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									                                    Revised 12/2/2009
                         Pine Beach Yacht Club
                      Club Rental Agreement 2009
   The Pine Beach Yacht Club is a private club and available to “members only” for use for
    private parties. Non-members will not be allowed to rent the club, but may be a co-host
    of an event with a current PBYC member “in good standing” who shall sign this rental
    agreement, thereby agreeing to be present at all times during the rental and to be jointly
    and severally liable for all of the renter’s obligations.

   Those members interested in renting the club must contact Rear Commodore, George
    Fuller at to determine the club’s availability

   The clubs capacity is limited to 82 persons as per the Pine Beach Fire Code

   Although a private party is being conducted at the PBYC, members still have full access
    to the amenities at the club. (ie. locker room, lower deck, dock, slips, beach, bathrooms).
    Members will be informed of the private party in advance and will be expected to
    demonstrate discretion in their activities as not to become a disruption to the member and
    their guests

   The renting member, as well as any non member co-host shall each be fully liable to the
    PBYC for any damage caused to the PBYC facility or equipment during the time of
    rental by the renting member, their guests or contractors. A refundable deposit of $500
    (made payable to the PBYC) is required to be submitted with this application/agreement
    and will be returned within two weeks if this application is not accepted; otherwise within
    30 days pending post party inspection by a member of the House Committee. The
    liability of the renting parties shall not be limited by the amount of the deposit.

   A cancellation fee of $100 will be imposed if a rental agreement is cancelled by the
    member at any time after the member's reservation is accepted. An additional
    cancellation fee of $100 will be imposed if a rental agreement is cancelled less than 30
    days prior to the scheduled event

   2009 Fee schedule:
       o Members
               $250 Rental fee for parties less than 40 people
               $500 Rental fee for parties of more than 40 people

                                           -1 -
                  Members with Co Hosts
                  $500 Rental fee for parties less than 40 people

                  $700 Rental fee for parties of more than 40 people

    All fees are due 7 days prior to the scheduled event. This provides the PBYC member
    and their guest’s full access to the clubs amenities and services on the day of the
    reservation including:
        o The Kitchen
                 refrigerator & freezer
                 warmers & microwave
                 preparation area

        o Hoffman Hall & 2nd floor deck
        o Club tables
               6 - 8ft rectangular tables
               10 – 72” round tables (seats 10 per table)
               100 - folding chairs
               Member is responsible for the set up and breakdown of the rooms (i.e.
                  tables, chairs, decorations)
        o Restrooms (1st floor)
        o Elevator (handicapped guests only)
        o Utilities
               Electric
               Central Air & Heat (when applicable)

    o      Post Event Cleaning
               Prior to the event, a representative of the Club will meet with the renting
                  member to inspect the facility and will review the condition of the facility
                  utilizing a check list which will be signed prior to delivery of possession.
                  The renting party will be responsible to remove all debris, including, but
                  not limited to leftover food, and to leave the facility in the same condition
                  as when received, with all cleaning completed, not later than 9:00 AM of
                  the day following the event.
               If the facility is not in the required condition as per the preceding
                  paragraph, the security deposit will be forfeited.

   Outside caterers are permitted to prepare and serve food using the Club’s kitchen
    facilities on PBYC premises. No additional preparation facilities may be utilized.

   If for any reason the PBYC facility becomes “unusable” and, in the reasonable opinion of
    the PBYC cannot be utilized by the renting member due to act of God or other
    circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the PBYC which occur after the rental
    agreement has been signed and accepted, the PBYC will so notify the renting member as
    soon as reasonably possible and will provide a full refund to the renting member. The
    PBYC will take reasonable steps to correct the situation and will attempt to accommodate
    the member in securing an alternate date. The PBYC shall have no other liability to the
    renting member and, by signing this applications, the renting member hereby releases the
    PBYC, its members and officers, from any and all liability for damages which may be
    suffered by the renting member resulting from or arising out of any cancellation of the
    rental as anticipated by this paragraph.
                                             -2 -
          In consideration of the acceptance of this rental application, the renting member and any
           co-host, hereby agree to forever defend, indemnify and hold the PBYC, its members and
           officers, harmless from and against any and all expense, damage or liability of any nature
           that results from or arises out of the rental by the undersigned of the PBYC facility. The
           liability of all signing parties shall be joint and several.

          If the renting party employs a Caterer for the event, the renting party shall provide, not
           later that ten days prior to the date of the event, a Certificate of Insurance issued by the
           Caterer’s insurance company, evidencing that the Caterer maintains insurance of the
           following types of coverage and limits of liability: (i) Commercial General Liability and
           if the Caterer provides the liquor for the event (ii) Liquor Liability both with limits not
           less than $1,000,000 each occurrence including underwriters' agreement to Name: Pine
           Beach Yacht Club Riverside Drive Pine Beach, NJ as an Additional Insured and (iii)
           Workers Compensation at statutory limits, with Pine Beach Yacht Club as a Certificate

          By signing this application, the undersigned member acknowledges that he or she has
           read and understands the foregoing provisions and agrees that any rental resulting from
           this application shall be on such terms and conditions.

          If you are not a member and are interested in joining, please contact Susan Washington,
           Chairperson of the Membership Committee at PILOTHOUSE1@COMCAST.NET for
           current fees and obligations.

Name of Member requesting rental date                    ________________________________
                                                                 (please print)
Name of Non Member Co-Host                              ________________________________
                                                                 (please print)
Date you would like to rent the PBYC?                   ________________________________

For what purpose do you wish to rent the PBYC?                   __________________________

How many guests do you expect to attend?                         __________________________

Will there be outside contractors involved? (please list) ________________________
(caterer, DJ, Bartender, band, etc.)
By signing this application I/we accept the terms hereof and intend to be legally bound hereby.
________________________________                     Date:_____________
Member’s signature
________________________________                                 Date:_____________
Signature of Non Member Co-Host

Driver’s license number_________________________________
[please attach a copy of current New Jersey Driver’s License]

                                                          -3 -

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