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                                         INTER USERS
                         COVERED AREA FOR BUSINESS PLACES
                                        RENTAL AGREEMENT

                                                                         (ANT. FREE ZONE DOCUMENT- 19)

    Operating License Number                        :
    Address                                         :
    Phone Number                                    :

    Subject Of Activity                             :
    Address                                         :
    Phone Number                                    :

        Plot and Parcel Number                      :
        Area Closed (m²)                            :
        Open (m²)                                    :
        Occupied Place in the Building              :     Place Numbered ….. which is marked in the
attached chart.

     Closed (USD.$/ m²/ Month)                      :
     Open (USD.$/ m²/ Year)                          :

RENTAL COSTS (USD.$)                                :

FORM OF RENTAL PAYMENT                              :

TERM OF THE RENTAL                                  :

BEGINNING DDATE OF RENT                             : /     /


DEPOSIT COSTS (USD.$)                               :

Declaration of the building, construction, facility and furniture submitted to the tenant with the leased
business place:
Independent section door, window joinery and glasses, door handles, wiring and water installation are complete
and secure.

GENERAL TERMS                     :

1.The rental agreement hereby is drawn up for the purpose of leasing the Closed Working Place in
Antalya Free Zone with regard to the article 8 of Free Zones Governing Regulation issued by virtue of
article 13 of Free Zone Law numbered 3218; and from now on the LESSOR shall be used instead of
........................... and the TENANT instead of .................................

2.This agreement is issued in Turkish.A copy of it in English may be given upon the Tenant’s request.
However, text in Turkish is binding.
3.Price of the rental and deposit shall be paid in US $ currency.

4.The tenant pays the rental costs annualy in cash or by ... part installment to the Banking account of
the Lessor in a form that it will be submitted within the first five days of the payment portions.
Otherwise, he/she accepts paying interests of default which are stated in Special Terms part.

                                   INTER USERS
                          COVERED AREA FOR WORKING PLACES
                                RENTAL AGREEMENT
                                     SPECIAL TERMS
1. The term of this rental agreement is ..... year(s), and it terminates in / / 200 .As long as there is
no warning or notification from the parties, it is regarded as extended for the same period under the
same terms and conditions.The time of the rental agreement terminates automatically on the
expiry date of Operating Licenses of either of the LESSOR or the TENANT.

2.The tenant already accepts maximum increase of 30% in accordance with the previous year’s rental

3. The tenants is liable to pay the rental prices as stated in General Terms and, without notice, is
subject to 12% interests of default on US Dolar basis annually in the event that he/she does not

4. The tenant can not use the leased business place apart from the subject of activity which is stated
in Operating License Application Form, in any shape or form he/she can not hand it over to natural
or legal people, can not lease, accept stakeholders, and can not allow others to operate it as a

5. The tenant can not remodel or furnish fixed interior decoration within the leased business place
without the permission of Lessor, Free Zone Directorate and Antalya Free Zone Operator (ASBAŞ). In
the event that remodel and fixed interior decoration are permitted, the tenant is liable to provide
information and documents that Free Zone Directorate and ASBAŞ will demand and to cover all kinds
of expenses personally.

6. The tenant is responsible for taking the required and sufficient measures against fire, inundation,
flood, and other dangers as well as all kinds of cleaning, safety and health within the leased area, and
is liable to comply with the regulations and orders which are issued by Free Zone Directorate and
considered necessary by ASBAŞ concerning the Zone’s order, way and procedure of business. The
tenant accepts to be fully answerable for changes, losses and other failures and infestation etc. in the
quality of the property and agrees that ASBAŞ shall not be liable for such issues in any shape or form.

7. The tenant personally provides such communication tools as telephone, fax, telex, etc. which may
be required in the business place, and personally covers communication expenses including facility

8.In accordance with the tariffs of ASBAŞ, the Tenant agrees and undertakes to contribute to the costs
of electricity and water that will be used in the leased area, expenses of common cleaning, greenifying,
illumination,etc. and to the expenses of maintanence and repair as stated in the tariffs and to pay these
costs to ASBAŞ in due time on US Dollar basis and to comply with the terms of tariff as is.

9. The Tenant is answerable to District Directorate and ASBAŞ for all the incoming and outgoing
goods in the business place, manner and behaviours of the employers and personnel whom he/she
employs here and for losses caused by them and is liable to compensate all these losses. Moreover, the
Tenant shall provide the necessary information and documents concerning the issues which are
demanded to be explained by these authorities when required.

10. The Tenant is liable to take necessary measures for safeguarding the leased business place against
fire and other dangers, to insure the properties in the leased business place against fire and other
dangers concerning the losses that may be caused to third parties during rental period. The
Tenant shall submit the bill to ASBAŞ within 15 days beginning from starting date of the rental
agreement. Contrary situation shall be regarded as unilateral cancellation. The Tenant shall be
responsible for all kinds of damages that will arise during this period. The Tenant shall pay the
insurance costs.

11. This rental agreement expires in the event that it is dissolved on account of the fact that it is out of
date or its Operating License is cancelled or the Tenant’s Operating License expires and rents are not
paid in due time or the terms of the contract are not complied with. Furthermore, if the Tenant violates
either of debts or obligations set forth in this agreement, it is deemed reason for termination.

12. With the expiry of this rental agreement, rental price of the running period and repair, maintenance
and other expenses of leased business place’s restoration shall be deducted from the rental cost and
deposit obtained from the tenant in cash beforehand after the collection of losses caused to ASBAŞ or
third parties by himself/herself or by employers working along with him/her and the remaining amount
shall be reimbursed to the tenant. In the event that the tenant remains due, ASBAŞ shall go to court for
collecting debts.

13. Following the expiry of this rental agreement, additionals caused by the tenant in the leased
business place that are in the feature of integral part shall remain in the business place and the
tenant’s movable goods and personal belongings shall be taken by the tenant within a month;
otherwise, these goods and belongings shall be delivered to the Free Zone Directorate for liquidation
in accordance with the terms of Free Zones Governing Regulation.

14. ASBAŞ shall demand amendments and additions caused by the tenant be removed and the leased
area be restored with the end of the rental period. If these proceedings are not carried out by the tenant,
they shall be carried out by ASBAŞ and shall be obtained from the related company against bill.

15. The tenant shall claim for termination before the expiry date of the agreement provided that
he/she is based on valid grounds and is accepted by the Lessor for these grounds. Rent amount
shall be calculated and collected within 1 (one) month beginning from the date of termination claim.

16. Parties shall give notice of the agreement’s termination to the other party by claiming that the
terms of this agreement are not complied with. In the event that the parties mutually accept the
termination claim, rent amount shall be calculated and collected according to a month’s time after the
date of termination claim.

17. The tenant is liable to provide wages, Social Insurance and all kinds of legal rights of the
people whom he/she will employ in the business place. He/she can not transfer this responsibility to
the Lessor by any means.

18. The tenant shall be liable to comply with the terms of Free Zones Law and notification, written
regulations and orders issued by Antalya Free Zone Directorate or higher authorities.

19. The tenant accepts in advance that if he/she does not fulfill either of his/her debts or obligations set
forth in the agreement hereby, it constitutes a contradiction to the agreement, and accepts that under
these circumstances, the Lessor shall also demand all kinds of damages from him/her and the Lessor’s
right of action shall remain hidden.
20. The tenant shall not prevent tenant applicants who come to see the leased business place with the
permission of the Lessor within the last month of the agreement period.

21. The Lessor shall present the leased area to the use of the tenant on the starting date of rental term.
In the event that the leased area is not present, current situation is determined with a minute which will
be drawn under the supervision of Directorate of Free Zones and rental term’s beginning date is
adjourned. The tenant shall not pay rent costs for this period.

22. While disputing resolutions arising from the implementation of this rental agreement, first of all
Antalya Free Zone Directorate shall be asked for opinion.In the event that there is not an agreement,
Antalya Courts and Execution Offices shall be authorized.

23. The tenant’s notification address is ........................................................................................., and
notifications made to this address shall be considered as sent to tenant’s address. In the event of an
address change, the tenant is liable to notify in written the Lessor about the new address.

24.A signed and certified copy of this Rental Agreement consisting of 3 pages including 4 general
and 24 special terms and issued with 4 copies shall remain in Regional Directorate, a copy in
ASBAŞ, a copy in the Lessor and a copy in the Tenant.

Being effective from the date of formation, the rental agreement hereby enters into force with the
confirmation of Directorate of Free Zones.

                                                                                                       /       /

THE TENANT                         :                                              THE LESSOR                          :

                                                       / / 200

                                   ANTALYA FREE ZONE DIRECTORATE

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