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Those who have what it takes to become Air Traffic Controllers will discover an important and
satisfying career with excellent pay and benefits. And the job outlook is good: the U.S. Department of
Labor expects the number of Air Traffic Controller jobs to increase in the coming years.

To become an air traffic controller for the FAA, you must graduate from an approved Air Traffic
Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) program. Prior to graduation, you will be required to take a
pre-employment test called the Air Traffic Selection and Training (AT-SAT) exam.

The LearningExpress AT-SAT Practice Exams offer Air Traffic Controller candidates the essential,
authentic practice they need to perform their best on every section of this most important test.

We offer online practices based on the content of the seven official cognitive AT-SAT tests: Analogies,
Angles, Applied Math, Scan, Dial Reading, Letter Factory, and Air Traffic Scenarios.

Each of the tests offer:
                                                          Quick Facts
       25-100 multiple-choice questions
                                                          According to the Bureau of Labor
       designed to familiarize examinees
       with the format and content of
       the official test
                                                              The average salary for an air traffic
                                                              controller is around $122,000 per
       Instant online scoring and                             year.
       detailed answer explanations                           Depending on length of service, air
                                                              traffic controllers receive 13 to 26
The following AT-SAT Practice Exams                           days of paid vacation and 13 days
                                                              of paid sick leave each year, in
are available:
                                                              addition to life insurance and
Analogies                                                     health benefits.
Angles                                                        Air traffic controllers held about
Applied Math                                                  25,000 jobs in 2007.
Scan                                                          The vast majority of air traffic
Dial Reading                                                  controllers are employed by the
Letter Factory
Air Traffic Scenarios

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