SHORT TERM RENTAL AGREEMENT
Property Location: 3360 Brigantine Crescent, Hornby Island, British Columbia
Made and entered on____ (Date) between Stephen McGrath and _____________,
hereinafter called RENTER.

Dates and time of RENTER occupancy: From________________-To___________

Rental fee of______________ is payable in Canadian Funds which includes a cleaning
service that is responsible for cleaning the house. Renter is asked to wash dishes before
leaving premises.

Rental fee is payable in three installments:
       1. Secure rental dates with $100 deposit on Visa or MasterCard.
       2. One half of the balance is due within two weeks of booking.
       3. Remaining balance is due by May 15.

Rental Conditions:
   1. If the RENTER cancels this agreement, but the OWNER is able to re-book the
      week, the OWNER will refund 90% of the fee. If the OWNER is unable to re-
      book, and the RENTER cancels more than thirty days prior to the commencement
      of the rental, the RENTER’S deposit will be refunded less a $100 cancellation fee
      If the RENTER cancels this agreement 30 days or less from the commencement
      date of the rental, the RENTER agrees that the deposit will be retained by the
      OWNER as compensation for the period of time the premises was withheld from
      the rental market..

   2. The RENTER understands that check-in time is Sunday at 4p.m., and check-out
      time is Sunday at 11 a.m., unless otherwise stipulated.

   3. The RENTER agrees to pay the OWNER for any damages to the premises and
      property, including, but not limited to, furnishings and household items, which
      occur as a result of the RENTER’S occupancy. Damages will not include normal
      wear and use.

   4. The RENTER may not sublet or transfer this agreement without written consent
      of the OWNER.

   5. The OWNER or designated agent may enter the premises at reasonable times,
      with or without notice, for the purpose of making repairs or inspections.

   6. If the RENTER violates any of the conditions of this agreement, or limitations
      outlined, the OWNER may terminate this agreement and enter the premises by
   force or statutory proceedings, in which case any monies paid by the RENTER
   will be forfeited by the RENTER as liquidated damages.

7. The OWNER shall not be responsible for any accident or injuries occurring to the
   RENTER, or guests of the RENTER, on this property or premises.

8. The RENTER must be present at all times while guests are on the rental property.

9. The OWNER is not responsible for any injuries incurred on the property

10. The RENTER hereby agrees to reimburse the OWNER for any penalty that may
    be imposed on the OWNER by any court by reason of any violation upon the
    premises through fault of the RENTER therein, his/her family members or guests.

11. The RENTER waives any and all security provisions.

12. The RENTER certifies that he/she has carefully read the limitations the OWNER
    has set forth in this contract, including limitations on the number of persons
    permitted to occupy the premises (MAXIMUM OF FOUR PER RESIDENCE)
    and RENTER agrees to pay $100 per night for every person exceeding the
    maximum limit allowed on the rental property. In the event that it becomes
    necessary to cancel this agreement, any monies paid by the RENTER will be
    forfeited as liquidated damages.

13. The RENTER agrees to comply with the following RULES & REGULATIONS
    affecting the area and rental premises.

       (a) Smoking is restricted to outdoors in safe areas.
       (b) Shooting fireworks or firearms is prohibited.
       (c) Occupancy of the premises shall be sufficiently quiet and peaceful, so as
           not to disturb other neighborhood residents. VERY IMPORTANT!
       (d) Garbage is to be secured by the RENTER in plastic bags and placed in
           specified containers as follows: OWNER will advise. Recycle is to be
           handled as follows: OWNER will advise.
       (e) Absolutely no tents, campers, trailers, etc.
       (f) Linens and towels are provided by the owner for $25 per bed (or bring
           your own) Beach towels are not provided by the OWNER.
       (g) OWNER is not responsible for damages to the RENTER’S personal
           property resulting from lightning, rain, flood, or other natural disasters.
       (h) Absolutely no pets are allowed. OWNER will be asked to vacate property
           and forfeit all monies paid to date. RENTER can be asked to vacate
           property for violating contract and losing all monies paid to date, or
           accepting a $100.00 per day liability for bringing a pet.
       (i) Keys must be left on the kitchen table, or returned to the owner.
       (j) Landscaping, gardens, and plantings to be respected.
Ambrosia House and Cottage is proud to be able to offer you some of the finest lodging
on Hornby Island. As 2008 is our first season, we are committed to making your stay as
comfortable as possible, and establishing a returning clientele. Please don’t hesitate to E-
mail with questions regarding accommodations and amenities offered.


Renter signature________________________________________________


Printed name___________________________________________________


Telephone/land line______________________________________________



Number of adults in party (including RENTER)_________________________

Number of children and ages________________________________________

Owner signature__________________________________________________


Printed name: Stephen McGrath
Address: 3405 Euston Rd. Hornby Island, BC V0R 1Z0
Telephone 250 335- 1392
Cell 250 218-0979

Please sign and return. Don’t hesitate to call if you have questions.

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