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Published Weekly                            January 22, 2010                                              Issue No. 2

     Invitation to attend the “Corporate Governance 2010 – A Sustainable Future for
                        Africa” Conference: 23rd -25th March 2010
ZimTrade has been invited by Advantage Training in South Africa, to attend an international conference on
Corporate Governance 2010 – A Sustainable Future for Africa to be held at Birchwood Conference Centre,
Johannesburg, South Africa on the 23rd - 25th March 2010. The conference is aimed at imparting knowledge on
corporate governance in developing countries as well as the corporate governance practices. There will be mini-
workshop sessions throughout the 3 days at the conference. The conference will be attended by companies from
across the globe.

ZimTrade is therefore inviting Zimbabwe business community to participate in this conference.

For more information and registration contact: Mr. Geoffrey Kambare (Advantage Training) on: - Tel: +27
(0)11 609-9111, or Email:


                                   Invitation to participate at ZITF 2010
ZimTrade has been appointed the Marketing Agent for the 2010 Zimbabwe International Trade Fair which will
be held from 20 to 24 April 2010 in Bulawayo. The designated sales area covers Kariba, Chinhoyi, Harare,
Mutare, Marondera, Kadoma and the surrounding areas. Companies situated in these towns can register for
ZITF 2010 through ZimTrade.

For more information on registration please contact ZimTrade Head Office on 04 369 335, or 2918228/9 or
email or ZimTrade Regional office on 09 66151, 62378 or email as soon as possible.


ZimTrade are pleased to present the 2010 EMTP training programs for your attention and consideration. The objective of our training
courses is to consolidate and develop staff performance improvement and productivity in their workplace. Our training programs displayed
in the calendar below represents a well thought out courses tailored to help in creating awareness of, and sharpening export skills and
improving management capabilities.

Certificates are awarded to a candidate who participates in six (6) modules and above.

If interested please notify on which courses you would like to participate in before the enrolment deadline.

For more information about our training programs and registration please contact Ms. S. Muchineuta on 0912 992 619; (04)2918229 or
email Or Ms J. Ncube on 0912 809 210; (09) 66151 or email:

             Course Title                     Location                Course Date                 Enrolment deadline

1. Export Business Plan                        HRE                       16 Feb                         2 Feb
                                               MTRE                      18 Feb                         4 Feb
                                               GWR                       23 Feb                         9 Feb
                                               BYO                       25 Feb                         11 Feb

2. Export promotion strategies,                HRE                       2 Mar                          16 Feb
negotiating skills and closing sales           MTRE                      4 Mar                          18 Feb
technique                                      GWR                       9 Mar                          23 Feb
                                               BYO                       11 Mar                         25 Feb

3. Export product development and              HRE                       16 Mar                         2 Mar
packaging                                      MTRE                      18 Mar                         4 Mar
                                               GWR                       23 Mar                         9 Mar
                                               BYO                       25 Mar                         11 Mar

4. Information technology                      HRE                        1 Jun                         18 May
                                               MTRE                       3 Jun                         20 May
                                               GWR                       8 Jun                          25 May
                                               BYO                       10 Jun                         27 May

5. Standards and good housekeeping             HRE                       15 Jun                         1 Jun
                                               MTRE                      17 Jun                         3 Jun
                                               GWR                       22 Jun                         8 Jun
                                               BYO                       24 Jun                         10 Jun

6. Export documentation incoterms              HRE                       29 Jun                         15 Jun
and trade agreements                           MTRE                       1 Jul                         17 Jun
                                               GWR                        6 Jul                         22 Jun
                                               BYO                        8 Jul                         24 Jun

7. Export market research                      HRE                       13 Jul                         29 Jun
                                               MTRE                      15 Jul                          1 Jul
                                               GWR                       20 Jul                          6 Jul
                                               BYO                       22 Jul                          8 Jul

8. Export costing and terms of                 HRE                      2 Sept                          19 Aug
payment with reference to the EU               MTRE                     7 Sept                          24 Aug
and regional markets                           GWR                      9 Sept                          26 Aug
                                               BYO                      14 Sept                         1 Sept

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