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									Volume 1
                          The Zeta Journal                                                                                                Wednesday
Issue 15                                                                                                                            December 17, 2008
   Lambda Chi
    Calendar                     New president elected for the new year
1/1/09 - New Year’s Day          BY A J LOPEZ III              Early in    after initiation and take the place of   December. This would also align
                                 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF           the evening     former president, Grant Walker who       their elections with the other Greek
1/3/09 - 2:00 p.m.                                         yesterday.      has served for two terms as the fra-     organizations on campus.
Belles vs. Texas Women’s
                                 The brothers selected their new rep-      ternity president.                           Taylor is a former High Beta
University @ Junell Center
                                 resentation for the chapter to serve as       Walker who is scheduled to grad-     (Vice-president) and was appointed
1/5/09 - 6:00 p.m.               the fraternity president.                 uate this May, did not seek a third      the Standards Chair last semester by
Belles vs. Texas A&M                 Rusty Taylor is the new president     term due to his graduating status.       Walker.
Commerce @ Junell Center
                                 of the Beta-Alpha chapter of Angelo           The brothers recently voted to           Taylor became an Associate in
1/5/09 - 8:00 p.m.               State University.                         have their elections moved from the      September of 2006 and was initiated
Rams vs. Texas A&M                   Taylor will begin his term right      month of April to the month of           in the same year during December.
Commerce @ Junell Center

1/17/09 - 8:00 p.m.
Rams vs. Tarleton State
@ Junell Center

1/20/09 - Spring semester
classes resume @ ASU

  Quote of the
     “Hey! Hurry up
      now, meow”                             Edgar                         Joseph                     Nik                        Hector
         -Josh Smith
                                             Ortiz                         Lopez                     Yocum                       Romo
   Five-Day Forecast

                                                           Ethan                        Robby                       Edward
                                                         Clendenen                       Carr                        Ortiz
                       72º/43º   Seven Associates become seven new Brothers
                                 BY A J LOPEZ III               The cold front came in the         The new seven brothers are Robby Carr, Ethan
Friday                           EDITOR-IN-CHIEF             night    before    and     the    Clendenen, Joseph Lopez, Edgar Ortiz, Edward Ortiz,
                       69º/46º                               Associates knew that their ini-   Hector Romo and Nik Yocum.
                                 tiation night was going to be a cold one.                         All of them can now count themselves amongst the
                                      When the ritual was performed after great prepara-       brothers across the country and in parts of Canada.
Saturday                         tions, the brothers celebrated and rejoiced because now           Initiating these seven new brothers has brought the
                       76º/28º   they had seven new brothers to join the Beta-Alpha Zeta       total number of brothers from ASU to 596. Four more are
                                 of Angelo State University.                                   needed to read the 600 mark that the chapter has been
                                       “I think they have the excitement and power to put      waiting to see.
Sunday                           this chapter in a positive direction,” said Tanner                The brothers are also looking forward to the new
                       47º/24º   Langston.                                                     brothers to help in making the chapter better.
                                      Their journey began almost three months ago and              “Hopefully, over the years, these guys will improve
                                 every bit of the journey had it’s ups and downs.              our chapter,” said Marcus Kelley.
                                                       Zeta Editorial
Volume 1                                                                                                              Wednesday
Issue 15                                                                                                        December 17, 2008

Letter from the Editor...
BY A J LOPEZ III               Last night we initi-
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF            ated seven new guys
                           into the bond we all
call Lambda Chi Alpha. For these new guys, it
has been a wonderful experience to know them.
    Also, we had elections and we now have new
officers. I will be taking over the High Rho
office. For all of you who are rusty on your
Lambda Chi Alpha knowledge, it is the Alumni
Secretary for the fraternity. I will be wanting to
meet with all the Alumni I have met and give
them a deeper understanding of where the chap-
ter is going and also want to learn and meet the
Alumni I have not met.
    I will be revamping this office and imple-
menting programs through it. I hope that the
Alumni of the Beta-Alpha chapter will please
assist me in this effort to rekindle lost contacts
from the fraternity.
    On behalf of the Beta-Alpha Zeta I wish you
and your families a very Merry Christmas!

Blast from the Past                                                                    Famous Brother

                                                                                                     Rob Walton
                                                                                            (University of Arkansas 1966)
                                                                                       Walton has been the chairman of Wal-Mart
In 1968, the Kappa Xi fraternity congratulated their pledges in joining the brother-   since 1978. He was recently featured on
hood. Shown here is Dick Robertson being congratulated by Tim Gette.                   Forbes 400 Richest Americans.
                                                              Zeta News
Volume 1                                                                                                                              Wednesday
Issue 15                                                                                                                        December 17, 2008

Brother of the Week!!!!!
Name: A J Lopez III                            Big Brother: Casey Foran

Hometown: Gregory, Texas                       Little Brother: Brandon Gardner

Major: Journalism                              Nickname: “Grizzly”

Minor: Computer Science                        Favorite Food: Pizza, chicken strips
                                               and fajitas.
Lambda Chi Alpha Association Date:
September 2006                                 Favorite Quote: “The Lord giveth, the
                                               Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name
Lambda Chi Alpha Initiation Date:              of the Lord.”
December 2006                                                                 -Job 1:21

Birthday: September 14                         Best Lambda Chi Alpha Memory:
                                               Playing our made up game of “Heaven
Martial Status: Taken                          and Hell” at the old lake house.

Keeping it in the fraternal family
BY MARK BAUER                 This      spirit that is Lambda Chi Alpha.    believe that all of them have had      think about it. The guys who
CENTENNIAL BLOG past week                   There are five Huschkas,        4.0s in college or a remarkable        graduated in 2001, meaning they
                          I received    Ryan, Bryce, Kyle, Justin and       stat similar to that. They were        came to school in 1997 knew the
an email from Joe Whitworth, a          Andrew. Ryan, the oldest and a      also and still are very active-        first Huschka, Ryan. Andrew, the
Kansas State alumnus, former            year older than                                     recruitment chair-     youngest will graduate in 2012
traveling consultant for the            me has graduated                                    men, presidents,       (he might be an Engineering
Fraternity, and a member of the         from KU Law                                         etc.                   major and therefore will graduate
Foundation's "Emerging Leaders          (extremely high in                                       Anyway, this is   in 2013). Therefore, brothers
Council" of young alumni. If you        his class-maybe                                     a pretty cool deal     who are initiated into Lambda
read this and it and don't marvel a     #1) and is now                                      for them; consid-      Chi at Gamma Xi in the spring of
bit I think you're missing some-        with WilmerHale                                     ering their Dad        2012 will know a Huschka. That
thing about Lambda Chi Alpha. I         in DC. Bryce is                                     was an ATO. I          is 15 consecutive years of con-
am sharing it in full, so enjoy....     the second oldest                                   think it'd be an       nections and legacy that this one
    On December 5th, a fifth            and is a territory                                  amazing human          remarkable group of brothers is
Huschka was initiated into              manager          for                                interest story. I do   leaving upon the chapter.
Lambda Chi Alpha at Kansas              ExxonMobil in                                       not believe I have         In recruitment we continually
State University. This amazing          Boston. Kyle, the                                   seen a legacy or       teach to replace yourself with
group of brothers and family have       third, will be                                      similar type of        someone better, who you want to
blessed the chapter with a              graduating in May                                   story in awhile. I     call your Brother. Well, the
Huschka every year since 2000.          with an engineer-                                   know that there are    Huschkas are doing that to the
They are all extremely success-         ing degree from                                     lots of legacies out   fullest. Gamma Xi Zeta is better
ful- academically, athletically,        K-State and is going to work for    there, myself included, but this is    because of the family and there-
socially, spiritually, and brotherly.   either       ConocoPhillips    or   pretty remarkable. Five brothers       fore, Lambda Chi Alpha as a
These are some of the greatest          ExxonMobil in Houston. The          and not to mention the legacy that     whole are better because of the
guys that I know and embody the         other two are still in school. I    they are leaving behind. Just          Huschkas.

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