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					                                                                                           May 2009
                                                                                           Volume 3, Issue 2

Earl K. Wood
Orange County Tax
Collector                Interstate Commerce
                        Motor Carriers that operate      a Florida straight plate will should provide the customer
                        commercial vehicles              not be impacted.              with these instructions so they
                        transporting passengers or                                     will be aware of the
                        hauling cargo in interstate      A notice will be sent to      requirement to provide their
                        commerce must be registered      carriers currently registered USDOT number when
                        with the Federal Motor           under the International       submitting their application for
                        Carrier Safety                   Registration Plan (IRP)       an apportioned license plate. If
                        Administration (FMCSA)           along with renewal notices to this number is not provided, the
                        and must have a USDOT            advise them that they will be application will be rejected.
                        Number.                          required to provide their
                        Section 320.0715, F.S., was      USDOT number prior to         If you have any questions or need
                        revised during the 2008          being issued an apportioned further assistance, please call the
                        legislative session to require   license plate.                Bureau of Motor Carrier Services
                        the department to withhold                                     at (850) 617-3711.
                        registrations and license        Form HSMV 85103,
                        plates for commercial motor      Welcome to the State of
                        vehicles that have not been      Florida’s International
                        issued a USDOT number.           Registration Plan, has been
                        This change only affects         updated to include
                        commercial motor vehicles        information about obtaining
                        operating in interstate          USDOT numbers. When
Highlights:             commerce. Vehicles               issuing a Temporary
                        operating intrastate only with   Operational Permit, you
 Mail Fees         2

                          ELT Lienholder Satisfaction Letter
 Personalized Plate 2

 HVUT              2
                         The Department of                 use of taxpayer resources,     the risk of losing it and
 Dealer Plates     3     Highway Safety and Motor          the Department has             having to pay title fees to
 Q&A               3     Vehicles has taken                discontinued the mailing       obtain a duplicate. It is
                         another step in the               of these notices effective     also an effective fraud
 HSMV 82040        4     electronic title process as       January 15, 2009.              deterrent because
 DL Services       5
                         well as implementing a            Instead, the Department        potential thieves will not
                         significant cost saving           has requested for              have access to the title.
 Events            5     measure. Until recently           lienholders to assist in
                         when a title is electronic        increasing public              Vehicle owners will still be
                         with a lien and the lien is       awareness of the benefits      able to obtain a paper title
                         satisfied, the vehicle            of an electronic title and     by visiting their local
                         owner was sent a letter           include information on         Florida county tax
                         from both the lienholder          how to obtain a paper title,   collector’s office or visiting
                         and the Department. The           if needed, in the              the Department’s website
                         Department notified the           information sent to their      at
                         owner that the lien had           customers when a lien is
                         been satisfied and                satisfied.
                         instructed them how to
                         obtain their title.      The Department will
                                                  continue to encourage
                         To reduce the redundancy owners to maintain a title
                         and ensure the effective electronically to eliminate
           Mail Fees
                    On May 11, 2009,        fee for a license plate will
           the United States Postal         increase to $2.15. The
           Service will increase the        new mail fee for a decal
           postage fee. The                 will increase to $0.70. For
           increase will affect the         renewal notices, the new
           mailing fee for license          mail fees will be included
           plates and decals, when          on the June 2009 renewal
           applicable. The new mail         data file.

                             Personalized Plates
                             Some customers like to         If the plate is available,    configuration. County
                             order personalized plates      please remember to            license plate agencies
                             when they purchase a           complete DHSMV 83043,         must review all
                             new vehicle. It is not         application for               personalized license plate
                             necessary to come down         Personalized License Plate    applications and reject
                             or even call to see if a       in order to fulfill the       any obscene or
                             personalized license plate     request. In the plate         objectionable choices
                             is available. This option is   selection section, please     prior to processing.
                             now available on the           make sure to include the
                                                                                          Personalized orders can
                             internet at:                   type of specialty license
                                                                                          take 10-12 weeks for
                             https://www6.hsmv.state.fl     plate requested and
                             .us/mvcheck/platecheck/m       specify the actual intended
                             ain.jsp                        meaning/explanation of the

                             Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
    Did you have a           Heavy trucks with a gross               acceptable to               Motor vehicles are
    change of address        weight of 55,000 pounds                 connect the                  exempt from
                             or more and truck tractors              names.                       showing proof of
    or receive a new         with a combined gross                  Form 2290 will not           HVUT if the
    license plate? If        weight of 55,000 pounds                 be accepted if the           vehicle was
    you need to              or more are required to                 VIN numbers or               purchased within
    update your              submit proof of filing,                 category appears             60 days prior to
    transponder              payment or exemption                    to be altered. (No           the application for
                             from Federal Heavy Use                  white out, cross-            registration.
    account                  Tax (HVUT).                             outs or erasures.)          Form 2290 can
    information go to:                                              Form 2290 must               now be filed
                             Some tips to remember:                  be stamped                   electronically.
    http://EPASSToday.                                               “PAID” or
                                      Form 2290’s are               “RECEIVED” with
    com                                not transferable              a current date.
    or                                 by VIN numbers.              If a photocopy of
                                      Form 2290 should              the Form 2290 is
                                       be in the name of             be submitted,
                                       at least one                  then a copy of the
                                       registrant.                   proof of payment
                                       However, a lease              must also be
                                       agreement is                  submitted.
Proper Use of Dealer License Plates
Dealer Plates MAY ONLY Be Used:                     the auction and to demonstrate           license prefix of MR, MV, MD
        On vehicles which are operated             the vehicles in the auction area.        or MI. A registration only is
         in connection with a dealer’s             On trailers for the sole purpose         required.
         business.                                  of demonstrating trailers for           On wreckers, except for
        On vehicles while being used for           sale.                                    demonstration.
         demonstration purposes, with or                                                    On car carriers even when the
         without a representative of the     Dealers Plates MAY NOT Be Used:                 truck, trailer and vehicles being
         dealer in the vehicle.                    On service vehicles or wreckers          hauled are in the dealer’s
        On vehicles which are in transit           used for hauling or making               inventory.
         to or from a dealer’s place of             service calls for compensation    Licensed Mobile Home Dealers:
         business.                                  or hauling property for                Licensed mobile home dealers
        On vehicles temporarily loaned,            compensation.                            dealing exclusively in mobile
         without compensation, to a                On parts or supply trucks calling        homes are not authorized to
         customer by a dealer while the             on retail or wholesale trade.            obtain and use dealer plates.
         customer’s vehicle is being                Such vehicles must carry               Licensed mobile home dealers
         repaired by the dealer.                    regular plates because of their          who also deal in recreational
        On vehicles, such as service               public competitive nature.               vehicles may obtain dealer
         trucks, in the dealer’s inventory         By wholesale dealers with a              plates for use on recreational
         when responding to calls where             “VW” dealer license.                     vehicles only.
         compensation is not a                     By manufacturers with the
         consideration. This vehicle
         cannot transport another vehicle,
         including a trailer.                     Notarization is not required for motor
        On vehicles owned by the dealer
         while in inventory for sale.
                                                vehicles, mobile homes or vessels on in
        On marine boat trailers for the        state or out-of-state MCO’s or on an out-
         sole purpose of demonstrating
         trailers for sale.                      of-state title, even if there is a place for
        Auctions may only use dealer
         license plates to carry vehicles to                     notarization.

Questions and Answers
QUESTION: how are                  ANSWER: Yes. DMV
casual sales being handled         procedure TL-01, page 3, F,
since the seller elected to        states the owner's full name                                           Quote:
keep his title electronic          must be shown on the               the titling/issuing state to be
when he purchased                  documentation.                     junked. They should keep a
vehicle? do they have to                                              photocopy of the reassigned         Success is
wait for the paper title to        QUESTION: What process             title for their records. They
come in the mail or pay            do I use when my customer          may also want to send it by
                                                                                                          not a
7.00 for fast title print in       (salvage dealer/recycler)          certified mail as proof of          destination.
order to sell vehicle?             submits an OUT OF                  compliance and to keep the
                                   STATE title to be junked?          receipt for their records.          It is a
ANSWER: Currently, if it is
a casual sale, the seller has
                                   What process do I use
                                   when my customer (salvage
                                                                      Answer to Question 2: The           constant,
                                                                      department does not junk out
the option to pay the $7 for a     dealer/recycler) wants to          of state titles, however, if the    continuous
fast title or they may wait for    junk a vehicle (titled in          vehicle qualifies as a derelict
the title to be mailed from        another state) and DOES            vehicle, refer to DMV
Tallahassee.                       NOT have the OUT OF                Procedure TL-35. The
                                   STATE title?                       customer would be allowed
QUESTION: Does the                                                    to apply for a derelict
printed name have to be            ANSWER: Answer to                  certificate. This procedure is
the name or is the first           Question 1: The customer           being updated to clarify this
initial and last name ok?          must submit the title back to      information.
HSMV 82040
Please make sure the HSMV 82040 is complete and accurate before giving it to the title clerk for processing.
    Please indicate whether the customer would like the title to remain electronic. If neither box is
       checked, the title will be printed and mailed to the customer.
    When joint ownership, please indicate if “or” or “and” is to be shown on the title when issued by
       marking the appropriate box. If neither box is checked, the title will be issued with “and.”
    Please write in the owner’s county of residence. Central Florida has numerous dual county cities.
       This will alleviate any questions with taxes.
    It is mandatory to list the owner’s and co-owner’s mailing and physical addresses on this form. A PO
       Box and an out of state mailing address is acceptable. However, a physical street address in Florida
       must also be listed. If the address is different than what shows on their FL DL/ID, a copy of the proof
       of address change must also be submitted. If the customer wants the title mailed to a different
       address, please complete the “Mail To” section.
    If the application is for a mobile home, also include the physical address of the mobile home and
       check the box if it is located in a mobile home park.

The Division of Motor Vehicles, in its continuing effort to enhance how we communicate with and
serve our customers, is revising Motor Vehicle forms to collect email addresses. The following are
some benefits of customer communication/notification via email:

                      A faster way to contact the owner about title application issues/problems
                      A source of electronic notification for renewal notices and other information
                      A reduction in postage
                      A reduction in paper usage
                      An alternative source for customer contact

One of the first forms we have revised is HSMV 82040, Application for Certificate of Title With/Without
Registration. With the January FRVIS release, we are now able to collect email addresses and
correspond with customers via email when possible. Look for revisions to additional forms soon.

Email addresses, that are part of the motor vehicle record, are covered under the Driver Privacy Protection
Act (DPPA). Under the DPPA and Florida Statute 119.0712(2), addresses are exempt as personal
information that could identify the individual. Therefore, email addresses may not be released unless the
recipient meets one of the exemptions listed in Florida Statutes 119.0712.
 Driver License Services
 The Winter Garden Tag                  additional information and         equipment and offer testing.
 Agency will be moving in               directions. Note: An               Because of the availability of
 April to a new office space in         additional $5.25                   testing, these locations offer
 the same plaza. When the               convenience fee is                 all CDL licensing
 office opens in the new                collected on each                  transactions with the
 location, limited driver               transaction processed at a         exception of HAZMAT. The
 license services will be               Tax Collector Office.              Downtown, West Colonial,
 available. This will increase                                             Winter Garden and Apopka
 the number of our Orange               The West Colonial Tag              Tag Agencies will also
 County Tag Agencies that               Agency (2110 W. Colonial           process non-US Citizen DL
 offer limited driver license           Dr, Orlando, FL 32804), the        and ID requests with proper
 services to seven locations.           Winter Garden Tag Agency           documentation.
                                        (14035 W. Colonial Dr,
 Customers may call our                 Winter Garden, FL 34787),
 phone center at                        and the Apopka Tag
 407.836.4145 between                   Agency (380 Semoran
 the hours of 8:30 and 5 pm             Commerce Place, Apopka,
 or check                               FL 32703) are the only         offices that have ADLETS
     :                for

                     Dealer Newsletter               Our goal is to provide an       your dealership name,
                                                     informative and useful tool     contact person, and email
                     “Wood’s Words” was              for our dealer customers.       address with your local
                     created to communicate          Quarterly publication is        tag agency representative.
                     and assist dealers with         planned.
                     items of interest relating to                                   Also, please let us know if
                     titling and registering         If you would like to be         you have any suggestions
                     vehicles in the Orange                                          on topics that you would
                                                     notified via email of the
                     County Tax Collector’s                                          like to see explained.
                                                     publications, please leave
                                                                           Phone Numbers and
                                                                              Internet Links

         Calendar of Events
                                                                          Orange County Dealer Line

                                                                                      Local DMV
April 30th – Independent Dealer Licenses                                               407-445-7400
             and License Plates Expire
                                                                          Tallahassee DMV Help Desk
         th                                                                            850-617-2000
May 25 - Memorial Day (Office Closed)

June 30th – Company owned vehicle tags                                   Orange County Tax Collector
            expire (excludes lease vehicles)                              

July 4th – Independence Day (Office Closed                                Division of Motor Vehicles
          Friday July, 3rd)                                                 

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