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    DESIGNATION                                DESCRIPTION                                   APPLICATIONS                                        REMARKS

 AMS, Rome, Italy & Chelmsford, Essex, England, UK
 A-SMGCS               Surface movement guidance and control system                     Italy                        Including X-band primary radar.
 ATC/ADS 2000          Provides ATC functions based on automatic dependent surveillance Italy, Thailand              Including ADS report and radar data fusion.
 ATCR-33S              S-band surveillance radar                                        > 80 countries               Customers include: Italy, Macedonia, Malaysia, Myanmar,
                                                                                                                       Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand.
 ATCR-44S              L-band surveillance radar; enroute coverage                      > 30 countries               Customers include: Australia, Belarus, China, Denmark, Italy,
                                                                                                                       Norway, Russia, Syria, Ukraine.
 GCA                   Mobile ground-control approach system                            > 15 countries               —
 SATCAS-2000           ATC/ATM system family                                            > 80 countries               Customers include Greece and Italy.
 SIR-M                 Monopulse secondary surveillance radar                           > 50 countries               —
 SIR-S                 Mode-S secondary surveillance radar                              > 10 countries               Customers include Italy and Norway.
 BAE SYSTEMS, BAE Systems Information and Electronic Warfare Systems, Nashua, NH, USA
 OE-120/UPX            IFF surveillance antenna, E-scan                                 US Air Force, US Navy        Also in South Korea and Thailand.
 ELTA SYSTEMS LTD. (Subsidiary of Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd.), Ashdod, Israel
 ADAR                  Air route surveillance radar                                     —                            L-band, multibeam, phased array.
 EL/M-2125             Airport surface detection radar                                  Israel                       —
 STAR EL/M-2238        Airport surveillance radar                                       Israel                       For up to 100 nm. Ground and naval versions.
 HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LTD. (HAL), Hyderabad Div., Hyderabad, India
 ARSR-1                Air route surveillance radar                                     India                        L-band.
 PAR-1                 Precision approach radar                                         India                        X-band.
 INDRA SISTEMAS, Madrid, Spain
 ARIES                 Airport surveillance radar                                       Spain                        High resolution, solid-state.
 IRS-20 MP/L           Monopulse secondary surveillance radar                           >40 in service in            Mode-S.
                                                                                         South America, Spain
 IRS-M                 IFF air defense                                                  Spanish air force            Monopulse processing. Ground and naval applications.
 Lanza                 Long-range 3D surveillance radar                                 South America, Spain         D-band, transportable and fixed.
 AN/MPN-14K            Portable ground-controlled approach system                       South Korea, Taiwan,         Mobile. C-130 transportable. Fixed-site also available.
                                                                                         Turkey, US Air Force
 GCA-2000 family       Ground-control approach radar                                    Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada,    For low-density military or commercial ATC. Family includes
                                                                                         Poland, Romania, Turkey,     AN/MPN-25 that is C-130 transportable.
                                                                                         UK, US Air Force
 MACS                  Mobile approach control system                                   US Air Force                 Solid-state ASR with tactical shelter and operations subsystem
                                                                                                                       housed separately. C-130 transportable.
 MACS PAR              Mobile approach control system precision approach radar          US Air Force                 PAR antenna and electronics are in the PAR shelter.
                                                                                                                       C-130 transportable.
 TASR                  Terminal airport surveillance radar                              Korea, Turkey                Lightweight, solid-state terminal airport surveillance system.
 LOCKHEED MARTIN, Naval Electronics & Surveillance Systems-Radar Systems, Syracuse, NY, USA
 ASPARCS               Air surveillance/precision approach radar control system         US Marines                   Includes solid-state, S-band air surveillance radar &
                                                                                                                       X-band precision approach radar. C-130 transportable.
 AN/FPS-117            Fixed long-range surveillance radar                              Asia, Canada, Europe,        L-band, solid-state phased array. Also available as
                                                                                         Middle East, USA              transportable version.
 AN/TPS-77             Tactical long-range surveillance radar                           Asia, Europe, Middle East,   L-band, solid-state, phased array.
                                                                                         South America
 Sky Tracker           Airport surveillance radar                                       South America                S-band.
 NEC CORPORATION, Radio Application Div., Tokyo, Japan
 NPG-1323C             Monopulse secondary surveillance radar                           South Korea                  Mode-S upgradable.
 NPG-1323D             Monopulse secondary surveillance radar                           Philippines                  Mode-S upgradable.
 NPG-1460B             Primary surveillance radar                                       South Korea                  S-band, all solid-state.
 NPG-1460C             Primary surveillance radar                                       Philippines                  S-band, all solid-state.
   DESIGNATION                                DESCRIPTION                                   APPLICATIONS                                          REMARKS

 NORTHROP GRUMMAN, Electronic Systems, Baltimore, MD, USA
 AMS-2100             Integrated ATC/flight plan processing and display system        Africa, Americas, Asia,        Fully functional air traffic control automation system.
                                                                                       Europe, Middle East
 AN/TPS-63            Tactical 2D military air surveillance radar                     100 in 10 countries            Can be used for ATC. Upgrade to solid-state available.
 ARSR-4               Long-range air route surveillance radar                         44 for US FAA, US Air Force    International military version is FPS-130.
 ASR-9                S-band primary airport surveillance radar                       Operational                    135 installed in US, also 10 other countries worldwide.
                                                                                                                       Service life extension program underway.
 ASR-12               Solid-state S-band primary airport surveillance radar           Egypt, El Salvador, Mexico,    60/80/100 nm. range.
                                                                                       Peru, Saudi Arabia
 ARSR-70SS            Transportable 3D civil/military long-range surveillance radar   Africa, Europe, Middle East, ATC variant of USAF latest all solid state radar.
 Mode-S               Mode-S monopulse secondary surveillance radar                   >148 operational for US FAA Also in Aruba, India, Japan. Service life extension
                                                                                                                    program underway.
 MSSR                 Monopulse secondary surveillance radar                          30 systems in 14 countries   Upgradable to Mode-S.
 NORTHROP GRUMMAN, Norden Systems, Norwalk, CT, USA
 AMASS                Airport movement area safety system                             USA                            Enhances surveillance and collision-avoidance
                                                                                                                      of ASDE-3. Installed at all ASDE-3 airports.
 ASDE-3               Airport surface detection equipment                             40 in USA                      Ku-band surveillance radar.
 Enhanced ASDE        Advanced surface guidance and control with sensor fusion        Singapore                      —
 NORTHROP GRUMMAN, Park Air Systems, Oslo, Norway
 NORMARC              Instrument and satellite landing system (ILS and SLS)           Operational at over            CAT 1, 2 and 3 landing systems.
                                                                                       500 airports
 Nova 9000            Airport surface movement                                        Africa, Americas, Asia,        —
                                                                                       Europe, Middle East
 RAYTHEON CO., Command, Control, Communication and Information Systems, Marlborough, MA, USA
 ASMR                 Advanced surface movement radar                                 Sensis Corp., US FAA           X-band, solid-state. For FAA’s ASDE-X.
 ASR-10 SS            Primary and secondary surveillance radar                        China, India, Switzerland      S-band, solid-state terminal area digital radar.
 ASR-11/DASR          Primary and secondary surveillance radar                        US Defense Dept., US FAA       S-band, solid-state terminal area digital radar.
 ASR-23 SS            Primary and secondary surveillance radar                        Brazil, Hong Kong, Oman        L-band solid-state enroute digital radar.
 ATCBI-6              Air traffic control beacon interrogator                         US FAA                         Monopulse secondary surveillance radar with Mode-S capability.
 ATNAVICS/AN-TPN-31   Air traffic navigation, integration and coordination system     US Army                        HMMWV-mounted; includes ASR, PAR, SSR and automation system.
 Auto Trac            Terminal and enroute automation system                          Worldwide                      Radar and flight data processing.
 CAATS                Canadian automated air traffic system                           Canada                         Radar and flight data processing. MAATS is the military version.
 COMOS                Common mode S                                                   International                  Monopulse secondary surveillance radar.
 Condor Mk. 2 MSSR    Monopulse secondary surveillance radar                          International, USA             Solid-state, Mode-S.
 DAMS                 Dynamic airspace management system                              US Defense Dept.               Battlefield airspace management.
 FBPAR/AN-FPN-67      Fixed-base precision approach radar                             US Army                        Solid-state, X-band.
 Guardian             Terminal/enroute automation system                              China                          Radar and flight data processing.
 ITWS                 Integrated terminal weather system                              US FAA                         Integrates terminal area weather sensors.
 JPALS                Joint precision approach and landing system                     US Defense Dept.               GPS-based Cat. 1-3 precision landing system.
 LAAS                 Local area augmentation system                                  US FAA                         Cat. 1-3 ground-based augmentation system.
 MAATS                Military automated air traffic system                           Canada                         Military version of CAATS.
 PRM                  Precision runway monitor                                        Australia, Hong Kong, US FAA   Rapid scan surveillance for closely spaced parallel runways.
 STARS                Standard terminal automation replacement system                 US Defense Dept., US FAA       —
 TDWR                 Terminal doppler weather radar                                  Hong Kong, US FAA              Detects wind shear in terminal area.
 TracView             Terminal/enroute automation system                              Worldwide                      Radar data processing.
 WAAS                 Wide area augmentation system                                   US FAA                         Enroute navigation and precision approach GPS-based system.
 REUTECH RADAR SYSTEMS (PTY), LTD., Stellenbosch, South Africa
 ESR 220              Short-range 2D surveillance radar                               South Africa                   L-band. Air transportable.
 ESR 360L             Medium-range 3D surveillance radar                              South Africa                   L-band. Air transportable.
 ESR 380              Long-range 3D surveillance radar                                South Africa                   L-band. Air transportable.
 SkySearch 2000       Secondary surveillance radar                                    China                          Transportable. Modes 1, 2, 3, C, 4.
 SkySearch 3000       Monopulse secondary surveillance radar                          —                              Modes 1, 2, 3, C, 4, 5 lvl. 1 & 2.
  DESIGNATION                                DESCRIPTION                                 APPLICATIONS                                            REMARKS

THALES ATM, Melbourne, Australia; Bagneux, France; Stuttgart, Germany; Gorgonzola, Italy & Chessington, England, UK
ASTRE 2000           Airport surface detection system                               >25 worldwide                    Ku-band.
MAGS                 Mode-S airport ground system                                   Cologne, Germany;                For airport surface detection and idenification.
                                                                                     Milan, Italy
RSM 970 S            Monopulse secondary surveillance radar                         >230 worldwide                   Also mode-S configurations.
STAR 2000            Area surveillance radar                                        >25 worldwide                    S-band, solid-state.
TRAC 2X00 family     Includes air route surveillance and area surveillance radars   >25 worldwide                    L-band, solid-state. Civil and military versions.
CMSSR-401            Monopulse secondary surveillance radar                         >40 worldwide                    Production ended.
TOSHIBA CORP., Tokyo, Japan
ARSR                 Air route surveillance radar                                   Hong Kong, Japan,                —
ASR                  Airport surveillance radar                                     China, Japan, Malawi,            —
                                                                                     Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines,
                                                                                     South Korea, Thailand
PAR                  Precision approach radar                                       Hong Kong, Japan,                —
                                                                                     Malaysia, Singapore
SSR                  Secondary surveillance radar                                   China, Japan, Philippines,       —
                                                                                     South Korea, Thailand

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