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					                       TEAM BUILDING
                               supplied by....
                           All Entertainment

   All Entertainment will work to your brief and create the best possible team
                building package. Whatever the occasion we have
                            the solution to you needs.

   All Entertainment uses only the best suppliers and instructors so that each
           participant receives the best possible results from their day.

All Entertainment is happy to offer suggestions and opinions based on its 15 years
      experience, or to work with you to create the best possible package.

    All Entertainment believes in giving value and will ensure that its services
                 not only meet, but exceed your expectations....

                          unite your team with

               All Entertainment
                The following are only suggested activities.

       Once you have decided what activities would be of interest,
          we will check availability and put together a quote.

 If you have specific requirement, need more ideas or have particular
            budget restraints, then please do not hesitate
                    to call us for more information.

         We will be happy to tailor a package especially for you,
                      to create the perfect event!
                         ROLLING THUNDER 500

Six teams compete head to head for an hour on the banked oval raceway in an event that
requires team work, strategy and co-ordination.

Each team is furnished with:
A race car - A console - £10 000 in Funny money
Two information sheets, pens and blank paper
After a briefing explaining the objects of the game the event starts with a 20 minute Practice

During Practice the cars run with a low top speed (no Turbo Boost) allowing all the team
members to try out the car and develop their skills behind the wheel. At the same time the
teams must also read the information sheets, organise themselves and appoint a Team
Manager and a Race Strategist and also work out a driver order for the race. Each teams’ lap
times are recorded during practice and the grid positions for the race are allocated according to
their fastest lap. The team that gets pole position is also awarded a cash prize.

After practice the cars are lined up in grid order and the race starts. Once the race has started
(and if they feel confident enough!) the teams are allowed to buy more Turbo Boost of which
there are 3 levels and increase their car’s top speed. However this costs money and requires a
pitstop. Also, just like real motor racing, if the team drive badly (especially at high speed!)
they run the risk of damaging the car, requiring more money and pitstops for repairs. Adding
Turbo Boost also drastically alters the cars’ fuel consumption and the teams need to take this
into account.
During the race, the teams will need to run their cars as successfully as possible in order to
make money. Every 15 minutes the teams get cash prizes for their race position at that point.
Also every 5 minutes the Race Director sounds a whistle. All the teams must change drivers
within 30 seconds or face a fine. At specific times during the race, tactical information to aid
the teams’ strategies and other financial bonuses become available to the teams, sometimes for
a price, sometimes upon completion of a task. So there’s always plenty to do for the team
members who aren’t currently behind the wheel.

Throughout the event, a Technician interacts with the teams to keep the cars running, the Race
Director presides over the racing, awarding fines for bad driving etc, a computerised scoring
system keeps track of the laps and light hearted commentary keeps the teams informed of
their progress. After 60 frantic minutes, the race finishes. The team with the most laps (which
should be around the magic 500) wins. The record so far is 520! More money is awarded to
each team for their final position, and each teams’ final bank balance is then calculated.

Presentations are then made to the teams finishing the race in 1st, 2nd & 3rd, as well as the
team that has the most money at the end of the event. The Rolling Thunder 500 Endurance is
the ultimate indoor motor racing event!

                         A Rolling Thunder car parked next to a
                        Scalextrix car to give you an idea of scale!
                        Country Pursuits...
                      ARCHERY & CROSSBOW

               If you think that there is only one sort of bow and arrow
                      - think again. Let us introduce you to more!

       This multi activity has all the fun of archery with the added bonus of crossbow!

 We all know the basics…. bow, arrow and target that looks liked a collection of multicoloured
                     polo mints, from there it starts to get more difficult,
                            it is not an Olympic sport for nothing!

Our instructor/s will show you the basics from how to handle all the equipment and where to
 aim, they will then try and contain their laughter as your first attempts miss by miles - we
guarantee they will! To add to this experience we also supply Crossbow! Crossbow shooting
can provide a welcome change of pace from the usual corporate team building events where
skill and judgement count more than speed and adrenaline. For the total novice you'll get a
                        feeling of achievement and relaxing challenge.
We will provide your team will all the necessary equipment needed for the event. All your team
members have to bring is their sense of humour and a keen eye. We will provide expert one to
                                one tuition for all of your team.
                                TARGET ARCHERY

   We all know the basics…. bow, arrow and target that looks liked a collection of multicoloured polo
         mints, from there it starts to get more difficult, it is not an Olympic sport for nothing!

        Our instructor/s will show you the basics from how to handle the bow and where to aim,
  they will then try and contain their laughter as your first attempts miss by miles - we guarantee they
   will. Having learnt more uses for the index and middle finger you will progress, by the end of the
                          session you will almost certainly hitting the bull’s eye!!

 Archery equipment has taken leaps and bounds since the medieval days with the use of stabilization,
               extended sights, modern bow & arrow making materials & techniques.

  A selection of standard bows with various draw weights (power) are supplied and our professional
                      instructor/s will exactly match the bow to each participant
Archery as an event is ideal for a wide range of corporate clients requiring teambuilding or social events
                   and private clients such as birthdays or other significant events.
                     When it comes to hitting the target you'll be sure to achieve it,
                                 even without previous experience!
                       Working Gun Dog Trials

           This is an amazing activity. Under the guidance of a professional trainer,
               guests will try and control a selection of traditional working dogs
                            such as pointers, retrievers, spaniels etc.

The guests will control the dogs through various agility tests reflecting each breeds particular
  skills. These may include: Obstacle course, Herding, Calls and signals and Retrieval. The
trainer will explain the history behind the breeds and instruct the guests on all aspects of dog

  There are usually other animals brought along depending on the size of the group and the
  amount of time you have. This adds to the knowledge that is imparted. These can include
ferrets, and birds of prey. The guests will enjoy the hilarity of Ferret Racing...and maybe even
    Ferret Roulette! They will also be able to handle the birds of prey and see how they are
                     trained and reared...and also how they live in the wild.

 This is an opportunity not to be missed. The animals are amazing, the games are great fun,
 and the new knowledge you will take away is unique. This activity is suitable for any guests
              and can be adapted for any numbers, and the time slot you have.

At the Royal Automobile Club, we use 2 different trainers for this activity. Therefore they may
be a slight difference in the activities provided, but the principals are the same. Both suppliers
             offer an amazing fun filled activity filled with things to learn and to do.

    Falconry, the oldest of all field sports thought to have started about 400BC in the east.
 Formerly the sport of kings, but latterly a way for the poorer people in society to supplement
 their diet with rabbits and hares caught with trained birds of prey, as it practised to this day.

  You will see how the birds and handler work together and also give you the opportunity to
handle and feed the birds yourself. In addition the falconer will involve the guests by placing a
small piece of meet on a leather glove that the guests are wearing. The birds will then swoop
    from the surrounding tree’s and takes the meat much to the amazement of all guests.

The main emphasis on this event is to be as informative about the birds as possible and involve
                           the guests. A truly spectacular event!
          Any of these fun games can be used in a variety of ways.
     Used as a filler on an activity day or on their own for just simple fun!

                                 GET KNOTTED

               A large 3 metre square mat, with two large inflatable dice.

  Up to 30 people can play this fun game, which is played along the lines of “Twister”.

                              MEGA 4 IN A ROW

Giant four in a row game stands 1.3m tall and is made from plastic with bright green and
 yellow playing counters. This is a well known game involving mental skill and strategy.
                        GIANT SNAKES AND LADDERS

A giant 10 foot square board, with the players acting as the counters, climbing ladders, sliding
          down snakes, incurring forfeits, all at the throw of the giant inflatable dice.

                                    GIANT TOWER

 A three foot high tower of wooden bricks which, with the help of a steady hand and fearless
                             heart can be built up to five feet tall.
                        Things usually fall apart before this happens!
             …More Fun Team Bonding Activities
                                  The Firing Squad
                                        INDOOR / DAYTIME

                A varied, versatile team-building event for 10–30 people.

       A half-day team-building event that puts the fun back into being fired…

  Sir Arthur is looking to hire someone new in his organisation. He doesn’t want just any old
 rubbish: he wants the best. In teams, you’ll be given a series of lively and enjoyable tasks to
carry out: your chance to show Sir Arthur what you’re good at before he tells you what you’re
                                          good for.

At the end of each task, the winners receive a treat, the losers an ultimatum: talk your way out
                                  of trouble, or you’re fired!

                 As Sir Arthur so cleverly puts it, “Winning is all about winning."

                                   Have you got what it takes?

                                         Art Attack
                                        INDOOR / DAYTIME

                A lively, informal team-building event for 10–120 people.

Art Attack is a unique and entertaining team-building game set in our own eccentric
                          take on the world of art dealers.
The teams are given the overall objective of becoming the most successful art dealers in the group, by
accumulating money and correctly identifying the most valuable art works when it comes to the auction
 at the end of the session. Sound judgment and good tactics will be vital in winning the valuable items,
                                   without blowing the bank balance.

  The money used in the auction is based on how well the teams do in a series of challenges that call
  upon a variety of skills. These include completing art-related tasks and puzzles, creating a working
    machine for a particular task, and presenting with impact and energy to the rest of the group.

The skills used are cognitive, creative, practical and analytical and all necessitate working in a team to
discover the differing strengths of individuals and using these strengths to their best advantage. This
    is also an exercise in time management, as all tasks have to be completed to a tight deadline.

 Our professional actors, in their guise of art experts and critics, compere and control the proceedings.
                         They also keep it pacey, entertaining and memorable.
                                   OUTDOOR / DAYTIME

        A unique team-building activity for 10–250 people, in cars or on foot.

  The teams must track down and identify the undercover actor characters and
 complete as many of the challenges as possible. They could be in any location: a
 crowded bar, a country lane, a forecourt or a forest. You have the maps and the
                    code-words but will you find your man?

    Manhunt is a bespoke event that can be arranged almost anywhere: the grounds of a
 conference centre, a quiet rural village or a city centre, for example. We will provide all the
 research, clues, equipment, professional actors and small prizes for the winners. There are
many themes to choose from. Your group could be secret agents, vampire hunters, footballers’
                   wives, East End villains or even St. Trinians schoolgirls!

                            Mission Impossible
                            INDOOR / DAYTIME OR EVENING

               A spy-themed, team-building activity for 15–100 people.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get into teams and undertake a
       series of challenges in the glorious surroundings of London Zoo…

 Each team is given a set of spy equipment (including a camera and walkie-talkie) and has a
  limited amount of time to complete its mission. There are places to go, secrets to collect,
    photographs to take and people to meet – our actors disguised as undercover agents.

    Ingenuity, attention to detail and good team-work are the key ingredients for success.
                              School Sports Day
                                   OUTDOOR / DAYTIME
              A sports day for 15–120 adults where everyone is a winner
                 School Daze is a School Sports Day with a difference.
                  The only tears shed during it are tears of laughter!

Professional actors play an assortment of teachers and guide you through a series of fun-filled
 activities. You won’t need to be a super athlete to join in, as some don’t involve any physical
     exertion at all. They are, however, designed to provide a fast-moving, action-packed,
               competitive outdoors event that will greatly enhance how well you
                                   all get on with each other.
Everyone is treated as if they are still at school. You don’t have to dress up, but if you haven’t
           washed your hands and your clothes aren’t neat, expect to be told off…

                              Law and Disorder
                             INDOOR / DAYTIME OR EVENING

                A fast-moving, team-building event for 15–150 people.

                               Please approach the Bench…

               Law & Disorder is a hilarious team challenge presided over by our
             tame High Court supremo, Judge Pickled. It’s all about team building
and having fun. You don’t need any legal knowledge to take part: just having watched any film
                           or tv courtroom drama will be enough.

There will be an identity parade, some charges to answer and the odd court case or two. Will
your team have the wit and ingenuity to walk away with the star prize? Will you stop laughing
long enough to do what is asked of you? Or will you all end up in jail? Whatever happens, we
  promise you a charge sheet you will take pride in and an event you will always remember.
                                Film-making day

                   A chance to make your own film, for 15–200 people

                                 So, you wanna be in movies?

           Welcome to our Film Day, where we can realise your dreams of stardom –
                   and you won’t even have to get on the casting couch...

Your group will be split up into ‘film units’ with everyone taking on a specific role in the creation
  of your own mini feature film. We supply top-quality equipment (cameras, editing facilities,
etc), a selection of handy props and a team of film business professionals whose expert advice
                                  will entertain and enlighten you.

   This is team building at its best: people learning new skills, co-operating on a project they
enjoy and coming up with results that will amaze everyone. The films are shown after dinner at
 our glamorous Oscar Ceremony, where awards are made in many categories: Best Film, Best
  Supporting Actor, Best Facial Expression, etc. And the finished films will also be available so
      everyone can have their own copy as a treasured memento of an extraordinary day.
                            INDOOR / DAYTIME OR EVENING

                    A team-based auction game for 20–150 people.

          A great way to say ‘thank you’ to staff and favourite customers...

Going… Going… Gone! is an auction that offers an unusual challenge: you won’t get to see any
  of the Lots before they are sold. You have to guess what you are bidding for just from our
              catalogue and any information our Auctioneer chooses to give you.

The bidding is done in teams and, with skill, shrewdness and luck, some of you will end up with
    some wonderful prizes. And, as we give teams the ‘money’ to bid with, they won’t cost
                                       anything, either!

               The Lots change with each event and can be tailored to promote
               a new product or company message. What are you waiting for?
                                     Start the bidding….

                                       Spy Ring
                            INDOOR / DAYTIME OR EVENING

                       A spy-based team event for 25–60 people.

    Secret agents from all over the world are gathering for this year’s top spy
convention. ‘M’ and James Bond will be there, and British boffin ‘Q’ will be unveiling
                     his brilliant, new invention, the S.T.A.R.K.

  Each guest is a “delegate” (i.e. spy) from countries interested in laying their hands on the
  S.T.A.R.K. Everyone is given a name badge and an envelope containing information about
  their personal and team objectives. Before long, the delegates are busy wheeling, dealing,
                        double-crossing, taking risks and taking bribes.

     The convention ends with a short prize-giving ceremony: one for the delegation most
successful in achieving its objectives and another for the delegate who got most into character.
 Then the survivors return home: stirred, shaking with laughter and still struggling to work out
         where all the time went and how they managed to pack so much fun into it.
                                   City Slickers
                            INDOOR / DAYTIME OR EVENING

      A fast-moving, money-making game for 25–140 people in 5 or 7 teams.

 City Slickers is our unique stock-market game of company rivalry, share price
madness and getting rich quick! Guide your company to greatness or just manage
                    to stay out of jail and the tabloid headlines.

The event will be fast moving, totally participative and above all entertaining. A knowledge of
                             the workings of the stock exchange
                is not needed but a quick mind and an aptitude for fast talking
                                          could help.

             We provide the computerised stock-market, the actors and a jail.
  You provide the prospective tycoons. The teams will need guile and cunning to persuade
                        everyone to invest in their company shares.
             If they succeed their share price will soar. If they fail bankruptcy
                                        could loom!

                                Mafia Mayhem
                            INDOOR / DAYTIME OR EVENING

                  A mobster team-building event for 50–250 people

               You’ve seen Bugsy Malone? The Sting? The Godfather?
               Mafia Mayhem is your chance to be part of that world…

This event is fast, fun and unforgettable. It’s unique, too, because – whether there are 50 of
                         you or 250 of you – we’ll give every single one
                                  of you a character to play.

           You will also have people to work with and your own team to belong to:
 a Mafia family that needs your help to achieve its goals. There is plenty for everyone to do,
although every guest will be able to do things at their own speed and in their own way. Mafia
   Mayhem is usually run over a meal and features a real, live casino for guests to play in,
           professional actors for them to interact with and a jail for them to avoid.

                     Us Goodfellas know how to have a good time!
                          International Rescue
                            INDOOR / DAYTIME OR EVENING

                An entertaining, spy-themed event for 50–250 people.

A chance for all of you to play at being spies, trade intelligence and perhaps arrange
                                an assassination or two.

When your boss is kidnapped in front of your eyes, only one man has what it takes to come to
 the rescue: Bond. James Bond. Over a meal, you’ll get the chance to help him take on the

Every table is a team of secret agents whose mission is to identify the arch criminal behind the
 plot. Everyone can be the kind of spy they want to be: some will dazzle and dominate, others
    will be shaken and stirred. And maybe your team will be just in time to save the world...

                               Pirates Paradise
                            INDOOR / DAYTIME OR EVENING

                  A team-building adventure for 50–250 land-lubbers

A team game in which guests become the crew members of different pirate ships.
Everyone is given a character and a set of objectives that provides plenty for them
 to do. You'll have booty to buy and sell, bits of a treasure map to find, a parrot to
                     cross examine and The Black Spot to avoid.

           People can decide for themselves how much they want to participate,
but our own crew of experienced, professional actors is there to ensure the occasion is hugely
                                 entertaining for everyone.

Shipmates vie with each other to finish the game with more Pieces of Eight than their rivals. To
achieve this, they need to communicate and work well together, think quickly and be ready for
     strange developments and surprises. We can also provide “instant pirate” kits for any
                             buccaneers who arrive under-dressed.
                         Inflatable Games

                                Airborne Adventure

Kids will be amazed at the view they get in this reverse parachute. Secured to a harness inside
the inflatable, the doors close and slowly they rise up to the top! After a good look around they
                              begin their decent back down to earth.
    An instructor stays inside the inflatable at all times to ensure the safety of the children.
                                Perfect for sunny family fun days!

                                         Ball Pond

            This fully enclosed pond filled with hundreds of brightly coloured balls
                         will keep the smaller children amused for hours.
           This inflatable is ideal for events where there will be lots of small children!
                                            12ft x 12ft
                                Balloon Typhoon

The happy clowns face on the outside is matched by the smiles on the children inside as they
                            chase the swirling balloons inside.
           With a continuous supply of balloons, this inflatable keeps the smaller
                               children amused for hours.
                        A must for an event with smaller children!

                                   Bouncy Castle

                                Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!
                        Still a very popular favourite with the children.
       With a variety of sizes to choose from, all ages catered for up to the age of 14!
                                    Bungee Run

Two runners are harnessed in by the instructors, wait for the start and together run like the
blazes to put their Velcro markers as far down the inflatable lane as possible before they are
                                pulled back by the bungee rope!
                 Being inflatable makes the landing safe, protective helmets
                           and neck braces are worn for added safety.
                          Indoors or out, team building or just for fun,
                   this is a great piece of equipment to have at your event!

                         Cameroon the Caterpillar

                 He’s over 55ft in length but don’t worry bout your garden
                             Vegetables as he only eats children!
                          Climb into his mouth and into his tummy.
              Various biffers and bashers will keep the children amused before
                                  they appear from his tail!
                 Ideal for family fun days and can be used indoors or out.
                               Inflatable Marquee

A well presented blue and silver inflatable Marquee that can be used for purposes at your many
                                         different events.
It is ideal for housing various games such as a Rodeo Bull, Scalextric, Surf Machine even or up
                                    to 5 Arcade Simulators.
   18ft tall and 35ft diameter, the Inflatable Marquee is a different and impressive piece of
                          equipment that will stand out at your event.

                                      Giant Slide

  Admire the view and then slide to the bottom. Climb back up the cargo net then slide down
                again. This piece of equipment is ideal for fun days in the sun
                         and will keep the kids entertained for hours!
                        Only suitable for children 14 Years and under.
                                  Gladiator Joust

  Based on the hit TV Show the Gladiator Joust is a very popular piece of equipment at any
event. Giant pugil sticks are used to try and knock your opponent off their podium onto a very
  large inflatable mattress. Protective head gear and neck braces are warn for extra safety
                               and to try and soften those blows!
            Played as a best of three our referees will ensure no cheating goes on!
                  Ideal for Fun Days, Team Building and Competition events.

                                 Human Roulette

 The human roulette has been voted one of our wildest games. It has a numbered inflatable
 surrounding the disk. Somebody will sit on the disk trying to hold on for as long as possible
while everybody who is watching can also have some fun betting what number he/she will land
         on when he/she falls off. Our fully trained staff controls the Human Roulette
                 to ensure your safety. This item is brilliant for all occasions.

                                       16ft Diameter
                             Human Table Football

            The outrageously hilarious game of 5-a-side Football with a difference!
Participants are strapped to sliders, which in turn are attached to poles, which only allow side-
                        to-side movement and attempt to play football.
               Our referee will add to the fun with their giant red & yellow cards
                                  and terrible decision-making.

                     Ideal for Fun days, Team Building and Competitions.

                              Inflatable Basketball

With only 2 existing in the UK, the inflatable Basketball Arena is a must have on your event and
 will always go down a storm. An instructor will referee or just keep an eye on all you budding
               Michael Jordans or maybe a slower Eddie Jordan is more realistic.
                         If it’s something different you’re after, here it is.
               Suitable for Family Fun Days, Team Building, Private Functions etc.
                                 Kangaroo Boxing

 This crazy game will provide players and spectators with hours of amusement. Two players
dressed in padded Kangaroo suits with oversized gloves attempt to box. Knock your opponent
                        out of the ring or to the floor to score a point.
                         Our referees will ensure no biting or kicking!
         Helmets and neck braces are worn under the suites for added extra safety.
                         It’s something very different for your event!

                                         15ft x 15ft

                                       Multi Ride

Now is your chance to feel the thrill of the wild bull, the bucking Camel or Bucking Sheep. With
 lots of bucking, spinning, twists and turns which will eventually throw you off. For adults and
  children 12 years and over our fully trained operator controls the speed according to ability,
                       with the riders landing on our themed inflatable area.
        Perfect for all types of event from corporate fun days to private evening parties.

                                    Size: 15ft Diameter
                                Penalty Shoot Out

    Penalty Shoot Out is a wacky version of the real thing. Step up and slot the ball past the
goalkeeper, as Thiery Henry would do then take your turn to bounce around as the goalie. This
 activity is a welcome addition to any sporting or football themed event but just as effective at
                             any Fun Day or Team Building event to.

                                          25ft x 15ft

                               Pulsar Laser Queso

 Armed with their laser guns players enter the smoke filled inflatable maze to do battle. Players
 attempt to shoot their opponents while trying to avoid becoming a target themselves. With the
latest hi-tech guns recording all the scores the true champions will be found. With the option of
     playing in teams or as individuals this activity will add a new dimension to your event.

                                          35ft x 35ft
                                     Radar Soccer

  Now you can see just how powerful you are. Set in an inflatable ‘Sports Arena’ participants
blast the ball into the arena to determine the speed of their strike! The radar will capture your
    strike in m.p.h or k.p.h and instructors are on hand to ensure no cheating takes place!
              A fantastic addition to any sporting themed event you have in mind.

                                       Rodeo Bull

Now is your chance to feel the thrill of the wild bull. This mechanical bull spins twists and turns
 and will eventually throw you off. For adults and children 12 years and over our fully trained
  operator controls the speed according to ability, with the riders landing on the Wild West
                                      themed inflatable area.
     Perfect for Wild West evenings and parties but always a big hit at any event it’s at.

                                     Size: 15ft Diameter
                                 Mini Sega World

    Using the impressive Inflatable Marquee to house the Arcade Simulators this piece of
         equipment as a whole will definitely be a popular attraction at your event.
Inside the Inflatable Marquee, guests will be confronted by 5 Arcade Simulators all set to free
                    play with their music playing and bright lights flashing.
The only one of its kind in the UK, the Mini Sega World caters for every age and never fails to
                               put big smiles on everyone’s faces.
                               Snowboard Machine

 Your alpine event would not be complete without this testing snowboard. Now people of all
   ages can try their hand at snowboarding in the comfort and safety of a large inflatable
  surround. Realistic board movements, the operator ensures this snowboard can challenge
                      anyone. Even the most accomplished snowboarder!

                                   Sumo Wrestling

  This crazy game will provide players and spectators with hours of amusement. Two players
 dressed in padded Sumo Suits attempt knock their opponent out of the ring or to the floor to
score a point. Our referee will ensure fair play at all times and that there’s no kicking or biting!
                  Helmets and neck braces are worn for added extra safety.
                          It’s something very different for your event!

                                        Size 15ft x 15ft
                                    Surf Machine

  Lots of balance is essential for this machine. Players stand on the genuine surfboard, which
 moves to stimulate wave motions. The beach themed inflatable provides a cushioned landing
for when the waves get to large. Our fully trained staff will make sure your guests have a safe
           Whether you’re planning a corporate event or having a themed Caribbean
               evening, our Surf machine will make a nice addition to your event!

                                         15ft x 15ft

                              Telephone Exchange

  This inflatable, which has superseded the very popular ‘Velcro Olympics’, is now the No1 in
inflatable obstacle course. Based on a ‘telecommunications’ theme, it’s a massive 50ft in length
   with various obstacles along its path make it a lot harder than ‘just picking up the phone’.
   Very wacky and loads of fun, the Telephone Exchange will fit into any function, and for all
                 ages, from Family Fun days to Corporate Team Building Events.

                                         50ft x 20ft
                                  Tyrone The T-rex

         He’s big and green but far from scary, 55ft in length and loves to eat children!
The children climb up into his mouth with the aid of a rope ladder, and then slide down into his
                  tummy to be confronted by all the games he has swallowed!
  With plenty if soft biffers and bashes inside the children work their way through eventually
                                      appearing from his tail.
                       This friendly green giant will stand out at any event.

                                           25ft x 25ft

                          Giant Inflatable Volleyball

 Our giant inflatable Volleyball Court is the largest of its kind in the UK. Two teams of 5-a-side
 will bounce around while trying to knock the ball back over the net. Our referee will add to the
fun with their flexible rules. Inflatable palm trees in each corner and the bright yellow base give
                                 the feeing of playing on the beach.
   This impressive 60ft by 30ft inflatable will enhance any event, from Corporate Functions to
                         Family Fun Days and is perfect for Team Building.

                                           50ft x 25ft

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