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					                        Federal Lands Highway
    Strategic Implementation Plan

The Federal Lands Highway (FLH) organization is prepared for another exciting year of
accomplishments and achievements in support of the Federal Highway Administration’s
(FHWA) Strategic Goals and Objectives. This year’s Plan identifies our important work
objectives and improvement initiatives for FY 2009, which is guided by the FLH Vision
and Mission.
FLH Vision — Create the best transportation system in balance with the values of
Federal and Tribal lands.

FLH Mission — Improving transportation to and within Federal and Tribal Lands
and providing technical services to the highway community.

Additionally, during the development of the annual FLH SIP, we sought to ensure that
this document aligned with FLH’s 5-Year Business Plan (FY 2008 - FY 2012), as well as
the FHWA’s Vision, Mission, and Values; and the 4 new strategic goals and objectives:

FHWA Vision — Our Agency and Our Transportation System Are the Best in the

FHWA Mission — Improve Mobility on our Nation’s Highways through National
Leadership, Innovation, and Program Delivery.

FHWA Values:

Public Service — We are committed to the pursuit of professional excellence motivated by
serving the public interest and providing high quality products and timely services.

Integrity — Ethics, fairness, and honesty define the way we do our work and conduct
ourselves. We have the courage to both be innovative and make tough decisions.

Respect — We value individual diversity and the unique strengths, skills, expertise, and
background of our employees. We treat others in a polite and courteous manner.

Family — We support, care about, listen to, and respond to employees and their family needs.

Collaboration — We maximize our collective talents through teamwork and partnerships
based on mutual trust, respect, support, cooperation, and communication.

Personal Development — Through a wide variety of learning opportunities, we nurture the
development and use of leadership, technical, and professional skills in all of our employees.

FHWA Strategic Goals and Objectives:
      National Leadership – FHWA leads in developing and advocating solutions to
       national transportation needs.
      Program Delivery - Federal Highway Programs are effectively and consistently
       delivered through successful partnerships, value-added stewardship, and risk-
       based oversight.
      System Performance – The Nation’s highway system provides safe, reliable,
       effective, and sustainable mobility for all users.
      Corporate Capacity – Organizational resources are optimally deployed to meet
       today and tomorrow’s missions.

FLH Strategic Implementation Plan Development
In support of a systematic approach to developing the FY 2009 SIP, FLH leaders and
representatives of its partner agencies met in Vancouver, Washington, in July 2008 to
discuss and frame the SIP. This annual event is a major component of FLH’s strategic
planning process and offers a unique opportunity for FLH leadership throughout the
organization to gather and provide input to the SIP. In addition, the meeting also
allowed us to solicit feedback from our core partners on proposed initiatives and
measures, and to listen to their suggestions for other initiatives, measures, or activities.
This year’s meeting also presented an opportunity to cross check FLH’s proposed
initiatives and measures with the Agency’s strategic goals and objectives to ensure
alignment. In addition, we identified the steps necessary for FLH Headquarters and
Division Offices to develop their FY 2009 unit action plans, which also support the
activities in the FLH and FHWA SIPs.
Everyday Business

The following represents the expectations for delivery and improvement of the FLH
Program for FY 2009. The expectations are based upon the $1.033 billion funding level
for the FLHP, as authorized in SAFETEA-LU.

Program Administration addresses FLH’s stewardship and oversight responsibilities
associated with resources, both human and monetary, which are entrusted to FLH to
improve the transportation system serving Federal and tribal lands. Program
Administration encompasses many critical functional areas, including but not limited to
acquisition, planning and programming, finance, and information technology. The
Program Administration responsibility of Federal Lands provides management and
oversight of our core programs, namely, the Park Roads and Parkway Program, Public
Lands Highway (Forest Highway Program), Refuge Road Program, and Indian

Reservation Roads (IRR) Program in addition to non-FLH programs such as Defense
Access Roads Program and Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads (ERFO). In
FY 2009, the core FLH program increases by 7% moving from $968 million in FY 2008
to $1.033 billion during FY 2009. This modest increase is reflected in the Park Roads
and Parkways Program ($15 million), Indian Reservation Roads Program ($40 million),
and Public Lands Highway Program ($10 million). Our business delivery expectations
in FY 2009 will focus predominantly on our financial accountability and stewardship
roles to effectively and efficiently manage taxpayer dollars.

Program Delivery continues as an important mission area for FLH in FY 2009. FLH
expects to advance contracts to construction that will improve 1000 lane miles of roads
and 35-40 bridges. Engineering will be underway on many other projects for future
delivery, and FLH will continue to share its technical expertise by responding to
increased requests for technical assistance. In addition, FLH anticipates utilization of
the private sector by out-sourcing approximately 35-40% of the work in Program

We will continue to build on prior years’ accomplishments and focus on financial
accountability, stewardship and oversight, and the implementation of the final year of
SAFETEA-LU. Financial accountability continues to be a high visibility area for the
Department, FHWA and FLH.
In FY 2009, we will monitor Overall Program Measures and Program Effectiveness
Measures. Federal Lands Highway will work on Improvement Initiatives that concentrate
on five corporate focus areas including; Long Term Health, Image, Being Corporate,
Enhancing Corporate Abilities, and Stewardship and Oversight.

Improvement Initiatives and Measures of Success
For more than 15 years, FLH has identified key initiatives and indicators (i.e., measures)
of success at various levels of the organization. The improvement initiatives and
measures are tied with the FHWA’s strategic goals and objectives.

      Improvement Initiatives (II) – FLH will concentrate on seven initiatives
       supported by the entire organization. These improvement initiatives will increase
       the efficiency and effectiveness of the FLHP delivery and will have a positive
       impact on our every day business and strategic goals.
      Overall Program (OP) Measures – Four overall program measures are intended
       to corporately track and monitor the overall effectiveness of the FLH Program.
      Program Effectiveness (PE) Measures – Six program effectiveness measures
       are intended to corporately track and monitor progress in meeting FLH goals for
       key operations.

FY 2009 Improvement Measures and Initiatives:
In addition, FLH will support the FHWA’s strategic goals and objectives with the
following improvement initiatives and their corresponding performance targets activities:

Goal #1: National Leadership – FHWA leads in developing and advocating solutions
to national transportation needs.

FLH Measures

    Innovation: Implement innovative solutions to transportation challenges in
    key areas (PE1)
    Sponsor: Directors of Program Administration and Project Delivery

    No     Measure                                Lead         Target            Baseline
    PE1a   Funding Measure: Leverage our          Dave        FY09, 25%,         FY07, 34% (due to
           program by increasing the percent      Zanetell    FY12, 45%          large 2007 ERFO
           of annual awards comprised of                                         program)
           non-FLHP funds.

    PE1b   Context Sensitive Solution             Brian        FY09, 4.2;        FY07, 3.6
           Measure: Increase the CSS self-        Allen        FY12, 4.7
           assessment score by conducting a
           CSS training course in each
           Division. (Maximize the value of
           the training courses by facilitating
           participation from our program
           partners and reaching a minimum
           of 60 FLH employees across a
           wide range of disciplines.
           Conduct interviews and/or surveys
           with our program partners to better
           inform our responses to the self-
           assessment tool.).

    PE1c   Technology Measure: Measures           Amit         FY09 Score of     Score of 70%
           effectiveness of FLH Technology        Armstrong    70%; FY12
           Deployment (TD) program by                          Score of 100%
           increasing number of technologies
           deployed; ensuring that
           technology deployment products
           have wide-reaching applicability
           and results are publicized/shared
           between FHWA and FLMA’s.

FLH Initiatives

    Delphi Transformation: Support the OST-led Delphi Transportation initiative by
    committing resources to four existing teams charged to define the functional and
    technical requirements of Oracle financials that will be used by DOT. (II-1)
    Sponsor          Lead             Target
    Melisa Ridenour   Scott Johnson     Integration of FLH’s requirements in next generation of
                                        DELPHI System. FLH will evaluate the cost-benefit of
                                        participating in the OST initiative to help decide if a long-term
                                        commitment is warranted.

    Expanded Reauthorization Support and Outreach: Support reauthorization efforts to more
    broadly share information and solicit partner input regarding core program elements. (II-2)
    Sponsor           Lead               Target
    John Baxter       DEs                1) Action Plan developed for expanded outreach.
                      Scott Johnson      2) Educate and leverage larger constituency base
                                            regionally in support of the FLHP with public and private
                                         3) Communicate more effectively with regional partners
                                            and strive for consistency in message.

    IRR Program: Expand FLH’s role as we undertake a more direct “on the ground”
    role with the Tribes that opt to work directly with FHWA in lieu of the BIA. (II-3)
    Sponsor           Lead               Target
    John Baxter       Bob Sparrow        1) Indian Reservation Roads Advisory Committee
                                            established and implemented.
                                         2) Using the alternative duty location program, align the
                                            IRR program coordinators to more efficient and practical
                                            locations to better serve the Indian tribes working under
                                            agreements with FHWA.
                                         3) Ensure at least one field visit by IRR program managers
                                            for every active Tribal Agreement.

Goal #2: System Performance - The Nation’s highway system provides safe, reliable,
effective, and sustainable mobility for all users.

FLH Measures

    Safety: Reduce injury and fatal crashes (PE2)
    Sponsor: Rick Suarez
    Baseline: Project specific, variable

    No     Measure                              Lead            Target              Baseline
    PE2a   National Measure: Reduce             Greg Schertz    10% reduction       Baseline will be
           injury and fatal crashes in the                      by FY12             established in fall
           30 parks with the most injury                                            of 2007 with the
           and fatal crashes.                                                       updates NPS
                                                                                    safety report

    PE2b   Project Measure: Reduce              Greg Schertz    10% reduction       Project specific,
           injury and fatal crashes on all                      by FY12             variable
           NPS, FH, and Tribal projects.

    PE2c   Tribal Initiative: Number of         Bob Sparrow     4 tribes for        None
           tribes initiating safety programs.                   FY09, 20 total by

    Congestion: Reduce delays in selected parks, forests, refuges, and other public
    lands. (PE3)
    Sponsor: Karen Schmidt
    No     Measure                             Lead             Target              Baseline
    PE3a   Measure: Employ new                 Steve Suder      FY09, 2             None
           congestion mitigation strategies                     locations; FY12,
           on Federal Land Management                           4 locations
           Agencies’ transportation

    Infrastructure: Maintain and improve condition of transportation infrastructure
    serving Federal and Indian Land. (PE4)
    Sponsor: Directors of Project Delivery

    No     Measure                             Lead          Target                Baseline
    PE4a   Road Measure: Number of             Project       FY 09, 1223 lane      Data obtained
           lane miles improved for the         Development   miles                 from the previous
           entire program of projects FLH      Engineers,                          3 years annual
           works on.                           IRR Program                         reports. 2008
                                               Coordinator                         was the first year
                                                                                   for the revised
                                                                                   measure. 1177
                                                                                   miles of paved
                                                                                   roads lane miles
                                                                                   were improved in
    PE4b   Decrease the number of              Project       FY 09,                Data obtained
           structurally deficient bridges on   Development   Rehabilitate          from the previous
           inventory each year.                Engineers,    and/or replace 42     3 years annual
                                               FLH Bridge    or more bridges.      reports. 33
                                               Engineer                            bridges were
                                                                                   rehabilitated or
                                                                                   replaced in 2008.

FLH Initiatives

    Performance Based System and Management : Review FLH’s Program Delivery
    Measures by benchmarking other organizations, revalidating existing measures
    against the new FHWA goal areas, and identify any gaps/opportunities that will
    help measure outcomes of our program. (II-4)

    Sponsor           Lead               Target
    Scott Johnson     Karen Pinell       Based on preliminary benchmarking and outreach efforts
                                         with public organizations and partners:
                                         1) provide recommendations on FLH’s performance metrics
                                         that align with the agency’s direction.
                                         2) develop and institute a process where FLH and our core
                                         partners are coordinating the submission of program
                                         performance data to support the Government Performance
                                         and Results Act.

    Bridge Inspection Program: Validate that all public, federally owned bridges are
    reflected in the NBIS. In addition, survey some of our Federal partners to better
    understand their inspection methodologies and to validate that all bridges open to
    the public are being inspected properly and in a timely manner. (II-5)
    Sponsor          Lead           Target
    Don Miller       Gary Jakovich     Continue to work with all FLMAs with public bridges to
                                       identify strategies to ensure bridges are reflected in NBIS.

Goal #3: Program Delivery – Federal Highway Programs are effectively and
consistently delivered through successful partnerships, value-added stewardship, and
risk-based oversight.

FLH Measures

    Environment: Improve the quality and streamline the delivery of NEPA process.
    Sponsor: Clara Conner
    No     Measure                               Lead Target                                Baseline
    PE5a   Quality Measure: Improve score of     Brian    84% or greater by FY09, 85%       82%
           Environmental Collaboration           Allen    or greater by FY12.               (FY05-
           Survey.                                                                          through
    PE5b   Streamlining Measure: Reduce          Brian    FY09: EIS, 42 months; FY12;       FY06,
           average time for Environmental        Allen    EIS, 36 months; 100% of EIS       EIS, 65
           Impact Statement (EIS) document                projects are in EDTS and          months
           delivery.                                      schedules are met 90% of the
    Planning: Enhance decision making through development of long-range
    transportation plans (PE6)
    Sponsor: Larry Anderson
    No     Measure                             Lead        Target                         Baseline
    PE6a   Measure: Percent of long-range      Aung        FY09, 20%; FY12, 60%;          0%
           agency plans, with transportation   Gye         In addition to regional and
           components, implemented                         tri-agency plans, document
           regionally or by tri-agency, as                 the number of NPS
           appropriate, for FLHP.                          General Management
                                                           Plans and FWS
                                                           Conservation (CC)
                                                           transportation components
                                                           completed in FY 2009.

     No    Measure                          Sponsor Lead            Target           Baseline
    OP1    Partner Satisfaction:            Scott        QCT        85% or           83.1 %
           Results of three surveys         Johnson                 greater          (Combined
           (Program Administration,                                                  average of
           Project Development, and                                                  Project
           Completed Project) focus on                                               Development
           the delivery of the FLH                                                   and Completed
           Program.                                                                  Project Surveys
                                                                                     – FY03-06)

    OP2    Percent of Funds                 Terry        QCT        95% or           84.5%
           Obligated: Cumulative            Haussler                greater          Corporate
           obligation rates for core                                                 (FY03-06)
           FLHP programs.

    OP3    Percent Funds “On the            Terry        QCT        75% or           71.5% (FY03-
           Ground”: Percent of dollars      Haussler                greater of       06)
           obligated on road                                        FLHP program
           improvements minus                                       directed to
           program delivery obligations,                            road
           e.g., advance planning,                                  improvements
           preliminary engineering, and
           construction engineering.

FLH Initiatives

    Data Management: Improve efficiency of storing and sharing planning data (e.g., RIP, BIP,
    Wall inventory, GIS data, maybe safety & accident, etc) among Divisions and HQ. (II-6)

    Sponsor           Lead               Target
    Clara Conner      Carl Triplett      Consolidated storage and sharing of planning data by

Goal #4: Corporate Capacity – Organizational resources are optimally deployed to
meet today and tomorrow’s mission.

FLH Measures

    No     Measure                     Sponsor         Lead    Target          Baseline
    OP4    Employee Satisfaction:      Scott           QCT     70% or          63.4% (Average from
           Employee Survey             Johnson                 greater (Avg.   surveys administered
           focuses on job                                      rating of 3.5   in 2001, 2004, and
           satisfaction of FLH                                 Based on a      2006. A combined
           employees.                                          Ratio from a    FHWA survey began
                                                               scale of 1-5)   in 2007 which may
                                                                               result in a need for a
                                                                               baseline adjustment).

FLH Initiatives

    Funding Transfers – Reimbursable Authority: Develop a guide to address
    reimbursable authority for engineering services and construction to help
    understand the mechanisms for transferring funds to and from other agencies. (II-
    Sponsor      Lead            Target
    Clara Conner   Terry Haussler,   Identify acceptable methods for efficient funding transfers from
                   Phyllis Chun      other agencies, including development of guidance for:

                                     1) use of reimbursable authority with Federal agencies in lieu
                                     of transferring funds in advance, 2) ability to "invoice in
                                     advance" when executing reimbursable or interagency
                                     agreements, eliminates need for using reimbursable authority,
                                     and 3) application of administrative takedown.

Federal Lands Corporate Initiatives and Activities

FLH invests in a number of ongoing corporate initiatives and activities, which also support the
goals and objectives of the SIP. These activities are closely monitored and tracked throughout
the year (see Appendix A).

Federal Lands Unit Action Plans

Each FLH unit (3 Divisions and Headquarters) will develop a unit action plan that reflects its
support for this SIP, as well as any FY 09 improvements specific to each unit. Additionally, the
FLH functional Discipline Leaders (FDL’s) and FLH teams chartered by the Leadership Team
will develop and implement improvement initiatives and budgets for FY 09 that support and
advance this SIP.

                                                                                                 Appendix A

                                     Federal Lands Corporate Activities
                                              Fiscal Year 2009

   Everyday Business                            Objective                          Sponsor          Leader
Human Capital Planning      Implement HCP and integrate into everyday              Dan          HR
(HCP)                       business through the Human Resource unit.              Donovan      Coordinators
Business Application        Develop and implement the Enterprise                   Karen        Carl Triplett
Steering Committee          Architecture standards, security requirements,         Schmidt
(BASC)                      and data models.
Stewardship and Oversight   Implement S&O Agreements.                              Terry        Jeff Mann
ERFO                        Implement recommendations from program                 Terry        Jeff Mann
                            review and update ERFO manual.                         Haussler
Program Reviews             Conduct IRR Review in Southwest region.                Scott        Karen Pinell
                            Conduct IT Review to identify opportunities to         Johnson
                            better leverage resources across units (human
                            capital, hardware, software).
Risk Management             Conduct risk assessments with USFS and                 Scott        Karen Pinell
                            USFWS.                                                 Johnson
                            Explore improvements to FLH Risk Assessment
                            process in preparation for 2010 findings.
Financial Oversight         Conduct FIRE Reviews and issue FMFIA                   Melisa       Scott Johnson
                            certifications in June and September.                  Ridenour
                            Issue Project Reconciliation policy and
                            Pending approval, transition to new burdening
                            process and reporting methodology.
Roadway Inventory           Inventory and condition rating of partnering           Don Miller   Tammy Ratliff
Program (RIP)               agencies’ Road System.
Bridge Inspection Program   Inventory and condition rating of partner agencies’    Don Miller   Gary Jakovich
(BIP)                       Bridge System.
Asset Management            Identify additional opportunities to assist at least   Karen        Jim Amenta
                            one Federal Lands Management Agency with               Schmidt
                            quantifying their transportation related assets.
Pavement Management         Develop pavement preservation system for the           Don Miller   Mike Voth
System (PMS)                partnering agencies’ road system

Geographic Information      Develop a tool to view and analyze FLMA                Don Miller   Dan Van
Systems (GIS)               management system information to assist with                        Gilder
                            decision making; and help to manage their
                            transportation assets.
Engineer’s Estimate/,       Research and recommend software to assist in           Larry        Linden Snyder
Bid/Award/Construction      the estimating, bidding, award, and progress           Anderson
System (EEBACS)             payment of construction projects.
Graphic Design and          Develop informational materials highlighting           Melisa       Sherry
Outreach                    FLH/FHWA projects & programs. Provide                  Ridenour     Hayman
                            assistance and support in the elevation of FLH
                            image in print, web, and video presentation.
Discipline Management       Manage technical disciplines within FLH.               BOD          Don Miller