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                            Venue Rental Agreement
Client Information

Client Name:


Telephone #:     (      )

Email Address:

Date of Event:

Begin Time (includes set up):              pm/am

End Time (includes clean up):              pm/am

Description of Event:

Estimated Number of People: _____________________
(Max Capacity 250 main floor standing, 25 on Mezzanine)
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Description of Venue
The FALL is, at its root, a hub for Vancouver artists. We provide a unique and
inspirational space for artists and art enthusiasts. With a new art show starting every
month where all the art that fills the over 3000 sq feet downstairs is changed, a
collection of clothing made locally by Vancouver designer Miriam of Flaming Angles
Boutique, 2000 sq feet of open work space upstairs where five tattooing stations serve
some of Vancouver’s best tattoo artists, a state of the art decontamination and
sterilization facility, and Vancouver’s most modern body modifications make The FALL
the perfect location to give any event a unique back drop.
Event Coordinator
Richard Aura
644 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3K4

What The FALL Provides
   A clean open space free of clutter for usage with all video and sound equipment
      in working order.
     One staff for event maintenance and one security staff for upstairs
     A fully licensed and fully staffed bar. Requests will be considered.
     a portable stage in 4’x4’ sections
     adjustable track lighting
     sound system (2 Yorkville NX55P 550W self powered speakers, 2 Yorkville elite
       LS700P powered subs, 1 Yorkville NX25 200W monitor, Allen & Heath xone:62
       DJ mixer, 1 corded mic w/ stand)
     Online advertising (webpage, facebook)

Gallery Space Rental
The FALL can be rented to exhibit your individual or group network. Gallery Space
Rental is separate from an Event Rental and can be done in conjunction to have an art
exhibit with a reception.

Set Up and Clean Up
Client will determine their own set up and clean up needs and the number of their own
staff members required. Set up in the gallery will not begin without verbal consent.
Gallery must approve all locations of set up. Gallery must be returned in the same order
it was given.

Display and Artwork
Client may not decorate walls with artwork on it. Posters or signs must have verbal
approval. Artwork can be taken down for the event if deemed necessary.
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Advertising and Promotion
The FALL is able to design and print 500 fliers at 4” x 5” for $150.
Images and information (entertainment lineup, etc) must be delivered to The FALL no
later than four weeks prior to the event.
If the client opts to design and print their own fliers The FALL will require the shop logo,
website and address be printed clearly and with out alteration, files are available on our
in the downloads section of our website at
Printed promotional material must be delivered no later than three weeks prior to the
The client is strongly encouraged to create a facebook event page and to pass it on to
The FALL’s fan page under “The FALL Tattooing & Artists Gallery” or one of it
A public relations package may be required depending on the event. If a package is to
be prepared The FALL will require all information be delivered no later than eight weeks
prior to the event.

Smoking is prohibited indoors. Smoking must be at least 6 meters (18.5 feet) away from
any entrance/exit of The FALL.

Client may provide outside food and catering for their event. If food and catering is
provided client must supply their own utensils, including cups, supplies, napkins,
additional trash bags etc.        The FALL recommends Seasons Catering at

Full bar services will be provided with staffing. No outside drinks are allowed. British
Columbia law requires us to ask for 2 pieces identification for anyone wish to purchase
alcohol while on the premises.
If the client wishes to stock and provide their own bar service a fee of $300 will apply, a
$100 special occasions license fee, and $120 labor fee for two bar staff. Bar staff must
be provided by The FALL.

A security staff member will be provided at the event to monitor the tattoo stations and
the office space.
If expected attendance will exceed 125 people the client must provide a minimum of
two security staff, at lease one for front door security and at least one for in house
security. If attendance is expected to exceed 200 people a third security personal must
be hired. The FALL is able to provide labor for $25 per person per hour.
The FALL retains the right to bring in its own security if the clients security does not
meet the standard of The FALL, its owners or representatives.
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Damage Responsibilities
Client is responsible for all their guests during the beginning and end times stated in this
Client is responsible for damage to walls, floors, ceilings, artwork etc. The FALL is fully
insured against business damage however if a claim is to be made for damage client
agrees to pay for the deductible amount of $1000. The FALL is insured with AC&D for
all contents and business.

Client will hold The FALL and its employees free from any liability or claim for damages
or suit for or by any reason or injuries to any person or property of any kind whatsoever
from any cause whatsoever, arising out of the use and occupation of the premises by
the renting party; and the renting party hereby covenants and agrees to indemnify and
save harmless The FALL from all liabilities or damage on account of or by reason of any
such injuries or damage.

Any equipment brought in for the event may be loaded anytime after 11am on the day
of the event and stored in the back room until setup is permitted. All equipment must
be removed from the premises immediately after the event ends, unless verbal
permission to do otherwise is given.

Event hours of Operation
Standard hours for special events, private parties, and art show opening is between the
hours of 9 pm and 4 am including setup and tear down, unless the client has pre-
arranged an extended time with The Fall tattooing. Anytime after 4:30 am the clients
will be charge a rate of $50.00 per hour for each addition hour to a maximum of three
hour or until 7 am has been reached whichever comes first.

The FALL will provide washroom and floor maintenance during event.

This agreement is freely revocable by The FALL upon written notice to client and may be
terminated at any time at The FALL’s sole discretion.

To Do’s and Deadlines
                                                                  Due date      Done by
Sign contract and give deposit
Determine set-up and tear-down times
Submit artwork and info for flier design (4 weeks min)
Submit artwork and info for online promo (4 weeks min)
Drop off or pick up printed promo (3 weeks min)
Create and send invite for facebook event
Submit info for PR package
Hire Security
Pay remaining fees
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Gallery Space Rental
Gallery Wall Space Rental                  $100 per wk (min 2)
                                           Wks Total: ____ fr: _______ to: _____
Event and Reception Rates:
       Weekdays                             $350      day of wk:    ___ /___ /___
       Weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun)             $500      day of wknd: ___ /___ /___
       Overage hours                         $50      Overage Hrs: __________

Set up and Clean Up
Clean up fee (includes garbage removal, sweep and mop of
               floors, cleaning walls, remerchandising)                          $50

Food and beverage Services
I choose to have The FALL stock and provide the event with a fully staffed and
licensed bar. I understand that The FALL will keep all proceeds from the bar.
If the client chooses to provide their own bar service they must provide their own
supplies (liquor, mix, cups, ice, etc) and have The FALL obtain the license and staff
the bar. This is necessary to ensure compliance with all rules set out by The FALL
and by city, provincial and federal law.

       Bar Service                          $300            Yes: ____ No: ____
       LCBO Event Permit                    $100            Yes: ____ No: ____

       Two licensed bar staff               $120            (9pm to 3am)

On site Security (if 125 people, 2 security are required) @ $25/Hr x ____ #of staff
                 (if 200 people, 3 security are required)
Flier Design and Print:                     $150
Online promo (include links, pics,            $0
and info on website and facebook)
Public relations package                    $250

Damage Deposit
Damage deposit is negotiable and varies on type of event and personal history
with The FALL.
Other Items that can be obtained by The FALL include but are not limited to:
    Food
    Music
    Live entertainment
Sub Total
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Rental Fee Policy:

25% of rental fees are required to secure an event date at The FALL. This deposit is
non refundable. Remaining 75% of the fees are due before date of the event.

                      Total Fees:

25% non refundable Deposit:

             Remaining Due:

                         Due By:

            Damage Deposit:

                      The FALL accepts Cash / Cheque / Visa / MC
                 Please make all checks payable to The FALL Tattooing.

Signature of Client

   Name of Client


 Signature of The FALL Representative

     Name of The FALL Representative


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