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                              July 17, 2009

The Waushara County Traffic Safety Commission Meeting was called to order on July 17, 2009, at
9:30 A.M., by Sheriff David Peterson of the Waushara County Sheriff’s Department. Present at the
meeting were the following:

Tom Dahlke, Waushara County Highway Department
Joe Piechowski, Waushara County Board Supervisor, Fire Officers Association
Jeff Liethen, Wisconsin State Patrol
Patti Nelles, WSP/BOTS
Darlene Mastricola, Waushara County Sheriff’s Department
Sheriff David Peterson, Waushara County Sheriff’s Department
Lisa Saeger, WISDOT Traffic/student
Clyde Simonson, Wautoma Area School District
Ruth Zouski, Waushara County Corporation Counsel
Jeff Nett, Waushara County Sheriff’s Department
Lynn Boening, Waushara County Sheriff’s Officer, Division of Emergency Management

Motion was made by Tom Dahlke and seconded by Jeff Nett to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

Motion was made by Joe Piechowski and seconded by Jeff Nett to approve the minutes of the
April 24, 2009, Waushara County Traffic Safety Commission Meeting. Motion carried.

Introductions were done, and Tim Hanley introduced Lisa Saeger who is a summer student working in
their office.

Public Comments – None.

Reports – None.

Old Business

A) Report – Intersection of CTH F, CTH N & CTH Z in Spring Lake: Tom Dahlke reported on the
following: After review of signage and safety concerns, on CTH F near Spring Lake a left turn sign
with a 20 MPH advisory sign was upgraded and relocated further west of its original location, the post
was also highlighted. Some chevrons were replaced and/or relocated and four (4) additional chevrons
were added for west bound traffic. A night arrow was added for east bound traffic. At the intersection
of CTH N/Z/F, both the right and left turn signs, posts were highlighted. A larger speed limit 35 MPH
sign was erected for east bound traffic. The speed monitor was placed at two (2) locations from May
12-15, 2009.
Waushara County Traffic Safety Commission Meeting Minutes
July 17, 2009 – Page 2

B) Report – Truck Traffic on CTH A & CTH O: Tom Dahlke reported that signage was reviewed on
CTH O from STH 73 to STH 22 and CTH A from STH 22 to STH 49. After review, on CTH O, a left
hand reverse curve sign was upgraded with a 45 MPH advisory sign added. Some delineators were
repaired or replaced. The speed monitor was placed at two (2) different locations on CTH O between
4-27-09 and 5-6-09.

On CTH A, a County A sign with a right turn arrow was replaced .1 mile south of CTH TT. A left
hand reverse curve sign with a 40 MPH advisory sign was upgraded .3 miles east of 29th Drive. The
speed monitor was placed in three (3) locations from May 6-12, 2009.

Tom also indicated all three (3) school districts were contacted and all school bus stops along CTH O
and CTH A were identified and sight distances were measured from both directions. Five (5) locations
were already signed and the rest do not meet the requirements for signage.

In addition, a letter from Sheriff Peterson and Tom Dahlke was sent to the owner of the trucking
company in reference to concerns brought up at the April meeting. The Sheriff’s Department also had
officers working areas of concern.

Joe Piechowski felt all improvements made in the areas mentioned above were appreciated, and
brought forth a concern he received at the intersection of CTH Z and Cumberland, a blind spot.

New Business

A) BOTS Report/Highway Safety Plan Solicitation: Patti Nelles requested this be placed on the
agenda as a reminder that the bureau wanted ideas for the highway safety plan.

Fatality numbers to date: 269 so far this year, as compared to 293 for the same date in 2008. Patti
feels the economy is having an effect on fatality numbers.

Hand outs Patti presented were: Motor vehicle-deer crashes in 2008, Final year end 2008 crash
statistics, and information on how economic loss is determined. Information on the 35th Annual
Governor’s Conference on Highway Safety and information on primary safety belt enforcement in

B) Traffic Safety Concern – CTH JJ, west of Richford: Tom Dahlke advised this should be west of
Dakota. Tom stated he invited the individual requesting the speed limit change and the request for
school bus or children present signs to the meeting. After receiving the request, Tom stated the
following was done: speed was monitored, crash history was checked, and the area reviewed for
accuracy of signing and measurements. After all the findings were compiled, he sent a letter to the
individual along with a pamphlet from DOT in reference to the rules used to change speed limits. Jett
Nett indicated this area had been monitored in the past, with most travelers following the speed limit.

C) Traffic Safety Concern – 19th Avenue & Chicago Road Intersection: Sheriff Peterson stated he had
been contacted by an individual who had concerns at this intersection, as it is kind of a “Y”
intersection. The intersection is on township lines, not much crash history. He indicated probably a lot
of stop sign violations could be written at the intersection. Sheriff Peterson suggested a possible yield
sign at the intersection. Jeff Nett had concerns with this; he felt drivers may cross intersection into on
coming traffic. Tom Dahlke suggested making this a true “T” intersection. Tim Hanley suggested
improving the vision in the area if at all possible. Sheriff Peterson advised he will let the Townships of
Dakota and Marion know about the complaint, and will look into the brushing issue.
Waushara County Traffic Safety Commission Meeting Minutes
July 17, 2009 – Page 3

Issues discussed during round table were as follows:

Sheriff Peterson discussed the two (2) fatalities in the County since the last meeting. The sheriff also
talked about the possibility of allowing ATV’s on roadways, and indicated he did send a letter to
legislator’s voicing his opposition to this.

Lt Jeff also discussed the fatalities and the use of scene management at each, also talking about the
detours used at length.

Tim Hanley complimented the County on their use of scene management at an incident on I-39.

Jeff Liethen voiced his concerns about less mowing of grass along I-39 due to budget issues, and feels
it is a danger to motorists. Discussion ensued, and Tom Dahlke advised county highway departments
have no control over mowing on state roadways. His department just received authorization to start
mowing and they are only allowed to mow one time, making only one pass. Tom stated he needed
authorization for additional mowing, which he will request if asked to. Tom advised that if the
Sheriff’s Department has any problems to please let him know. Sheriff Peterson requested information
on who he could contact from DOT in reference to this, and was provided with the information.

Jeff Liethen also talked about the upcoming furloughs mandated by the State. For his work unit over
the next two (2) years, 176 days of enforcement will not be there.

Tim Hanley indicated their unit is also affected by the required furlough days and budget issues. Also,
he received a call from Mr. Weiland, and he will be getting back to him.

Tom Dahlke stated he and Lt. Nett did another presentation about work zone safety to a driver’s
education class in Plainfield recently. Tom briefly discussed the project on CTH XX from STH 21 to
CTH D. The paving project should be center lined today, also because federal dollars were used the
need to reduce the speed limit

Ruth Zouski stated she is working on an ordinance for County Board in reference to improvements to

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Motion carried. All Commission members were present
at the conclusion of the meeting. The next meeting will be held on October 16, 2009, at 9:30 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Darlene Mastricola
Administrative Assistant - WSSO