating. The motor
                               maximum speed shall not exceed 3000 RPM, which matches the speed range of a
                               diesel engine for ease of mechanical interface and hence high efficiency. The
                               traction motor shall be forced air-cooled.

1b. Traction Inverter          The Traction Inverter shall have a minimum output of 150 HP at 230 Vac on a
                               continuous duty basis at 40 degrees Celsius ambient temperature per UL508C
                               Standard testing method. The Inverter shall have 150% overload capability for 1
                               minute out of every 10 minutes. The Inverter shall be of closed-loop Flux Vector
                               controlled type.

1c. The Battery System         The Battery System consists of two strings of 28 Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA)
                               batteries, for a total of 56 batteries. It is rated at 336 volts-dc nominal and 47
                               kilo-watt-hours. The Battery System shall have a battery management system that
                               has 2-amp battery-to-battery current transfer capability. The energy transfer circuits
                               serve to balance module voltage during charging and discharging operations. The
                               Battery System shall also be equipped with an on-board overnight charger for battery
                               re-conditioning. The overnight charging shall be done through a conventional 115
                               volt, 15 amp-wall outlet. The battery system shall also be able to accept a
                               "fast-charge" operation that charges at 2C rate. The "fast-charge" capability provides
                               the flexibility for the bus to be operated in zero-emission mode in certain areas.

1d. The Generator-Set          The Generator-Set Engine shall have a minimum output of 55 horsepower, on a
                               continuous duty basis. The maximum operating speed of the engine shall not exceed
                               3000 revolutions per minute (rpm). The engine speed shall be electronically
                               controlled using a governor system that regulates the engine speed to be between
                               1400 to 3000 rpm. The speed of the engine is to be reduced to 1400 when the bus is
                               picking up passengers or is not moving. The speed of the engine shall be
                               automatically adjusted according to the power needed to operate the bus for fuel
                               economy and emission reduction.

1e. Operation Modes            The bus shall be able to operate in full-hybrid mode for high speed cruising, or in
                               reduced-emission mode for stop-and-go city traffic, or in zero-emission mode for
                               down town operation.
2.Engine Compartment      Engine compartrnent shall be located at the front of the vehicle. It is to be steel &
                          aluminum insulated from heat, sound and fire.

3. Alternator             Shall be 12 volt capacity of not less than 200 amps. Electrical system, including
                          instruments, shall be 12 volt negative ground.

4. Battery                A single master cut-off switch shall be located in the battery compartment to allow for
                          quick disconnect of all power to the vehicle.

5. Cooling System         The cooling system for generator set engine shall be water-cooled. The cooling
                          system for the traction motor and inverter shall be forced air-cooled.

6. Accelerator Controls   The accelerator controls shall be electronic foot pedal type, such as Willams Controls
                          WM526 or equivalent.

7. Air Cleaner            Heavy duty, single stage dry type. Shall be mounted in engine compartment with
                          proper duct to provide adequate engine aspiration, it shall be readily accessible for
                          servicing. Fully compliant with FMVSS- 12 1.

8. Oil Filter             Full flow spin-on replaceable.

9. Axle, Front            Shall be heavy duty Meritor FD 965 with a minimum capacity of 10,000 pounds

10. Axle, Rear            Shall be a Meritor RS-1 7-145 17,500 lb. minimum. capacity heavy duty

11. Brakes                The braking system shall meet FMVSS-1 21 standards where applicable. The brakes
                          shall be hydraulic operated disc with 15" rotors on all wheels. The pad linings shall
                          be Bendix FMD-7131 CA material. The brake system shall incorporate a Hydro-Max
                          hydraulic power assist system. (Air Operated Optional)

12. Regenerative Brake    The mechanical service brakes shall be supplemented by an electrical regenerative
                          brake system. The regenerative brake is done through the traction motor, which is
                          electronically operated as a generator. The amount of braking torque shall be
                          proportional to the pressure applied on the brake pedal. The maximum regenerative
                          braking torque shall not exceed 225 ft. lbs.

13. Parking Brake         Shall be spring type combination rear service and parking brake activated by a dash
                          mounted hand control.

14. Wheels                All wheels to be steel interchangeable with one spare wheel with tire, painted white.

15. Tires                 Shall be single front and dual rear with size and load range to support vehicle over
                          the road operations, 225/70R 19.5 maximum.

16. Shock Absorbers       Heavy-duty front and rear double action piston type, minimum 2 front and 2 rear.

17. Suspension            Front shall be heavy-duty taperleaf springs, rated at 8,000#. Rear shall be heavy-
                          duty flatleaf w/ radius leaf rated at 17,000#. Equipped with a stabilizer bar.

18. Wheelbase             Minimum 173 inches, with weight distribution consistent with safe operation,
                          comfortable ride, and good maneuverability.

19. Overall Length        The vehicle shall be a maximum of 336 inches bumper to bumper.

20. Steering              Full power steering with telescoping, tilt column with center horn button.
21. Chassis Frame          The chassis frame shall be C-Channel, 5/16" X 2.75" X 9 1/8" no lesser than 50 KSI,
                           designed for optimum strength and durability. Fully treated with an acrylic urethane

22. Floor Construction     Floor to be aluminized or primed steel placed laterally. Cross members to be placed
                           on minimum of 16" centers and shall extend the full length of the body. All floor cross
                           members to be welded to 14 gauge steel channel bumper, it shall be straight from
                           front to rear free of cuts. The sub flooring shall be 269 galvanized steel. Flooring to
                           be 3/4 marine grade plywood screwed to the sub flooring with self-taping stainless
                           steel screws, countersunk and free of burrs. Tie down stations to be recessed into
                           flooring. Floor shall be covered 1/8" minimum smooth rubber under the seats and in
                           the operator’s area. Steps and center aisle are to be ribbed rubber glued to the
                           plywood. Seams are to be concealed by aluminum strips and a cove base molding.
                           The leading edge of the steps are to have white hose caps of a minimum of 2 inches
                           and a 2 inch wide strip shall be placed between the operators station and the
                           passengers compartment.

23. FuelTank               Minimum 30 gallons steel

24. Horns and Bell         Dual electric horns to be provided. Horns shall be located in a position that will allow
                           protection from wheel splash. A single brass bell shall be mounted on the top front of
                           the vehicle electrically activated. The switch shall be easily accessible to the driver
                           and shall not interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle.

25. Backing Horn           Audible backing horn installed and activated when bus gear lever is placed in

26. Heaters & Defrosters   Heater shall be high output with temperature adjustment and two fan speeds. There
                           shall be three heater units located in various locations through the vehicle, one shall
                           be a minimum of 32,000 BTU output mounted drivers compartment, the second and
                           third unites are to be mounted in the vehicle so as to maintain a constant
                           temperature level throughout the vehicle. They shall below profile, floor mounted.
                           They shall operate on separate controls from the heater located in the driver’s
                           compartment. The heater shall produce a combined total of 120,000 BTU outputs
                           they shall be mounted above the floor under the seats. If they use filters, they shall
                           be cleanable. Individual heater and defroster switches shall be mounted in the
                           driver’s compartment.

                           The defrosters shall run the full length of the windshield with independent controls to
                           allow for operation of the defroster without having to use the heater. Controls to be
                           mounted with the heater controls.

27. Heater Valves          Shall have 2 Cut-Off valves to be installed in the engine compartment; one on the
                           engine at the outlet and inlet ports.

28. Electrical             Instrumentation of dash to include: Speedometer/Odometer, voltmeter, oil pressure
                           gauge, tachometer, water temperature gauge with high temperature alarm (may be
                           flashing light or buzzer), low oil pressure warning lights, fuel level gauge, headlight
                           high beam indicator, self canceling directional signals, hazard warning switch on the
                           steering column, dual air pressure gauge, low air pressure warning device, ignition
                           switch, visible from the driver's seat while the vehicle is in operation.

29. Exhaust System         Single muffler style that meets all CARB and EPA requirements.

30. Design                 Body shall be modified with front mounted engine, body on chassis. The body shall
                           be mounted to the chassis by such a method to prevent the body from shifting.
                           Rubber mounting pads shall not be used to secure the body to chassis. Welding is
31. Interior Height   A minimum interior body height from floor to center of the roof shall provide 77"

32. Insulation        Ceiling, sides, and rear panels to be insulated with a material that will equal the "K"
                      factor of I inch of styrofoam insulation. The headliner shall be 20-gauge acoustical
                      lining. Insulation shall provide a K factor of 0.24 in the walls and 0.27 in the roof and
                      cupola at 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

33. Body Bows         Frame assembles shall consist of 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" 14 gauge square tubing extending
                      from bottom of skirt on one side to bottom of skirt on the other side to provide rollbar
                      type protection, jig welded.

34. Bumpers           Shall be one-piece steel fabricated, 4 inches in height. Both bumpers shall be
                      designed to follow the angled configuration of the front and rear caps and anti-ride
                      design. It shall be installed at standard SAE heights.

35. Tow Devices       Two tow hooks located at the front and rear of the vehicle below the bumper.

36. Construction      Each unit shall be constructed to meet or exceed all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety
                      Standards, State specifications, and Federal Register Vol. 56, No. 173 and American
                      with Disabilities Act in effect at the time of manufacture. Exterior panels shall be .063
                      ga. aluminum skirts to be a minimum of 15" from the floor line for added protection,
                      with the panels being extended to the center line of the axles, sides shall be smooth.
                      A minimum number of exposed fasteners to be used. Interior panels shall be covered
                      with red oak veneer at the roof area and between the windows to the floor. The roof
                      shall have a cupola to maintain the vintage theme. The cupola shall be sandwich
                      construction of sufficient strength and rigidity to prevent drumming or vibration. The
                      interior of roof from the windows to the cupola shall be finished in red oak veneer
                      paneling. The cupola roof shall be .040 aluminum sheets with lateral skylights, 4 on
                      each side, fitting the entire area. It shall be attached by using a combination of glue
                      and rivets to ensure a secure long lasting attachment. Front and rear vestibule
                      sections shall be .040-ga aluminum. The front shall be design to depict a vintage

37. Openings          All openings in the floor, floorboard, firewall or bulkhead between chassis and body
                      shall properly sealed to prevent water, dust, or exhaust gases from entering the
                      passenger compartment.

38. Plywood Floor     Shall be 3/4 marine grade plywood.

39. Floor Covering    Heavy-duty continuous roll rubber or vinyl, with smooth surface installed under seats,
                      and in driver's area.
                      Aisle and entrance steps shall be ribbed with a slip resistant finish, 1 /8 to 3/16 thick.
                      it shall be permanently bonded to the floor and must not crack when subjected to
                      sudden changes in temperature. Aisle and steps shall be black. The leading edges of
                      the steps shall be white of the same material as the aisle. All floor seams shall be
                      sealed with waterproof sealer and covered with aluminum strips. A metal cove
                      molding shall be installed along the wall of the bus.

40. Doors             3 service doors (in front) shall blend with the construction of the vehicle so as not to
                      distract from the appearance of the vehicle. Fuel filter, battery compartment and air
                      condition service doors shall be lockable keyed alike.

41. Aisle             Center aisle shall be 18 inches wide minimum, ribbed slip resistant finish.

42. Windows           Side windows shall be vertical sash with 31 % light transmission glass. Sash shall
                      meet FMVSS emergency exit specifications. The passenger windows shall be 1 /8
                      inch tempered single density safety plate glass AS-3 rated. The window is to be set
                      in aluminum frames, capable of being operated from the inside of the vehicle. All
                        windows shall conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. All windows shall
                        be free of rattles. The window seal rubber shall be installed so that passengers
                        cannot remove it and the rubber shall be of such quality as to resist vulcanizing to
                        either sills or sash. One window on each side of the vehicle shall be an emergency
                        push out exit type. Detailed emergency opening instructions (decal type accepted)
                        shall be appropriately displayed. Minimum glass dimension on side passenger
                        windows is 26" high x 52" wide.

43. Driver's Window     Driver's window to be double sliding aluminum sash with latch. Glass shall be

44. Windshield          Shall be three-piece tinted safety glass AS-1, 1/4" laminated and provide for
                        maximum vision. The design shall allow a driver to view the ground by direct visibility
                        along a parallel line eleven feet forward of the front bumper and the width of the bus
                        while seated.

45. Windshield Wipers   The windshields shall be equipped with heavy-duty electric operated wipers and
                        washers. They shall operate at intermittent speeds with two fixed speeds. The
                        washer spray shall be attached to the wiper area with the washer reservoir located in
                        a readily accessible location. There shall be one wiper per window and be of
                        sufficient length as to clean the windshield. Each wiper shall have its own
                        independent motor all wired to operate as a unit. They shall share a one-gallon
                        capacity washer reservoir.

46. Lights              All lights shall conform to all FMVSS specifications in effect at the time of
                        manufacture. The lights shall be wired, bayonet fixtures NOT acceptable, as follows:
                        Head lights:           (2) Seal beam
                        Cluster:               (5) Amber, front with shields
                                               (3) Red, rear with shields
                        Markers:               (2) Front corners
                                               (2) Rear corners
                                               (4) Each side located at the bottom of the skirt
                        Stop/Tail:             (1) 7" right and left rear, stop
                                               (1) 4" right and left rear, tail
                        Backup:                (2) 4" clear lens
                        Stepwell:              (1) Operated with interior dome light switch land with opening of
                                               front passenger door
                        Dorm:                  (5) Centered, not to interfere with the driver
                        front:                 (2) Rectangular amber
                        sides:                 (2) Plain amber;
                                               (1) Located behind entrance door below the window rail
                                               (1) Located on the left side in a similar location
                        Rear:                  (2) 7" round plain amber located on the left and right side
                        Reflectors:            (4) On each side of the vehicle
                                               (2) On the rear
                        compartment:           (2) Clear lens forilluminating the control, toggle switch located in
                                               control panel
                        plate:                 (1) Clear lens mounted over license holder
                        Headlight:             (1) Located front and at the center of the vehicle
47. Mirrors           Interior mirror to be 6x3O" or equal. Exterior mirrors to be two part 7x1 0" sections
                      with bottom half being 7x1 0" with convex vision, double nickel or California style or
                      equal, acceptable.

48. Seats             Passenger seating shall be authentic vintage design of oak wood slats forward
                      facing. All seats shall be 34" in width and shall have an epoxy powder coated finish.
                      Seating to be installed on full-length track to allow for various types of seating
                      arrangements. A passenger signal device shall be installed along the interior wall of
                      the bus it shall meet the ADA requirements. Seating and wheelchair plan location to
                      be submitted with bid, or furnished to the successful bidder before completion of the
                      vehicles interior. Drivers seat to be 6-way adjustable air suspension type, Bostrom,
                      Nordic-Air or equal with seat belt shoulder harness, covered in black fire resistant

49. Steps             All steps to be as close as possible to the same width as the construction of the
                      vehicle will permit (left side to right side). The steps should also be as close to
                      parallel to the center line and length (measured front to rear of the vehicle) as the
                      constructions will allow, covered with slip resistant ribbed rubber with white hosing.
                      There shall be 3 steps with risers covered with aluminized liners and of the same

50. Rust proofing     All chassis framing, fasteners, and suspension systems are to be painted with a rust
                      inhibiting paint after assembly and before body is mounted to chassis. All exterior
                      sheeting to be primed on both sides before assembly. Undercoating with a wax base
                      shall be applied to the entire underbody and fender wells after assembly.

51. Wiring            All wiring shall be color and number coded. Wiring shall terminate in a master control
                      box sealed and weatherproofed. The access door, hinged, shall be located below the
                      driver's window. Master control box shall equipped with breakers where permissible
                      by FMVSS verses fuses. Door to be lockable. Wiring harness shall be loom covered
                      with wiring in the engine compartment to be covered by polyethylene insulation.
                      Wiring shall be installed in such a manner that system checks, maintenance and
                      replacement can be affected with minimum effort. Wiring penetrating metal shall pass
                      through a grommet. All wiring shall be adequately supported to prevent chafing. All
                      wiring shall comply with SAE requirement and be of sufficient size to carry the
                      required currents without excessive voltage drop. All wiring shall meet Federal and
                      State safety standards at time of production.

52. Air Conditioner   (2) EVAPORATORS: TA73N.
                          Capacity: 53,000 BTU minimum oil
                          Construction: Advanced aluminum fins on 3/8" internally enhanced copper
                          No of Rows: 3
                          Face Area: 292 in.
                          Expansion Valve: 4 ton externally equalized.
                          Blower Assembly: (2) motors w/(4) blower wheels.
                          Total Air Flow: 1600 ft min at Zero static pressure.
                          Amperage: 21.5 A at 13.5 Vdc.
                          Housing: Galvanized Steel with or without plastic cover.
                      (1) COMPRESSOR: TRANS/ AIR Model# C325:
                      (2) CONDENSER: (To be Determined at time of manufacturing)
                      (2) CONTROLS:
                          Model: Basic 11 or EC-1 (optional)
                          Fan Controls: 4 position rotary switch off/med/low/high @ driver
                          Temp Controls: Manual thermostat with Basic 11 or Digital control with
                          EC-1 (optional).
                          Temp Sensor: Freezestat with or without thermister (EC-1 option)
                          Protection: High/Low pressure switches and electric fuses and breakers.
                                Wiring: Color coded in fire proof loom
                                Warranty: (2) year limited- Extended (5) year warranty (Optional)

53. Fenders                 The exterior wheelhouse shall have aluminum fenderettes to strengthen the wheel
                            opening. It shall be constructed of 14-gauge aluminum, or steel with the tensile
                            strength equal to 14-gauge aluminum. Mud flaps shall be included on the front and
                            rear of the vehicle.

54. Safety                  One 10-pound dry chemical-type fire Equipment           extinguisher, triangular warning
                            devices, and first aid kit to meet state standards. First aid box shall be mounted over
                            the windshield in a safety equipment box.

55. Sun Visor               8.25"x1 8" minimum, plastic, adjustable, mounted over windshields.

56. Stanchions              Shall be 1-1/4" chrome vertical and horizontal located behind the driver and front
                            door step well. Overhead brass rails shall run down each side of the vehicle, they
                            shall be securely fastened and supported by brass "T" joints to the ceiling of the

57. Modesty Panel           All stanchions shall have -proof aluminum vinyl covered panels installed, designed to
                            be anti-rattle.

58. Wood Trim               All wood trim shall be red oak. All wood shall be sanded, stained with marine quality
                            exterior stain and coated with a minimum of 4 applications of marine spar varnish
                            sanded between each application. All wood trim shall be of a decorative nature and
                            not support any structural loads.

59. Lift and Wheelchair     Lift and wheelchair stations shall comply with Federal Register Vol. 56 No. 173 dated
                            Sept. 6, 1991, (enclosed) and the ADA effective Jan. 27, 1992. There shall be a
                            minimum of 2 wheelchair stations. Lift shall be heavy-duty hydraulic-electric with
                            manual over-ride and shall have a chain activated safety stop controlled by the
                            hydraulics, of the lift platform. The lift platform is to have 3-inch high fixed side plates
                            with folding handrails to comply with applicable ADA requirements. The controls are
                            to be hand held springs loaded safety stop with attendant release levers; it is to have
                            separate controls for extending and lowering of the platform, Ricon S5000-S or

60. Wheelchair Accessible   A wheelchair accessible door shall be installed on the curbside of the vehicle. It shall
                            be of one-piece constructions outward opening with clear opening of 58"x58"
                            minimum with locking device to secure the door in the open position. The locking
                            device shall be constructed and installed in such a manner as not to rattle when the
                            vehicle is in motion. All exposed edges, the too, inside of the door facing shall be
                            padded. All exposed edges or hazardous protrusions shall be padded with energy
                            absorbing material to minimize injury in normal use and in case of an accident.

61. Color                   The vehicle color to be furnished to the successful bidder. It shall be Painted with
                            enamel with a high gloss finish if the skin of the vehicle is metal and color added
                            pigment if the skin is a polypropylene design. It shall have a gel-coat added to add a
                            high gloss to the finish.

63. Training                The successful bidder shall provide, within 30 days of delivery to Transit Authority, a
                            minimum of 8 hours mechanical, body and chassis training.

64. Manuals                 An "As Built" manual will be provided for each unit. These manuals shall give
                            illustrations and a listing of parts for the brake system, lift system, air condition
                            system, the drive train, and electrical systems. A shop repair and trouble shooting
                            manual shall be furnished for each vehicle.

65. Passenger Signal        Shall comply with specifications in the Federal Register.
66. Public Address System   Shall comply with specifications in the Federal Register.

67. ADA Requirements        Vehicle shall comply with all ADA regulations in force at time of productions as
                            outlined in the Federal Register.

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