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     Traffic control
     systems from

    Interurban traffic on our freeways will
    continue to increase in the years ahead.
    One consequence of this trend will be
    that even minor obstructions in the flow
    of traffic are enough to cause accidents
    and major traffic jams. The prevention        Modern traffic control systems                 The SITRAFFIC system concept
    of such accidents and traffic congestion      help to                                        With the SITRAFFIC system concept
    as well as the increase in road safety are                                                   Siemens has developed a traffic instru-
    therefore the central tasks of traffic con-   s   considerably reduce the number of          ment that is subject to continual improve-
    trol systems from Siemens.                        accidents                                  ment and which provides universal solu-
                                                  s   decisively minimize traffic congestion     tions for efficient, intermodal and
    An essential component of accident pre-       s   harmonize the flow of traffic as a         environmental-friendly traffic manage-
    vention is the ability to warn drivers as         whole and                                  ment and traffic control. Products, sys-
    early as possible about potential sources     s   make optimum use of traffic net-           tems and procedures are finely coordi-
    of danger such as ice, accidents, fog             works.                                     nated   to   ensure   optimum     system
    banks, and so on. Taking the pressure                                                        integration for data, communication
    off bottlenecks, for example, at tunnels,     This is achieved by                            and configuration. A large number of
    toll stations or sections of road with                                                       modules can be combined to create
    heavy traffic, is an essential way of im-     s   traffic monitoring                         a highly functional overall system.
    proving traffic flow and road safety.         s   traffic detection                          SITRAFFIC offers all the advantages of a
                                                  s   traffic information and                    single system but remains open for
    It is here that traffic management sys-       s   traffic management.                        combinations with other products and
    tems, tunnel control systems or elec-                                                        systems. Standardized interfaces (such
    tronic fee-charging equipment for toll        The     following       pages   provide   an   as OCIT®, XML) link up distributed cen-
    stations play a valuable role.                overview of how Siemens Intelligent            tral and distributed components to form
                                                  Traffic Systems is already contributing        integral traffic management systems.
                                                  towards improving traffic on our free-         On the basis of Internet technology they
                                                  ways today.                                    form a system-wide network covering
                                                                                                 roads and control centers.

                                                                                       traffic control
                                                                                       systems for
                                                                                       global mobility

1924 saw the beginnings of Siemens’         We install these systems for our cus-
move towards becoming the most im-          tomers on a turnkey basis and support
portant and innovative supplier of intel-   them throughout the entire service life.
ligent traffic systems. Our products and
systems are now being used in major         To meet the demands of interurban,
conurbations around the world, over         local and urban traffic that is becoming
many kilometers of freeways, on sec-        more and more networked, our systems
ondary and country roads, in multi-         and products are designed for complete
storey car parks and in tunnels. The        integration from the very beginning.
standards of quality are extremely high
                                                                                                   Picture: SiemensWelt
and the systems are tailored perfectly,     Appropriate interfaces permit the trou-
reliably and consistently to meet the       ble-free expansion of existing installa-
needs of our customers.                     tions and the combination of different
                                            systems, thus creating highly efficient,
In addition to their integrated design      synergetic and all-inclusive methods of
features, our traffic control systems are   traffic management.
distinguished by a strong customer
orientation.                                Numerous reference examples from all
                                            over the world prove just how success-
                                            fully such systems and products can
                                            work together.

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                   FREEWAY TRAFFIC                  Sign gantries
                   CONTROL CENTER

                               Toll systems

          Emergency phone

              Video detection /CCTV

                            Traffic data
                            measuring station

                        Pavement inset lights      Variable message

                                                   Tunnel control



                                         Interurban traffic           Urban traffic

                               Integrated traffic
                               solutions for
                               all requirements

Parking   Traffic telematics           Services

     Traffic management
     on freeways –
     The bottom line

    The underlying principle of freeway
    traffic management involves measure-
    ment, analysis and control. The levels of
    complexity and expenditure involved in
    these three concepts are considerable.

    Installation of such a system is, of course,
    a costly affair. The question is: Does the
    result justify the costs?

    One example: Several years ago, a
    traffic control system was installed by
    Siemens on the A9 freeway between
    Munich and Nuremberg. It comprised
    central computers, variable message
    signs, variable direction signs, sensors
    for measuring traffic density, as well as
    fog and ice detectors.

    The result: Compared to previous fig-
    ures, the number of rear-end collisions
    fell by 35%, the number of people
    injured by 31%, and the number of
    accidents with serious personal injury
    by 30%. The number and duration of
    traffic jams were also reduced corre-
    spondingly. Since then, the volume of
    traffic has increased even further. In
    order to cope with this increase, sec-
    tions of this freeway are being widened
    to three, in some places, even four
    lanes. In addition, the traffic manage-
    ment system is being upgraded by

     controlling –
     ITS ensures smooth
     networking of
     Interurban traffic

    Fast detection of traffic conditions        Fast evaluation of ongoing situations        Fast traffic management

    Measurement involves the automatic          The data acquired in this manner is          The results of the analysis appear a little
    detection of all relevant traffic and       transmitted to the central traffic com-      later as warnings and information on
    weather conditions. Traffic detectors       puter where it is analyzed and evalu-        sign gantries and variable direction
    register not only the volume of traffic,    ated. Decisions then have to be made         signs located ahead of the problem area
    but also any changes in its density. The    quickly on how to intervene. Such inter-     in question. Traffic announcements are
    number or proportion of heavy-cargo         vention can be carried out manually as       broadcast over the radio as well.
    vehicles, trucks, cars and motorcycles is   well as fully automatically by means of
    registered as well as the speeds in each    control programs. Does traffic density
    individual lane. Fog sensors measure        warrant a diversion because traffic is
    the visibility and ice sensors assess the   threatening to jam up at the next con-
    danger of skidding.                         struction site? Does a speed limit have to
                                                be imposed because of heavy rain?

                                                                                            Intelligent traffic
                                                                                            monitoring –
                                                                                            Nipping congestion
                                                                                            in the bud

Traffic control on freeways has to deal       Major technology leap with                      Emergency management –
with relatively long stretches of road.       video sensors                                   monitoring emergency roadside
Warnings only make sense if they reach        As leading systems integrator for digital       telephones
the road user in good time. In some           video sensor technology, Siemens offers         Monitoring of emergency roadside tele-
situations, therefore, messages must be       the traffic monitoring system of the            phones is another strength of the
conveyed long before the danger zone is       future. The modular system detects              system. Objects such as vehicles in
reached, for example, to enable the           both     static     and   dynamic   traffic     breakdown areas and people making
driver to choose an alternative route.        processes which are measured and eval-          emergency calls are detected, registered
Modern autonomous detection systems           uated in real time and is thus able to          and analyzed.
serve in this case as providers of data on    adopt new approaches to solving the
traffic conditions. To be able to obtain      problems involved.                              Shoulder lane conversion after
the best picture of the current traffic                                                       visual examination
situation it is necessary to install detec-   Traffic monitoring                              If certain stretches of a road are over-
tors at a number of key locations.            The video systems from Siemens can              loaded or individual lanes are blocked,
                                              monitor critical sections of the road on a      the shoulder lane can be released for
Low-cost measuring station for                permanent basis.                                normal traffic if necessary. Any obstruc-
acquiring traffic data                                                                        tions which may prevent conversion of
Up till now, the acquisition of traffic       Traffic detection                               the shoulder lane are registered by
data on freeways and secondary roads          As a lane detector, the system is able to       video detectors and cameras. If, after
has been associated with high costs on        recognize whether congestion is in the          visually examining this section of road,
account of the length of the power and        making at critical points on the road. A        the operator in the control center is
data cables leading to the measuring          camera monitors the traffic of up to            satisfied there are no obstructions, he/
stations. Autonomous detection sys-           eight lanes. A precise picture of the           she can release the shoulder lane. When
tems solve this problems by obtaining         current traffic situation can be obtained       the volume drops to normal levels again,
their power from solar cells and trans-       through the acquisition of all relevant         the shoulder lane is closed to traffic.
mitting the data by radio to a traffic con-   data such as vehicle counting, occu-
trol center.                                  pancy,      speed   and   the   parameters      A further advantage:
                                              derived for up to three categories of           Installation of the monitoring systems
                                              vehicles.                                       involves no road surfacing or construc-
                                                                                              tion sites, so there is no disruption in the
                                                                                              flow of traffic.

      The latest
      technology –
      Signpost to the

     Modern roadway station units perform
     the task of traffic management on free-
     ways. They record data relating to traffic
     and weather conditions and pass on
     instructions for display on the variable
     message signs. The signs made by
     Siemens employ different technologies
     (optical-fiber displays, LED displays, etc.)
     and possess an extensive repertoire of
     symbols and characters. Thanks to its
     modular design, the Siemens roadway
     station unit SST4 can easily be customized
     to perform different functions and meet
     national standards.

     Apart from variable message signs, these
     roadway station units can also be used to
     control dynamic lane allocation by means
     of LED pavement inset lights.

     These pavement inset lights have proven
     reliable in airport applications for many
     years and are now also being used suc-
     cessfully in freeway and tunnel projects.

                                                    Traffic management by ramp
                                                    Ramp metering on freeways has proven        tion (volume, density), ramp metering
                                                    invaluable whenever traffic density on      uses a traffic light installation to give
                                                    the on-ramps increases suddenly as a        one or more vehicles access to the
                                                    result of major events, trade fairs, etc.   freeway and ensure that traffic on the
                                                    Depending on the current traffic situa-     freeway flows without interruption.

Where it all comes together –
at the control center

The integrating element in traffic con-
trol and information for interurban traf-
fic is the control center.

Here the traffic, environment and oper-
ating data of all connected systems are
collected, processed and archived. They
are also analyzed and evaluated using
the latest traffic technology procedures.

The knowledge gained from these data
forms the basis of a detailed picture of
the current traffic situation which can       Advantageous complete solutions           Information systems show the way
be used for the purposes of coordina-
tion, higher-level traffic management         The philosophy of complete solutions      Comprehensive traffic detection per-
and the distribution of information.          from Siemens covers the entire infra-     formed, for example, by the "TRAFFIC
Siemens supplies complete traffic con-        structure that is needed to create and    EYE Universal" measurement and evalu-
trol centers including links to the periph-   operate comprehensive traffic manage-     ation station provides the foundation for
eral equipment and extensions to exist-       ment systems on freeways.                 current traffic information systems –
ing systems as well as construction,                                                    systems which are becoming increas-
maintenance and financing.                    This includes the development of power    ingly more important. They keep drivers
                                              and telecommunications networks as        informed about the traffic situation on a
                                              well as all the work necessary for con-   suggested route before and during a
                                              struction both above and below ground.    journey and, consequently, keep them
                                                                                        on the best route available at that time.

      Safety in tunnels

     Tunnels are regarded as particularly criti-
     cal areas. Monitoring traffic, dealing
     with accidents and rescuing accident
     victims are especially difficult in such
     surroundings. Breakdowns, traffic jams,
     fires or excessive CO levels must there-
     fore be detected as quickly as possible.

     Service personnel must also be pro-
     tected when carrying out maintenance
     work in a tunnel. Road users must be
     warned of possible obstructions well in
     advance because congestion in tunnels
     has to be avoided under all circum-
     stances. For the police and freeway
     authorities, regulating traffic in tunnels
     is much more difficult than controlling it
     on stretches of open road.                    Traffic control –                            level of convenience and user-friendli-
                                                   automatic and by hand                        ness. Data are displayed and visualized
     In order to comply with the highest           Automatic traffic control is carried out     on the screen quickly and in an easily
     safety requirements, tunnel systems           by means of predefined scenarios. For        comprehensible manner, thus allowing
     must therefore be equipped with exten-        example, when a fire alarm responds,         pinpoint intervention in any traffic situ-
     sive control and management facilities.       the variable message sign "Portal red" =     ation.
     These are usually in the form of traffic      "Block tunnel" is activated automatically.
     signal installations, variable message        Other automatic scenarios are initiated      Siemens tunnel control
     signs, height control systems, detectors      in the case of accidents, traffic jams or    systems include:
     and CCTV monitoring equipment.                breakdowns.
                                                                                                s   Central monitoring and control
     Professional traffic management               Manual traffic control is mainly carried         system (SCADA)
     Traffic control in tunnels must be pre-       out when maintenance work is to be           s   Power supply
     pared for all eventualities and calls for a   performed in the tunnel, making part of      s   Lighting
     comprehensive exchange of informa-            the road unavailable for a certain length    s   Ventilation
     tion with the technical equipment.            of time. A traffic-dependent lane control    s   CO, NOx and visibility measurements
     Whether this involves the supply of           system now guides drivers around such        s   Fire alarms
     lighting, ventilation and power or the        an obstacle on one or more remaining         s   Public-address facilities
     installation of fire alarms and public-       sections of the road.                        s   Emergency telephones
     address systems, the equipment needed                                                      s   Tunnel radio
     for tunnel operation complies with the        Efficiency through compatibility             s   Height control
     internationally proven Siemens standard       Thanks to compatible interfaces, the         s   Traffic detection
     and leaves nothing to be desired.             system can be integrated into higher-        s   Video monitoring
                                                   level control systems. Extremely simple      s   Traffic lane control
                                                   graphic user interfaces ensure a high        s   Traffic control, and much more

      Emergency call
      system –
      Fast and reliable

     In emergencies, messages must be sent
     to the rescue control centers quickly and
     reliably. Where seconds count, there is
     simply no room for compromise.

     The Siemens emergency call system
     permits fast and reliable communication
     between road users and the personnel
     in the control center. It conveys reports
     of accidents, breakdowns or other prob-
     lems on freeways. The system consists        is used for both the telecommunications    The control center –
     of the outdoor stations (emergency           link and the power supply. When the call   professional safety management
     telephones) and the control center.          button is pressed, the station switches    The control center consists of a com-
                                                  to service mode and signals an emer-       puter and a telecommunications sys-
     The emergency telephone –                    gency call to the control center.          tem. A printer registers and documents
     independent and dependable                                                              all pertinent data such as the time, fault
     The emergency telephone unit is inde-                                                   indications or voice recordings. The
     pendent of the power supply system. It                                                  computer provides the operator with an
     comprises a telephone system installed                                                  easily comprehensible menu and visual-
     in a weatherproof housing. The device                                                   izes all the important information. This
     can be fitted on a post or into a call box                                              ensures that the operator has reliable
     and equipped with a telephone receiver                                                  and transparent control of the exchange
     or integral intercom unit.                                                              of communications between the control
                                                                                             center and the emergency telephone.
     These telephone units are located on
     both sides of the road at intervals of one                                              Full compatibility with
     kilometer. A telecommunications cable                                                   existing systems
                                                                                             Another advantage of the Siemens
                                                                                             emergency telephone system is that it
                                                                                             can operate as an autonomous system
                                                                                             or can be integrated into existing free-
                                                                                             way management systems. It is compat-
                                                                                             ible with other systems and can pass on
                                                                                             emergency calls to higher-level control

                                                                          Telephone          Optional features are an automatic
                                                                          system in a        announcement service (for road users
                                                                          weatherproof       when the operator is not able to answer
                                                                          housing            immediately) and voice recording (man-
                                                                                             ual or automatic recorders).

      Toll plazas –
      New technology
      for old

     Traffic projects are increasingly being    Classic method of toll collection           Automatic fee collection
     financed on a private basis. Appropriate   A ticket is issued at a tollbooth in each   The toll can be collected from passing
     systems are therefore needed for refi-     lane when a vehicle enters the freeway      vehicles over several lanes automati-
     nancing investments by means of tolls.     and a fee has to be paid when the           cally, without barriers and without ticket
     Tolls are also a suitable means of         vehicle exits the freeway. The complete     handling. State-of-the-art technology
     financing public roadwork according to     toll ticketing system, including all the    identifies and classifies the motor ve-
     the principle of paying for use. How-      equipment such as barriers, signaling       hicle according to the distance traveled
     ever, to keep traffic flowing smoothly     and payment systems, is installed by        and charges the appropriate fee.
     and to eliminate bottlenecks, new toll     Siemens.
     solutions must be created which are                                                    Whichever of these solutions you
     specially tailored to the needs of cus-    Combined toll collection                    choose we can supply you with fast,
     tomers. Today, freeway operators can       Classic toll systems are supplemented       correct and easy-to-understand fee
     choose from among the following            with automatic toll lanes. Motorists        charging systems with user-friendly
     means of toll collection.                  possessing a special pass are processed     software.
                                                automatically as they drive through
                                                these lanes.                                Siemens can satisfy all your require-
                                                                                            ments, irrespective of the method of
                                                                                            payment you decide on (credit cards,
                                                                                            smartcards, cash payments in different
                                                                                            currencies, prepay, postpay, etc.). The
                                                                                            equipment    is   appropriately    secured
                                                                                            against misuse as regards both operation
                                                                                            by personnel and use by the customer.

                                                                                            Siemens is your competent partner
                                                                                            when it comes to planning, implemen-
                                                                                            tation, operation, service and retention
                                                                                            of value.

      Services for
      Interurban traffic

     Expertise in the provision of services is
     one of the reasons why Siemens enjoys
     the position it now occupies on the
     market. Siemens offers more than tech-
     nology as far as intelligent traffic sys-
     tems are concerned. From planning to
     financing, turnkey installations through
     to service, Siemens provides a cost-
     effective overall solution.

                                                 Everything from a single source               The Siemens range of services
                                                 Our particular strength lies in the ability   includes:
                                                 to provide comprehensive services at all
                                                 levels of intelligent traffic systems. A      s   Planning and engineering
                                                 partnership with Siemens gives you an         s   Financing and advice
                                                 option which no other competitor can          s   Modern products and systems
                                                 offer on this scale: turnkey system           s   Above-ground/below-ground
                                                 solutions.                                        construction work
                                                                                               s   Service, maintenance and repair
                                                 Planning,    manufacture,     installation,   s   Training
                                                 above-ground and below-ground con-
                                                 struction work, warranty and spare            Siemens also offers:
                                                 parts guarantees, as well as HR manage-
                                                 ment, financing and preparation of indi-      s   Reliability backed by its comprehen-
                                                 vidual financing solutions are all part of        sive responsibility for complete
                                                 the package of services provided by               systems
                                                 Siemens. And all this comes from a            s   Compatibility and system uniformity
                                                 single source enabling you to meet            s   International expertise
                                                 whatever requirements you may have.

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