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                                 5 tips to manage your post workout meals and shakes
                                                            By Bryan Kavanagh

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Recovering post workout, how much protein to take and post workout nutrition is a big question these
days. You need to get it right if you want to get the most out of your workouts.

I am by no means saying that post workout protein shakes are a complete necessity but they are very
handy and convenient, especially if you live far from the gym and you may not be eating for some time
after you workout.

Tip number one:

Post workout protein shake is best. I know that there are some of you out there that will disagree but
that is your opinion. A post workout protein shake will aid recovery and is convenient. It is faster to
digest than food and thus nutrients get to the damaged muscles faster.

Tip number two:

Have something available to eat immediately after the workout. If you don't want to invest in a protein
shake or have something against protein powders then have a piece of fruit and maybe some chicken
in a Tupperware tub to eat to keep you going until you get home.

Tip number three:

Forget about the 'window'. When I say eat immediately after the workout I am not referring to the 'post
workout window' that you often hear people talking about. Some people think this is an excuse to eat
junk and get away with it. I know of football teams that go out and get pizza after their games and they
are under the illusion that it is okay. This couldn't be further from the truth. Eat smart after your

Tip number four:

Do not drink a bottle of lucosade or gatorade after your workout thinking that you 'need' to replenish
your carbohydrate stores (glycogen) in your muscles or any of that nonsense. Replenish your glycogen

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

with your meals. Forcefeeding the muscles carbohydrate drinks post workout is only important in the
short term if you need to perform i.e. train again in the next couple of hours. If you are not training
again until tomorrow don't waste those valuable calories on a bottle of sugar water. Eat something and
enjoy it.

Tip number five:

Don't eat pre workout. Pre workout snacks or anything that requires digestion pre workout will really
only sit there in your stomach while you are training. Your body will concentrate on the training and
puts digesting food second on the list. So why am I talking about pre workout? Easy; if you eat pre
workout and then take a post workout shake and pour it on top of the undigested food from before the
workout then your shake has to wait in the queue to be allowed to pass through the stomach. Pre
workout shakes are permitted because they require little or no digestion and will help to initiate
recovery as soon as you start training.

Cool eh?

Do this if you are seeking muscle gain and those that want to lose fat should stick to a small post
workout shake.

Bonus tips:

Seeking muscle gain - Mix all of your shakes with water around your workout and add milk to any meal
replacement shakes to boost calories.

Seeking fat loss - use water in your post workout shake. Using milk adds calories and insulin.

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                  4 Muscle Building Tips With Revolving Your Diet Around Your Workout
                                                          By Keld Frantzen

How your workout can hold a important effect towards the amount of muscle you build. However, how
you eat prior to and after your workout can hold just as much of an effect on your body as the workout.
Now are four muscle building tips to help you plan a diet accordingly.

1. High calories
While you are probably well aware of the amount of protein you need to be eating, it is equally valuable
you consume a great deal of calories. If you do not take in sufficient calories, you are not going to
grow. Depending on the form you are in, you wish for to take your bodyweight and multiply it by 10.

2. Multiple meals
As a replacement for of pigging out three meals a day, you want to widen it out over the course of the
day into six meals. By eating smaller meals, your body will make available insulin to lower your blood
glucose levels. You want as much insulin as possible as insulin is the body�s most anabolic

3. Pre-workout meal
Prior to working out, you want to consume a meal consisting of slow burning carbohydrates like pasta
and rice. The reason for this is because slow burning carbs take longer to convert into glucose
resulting in the blood sugar levels remaining regular. The end result will be your body allowing you to
train longer and harder.

4. Post-workout meal
Following your workout, you want a meal that is high in fast burning carbs and protein. Typically, you
want to consume a protein shake that is accompanied by some form of sugar.

When training, the way you eat in conjunction with your workout regimen can have a drastic effect on
how you build muscle. Take the four muscle building tips in this article and apply them to your diet.

How To Put Together The absolute Muscle Building Diets

When it comes to gaining muscle mass, it is essential you put together muscle building diets according
to your weight and body size. Clearly, if you are a 150 pound teenage you are not going to want a diet
filled with 6000 calories. This is why it is vital you understand your body and do the needed research
to devise the exact diet.

Assuming you are an regular male around 180 pounds, you are going to want to eat between five and
seven meals right through the day. The logic for this is so you are constantly taking in protein and
calories while still allowing your stomach to digest the food. It is much better to do it this way as
oppose to stuffing your face three times a day.

A majority of your muscle building diets and meals should come before your workout so you have
energy and strength to make it through a vigorous workout. This of course depends on when you are
planning on working out. If you aim on working out in the morning, this is going to be changed.

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In any case, you want to have three or four meals before your actual dinner. This gives your stomach
time to digest the food so you are not sleeping on a full stomach. Prior to going to bed, you can mix
whey protein with water to give you a little boost and some extra protein right before you go to sleep.

In all, you ought to be getting around 3,500 calories a day. You want to include a lot of protein and
carbohydrates in your muscle building diets as well as eggs, toast, rice, lean beef or chicken, and
many protein shakes.

How you devise your diet will depend on your body and your exercise regimen. If you are going to be
working out in the morning it is going to differ from if you work out in the evening. Your actual diet can
stay the same; you will just modify the times you eat according to your workout.

About the Author:
Keld Frantzen

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