Department of Traffic Safety Annual Report by zbm17245


Department of
Traffic Safety
Annual Report

Anthony J. Picente, Jr.
County Executive

Michael S. Colangelo
Oneida County Department of Traffic Safety
       Division of Traffic Safety                          —   STOP-DWI Program
  Anthony J. Picente, Jr.                                               Michael S. Colangelo
 Oneida County Executive                                                   Administrator

May, 2008

Anthony J. Picente, Jr.
Oneida County Executive
800 Park Avenue
Utica, New York 13501

Dear Mr. Picente:

    I hereby submit the 2007 Oneida County Department of Traffic Safety’s "Year
in Review."

   The Department of Traffic Safety is responsible for the operation of the Oneida County
STOP-DWI Program, Oneida County Division of Traffic Safety, Handicapped Parking
Education Program, Oneida County Traffic Safety Advisory Board, and the Oneida County
Victim Impact Panel Advisory Board.

   The following pages detail total 2007 program activity. It is my intent to continue to
maintain a strong, aggressive, proactive war against intoxicated driving in Oneida County, as
well as to simultaneously promote our comprehensive injury prevention efforts through our
Defensive Driving Program and other educational efforts. In this way, we will continue to
reduce the number of alcohol-related and other motor vehicle crashes, injuries and deaths in
Oneida County.


                                      Michael S. Colangelo

                     5900 Airport Road Suite 209 Oriskany, New York 13424
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            Division of Traffic Safety 315.736.8946 STOP-DWI Program 315.736.8943

                  Fax: 315.736.8958 E-mail:
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Oneida County STOP-DWI Program
2007 Year In Review
Michael S. Colangelo
STOP-DWI Program Coordinator & Victim Impact Panel Coordinator

Executive Summary
In 2007, the Oneida County STOP-DWI Program (Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While
Intoxicated) continued its aggressive and proactive approach in providing the residents of Oneida
County with a coordinated county, city, town and village effort to reduce alcohol and drug related traffic
injuries and fatalities.
There were 1,057 arrests for driving while intoxicated and/or its related offenses in 2007; 357, or 34%
of which were effected by police officers working DWI selective enforcement patrols utilizing monies
provided to their agency by the STOP-DWI Program. Tragically, however, despite our continuing
aggressive efforts, 1 death caused by alcohol/drug-related motor vehicle crashes occurred in Oneida
County. While one alcohol-related fatal motor vehicle crash is too many, it is important to take notice
that the number of persons killed in alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes has remained relatively low
in the past several years when compared with 27 alcohol-related fatalities in 1981, the year the STOP-
DWI Program began. Your STOP-DWI Program continues to be funded entirely with Oneida County
driving while intoxicated fines. This unique feature of the STOP-DWI legislation enables the program
to be completely self-supporting and of no tax burden to the taxpayers of Oneida County. Actual 2007
expenditures of $595,042 were slightly higher than 2007 total revenues of $520,736.
Arrests have remained relatively consistent the past several years in Oneida County (1,057 in 2007 vs.
1072 in 2006). However, since 1991, arrests have continued to gradually decline, not only in Oneida
County, but across New York State and the Nation. Alcohol-related fatal and other personal and non-
injury motor vehicle crashes have also significantly decreased in Oneida County over time. We are
continuing to aggressively remove the intoxicated motorist from our Oneida County roadways, most
clearly evidenced through a continuous overall reduction in alcohol/drug-related motor vehicle crashes,
5.3% in 2006 (last full year of statistics as provided by NYS Department of Motor Vehicles), as compared
to over 10% in 1981.
As established by the authors of the original STOP-DWI legislation in 1981, the Oneida County STOP-
DWI Program continued its comprehensive and aggressive approach to rid Oneida County roadways
of the intoxicated driver in 2007. This was accomplished through our six component areas: law
enforcement, program administration and evaluation, community awareness and education, court
related activities, probation and rehabilitation.

Law Enforcement
In 2007, eighteen (18) Oneida County law enforcement agencies received funding and/or equipment
support from the STOP-DWI Program. Law enforcement expenditures for fiscal 2007 accounted for
58% of the STOP-DWI Program's program expenditures.

                                                       Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review   
                                                       Oneida County STOP-DWI Program
                                                       2007 Agency Expenditures

                                                       Agency - Vendor                             2007                                                                                     2007              2007
                                                                                                Allotment           1st Qtr           2nd Qtr           3rd Qtr            4th Qtr       Expenditures       Remaining

                                                       Cornell Cooperative Extension        $     4,000.00      $     986.54      $     763.80      $     572.17      $    1,676.00      $   3,998.51   $       1.49
                                                       Mohawk Valley Police Academy         $               -   $             -   $             -   $             -   $              -   $          -   $          -
                                                       Oneida Co District Attorney          $ 40,000.00         $             -   $ 30,082.77       $             -   $    9,917.23      $ 40,000.00    $          -
                                                       Oneida Co Probation Department       $ 32,000.00         $ 32,000.00       $             -   $             -   $              -   $ 32,000.00    $          -
                                                       Youth                                $     8,000.00      $             -   $             -   $             -   $              -   $          -   $   8,000.00

                                                       Boonville Police                     $     5,000.00      $     395.18      $     645.55      $ 1,068.35         $ 1,100.43        $   3,209.51   $ 1,790.49
                                                       Camden Police                        $     5,000.00      $     445.50      $     755.31      $     900.12       $     743.50      $   2,844.43   $ 2,155.57
                                                       Kirkland Police                      $ 15,000.00         $ 5,271.98        $ 2,525.18        $ 2,025.00         $ 2,385.00        $ 12,207.16    $ 2,792.84
                                                       New Hartford Police                  $ 40,000.00         $ 7,300.00        $ 8,112.00        $ 9,984.00         $ 14,592.00       $ 39,988.00    $      12.00
                                                       New York Mills Police                $ 12,000.00         $     471.29      $     921.28      $ 1,425.11         $ 6,488.85        $   9,306.53   $ 2,693.47
                                                       Oriskany Police                      $     5,000.00      $ 1,619.40        $ 1,690.80        $     957.90       $     505.80      $   4,773.90   $     226.10
                                                       Oneida County Sheriff’s Department   $ 120,000.00        $ 3,913.77        $ 26,940.07       $ 30,503.17        $ 28,169.72       $ 89,526.73    $ 30,473.27
                                                       Rome Police                          $ 20,000.00         $ 4,051.91        $ 6,573.16        $ 3,697.42         $ 5,677.37        $ 19,999.86    $        .14
                                                       Sherrill Police                      $     5,000.00      $ 1,242.98        $ 1,575.52        $ 1,514.56         $     659.20      $   4,992.26   $       7.74
                                                       Utica Police                         $ 20,000.00         $ 4,644.51        $ 4,122.81        $ 5,198.14         $ 6,034.54        $ 20,000.00    $          -
                                                       Vernon Police                        $     5,000.00      $ 1,056.00        $ 1,218.00        $ 1,260.00         $ 1,228.50        $   4,762.50   $     237.50
                                                       Whitesboro Police                    $ 12,000.00         $ 1,775.55        $ 2,861.99        $ 2,134.11         $ 5,215.95        $ 11,987.60    $      12.40
                                                       Whitestown Police                    $     5,000.00      $     245.09      $     961.33      $     249.92       $ 1,329.57        $   2,785.91   $ 2,214.09
                                                       Yorkville Police                     $     5,000.00      $     714.33      $     646.04      $     951.16       $ 1,155.00        $   3,466.53   $ 1,533.47

                                                                                            $ 358,000.00        $ 66,134.03       $ 90,395.61       $ 62,441.13        $ 86,878.66       $ 305,849.43   $ 52,150.57

Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review
                                                                                                                                                                      Reporting Period: January 1 - December 31, 2007

Oneida County STOP-DWI Program
2007 DWI Fine Revenues - Through December 31, 2007	

2007                      County            Utica            Rome             Sherrill           Justice

January               $   10,120.70     $   3,150.00     $   3,810.00     $     675.00       $              -
February              $   14,175.00     $   3,200.00     $   4,600.00     $ 2,125.00         $              -
March                 $   15,380.00     $   3,850.00     $   3,732.50     $     350.00       $   70,056.50
April                 $    6,994.50     $   1,500.00     $   4,014.00     $     750.00       $              -
May                   $   20,197.50     $   4,200.00     $   5,255.00     $     400.00       $              -
June                  $    8,950.00     $   2,350.00     $   6,269.00     $              -   $   71,243.50
July                  $   16,922.38     $   1,350.00     $   2,630.00     $ 1,050.00         $              -
August                $    4,050.19     $   2,100.00     $   5,413.00     $ 1,500.00         $              -
September             $    7,383.00     $   3,600.00     $   4,670.00     $     200.00       $   72,032.00
October               $   10,010.00     $   4,800.00     $   2,645.00     $              -   $              -
November              $   13,990.00     $   5,900.00     $   2,525.00     $ 1,150.00         $              -
December              $    5,095.00     $   3,450.00     $   2,742.50     $ 1,500.00         $   63,906.00

Total DWI Revenue     $ 133,268.27      $ 39,450.00      $ 48,306.00      $ 9,700.00         $ 277,238.00

Grand Total 2007      $       507,962
Grand Total 2006      $       494,682
2007 vs. 2006         $       13,280

What Courts Do The DWI Fines Come From?
(by percent) 2007


                      54%                                                      Rome
                                                              Sherrill           10%

                                                       Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review     
Oneida County STOP-DWI Program
Agency DWI Arrest Summary
                            1997          1998            1999             2000          2001        2002       2003          2004             2005             2006          2007

Boonville PD                 6                 8             14             14            14          13         16            31                36              50              34
Camden PD                    21              12              12             5             5           8          14            12                6               6                 9
Kirkland PD                  41              34              41             35            33          29         47            34                42              43              24
New Hartford PD              86            105               126           122           118          95        102           124               116             102           110
NY Mills PD                  20              16              15             13            9           15         74            60                44              31              27
Oriskany PD                  9                 3              7             8             1           3              7             4             1               1                 0
Oneida Co Sheriff           287            264               236           173           176         193        242           207               213             244           225
Rome PD                     100              90              81             74            81          79         78            93                89             107              77
Sherrill PD                  24                9             14             8             8           14         20            14                17              17              27
Utica PD                    107              99              95             82            88          92         96           100                81              98           100
Vernon PD                    3               13               9             23            10          5              3         16                8               3                 8
Whitesboro PD                36              32              16             31            42          30         36            46                24              38              37
Whitestown PD                26              10              24             19            11          6              6             9             9               8               21
Yorkville PD                 28              11              15             19            27          27         26            14                32              46              22
NYSP                        299            298               267           310           299         328        272           274               222             255           300
NYS Park Police              0                 3              2             0             5           1              1             1             0               0                 1
SUNY                         -                 -               -            -             -           2              0             3             6               4                 4
NYSP-T-Way                   -                 -               -            -             -           8          20                8             17              19              31
2006 Agency Totals 1,093                  1,007              974           936           927         948        1,060         1,050             963         1,072 1,057


                                                          3 1






























                                                                                           Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review                                        
In Oneida County, and across New York State, law enforcement is the most visible deterrent to the
potential driving while intoxicated offender. Traditionally, money has been disbursed for two primary
purposes: driving while intoxicated selective enforcement patrols, and the purchase of law enforcement
equipment to enhance overall agency enforcement efforts. In 2007, new equipment was purchased for
several agencies to enhance their overall DWI enforcement efforts. Equipment repairs and replacement
of STOP-DWI owned equipment also proceeded as usual during 2007. The vast majority of law
enforcement equipment was originally purchased at the inception of the program; during 1983, 1984
and 1985. The life-span of much of this equipment has reached the point where cost effective repairs
are no longer feasible.
Selective enforcement patrol programs are designed to provide STOP-DWI member agencies with
funding to conduct special patrol efforts, above and beyond "routine" patrols, for the sole purpose of
aggressively seeking out intoxicated motorists. Most Oneida County agencies utilize their funding
allocation for "overtime" DWI selective enforcement patrols. Officers generally work their regularly
scheduled shift, and when that shift is concluded, they begin a DWI selective enforcement patrol.
Historically, selective enforcement patrols work during peak DWI hours; Friday and Saturday nights
from 11:00PM until 3:00AM, or during special holidays or other unique local events that may be
indigenous to the participating municipality.
Perhaps equally as important to seeking out the intoxicated motorist, these patrols, funded through DWI
fine monies, also provide additional police protection to the participating municipality in the form of
an increased police presence; readily capable of responding to emergency calls for assistance or backup
when the municipalities "routine" patrol(s) require assistance or support.

Special Enforcement Efforts and Unique Initiatives
The Oneida County STOP-DWI Program continues to encourage its member agencies to participate
in local, state, and national enforcement and education initiatives. During 2007, our member law
enforcement agencies continued to participate in such programs as National Holiday LifeSaver
Weekend in December, Campaign Safe & Sober initiatives sponsored by the New York State Division
of Criminal Justice Services, and BUCKLE-UP New York occupant restraint campaigns and related
initiatives. Special enforcement initiatives over super bowl weekend, St. Patrick’s Day, New Years Eve,
fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and prom and graduation week events were also a part of the
STOP-DWI Program’s aggressive selective enforcement programs.
STOP-DWI along with the School Resource Coalition is working to expand the S.T.O.P.P.E.D. Program
which was unveiled in Oneida County in 2007. The STOP-DWI office was instrumental in bringing this
very successful program to the attention of the law enforcement community in Oneida County and
getting it off the ground. The program was started in high schools, and now we are in the process of
expanding it to all parts of Oneida and Herkimer County. The S.T.O.P.P.E.D. Program was developed
in Onondaga County and has expanded nationwide. This is a program in which parents register their
vehicles with the S.T.O.P.P.E.D. program and subsequently they are issued a sticker to be placed on their
vehicle(s). If the vehicle is stopped by law enforcement, the officer will complete a card and detail why
the vehicle was stopped, whether a ticket was issued, and can make any relevant comments on the
card. The card is then returned back to the parents. It has shown to be an effective measure for our
young drivers to combat speeding, aggressive driving, DWI, and other offenses. Essentially it is like
“having a parent in the backseat at all times”.

Sobriety Checkpoint Trailer
In November of 1992, the STOP-DWI Programs of Oneida, Herkimer
and Madison Counties purchased the first ever Tri-County Sobriety
Checkpoint trailer.
The trailer is a small, heavy-duty cargo trailer that contains all of the
necessary equipment to safely operate a sobriety checkpoint. Beginning
in 1997, the trailer and STOP-DWI van have been used as a moving
display as part of the "Boonville" Oneida County Fair, as well as other
fairs, field days, and parades. During 2007, the trailer was utilized
extensively throughout Oneida County at sobriety checkpoints.

                                                      Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review   
The trailer also saw usage during the year by most law             The 2007 list of Award Recipients and
enforcement agencies in Oneida County. In addition,                their agencies is as follows:
the sobriety checkpoint trailer is continuously utilized as
a public relations "moving billboard," emphasizing the             “Officer Joseph D. Corr
inaugural theme placed upon the trailer, "Compliments of
Convicted Drunk Drivers."
                                                                   Memorial Award”
The trailer was utilized on many occasions by the STOP-DWI
                                                                   2007 Outstanding DWI
Program at community awareness events. This unique law             Enforcement Officers
enforcement tool continues to "increase the perception of
risk" that sobriety checkpoints are being placed throughout
                                                                   Deputy Carey Phair
                                                                   Oneida County Sheriff's Office
Oneida County, without prior notice.
                                                                   Officer Christine Griffin
Law Enforcement Recognition Breakfast                              SUNY-IT University Police
                                                                   Officer Jeffrey Buckley
In December 2007, the Oneida County STOP-DWI Program               Whitesboro Police Dept.
conducted its 14th Annual Law Enforcement Recognition
Breakfast designed
                                                                   Officer James Toomey
                                                                   New York Mills Police Dept.
to recognize those
members of the law                                                 Officer George DeAngelo
enforcement community                                              Utica Police Dept.
who have excelled at                                               Officer Timothy Barone
DWI enforcement and                                                Whitestown Police Dept.
community participation.                                           Officer Jason Paul
Each law enforcement                                               Rome Police Dept.
agency was asked to                                                Trooper Ingeborg Skinner
submit one nominee from                                            NY State Police
their agency to be their
                                                                   Officer Thomas L. Cook
“2007 Joseph D. Corr Outstanding DWI Enforcement Officer.”
                                                                   Yorkville Police Dept.
In addition to the "Outstanding DWI Enforcement Officer"           Officer Robert Snider
award, a community service award and a perpetual traveling         Camden Police Dept.
                                         "Outstanding Agency       Officer Shawn M. Occhipinti
                                         Award," dedicated to      Oriskany Police Dept.
                                         the victims of drunk
                                                                   Officer Wayne R. Smoulcey
                                         driving crashes,          Kirkland Police Dept.
                                         were also presented.
                                         After serving breakfast   Officer Donald D. Anna
                                         to the award recipients   Boonville Police Dept.
                                         and their agencies’       Officer Reyanin Peck
                                         law enforcement           Sherrill Police Dept.
                                         executives and            Officer John Sirles
                                         other dignitaries,        Vernon Police Dept.
                                         award recipients          Officer Michael Kowalski
                                         were presented            New Hartford Police Dept.
with an attractive acrylic free-standing award noting their
accomplishments. This enjoyable morning event was again            2007 Community
extremely well
received by the                                                    Service Award
law enforcement                                                    Ken Abramczyk
community,                                                         Director/Mental Health (ret.)
Advisory Board                                                     2007 Perpetual
members and all                                                    Agency Award
dignitaries who
were present.                                                      Oneida Co. Sheriff’s Office

                                                        Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review   
Law Enforcement - Summary                                         2007 Victim Impact
The Oneida County STOP-DWI Program proudly continues
its aggressive and proactive efforts at reducing alcohol-
                                                                  Panel Program
related traffic injuries and fatalities through the use           Bullet Summary
of the dedicated members of our Oneida County law
                                                                  (January 1, 2007 - December 31, 2007)
enforcement community. In 2007, DWI arrests decreased
slightly and 1 person senselessly lost their life in alcohol/
drug related motor vehicle crashes. It is evident through
our cooperative efforts with the Oneida County Law                ➤ 10 Panel sessions were
Enforcement Coalition, and other law enforcement agencies           conducted in 10 months
throughout New York State, that the overwhelming trend              during 2007
is moving toward a more informed and aware Oneida
County public.
                                                                  ➤ 572 total defendants were
We must continue to be ever vigilant, however. Although             ordered by the court to attend
the long-term trend has been downward in terms of                   panels
the number of arrests, the number of fatalities, and the
percentage of alcohol-related crashes, these numbers              ➤ 491 of 572 defendants were
have leveled off in recent years. We must cooperatively             sentenced from Local Criminal
continue to aggressively and proactively seek out those             Courts
who irresponsibly choose to drink and drive on our Oneida
County roadways. We reaffirm our motto: "If You Drink, It's
Your Business, If You Drink & Drive, It's OURS!”                  ➤ 69 of 572 defendants were
                                                                    sentenced from Oneida County
Court Related Activities                                            Court

In 2007, 7% of the Oneida County STOP-DWI Program's
budget was dedicated to court-related activities; enhancing       ➤ 12 of 572 defendants were
the process of ensuring that DWI and related offenders              referred by courts outside
receive swift adjudication of their individual cases, and           Oneida County
certain and severe punishment for their crimes.
The STOP-DWI Program provided partial reimbursement
to the Oneida County District Attorney's Office for the
salaries of assistant district attorney positions and one
clerical assistant. These positions are responsible for
spearheading all DWI and related cases throughout Oneida
County. In addition, the District Attorney is responsible for
maintaining a county wide "clearinghouse" of all DWI and
related case information.

Victim Impact Panel Program
In concert with the District Attorney's Office, the Oneida
County Probation Department, and the Oneida County
Community Action Team for Mothers Against Drunk
Driving (MADD), the Oneida County STOP-DWI Program
became the 13th county in New York State to institute a
Victim Impact Panel program for driving while intoxicated
offenders. On February 1, 1994, Oneida County conducted
its first Victim Impact Panel Program; designed as a "pilot"
venture to gauge the receptiveness of the program from the
many communities that the STOP-DWI Program deals with
on a daily basis.

                                                       Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review   7
Prior to our first Victim Impact Panel, however, an enormous amount of administrative groundwork had
to be laid, and many logistical obstacles had to be negotiated and remedied. First, to reach the goal
of our first panel, the STOP-DWI Program was chosen as the lead agency that would spearhead and
coordinate the program. Next, a Victim Impact Panel Advisory Board was appointed by the County
Executive; designed to assist the STOP-DWI Program with the planning and implementation of all facets
of the program. This advisory board consists of outstanding members of the Oneida County community
who represent their various departments and agencies by providing expertise and time toward the
successful operation of the overall Victim Impact Panel Program.
Utilizing the County Court(s), and the local criminal courts of New Hartford and Kirkland, a pilot group of
22 offenders attended the first Victim Impact Panel Program on February 1, 1994. After assessment of
the first panel, the DA proposed utilization of the VIP as a part of his new "first offender" initiative. The
DA also recommends the VIP for nearly every DWI sentence.
The Oneida County version of the Victim Impact Panel Program has become the model for many other
counties desiring to establish panel programs. This innovative initiative, first brought to the attention of
STOP-DWI administrators by Patricia Washburn of MADD, now serves as the centerpiece of continuing
aggressive initiatives for the STOP-DWI Program; symbolizing the true spirit of cooperation between
members of the private and public sectors, as well as the teamwork exemplified by the relationship
between the STOP-DWI Program, the Oneida County District Attorney's Office, Probation Department,
Sheriff's Department, Insight House, Oneida County Magistrates' Association, and the Clerks of all of the
County and local criminal courts of Oneida County. 572 offenders were sentenced to attend the Victim
Impact Panel in 2007.
The STOP-DWI Program is most proud that we can now deliver a long overdue setting for the victims of
this preventable crime to "paint a picture" for the community of what DWI really is, and what someone
else’s choice to drink and drive has done to their lives.
Through the efforts of Patricia Washburn, President of Oneida County Mother's Against Drunk Driving
and Founding Member of the Victim Impact Panel Advisory Board, a 52 inch large screen television
set and VCR unit was secured for use at our Victim Impact Panel Presentations. This television set and
VCR unit now affords the 75-100 DWI VIP attendees the opportunity to have a better view and better
sound of the tape recorded portions of the Victim Impact Panel Program. A donation to the Oneida
County STOP-DWI Program from Oneida County MADD, funding for this unit was made available
through the offices of New York State Assemblywomen RoAnn Destito, and Oneida County District
Attorney, Michael A. Arcuri. Since 1993, thousands of DWI offenders have attended a session of the
Oneida County STOP-DWI Victim Impact Panel as a condition of their sentence. Oneida County STOP-
DWI has maintained the expense of running this panel since its inception. However, due to budgetary
constraints and rising costs we have recommended to the Victim Impact Panel Advisory Board that an
administrative fee of $20.00 be charged to offenders that have been ordered to attend this panel.
Therefore, Oneida County STOP-DWI implemented an administrative charge for offenders sentenced
after September 30, 2003, beginning with the December 11, 2003 Panel.

Probation supervision and administration accounted for 6% of STOP-DWI expenditures for fiscal 2007.
STOP-DWI funding was dedicated for the salaries of two full-time probation officers positions.
These officers are responsible for coordinating all of the DWI cases within the Oneida County Probation
Department. In 2007, DWI and its related offenses represented approximately 20% of the entire
caseload for the Probation Department. In addition to supervision of probationers, the Oneida County
Probation Department staff dedicated to DWI supervision also engages in ongoing staff development
and training sessions, as well as assisting the STOP-DWI Program in the efficient implementation of
the Victim Impact Panel Program and follow-up on all probationers sentenced to attend a session of
the program.

                                                         Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review   
Since the shifting of evaluation and treatment services from the County Department of Mental Health to
Insight House’s facilities, comprehensive inpatient and outpatient alcohol and substance abuse services
continue to be available under one roof.
Although the agreement between Insight House and the STOP-DWI Program was discontinued as of
July 1, 1997 due to the privatization of Insight House, assurances that quality evaluations and treatment
would continue to be available to the DWI population were given by the Oneida County Department of
Mental Health. The Oneida County STOP-DWI Program, in cooperation with the Oneida County District
Attorney’s Office, Department of Mental Health, and Central New York Services, Inc. Forensic Evaluation
Unit, provides for a clearinghouse for all DWI offenders sentenced under the District Attorney’s "First
Offender Program." Offenders are routed to the victim impact panel program, as well as into evaluation
and follow-up treatment if indicated. Due to these existing agreements, there was very limited STOP-
DWI Program expenditures for fiscal 2007.

Community Awareness and Education
Community awareness and education activities accounted for 10% of STOP-DWI Program expenditures
for fiscal 2007. Perhaps most noticeable in the fight to remove the intoxicated motorist from our
roadways is the continuing need for strong community awareness and education programs. Keeping
the STOP-DWI Program message in front of the public through a myriad of media events has
significantly increased the public's perceptions and level of awareness concerning the STOP-DWI
Program and its continuing mission.

2007 Highlights
The distribution of pamphlets, magnets, key chains, pencils, and other items to various community,
school and civic organizations continued. These "staple" items have continued to promote an interest
and maintain awareness in the STOP-DWI Program's existence and mission for the first 20 years of the
program, and will undoubtedly do so for years to come.
The distribution of this material coincided with school presentations, and various community events.
Materials were also distributed at all functions where STOP-DWI Program Staff were present, as well as
general distribution to all Oneida County schools through their Students Against Driving Drunk (SADD)
Chapters and Student Councils.
In addition to the staff traveling to schools and civic organizations throughout the county with the
STOP-DWI Program message, the Program continued to fund Cornell Cooperative Extension's "Better
Your Own Body" elementary education program, as well as our inaugural Oneida County Traffic Safety
Fair; thus providing the residents of Oneida County with a comprehensive public relations campaign
covering our youth through our elderly populations.

Seventh Annual Oneida County Traffic Safety Fair
Historically, the STOP-DWI
Program has conducted an
annual student conference for
approximately 200-250 students
from across the region. A
new initiative to 2000 was the
inception of our enormously
successful Oneida County
Traffic Safety Fair; replacing our
traditional STOP-DWI/SADD
Student Conference. Again in 2007, nearly 1,000 students, faculty, advisors, and traffic safety partners
from across Oneida County converged on SUNY Institute of Technology for 3 full days of community
awareness and education activities.

                                                       Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review   
                                         Another new initiative this year for STOP-DWI was a
                                         programmatic change to the annual traffic safety fair. This year
                                         the main attraction was the Pennsylvania DUI Association’s
                                         Safety Focus. The Safety Focus is a custom engineered Ford
                                         Focus designed to demonstrate the loss of control one would
                                         experience if operating
                                         a motor vehicle in an
                                         impaired state. The key
                                         difference is that it’s
                                         the car - not the driver
                                         - that is “intoxicated”. A
trained mentor in the front passenger seat controls the vehicle’s
settings, causing the steering to lose its finesse and prompting
the braking mechanisms to become unpredictable. The result is
an unsettling episode for the teen in the driver’s seat who gains a
firsthand glimpse of how dangerous it is to drive impaired.
Students also had the opportunity to participate in interactive displays and view such items as the Seat
Belt Convincer and Roll-Over Simulator from the New York State Police & the Utica National Insurance
Group. There were various displays of law enforcement equipment from the New York State Police,
Oneida County Sheriff’s Office, New Hartford Police and New York Mills Police.

Cornell Cooperative Extension/Better Your Own Body (BYOB) Program
The STOP-DWI Program committed funding in 2007 to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County
to bring the STOP-DWI Program message into the elementary schools throughout the county. The 4-H
Better Your Own Body Program is a youth alcohol abuse prevention education program.
The program provides information on the physical, nutritional, social and drunk driving implications
surrounding alcohol and substance abuse. Through small group discussion, K-6th grade students
learn about the impact of alcohol use and abuse and gain a heightened awareness of the STOP-DWI
Program message; especially the cognizance of the decision-making skills necessary to understand the
importance of not getting into an automobile with someone who has become intoxicated and is about
to drive. This long-standing relationship between the Oneida County STOP-DWI Program and Cornell
Cooperative Extension continues to flourish and expand over time.

“Last Call: One Second, Everything Changes” Display
Oneida County STOP-DWI worked closely with the Lewis Henry Morgan Institute at the State University
of New York, Institute of Technology (SUNY-IT) in Utica, to assist in producing a museum-quality
portable regional exhibit, as well as an accompanying short documentary film on teenage driving.
                                                             “The Last Call: One Second, Everything
                                                             Changes” display presents actual cases of
                                                             underage driving fatalities in a sensitive,
                                                             but compelling manner. It puts a youthful
                                                             face on the serious problems of adolescent
                                                             impaired, distracted, and aggressive driving.
                                                             This display is accompanied by its own
                                                             enclosed trailer and is used in high schools
                                                             to help students make better choices when
                                                             it comes to risky driving behaviors.

                                                       Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review   0
Students Against Driving Drunk (SADD) Chapters & Activities
The STOP-DWI Program continued its aggressive and comprehensive efforts designed to enhance
the presence of the STOP-DWI Program throughout the school districts of Oneida County. Although
every junior & senior high school in Oneida County does not have a registered SADD Chapter in their
school, every high school and college in Oneida County does participate in STOP-DWI awareness
activities designed to increase the presence of the drunk driving message in their school district and
college. These activities include; contract for life drives, pre/post prom activities, alcohol free parties,
designated driver campaigns, grim reaper day, and much more. In addition, the STOP-DWI Program
continues to provide all of our Oneida County schools with updates on new projects and ample
supplies of our "staple" items such as pamphlets, magnets, key chains, pencils and other informational
and educational materials.
In addition to providing support services, the STOP-DWI Program also provides funding to SADD/
Student Council organizations for the purchase of DWI related supplies for their group or to pay for
other fees related to the STOP-DWI mission. The STOP-DWI Program office also assists schools in
securing speakers for assemblies, and individual classes, including STOP-DWI staff who frequently
speak at schools in a variety of formats, including individual classes, full school assemblies, and
the setup of the STOP-DWI informational display booth at the school. In 2007, STOP-DWI had an
agreement with the Oneida County Youth Bureau where the Youth Bureau director served as the
SADD liason for STOP-DWI. This individual is responsible for spearheading the STOP-DWI Program's
initiatives throughout the county schools, as well as other new projects designed to increase SADD/
STOP-DWI initiatives throughout the county. Through the continuing education of our students from
junior high school through senior high school and into college, the STOP-DWI Program remains
committed to exert a positive influence to our most vital resource: our children; our future.

DWI...Is It Worth It?
With the continuing assistance of a local public relations firm, the STOP-DWI Program continued
its comprehensive multimedia campaign entitled DWI...Is It Worth It? This campaign consists of an
aggressive radio, television, billboard, and specialty item initiative.
Twelve unique radio spots, six television commercials, and highway billboards, that coincide with peak
DWI activity time periods (St. Patrick's Day, New Years, Prom/Graduation, Summertime, Labor Day,
Christmas Holiday period) are out in force throughout Oneida County. This campaign was designed
to take the one message, DWI...Is It Worth It?, and incorporate it throughout all of our advertising
mediums. The distinct black background with red and white lettering has blanketed the county and has
apparently had a very favorable impact upon getting the STOP-DWI message out to the motorists of
Oneida County. The new "shattered" logo with its increased visual impact has been well received within
the community as well as throughout the state.
The campaign was created by our long-time advertising agency, Romanelli Communications of Clinton,
New York.
                                                             The "DWI...Is It Worth It?" campaign will
                                                             continue in 2008, and we anticipate similar
                                                             comprehensive advertising initiatives to
                                                             continue well into the future. The STOP-
                                                             DWI Program strongly believes that the
                                                             aggressive efforts and creative talents of our
                                                             advertising firm, Romanelli Communications
                                                             of Clinton, have established the critical
                                                             name recognition, consistency and slogan/
                                                             logo familiarity that is necessary to carry the
                                                             STOP-DWI Program message through all
                                                             community awareness, public information
                                                             and education mediums for years to come.

                                                        Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review   
Speed Monitoring Trailers
In 2001, two speed monitoring trailers were purchased,
along with a new program vehicle to tow the many trailers
employed in the STOP-DWI Programs enforcement and
community awareness and education vast arsenal. With
the prevalence of the "deadly trio" in most alcohol-related
fatal and serious personal injury motor vehicle crashes:
Speed, Alcohol, and Un-restrained Occupants, the need to
scientifically track actual and perceived speed areas, as well
as visually provide immediate feedback to speeders, has
become an important, and high demand function of STOP-
DWI Program operations. In 2005 one additional speed
trailer was purchased to keep up with increased demand
for these units. Between the months of April and October
2007, the three trailers were deployed constantly on Oneida
County roadways.

Program Administration and Evaluation
The STOP-DWI Program staff consists of a Program Coordinator and Principal Clerk. The staff is
responsible for all facets of program operations. In 2007, Program Administration and Evaluation
accounted for 29% of the STOP-DWI Program expenditures. In addition to reporting activities to
the County Executive and the Board of Legislators, the STOP-DWI Program must also report to the
New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. In addition to submission of an annual "Plan" of
proposed activities, the Program must also submit quarterly reports of income and expenditures
to the Department of Motor Vehicles. These reports are detailed accounts; broken down into the
six major program components; detailing activities transpiring in each area. Once all reports have
been completed by all other STOP-DWI Programs throughout the State of New York, a summary
report is issued by the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee showing the dollars expended by each
program across the State, as well as an average percentage expended in each component area.
Oneida County has consistently maintained expenditures on a level that is par with other STOP-DWI
Programs across New York State. The STOP-DWI Program also reports to the Oneida County Traffic
Safety Advisory Board; a volunteer group representing all facets of the traffic safety community.
We remain deeply appreciative to all of the members who serve on this board for their unswerving
commitment to this important issue.

New York State STOP-DWI Coordinators' Association
The Oneida County STOP-DWI Program is a member of the New York State STOP-DWI Coordinators'
Association. The Association is made up of all counties in New York State that operate STOP-DWI
Programs, and is the "watch-group" for all issues that relate to driving while intoxicated in New
York State. The Association meets biannually as a whole, and more frequently in regions and other
committee and special event meetings. The Oneida County STOP-DWI Administrator serves the
Coordinator’s Association as the central region chairman.

Since 1981, the Oneida County STOP-DWI Program has proudly served the residents and visiting
motorists of Oneida County with an aggressive and proactive program to coordinate county,
city, town and village efforts to reduce alcohol related traffic injuries and fatalities on all Oneida
County roads.

                                                       Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review   2
Together with Victim Impact Panels, our new traffic safety
fair, new speed monitoring trailer, increased activities and
                                                                  Oneida County
awareness in our schools, and our comprehensive "DWI...           STOP-DWI Program
Is It Worth It?" multimedia advertising campaign, new and
innovative initiatives that reach deep into the hearts of our     Staff
community are being undertaken.                                   Michael S. Colangelo
New initiatives that address the needs of the victims of this     Administrator
senseless crime are well underway, and will be a major            STOP-DWI Program Coordinator
part of the next 10 years of this program. As we look to
2008, efforts to reach the youth of today, who will be the        Victim Impact Panel Coordinator
drivers of tomorrow, are strong, and growing. Each year           Traffic Safety Director
the STOP-DWI Program undertakes similar activities that           Oneida County Law Enforcement
were undertaken in previous years. While some would be            Coalition Vice Chairman
content with maintaining the process, we have continually
attempted to enhance, expand, and energize the process            NYS STOP-DWI Coordinator’s
to allow for a more beneficial product; that product being        Association Central Region Chairman
Oneida County roads void of the intoxicated motorist.
                                                                  Dona Kirk
Each year we have added new and exciting initiatives to
enhance the STOP-DWI Program. Only through continued              Principal Clerk
cooperative efforts between all levels of government and
our private sector partners can we decrease the pain and
suffering caused by this preventable plague.

                                                       Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review   
Alcohol-Related Crash/Injury Trends
Oneida County 1981 - 2006
	    Crash	           Total		               Alcohol		    %	Alcohol	            	Alcohol		     Alcohol	
	    Year	           Crashes	               Crashes	    Involvement	            Injuries	    Fatalities
	    1981	            3844	                   395	        10.28%	                 495	          27
	    1982	            4129	                   371	         8.99%	                 497	          25
	    1983	            4047	                   328	         8.10%	                 443	          14
	    1984	            4285	                   357	         8.33%	                 385	          15
	    1985	            4120	                   285	         6.92%	                 358	          19
	    1986	            4237	                   286	         6.75%	                 380	          12
	    1987	            3906	                   259	         6.63%	                 363	          10
	    1988	            4154	                   301	         7.25%	                 419	          14
	    1989	            4293	                   324	         7.55%	                 558	          18
	    1990	            4059	                   298	         7.34%	                 385	          17
	    1991	            3653	                   207	         5.67%	                 264	           8
	    1992	            3337	                   201	         6.02%	                 284	           8
	    1993	            3307	                   170	         5.14%	                 222	           5
	    1994	            3409	                   166	         4.87%	                 213	           7
	    1995	            3334	                   151	         4.53%	                 204	           9
	    1996	            3142	                   138	         4.39%	                 171	           9
	    1997	            3576	                   164	         4.59%	                 225	           5
	    1998	            4454	                   167	         3.75%	                 158	           4
	    1999	            5129	                   205	         4.00%	                 177	          12
	    2000	            5885	                   246	         4.20%	                 191	           5
	    2001	            4645	                   179	         3.90%	                 170	           7
	    2002	            2186	                   117	         5.40%	                 158	           5	     	
	    2003	            1912	                   98	          5.13%	                  95	           2	     	
	    2004	            1871	                   104	         5.56%	                  99	           4
	    2005	            3132	                   93	          2.97%	                 125	           5
	    2006	            3229	                   172	         5.33%	                 147	           5
Sources: 2006 NYS DMV Summary of motor vehicle accidents, tables 4P, 1(P) Alcohol related accidents

                        Program Year

                         Alcohol-Related Injuries             Alcohol-Related Crashes

                                                        Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review   
Oneida County Division of Traffic Safety
2007 Year In Review
Michael S. Colangelo
Traffic Safety Director
Executive Summary
The Division of Traffic Safety is responsible for three primary functions; National Safety Council's
Defensive Driving Course, serving as a clearinghouse for accident statistical information and beginning
in 1997, the office was charged with the responsibility of spearheading, along with the Traffic Safety
Advisory Board, the Comprehensive Oneida County Traffic Safety Strategic Plan and requisite planning
process and administrative responsibilities.
During 2007, there were 7 overall fatalities
that occurred on Oneida County roadways.
The Oneida County Division of Traffic Safety
is committed to aggressive enforcement,
prevention, and community awareness
and education initiatives towards our goal
of reducing the incidence of motor vehicle
crashes and related injuries and fatalities that
may occur on our Oneida County roadways.

Defensive Driving Course (DDC)
The Oneida County Division of Traffic Safety continues to proudly offer the National Safety Council's
Defensive Driving Course. The course is held in cooperation with the New York State Department of
Motor Vehicles and the New York State Department of Insurance.
                                                           During 2007, the course was offered at regularly
                                                           scheduled times per month in Utica, Rome, New
                                                           Hartford, and other times for "special courses"

             DEFENSIVE                                     at other locations in Oneida County. With the
                                                           continued space support of various organizations

             DRIVING                                       in the public and private sector, the defensive
                                                           driving course continues to flourish and be
              Oneida	County	Department	of	Traffic	Safety
                                                           a key educational initiative supported by the
                                                           office. During 2007 the Division of Traffic Safety
                                                           conducted 30 Defensive Driving Classes and
                                                           processed 708 students.
Motorists completing the Defensive Driving Course are entitled to a maximum four-point reduction from
their driving record on violations incurred during the 18-month period prior to completing the Defensive
Driving Course. Historically, the course could only be taken once every three years. With new
legislation, motorists may now take the course for point reduction at 18-month intervals. Completion
of the course also entitles the motorist to a minimum 10% reduction on the liability and collision
premiums of their insurance, on any vehicle for which they are the principal operator; for a three-year
Since 1979, over 28,878 licensed drivers have completed the Defensive Driving Course through the
Oneida County Division of Traffic Safety. Our continued aggressive and proactive efforts and expansive
outreach were recognized in 1995 when the Division was presented with the Safety Council of Central
New York's "Public Safety Group Agency of the Year Award." In addition, Oneida County is recognized
yearly at the National Safety Council’s National annual awards banquet for our achievements.

                                                           Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review   
Traffic Safety Information Network
Motor vehicle crash reports provide critical information to a multitude of consumers. Program
planners, grant writers, lawyers, engineers, law enforcement officials and others, rely on this
measurable, consistent, and time-tested uniform hard data for their various needs and projects.
Since January 1, 1985, the Division of Traffic Safety has maintained a computerized database of
all reported accidents in Oneida County; as provided to the Division through the New York State
Department of Motor Vehicle's uniform accident reporting forms.
During 1995 and 1996, the laborious task of hand entering all of the data supplied to the Division
by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles was eliminated. While the Division of Traffic
Safety remains the clearinghouse for this information, we have established a partnership with the
New York State Department of Transportation to receive this information in a more timely and
consistent manner. Requests for any given stretch of roadway, intersection or other public highway
area in Oneida County can now be searched as far back as 1979. Within approximately 3 days to
a week, a report is prepared detailing all of the characteristics of motor vehicle crashes occurring
within the parameters set by the requesting individual. By modernizing this system of data retrieval
and report generation, we have expanded the number of office hours dedicated to the promotion
of other Division programs; thus streamlining an otherwise archaic reporting and retrieval system
and dramatically enhancing the service that Division of Traffic Safety provides to the residents of the
Oneida County and other users of the data.

Oneida County Traffic Safety Strategic Plan
Beginning in late 1995 and into 1996, the New York State Governor's Traffic Safety Committee
implemented a countywide strategic planning process for all traffic safety funds distributed through
their office. Prior to the strategic planning process, interested agencies would submit their own
individual requests for traffic safety funds. This new process required a unified approach to
addressing the traffic safety needs of a given county.
For 2006-2007, Oneida County received $161,488 from grants through the Governor’s Traffic Safety
Committee, which was distributed among Oneida County police agencies, the Oneida County
Department of Health and the Division of Traffic Safety. The Traffic Safety Office serves as the lead
administrative agency for the county-wide traffic safety grant administrative clearinghouse and
resource center.
Oneida County is extremely proud of its comprehensive traffic safety strategic plan, and the planning
process that we have adopted. Our efforts have not only earned us funding for these initiatives, but
high praise from the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee for our planning process, final product, and
grant administration and evaluation through oversight provided by the Division of Traffic Safety and
the Oneida County Traffic Safety Advisory Board.

Handicapped Parking Education Program
Effective April 1, 2000, the New York State Legislature created the Handicapped Parking Education
Program, requiring various action(s) to be taken by each county and the City of New York.
The legislation created a new law; section 1203(g), in the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law,
establishing a program to "provide education, advocacy and increased awareness of handicapped
parking laws in each county…" The law also requires the establishment of a Handicapped Parking
Education Fund, which consists of funds received by the imposition of a new $30.00 surcharge to
handicapped violation and related tickets. Fifteen-dollars of the thirty-dollar surcharge is returned
to the county for a dedicated fund. The other fifteen-dollars is given to the municipality where the
offense originated for criminal justice and related purposes.

                                                      Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review   
In 2007, $720.00 was the only surcharge money provided to Oneida County through the New York
State Comptroller's Justice Court Fund Office; the agency responsible for distribution of program
funding. The Division of Traffic Safety is currently developing a comprehensive education plan
that includes court clerks, law enforcement, magistrates, community and civic organizations, and
advocates for the disabled involved in this important program.

With the continued support of the Oneida County Executive, Board of Legislators, and the Traffic
Safety Advisory Board, the Division of Traffic Safety looks forward to continuing its aggressive and
proactive efforts designed to keep our Oneida County roadways safe for all of the motoring public.

                                                     Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review   7
                   Oneida County Division of Traffic Safety
                                                                                Defensive Driving Course Number of Students Completed

                                                     1310                                                      1417
                                                                   1199                             1286
                                 1109     1153                                        1229
                           963                                            1083 1067


                                                                   Program Year

                                                                                                            Defensive Driving Course Annual Revenues

                                                        $49,772                                                       $53,582
                                   $41,949 $42,670                                           $45,278
                                                            $44,951                                        $43,201
Annual Revenue

                                           $33,634                                $36,381	          $38,426                            $34,792


                                                                    Program Year

                                              Oneida County Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes and Resulting Deaths 1983 - 2007

                                                                                                                             Number of Crashes

                                                                                                                             Number of Deaths Resulting From Crashes
Number of Crashes/Deaths

                                                                                           Crash Year

                                                                                                     Oneida County STOP-DWI Program | 2007 Year in Review              

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