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VOL 1, ISSUE 2 FINAL COPY by scm19335


									                                                                                                                 Dec - Feb 2010

                                                                                                                Volume 1, Issue 2

                                                                   in focus
                                     Worship God        Develop Relationships         Serve Others

       Calendar of Events
 2 - A-OK Event, Gas Buy-Down                       STAYING FOCUSED AT CHRISTMAS
 4 - Sr. Saints Christmas Party, 5:30 PM
 6 - Children’s Christmas Program, 10:00 AM         Keeping “the main thing the main thing” is difficult
      Children’s Christmas Program, 6:30 PM         at anytime of the year. It is twice as difficult around
 13 - “A Night of Christmas Celebration,” 6:30 PM   Christmas time.
 15 - BCA Christmas Program, 7:30 PM
 20 - Candlelight Communion Service, 6:30 PM        Here are a few ways to stay focused on Christ at
 23 - No Wednesday Evening Service                  Christmas. First, find a family who needs help and let
 25 - Christmas Morning Service, 8:00 AM            your family buy for them. Second, read the Christmas
                                                    story in your devotions with your family. The birth of
 January                                            our Lord isn’t highlighted enough during the rest of
 1 - New Year’s Day, BCA - No School
                                                    the year, so make His birth special at Christmas. The
 4 - BCA Classes Resume from Holidays
 18 - Martin Luther King Day, BCA - No School
                                                    last thing I’d suggest is to attend our Christmas
 29 - Sr. Saints Supper, 5:30 PM                    morning family service. It is a time where I read a
                                                    story to our children about the true meaning of
 February                                           Christmas. It is a tradition with the Ratliffs that sets
 3 - FAITH resumes through May 5th                  the tone for the rest of the Christmas Day.
 15 - President’s Day, BCA - No School
 21 - Community Catalyst Event
                                                    Merry Christmas,
 26 - Sr. Saints Supper, 5:30 PM                    Pastor & Portia

                     MISSION OUTREACH TO AFRICA
                                              Reaching the Unreachable
The Hanna Project takes help, hope and healing into the                This year, our church has six members on the Hanna Pro-
hard-to-reach places that are difficult for medical and re-            ject for February 2010 in Ivory Coast, Africa. The group
lief agencies to gain access to. The focus is on reaching              will leave on February 5 for two weeks. The team includes
people who are trapped by poverty, oppression, politics                Bud Edwards, Chris Jarman, Kevin Lowman, Reid Rouse,
and war. In these places, disease and injury are prevalent,            Chris Truett, and Rusty Williams. These men are giving
education is inadequate or altogether non-existent, and                their time, energy, and resources to help these less privi-
people      lack     even     basic       health     care.             leged people. Please pray for their safety, their families
                                                                       who remain here, and that God would greatly use them
The Hanna Project responds to the cry of these desperate               while in Africa. You can also get involved finan-
people by meeting the practical needs of today and plant-              cially.    Each member is raising funds to go on this
ing a hope for tomorrow. Our volunteer teams perform                   trip. Please allow God to use you in this incredible ministry.
crucial surgeries, provide medical and eye care, administer
vaccinations, dig wells, build schools, and so much more.

                                         A Quarterly Newsletter of Bethel Free Will Baptist Church
ladies ministry                                                 music & worship ministry
Ladies’ Night Out
January 19th, 6:00 - 8:00 PM                                    Children’s Choirs
Join us Tuesday, January 19, for some fun, food, fellow-        Wee Prayz (ages 3-5) - Sundays, 6:30 PM, Room 214
ship, games & laughter. Ladies only! We will meet at            Gr8 Prayz (grades K-2) - Sundays, 10:45 AM, Awana Room
the home of Portia Ratliff.                                     Kidz Prayz (grades 3-5) - Wednesdays, 7:00 PM, Room 215

Sunday Evening Ladies’ Bible Study
Begins January 10th, 5:00 - 6:30 PM
                                                                Christmas season services
Meet in room 304.                                               Christmas… A Night of Praise
                                                                December 13th, 6:30 PM
“Sweet Life Café” Ladies Retreat
February 5-6th                                                  The Celebration Choir will be having “A Night of Christmas Cele-
Savor the sweet life and join us for our ladies retreat.        bration” on December 13th during the PM service. Please invite
We will be staying at a location near the beach. Look           all your friends and family to come and celebrate with us.
for more specific details to follow in the church bulletin as
the date approaches.                                            Candlelight Communion
                                                                December 20th, 6:30 PM
Secret Sis Dinner                                               Mark your calendar and be sure to attend this special service.
February 16th, 6:30 PM
It’s a reveal party to find out who was your Secret Sis for
                                                                Annual Christmas Morning Service
the year 2009 and find out who will be your new Secret          December 25th, 8:00 AM
Sis for the year 2010. All ladies are welcome.                  This is a time to come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus
                                                                Christ. Please make a special effort to attend and bring friends
iron man ministry                                               and family. Remember that we should be celebrating His birth.

Men’s Dinner                                                    student ministries
The November 10th Men’s Dinner was postponed. This will
be rescheduled in January.                                      Children’s Ministry
                                                                December        06 -    Christmas Program and Party
                                                                January         09 -    Game Day
Men’ s Retreat                                                  February        06 -    Video Scavenger Hunt
Next year’s Men’s Retreat is set for October 1st and 2nd at
Fort Caswell on Oak Island.

senior saints ministry                                          Route 678 (Jr. High)
                                                                December        16 -    Christmas Party
Senior Saints’ Supper                                           January         10 -    Destination Unknown
                                                                                23-24 - Ski Trip
Come join our Senior Saints for their supper each month         February        07 -    Joint Youth Sunday Morning Service
at 5:30 PM. See “Calendar of Events” for dates. We will                         13 -    Paintball
be providing a steak supper at our Dec. 4th Christmas
party. Come be a part of all our Senior Saints activities.

                                                                CROSS Ministry (Sr. High)
                                                                December        16 -    Teen Christmas Party
                                                                                21 -    Cookie Bake and Shut-In Visits
Two year olds thru 2nd Grade Program                            January         10 -    After Service Activity
Wednesday Evenings, 7:00 - 8:30 PM                                              23-24 - Ski Trip
Two-year-olds meet in room 207                                  February        07 -    Joint Youth Sunday Morning Service
Three-year-olds thru 2nd Grade meet in Paramore Bldg.                           13 -    Paintball
                             New Classes Available                                                      FAITH SCHEDULE
Women to Women/Men with Manhood - Gail Barnard teaches a class for single ladies
(and married!) upstairs in the elementary library. Richard Barnard teaches the men’s class            Dec 2 Gas Buy-Down
in the high school library.

Heroes for Christ - Johnny and Claire Isenberg teach a class which is a group of friends              Feb 3 FAITH visits resume
that are brothers and sisters in Emergency Services. They gather together to encourage
one another, pray for each other, and study the Word of God. The class includes law en-
forcement officers, EMS personnel, fire and rescue personnel, dispatchers, their family               May 5 FAITH visits end
members, and anyone else who would like to attend in room 304 at 9:45 AM each Sun-
day morning.

A Parenting class - Our church’s PATH class (Parenting Aimed at The Heart) will begin in
January and will be offered on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday nights. Moms and
dads are encouraged to take the class together. See Richard or Gail Barnard for more

                                      ADOPT-A-SOLDIER CAMPAIGN
Our soldiers greatly appreciate     women who have been deployed          Your Family Commitment: To
the love and support they receive   and serve our country so faith-       pray weekly for your soldier’s
from caring and loving citizens     fully overseas. These men and         needs, send a letter/email along
                                                                          with a care package monthly and
like you! That’s why we are ex-     women put their lives on the line
                                                                          communicate the soldier’s family
cited about the Adopt-A-Soldier     daily and give up precious time       needs to your Sunday School
program that began late this sum-   with their families to protect and    class and have the soldier send
mer. Our mission is to send our     serve our nation. It is our goal to   an individual or family photo to
military soldiers and personnel     make a visible difference in the      post in your Sunday school class.
the necessities and comforts they   lives of our troops and their fami-
                                                                          Please contact Michael Spears
need from home. We want to          lies and let them know how            (office: 252.523.4026) to find out
give them support and offer en-     thankful we are for their sacri-      how you can help. Please re-
couragement and express grati-      fice. Let us act for those who        member care packages do not
tude to these brave men and         give so much.                         have to be expensive to show
                                                                          how much you care.

       Want to hear a current or past sermon? CDs are available for a cost of $4 each.
                      Reserve your copy today at the Welcome Center.

                                                                                           CHRISTMAS PARADE AT BCA
                                                                                          Tuesday, Dec. 15 @ 7:30 PM
                                              1st Quarter                              Mrs. To’aiva Deaver and Mrs. Gail Barnard
                                          Ending Sept. 30, 2009
                                                                                       have a revised parade formulated for our
General Fund                                                                           annual Christmas Program. We
                  YTD Income:                                 $237,519.82              consider this the “Best Treat
                 YTD Expense:                                 $238,210.86
                                                                                       at Christmas!”
                         Deficit:                                  $691.04
  YTD Capital Expenditures:                                   $108,992.32
                                                                                                      Come Join Us!
                                                         Nonprofit Organization
Bethel FWB Church                                         U.S. POSTAGE PAID
1936 Banks School Road                                         Kinston, NC
Kinston, NC 28504                                            Permit No. 235



                                 We’re on the Web!

                Coming Soon!
                      A Children’s Musical for Christmas

Make plans to attend our                             through life, the Potentate is
Chi l dren’s Chri s tma s                            an at-home character. He has
Program, “The Great Late                             missed everything because he
Potentate.” Our children will                        “loved” everything.
present this musical drama
twice on December 6 - 10:00                          Children can tell the story of
AM and again at 6:30 PM.                             Jesus in a way that no one else
                                                     can. The Potentate is a way to
The Potentate embarks on a                           give them that opportunity.
worthwhile journey but is                            Please invite others so that
sidetracked by his “love” for                        they might be exposed to a
so many things along the way.                        unique presentation of the
In a world of star-gazers,                           Gospel of Jesus Christ.
parade-lovers, and tourists

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