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									                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

   In hair care, it is necessary to create balance and harmony to reveal your true beauty. Good hair care will not be
   achieved if you are not equipped with the correct knowledge and equipment. Proper hair care prevents hair loss
                                                 and other hair problems
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                                            5 Ways To Prevent Or Reduce Hair Loss
                                                           By Miguel Oliveira

   Hair loss affects men and women alike and if you are reading this article I bet either you are
becoming bald or your know someone who is and are afraid you will too. Hair loss can make you lose
confidence in yourself and if your father or grandfather already have it, it may seem inevitable you will
lose your hair too.

 Fear no more! There are many effective ways you can prevent this from happening and even reverse
it once hair loss has begun, I’ll show you a few.

 The first tip is to treat your hair well. Don’t do perms all the time, don’t pull it, and don’t put weird
chemicals in your hair (dyeing products included)… What’s the point of having an astonishing beautiful
hair right now that makes the ladies want to pat your head or the guys drool at you, if later you will
have to wear a wig?

 Next, make sure you keep your hair clean and if you ever feel itching in your head for more than a
week go see a dermatologist. If you are concerned about your hair, you should be concerned about
anything that goes on with your scalp. There are some nasty diseases that start by just itching and can
make you balder than a soccer ball. Also, the very act of scratching your hair, very much like tearing it,
may make you suffer from hair loss.

 The third tip is one I know you are just gonna love. Get head massages all the time. Ask your girlfriend
to massage your scalp, get your men to run his hands through your hair… You have the excuse of
health (Honey, you don’t want me to suffer from hair loss) and who knows just what that might lead to
as the hours go by… Massage will stimulate blood circulation, giving more nutrients for your hair to

 Fourth, mainly for guys, don’t use steroids. Steroids may make your muscles bulge, but they will ruin
your heart, make you look like hulk (the ladies would prefer Bruce Banner, if you mind) and make your
testosterone skyrocket, blowing down any effort to prevent hair loss.

 And last, start using hair loss treatments before beginning to lose hair. If you have people in your
family who are losing or lost hair and if you hair is beginning to get thinner and thinner, hair loss
treatments have proven to be the most effective way to prevent you from getting bald and to grow any

Hair Loss No More
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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

lost hair back. Usually medications will stop hair loss by preventing testosterone from turning on genes
that cause hair loss.

 So, that’s it, five easy ways to prevent hair loss. And the best thing is that if you are already losing hair
these five techniques can stop that and hair loss treatments will even make you grow a lion’s mane in
no time. Better than this only if you could change your genes!

If you are interested in preventing or stopping hair loss and grow your hair back, check
http://www.not-bald-anymore.com/ Miguel Oliveira, striving to help you on your hair loss problem

How To Start A Hair Salon
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                                                  How To Prevent Hair Loss?
                                                         By Johnny Karrax

Hair loss is a general annoyance for men and women. It's embarrassing, causes low self-esteem, and
leaves us wondering how we can end losing hair. In order to understand hair loss, we need to discuss
some of the general reasons of why we lose our hair.

Stress is a general factor in hair loss for men and women. It is no surprise that there are many causes
of stress in our lives these days. Finding ways to reduce the amount of stress can help you to end
losing hair, and keep you healthier in general. If you can't change anything in your life, try a
stress-reducing exercise such as meditation or yoga.

Too many trips to the beauty salon can as well cause hair loss. When hair is processed and dyed
multiple times, it can cause your hair to grow to be weak and break off. Use more gentle hair color and
perms to cause less damage and stop losing hair. Weekly conditioner treatments can help repair
damaged hair. To prevent your hair from contravention off, never brush it when it's wet, and don't tie it
up more than a couple of days in a row.

Many people lose their hair a a small amount of months following major surgery. This is due to the
extreme stress caused by the surgery and shouldn't cause need used for interest. This type of hair loss
is generally temporary, and you must stop losing hair quickly. When hair loss is due to medications for
serious illnesses, you must expect to stop losing hair after you've completed your treatments.

An extra valuable cause in hair loss is that hair loss can be hereditary. That doesn't mean that it is
inevitable if there is hair loss in your family, but you should take extra precautions if hair loss is
impending. Take ultra control with your hair and scalp, and try to keep stress to a smallest in your life.
When hair loss is family, there are fewer options for regrowth.

As you can see there are quite a only some reasons for hair loss in men and women. What we didn't
discuss are the remedies for hair loss and regrowth. You can catch more in order by visiting our hair
loss prevention site.

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