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					Road signs and other devices
 of traffic control in Finland

                        Danger warning signs

      Right bend          Left bend       Several bends,           Several bends,          Dangerous
                                        the first to the right   the first to the left      descent

     Steep ascent       Road narrows      Two-way traffic          Swing bridge           Ferry, quay or
                                                                                           river bank

Traffic congestion      Uneven road          Road works            Loose gravel           Slippery road

      Dangerous          Pedestrian           Children                Cyclists               Ski track
      shoulders          crossing

         Elks             Reindeer        Intersection with Intersection with minor      Intersection with
                                         equal roads (give road (vehicles coming            minor road
                                         way to the vehicles from the minor road
                                        coming from the right) have to give way)

    Intersection with   Light signals        Roundabout            Tramway line          Level-crossing
       minor road                                                                         without gates

  Danger warning signs

   Level-crossing        Additional sign at      Level-crossing           Level-crossing           Falling rocks
     with gates             approach to           with one track      with two or more tracks

                         Aircrafts flying at       Cross-wind             Other danger
                           low altitude

                         Signs regulating priority

                            Priority road         End of priority         Priority over
                                                                         oncoming traffic

                           Priority for        Give way (to vehicles Stop and give way
                         oncoming traffic         on the road you (to vehicles on the road
                                                are approaching) you are approaching)

              Prohibitory or restrictive signs

Closed to all vehicles   No entry for power-     No entry for truck    No entry for vehicle     No entry for power-
                          driven vehicles            and van             combinations           driven agricultural

Prohibitory or restrictive signs

    No entry for        No entry for       No entry for vehicles    No entry for bus     No entry for moped
    motor cycle         motor sledge       carrying dangerous

No entry for cycle      No entry for      No entry for pedestrian, No entry for riders        No entry
  and moped              pedestrian         cycle and moped         on horseback

    No left turn        No right turn           No U-turns             No entry for         No entry for
                                                                     vehicles having      vehicles having
                                                                     an overall width     an overall height
                                                                   exceeding...metres    exceeding...metres

No entry for vehicles No entry for vehicles Maximum permissible No entry for vehicles     Maximum
or combinations of     exceeding...tons     total mass of combi- having a mass exceed- permissible mass
vehicles exceeding       laden mass          nation of vehicles ing...tons on one axle    on bogie
...metres in length

    Overtaking       End of prohibition         Speed limit        End of speed limit     Speed limit zone
    prohibited         of overtaking

End of speed limit      Prohibition or re- Standing and parking    Parking prohibited     Parking prohibited
     zone          striction applying to one    prohibited                                      zone
                     or more traffic lanes

 Prohibitory or restrictive signs

  Enf of parking      Taxi station zone        Standing place       Alternative parking   Alternative parking
  prohibited zone       (beginning)                for taxi              (odd days)           (even days)

  Passing without       Passing without      Driving of vehicles
stopping prohibited   stopping prohibited     less than..metres
 (customs control)     (police control or      apart prohibited           No entry for vehicles carrying
                         other reason)                                         dangerous goods

                                Mandatory signs

  Direction to be       Direction to be        Direction to be        Direction to be        Direction to be
     followed              followed               followed               followed               followed

   Compulsory           Pass this side         Divider of traffic      Compulsory             Compulsory
   roundabout                                 (pass either side)        foot-path             cycle track

 Combined cycle       Parallel cycle track   Parallel cycle track    Compulsory track      Compulsory track
 cycle track and         and foot-path         and foot-path         for motor sledges       for riders on
    foot-path                                                                                 horseback

                    Special Regulation signs

     Pedestrian         Parking place reserved for vehicles          Parking place        Placing vehicles
     crossing          whose drivers are going to use means                              on a parking place
                         of public transport (park-and-ride)

  Placing vehicles     Placing vehicles         Passing place         Bus stop for        Bus stop for long-
 on a parking place   on a parking place      (on narrow roads)       local traffic        distance traffic

    Tramway stop       Taxi station (end)       Bus lane (sign      Bus lane (sign         End of bus lane
                                               above the lane)      above the lane)     (sign above the lane)

   End of bus lane    Tramway lane (sign     Tramway lane (sign   End of tramway lane End of tramway lane
(sign above the lane)   above the lane)         above the lane)   (sign above the lane) (sign above the lane)

    One-way road           Motorway           End of motorway        Road for motor        End of road for
                                                                       vehicles            motor vehicles

    Built-up area     End of built-up area       Recidential       End of recidential
                                                  precinct             precinct

                                  Informative signs

 Advance direction        Advance direction     Advisory sign for
      sign                     sign                 detour                      Detour

                                                                                                  Advisory sign for

Route to be followed        Information on       Information on          Advance direction
(in order to turn left)      traffic lanes        traffic lanes         sign (above the lane)

 Advance direction           Exit sign           Direction sign               Exit sign
sign (above the lane)     (above the lane)

                                                                                                     End of lane
Direction sign on           Location sign               Direction sign for light traffic
  private road                                          (pedestrian and cycle traffic)

 Direction sign for       Direction sign for    Direction sign for     Direction sign showing   Direction sign
      detour                  detour            local purposes         a motorway or road for showing park-and-
                                                                           motor vehicles       ride facilities

                                                                                                    Place name

 No through road          No through road       Recommended                 Sign showing           Tourist road
                                                maximum speed                 distances

       Road number (E-road)             Road number              Road number                Road number
                                       (primary road)          (secondary road)            (regional road)

               Road number                     Direction to the                    Interchange number
              (ordinary road)                  numbered road

 Informative signs

Symbol of motorway      Symbol of road          Airport              Ferry            Goods harbour
                      for motor vehicles

    Industrial area        Parking          Railway station       Bus station       Itinerary for indicated
                                                                                       vehicle category

      Itinerary for      Itinerary for        Itinerary for   Overpass or under-    Overpass or under-
     pedestrians        handicapped           transport of      pass with steps     pass without steps
                                           dangerous goods

    Radio station                Information map               Information office        Telephone

     Emergency            First-aid                Sight      Breakdown service        Filling station

        Hotel            Restaurant           Cafeteria         Public lavatory         Youth hostel

Informative signs

Lodging in cabins      Camping site          Caravan site         Picnic site

  Outing site         Swimming place        Fishing place           Ski lift          Countryside

                             Additional panels

 Sign applies to      Sign applies in     Sign     Distance to which   Distance from the
 crossing road        the direction of     in the direction     the sign applies   sign to the point to
                         the arrow           of the arrow                            which the sign

 Distance to the        Free width            Free height          Height of        Sign applies to
compulsory stop                                                   electric line     both directions

                                                                                    Passenger car

 Sign applies to     Sign applies to the   Regulation begins   Regulation ends            Bus
 both directions    direction of the arrow   from the sign       to the sign

     Lorry                  Van                Caravan            Vehicle for         Motor cycle

     Moped                 Cycle          Method of parking    Method of parking    Very dangerous

 Additional panels

No entry for vehicles No drive-through for     Sign applies bet-    Sign applies bet-     Sign applies bet-
carrying dangerous     vehicles carrying      ween 0800 and 1700   ween 0800 and 1300    ween 0800 and 1400
 goods of group A     dangerous goods of        hours, Mo-Fr       hours, on Saturdays    hours, on Sundays
                            group B                                                         and holidays

 Parking against          Parking against         Time limit        Obligatory use of
       fee                      fee                                  parking disc

                                                                                            Direction of
                                                                                            priority road

 Obligatory use of        Crossing of log       Two-way cycle        Additional panel
  parking disc             transport road           track               with text

                                                                    Additional panel        Direction of
                                                                         with text          priority road
                                                                   “Driving in service
                                                                   purposes allowed”

                  Most common road markings
        1   Centre line
        2   Traffic lane line
        3   Yellow barrier line
        4   White barrier line
        5   Warning line
        6   Edge line

     Pedestrian         Continuation of the     Stop line and        Give way line         Marked island
      crossing             bicycle track         barrier line       and barrier line

                                  Traffic light signals

 Red light = Stop           Red and yellow =        Green light = Go                 Yellow light = Stop
                            the light is about
                              to turn green

   Green arrow               Red light with a       Yellow light with a   Flashing yellow light = Proceed with caution
    light = Go             black arrow = Stop       black arrow = Stop

                                                      Flashing red light or             Flashing white light = Follow
Green arrow light          Bicycle traffic lights    alternately flashing red              the traffic rules of level
and red light = You                                       lights = Stop                            crossing
  may turn to left

 Lane control signals above each lane

 Red cross light =            Flashing yellow arrow light = The light is about to turn red     Downwards directed
Lane closed to traffic                      or the lane is closed further on                 green arrow light = Lane
  facing the sign                                                                            available to traffic facing
                                                                                                     the sign

 Pedestrian light signals                                                       Other light signals

Red light = Do not           Green light = Walk
 start crossing            Flashing green light =                         Flashing yellow light and warning sign or
                         The light is about to turn red                   pedestrian sign = Drive with extra caution

                          Signals by policeman

       Approaching             All road-users                  All road-users           Road-users approaching
     vehicle must stop      approaching from all          approaching from in front   from beckoning direction are
                            directions must stop            and behind must stop          allowed to continue

                         Vehicle in front of the police    Vehicle behind of the police
                                car must stop                     car must stop

                                     Drive safely!

12                                                        Finnish road administration / Traffic engineering 01/2004