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					The paper should be a lingustic paper, although the topic seems not to be very linguistic.
It needs to show the relation to human-computer-interaction (HCI.
Following questions should be answered throughout the paper:

1) What is human error? How could it be defined?
2) Why is it interesting to discuss human error?
3) Which different types of human error do exist (e.g. according to Rasmussen or
4) How is human error related to human-computer-interaction? How did new
technologies influence human beings? Is this always good? Why?/Why not?
5) Give some practical examples of human error (e.g. Human error in medicine, human
error in new technologies, human error and computers)
6) How might human errors be reduced or prevented? What are the future perspectives?

Structure (you can be creative but you should include these points):

1. Introduction (give some insights into the work, general overview of the topic) 1 page
2. Definition (max. 1/2 page)
3. Types of human error (1/2 page)
4. Human error in relation to HCI (3 pages)
5. Practical examples (2 pages)
6. Future perspectives, Reduction, Prevention of human error (2 pages)
7. Conclusion (Summary and Results) (1 page)

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