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									        The Broad Street Journal     A publication of Valley Industrial Credit Union
                                        P O Box 1784, Waynesboro, VA 22980
Phone: 540-949-6818 or for out of area call toll-free 1-888-321-VICU (8428) on the web: January 2010
                                “YOUR FAMILY’S FINANCIAL SERVICES CENTER”

                                         WHAT WILL 2010 BRING?

As we enter 2010, we can’t help but ask, What Next? 2009 was a challenging year
for many and Valley Industrial Credit Union is especially thankful that you have
  continued to look to us as your financial institution of choice. The state of the
overall economy has brought unprecedented regulations/changes in the finanical
 industry. However, we remain committed to you our member as a priority. We
 pledge to continue providing you with security and assurance you can count on,
while maintaining regulatory compliance. As we have previously stated VICU is a
safe, sound financial institution and together we will weather the storms. Do not
   hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. And again, THANK YOU for your business!

                                GOT BIG PLANS THIS YEAR?
                                                                       WE CAN HELP!
                              It’s Wintertime, and many of us will spend our otherwise down time watching
                              television. As you are channel surfing, you will undoubtedly pause briefly or
                            purposely to watch a home improvement show. Or perhaps you will see a shot of a
                             house or room on another show that will get you thinking about your own little
                            “Mansion on the Hill”. With a Home Equity Line of Credit, you can access funds
    at a much lower rate of interest. Home Equity funds can be used for anything. Whether you’ve been
  thinking of remodeling your kitchen, finishing your basement, paying for college or consolidating higher
interest debt, you can let your home’s equity get the job done. And the interest is usually tax-deductible. For
         more information on our Home Equity Program call or stop by our Loan Department today.
                   LOOKING FOR THE BEST VALUE!
    Beginning in February the big credit card companies will need to stop their
  deceptive and abusive practices such as double-cycle billing, high interest rate
schedules and excessive fees. However, as we all know this will not stop them from still making tidy profits.
   Fear Not – there is an alternative! A Valley Industrial Credit Union VISA is a best value, because our
interst rate and card fees are less than bank issued cards, plus, there’s no annual fees, all combined to make
 this a winner – all the while being able to apply advanced monitoring technology to keep your information
 safe and secure. We are here to give you more – not charge you more. If the larger issuers had used credit
union card programs as a model, there would not be a need to waste legislation time to enact these changes.
We didn’t create the issues, but at least we are here to help our increasingly strapped member in their credit
      card protection. To learn more about a VICU VISA give us a call. Put one in your wallet today!

 - Your 2009 tax documents (1099) must be mailed by
January 31, 2010. If you need this information before
your document arrives, your YTD dividend information
                                                                           CELL PHONE ETIQUETTE                       INDUSTRIAL
is printed on your December Statement.                                         …it’s up to you!                      CREDIT UNION
                                                                        In today’s world just about everyone
 - If you have your refunds direct deposited, please be                   has a cell phone. How you use it of
sure you use complete routing and account numbers. The                  course is your business. However, at
routing number for VICU is: 251484941, and your                             Valley Industrial Credit Union we        OUR MISSION IS TO:
account number is a ten (10) digit number. This can be                  make every effort to protect you and
found on the bottom of your drafts or if you are not sure,               your personal information. Many of             Provide our members financial
call or stop by our office. This will help to speed up                       you would not give out personal           services at competitive rates in a
receipt of your refund.                                                       information within earshot of          professional environment, in order to
                                                                        someone you don’t know, and yet, you            achieve an atmosphere of trust
 - Speaking of Direct Deposit Refunds, don’t get caught
                                                                            will not hesitate to answer a call
in a “instant” money trap. Tax preparers usually charge
                                                                          while being waited on by one of our
                                                                                                                       between our members and their
an outrageous fee to cut you a check on the spot. Just                                                                           Credit Union.
think, they are loaning you your own money at a rate of                    staff. Keep in mind your personal
approximately 130+% APR. If I offered you a loan for                       conversation is yours and we don’t
that kind of rate, would you be willing to sign just as                  need, nor do we want to be a part of
quickly? I think not. For much less you can get more of                 it. Keep this in mind especially in the                  STAFF:
your money in 7 -10 days.                                                  Drive-Thru where most times our
---------------------------------------------------------------------       microphones pick up and transmit         Debra K. Hostetter, Mgr/CEO
                                                                         your conversation through the lobby
                                                                         (both sides). Our tellers have been           Karen Hughes, Loan Officer
                                                                           instructed to not wait on someone
                                                                                                                        Dawn Coffey, Head MSR
                                                                            while they are on the phone. Not
                                                                         only is it rude, but you are not giving              Janet Whitfield
                                                                             your attention to the financial
                                                                         transaction taking place. Remember            Member Service Representative
                                                                              you are the one initiating the
                                                                          transaction and I am sure you want                 LOCATION:
                                                                        the teller to give you their attention,
                                                                                                                         501 West Broad Street
The beginning of a year always makes one contemplate                     can’t you please give them the same
on things they want to accomplish during the year,                       courtesy. If a call is an emergency,           Waynesboro, VA 22980
whether it’s Diet, Exercise, Organize, Relax or Save                      you can always excuse yourself and
more, we all begin with good intentions. Here are a few                               take it outside.                  MAILING ADDRESS:
suggestions to add to your list:                                          ----------------------------------------
                                                                                                                              P.O. Box 1784
•     STOP TELEMARKETERS CALLS: Register at                             IRA CONTRIBUTION LIMITS                         Waynesboro, VA 22980 or call 1-888-382-1222. (Also
      be sure to register your cell phone, as the marketers
      are now calling them.)
                                                                        It’s time to start thinking about your               CONTACT
                                                                        IRA Contributions for 2009. Did you
•     STOP JUNK MAIL CREDIT OFFERS:                                       know that for both 2009 and 2010
      Register at or call “Opt-
                                                                          you can contribute up to $5,500 to          Direct Dial 1-540-949-6818
      Out” 1-888-567-8688.
                                                                           either a Roth or traditional IRA?
       Remember these need to be done annually, as some                   And if you are 50 or older you can            Toll Free 1-888-321-8428
       do expire. In addition, you can be sure that if any                    make additional “catch-up”
                                                                           contributions. IRA’s are still the
                                                                                                                           Fax 1-540-942-3670
       changes occurred during the year, you will always
       register the updated information.                                   safest and best ways to save for              E-Mail
---------------------------------------------------------------------   your Retirement, so you should make
                                                                            every effort to contribute the           Loan Dept
                HOLIDAY CLOSINGS                                         maximum yearly to assure you have
                                                                        the funds when it’s time. Remember                Internet
                     NEW YEAR’S DAY                                        time is running out to make your
                    Friday, January 1, 2010                              contribution for 2009 and it’s never
                                                                          too early to start planning for the               RESPONSE:
          MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. DAY                                                   future.
             Monday, January 18, 2010                                                                                     Local 1-540-949-0716
                  PRESIDENT’S DAY                                                                                       Toll Free 1-888-523-6566
                 Monday, February 15, 2010

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