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MARTIAL ARTS Magazines & Related Items (BRUCE LEE, Black Belt,
Jeet Kune-Do, Judo, Karate, Kick-Boxing, Kung-Fu, Ninja, Self-Defense, Zen, etc)
in stock;

-- ( A ) --
ACTION BLACK BELT Magazines (M.F. Enterprises Inc.)
1974 November (Volume 1 #1; cover & story Gary Alexander vs. John Deblasio);
1975 March (cover & story Don Nagle; Kim Fritz);
May (cover & story Joe Lopez; George Dillman);
September (cover & story Aaron Banks);
December (cover & story Jason Lau);
AMERICAN KARATE Magazine (Condor Books Inc.)
1987 May (cover & story Rich Vecchiolla; Ernie Reyes Jr.);
1988 May (cover & story Jeff "Night Heat" Wincott; Chuck Norris);
-- ( B ) --
THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO KUNG-FU by Felix, Dennis/ Paul Simmons
(Pinnacle Books Pub.; August 1875; Trade Paperback) ;
THE BEST OF BRUCE LEE (Rainbow Pub. Inc.; 1974);

BLACK BELT Magazine (Black Belt Inc.)
Black Belt; 1964 September/October (cover & story Takayuki Kubota);
Black Belt; 1965 May (cover & story Linda Carpenter/ Dave Chow);
July (cover & story New Year Ceremonial Lion);
October (cover & story Osamu Ozawa/ James Kwan);
November (cover & story Karate's Flying Side Kick ; Yoko-Tobi-Geri);
Black Belt; 1966 November (cover & story Hawaii Lua Fighting Art);
December (cover & story Ninjitsu);
Black Belt; 1967 January (cover & story Okinawa's Karate);
February (cover & story Coccacks Sambo);
March (cover & story Savate);
April (cover & story Zen Archery);
May (cover & story Judo Tournament);
June (cover & story Chuck Norris vs. Henry Cho; Painted by Dick Hennessy);
July (cover & story Tai Chi Chuan);
August (cover & story Sean Connery as 'James Bond');
September (cover & story Joe Lewis);
November (cover & story Mitsuo Matsunago; >> 7 page Article "In KATO's Gung-Fu action is instant" with 18 early
photo's of Bruce Lee in action; Nice FN/VF = $29.00);
December (cover & story Fumio Demura);
Black Belt; 1968 Janaury (cover & story Buddhist Monks);
March (cover & story L.A.P.D.'s Bob Sluder);
April (cover & story Jesse Kauhaulua);
May (cover & story Morihei Uyeshiba);
June (cover & story Chuck Norris/ Joe Lewis vs. Thomas La Puppet);
October (cover & story Naginata);
Black Belt; 1969 January (cover & story Tatsuo Suzuki);
February (cover & story Takeshi Ohiski vs. Yukichi Tabata);
March (cover & story The Nunchaku);
April (cover & story Borneo Headhunters Killer Martial Art);
May (cover & story karate Punches);
Black Belt; 1970 January (cover & story Tiger Mike Stone);
February (cover & story Rick Taylor);
June (cover & story Pat Burleson);
July (cover & story Jhoon Rhee vs. Richard Prieto);
August (cover & story Bob Burbidge vs. John Thawley/ Referee Pat Johnson);
September (cover & story Dan Ivan/ Doug Ivan/ Bud Collyer);
October (cover & story Jeff Klein);
December (cover & story Allen Steen);
Black Belt; 1971 February (cover & story Harold Gross vs. Jay Friedman);
march (cover & story Tonny Tulleners);
April (cover & story Wrestler Jim West vs. Bob Shephard);
July (cover & story Bob Dunek vs. Jerry Littlebridge);
August (cover & story Gene Lebell vs. Wrestler Freddie Blassie);
Black Belt; 1972 January (cover & story Hayward Nishioka);
June (cover & story Ed Ikuta);
September (cover & story Jimmy Lee);
November (cover & story John Natividad);
December (cover & story Jeff Smith vs. John Worley);
Black Belt; 1973 March (cover & story Charles Bronson);
April (cover & story Tadashi Yamashita);
July (cover & story John Watts);
September (cover & story Byong Yu vs. Jimmy Kim);
Black Belt; 1974 January (cover & story Bob Wall);
February (cover & story Joe Corley);
March (cover & story Steve Armstrong);
April (cover & story Howard Jackson);
May (cover & story Chuck Norris vs. Aaron Norris);
June (cover & story John Robinson);
July (cover & story Martial Arts in Prison);
September (cover & story Malia Dacascos);
November (cover & story WU SHU Troupe of China);
Decmber (cover & story Bob Barrow vs. Forrest Liggett);
Black Belt; 1975
1975; February (cover & story Ed Parker; VG, but 5" Tear in cover, with Magic Tape repairs inside, thus G, reading copy =
1975; February (cover & story Ed Parker; nice VERY FINE = $16.00);
March (cover & story Jay T. Will);
April (cover & story Bill Wallace);
May (cover & story Choosing a Martial School);
June (cover & story The Power of Ki);
July (cover & story Tsutomu Oshima);
August (cover & story Young T. Lee);
October (cover & story Illustration by Robert Rodriguez);
November (cover & story Sammy Pace);
December (cover & story Are Demos Deadly?);
Black Belt; 1976 January (cover & story Count Dante);
February (cover & story Al Dacascos);
March (cover & story Chong Lee);
May (cover & story Richard Kim);
June (cover & story Yog Kim);
August Gosei Yamaguchi);
November (cover & story China's Different Sports Program);
Black Belt; 1977 March (cover & story Mind & Body Together Through Zen & Karate);
April (cover & story Smashing the Stress Barrier with Karate);
June (cover & story Ninjas);
November (cover & story Jay Hyon);
Black Belt; 1978 October (cover & story He 11 Cho);
December (cover & story Chung Eun Kim);
Black Belt; 1981 February (cover & story Pu Gill Gwon);
Black Belt; 1983 January (cover & story Fusei Kise vs. Mark Fort);
December (cover & story Choy li Fut);
Black Belt; 1984 January (cover & story Frank Smith);
February (cover & story Stephen Hayes);
March (cover & story Brendan Lai vs. Ron Aviles);
June (cover & story Ralph Castro vs. Boss Castro);
September (cover & story Hwang Kee);
October (cover & story Teruyuki Okazaki);
November (cover & story Yao Li vs. Chan Pui);
Black Belt; 1985 January (cover & story Pu Gill Gwon);
March (cover & story Benny "The Jet" Urquidez);
June (cover & story Stephen Hayes/ Rumiko Hayes/ Jack Hoban);
July (cover & story Jhoon Rhee);
August (cover & story William Cheung);
September (cover & story Tonny Tulleners vs. Bill Riead);
November (cover & story Simon Rhee vs. Phillip Rhee);
December (cover & story Bud Malmstrom);
Black Belt; 1986 February (cover & story Yip Man);
September (cover & story Chuck Norris);
October (cover & story Tadashi Yamashita);
Black Belt; 1987 January (cover & story Masaaki Hatsumi);
February (cover & story Bernie Lau vs. Neil Yamamoto);
March (cover & story Sun Suh vs. Barry Harmon);
May (cover & story Hirokazu Kanazawa vs. Dennis Loebs);
November (cover & story C.S. Kim vs. Dominick Giacobbe);
December (cover & story Bruce Lee);
Black Belt; 1988 March (cover & story John Huppuch/ Joo Bang Lee);
June (cover & story Bruce Lee vs. Ted Wong);
Black Belt; 1991 July (cover & story Pat Johnson);
August (cover & story Bruce Lee: Chuck Norris; Steven Seagal; Jean Claude Van Damme);
November (cover & story Steven Seagal);
Black Belt; 1992 March (cover & story Bill Wallace);
December (cover & story Hee II Cho vs. Timothy Baker);
Black Belt; 1993 February (cover & story Joe Lewis/ John Graden/ Jim Graden);
April (cover & story Steven Ho);
May (cover & story Wally Jay);
August (cover & story Jeasn Claude Van Damme);
October (cover & story Jeff Speakman vs. Louis Voiler; Kathy Long);
November (cover & story L.A. Dodgers Pitcher Jim Gott);
Black Belt; 1994 February (cover & story Laary Tatum);
April (cover & story Benny Urquidez);
November (cover & story Bud Malmstrom);
Black Belt; 1995 June (cover & story Cynthia Rothrock);
Black Belt; 1998 May (cover & story Rickson Gracie);
Black Belt; 2001 November (cover & story Dan Inosanto);

BRUCE LEE: THE BIOGRAPHY (Unique Pub.; 1988; Trade Paperback);
BRUCE LEE: COLLECTOR'S EDITION (Rainbow Pub. Inc.; 1993; Volume 1 #1; Trade Paperback);
BRUCE LEE COMBATS... (Bruce Lee Jeet-Kune-Do Club Pub.; 1978; Trade Paperback);
BRUCE LEE'S GAME OF DEATH: EXTRACT EDITION (Bruce Lee Jeet-Kune-Do Club Pub.; 1978; Trade Paperback);
BRUCE LEE: HIS PRIVACY AND ANECDOTES (Bruce Lee Jeet-Kune-Do Club Pub.; 1976);
BRUCE LEE: HIS UNKNOWN IN MARTIAL ARTS LEARNING (Bruce Lee Jeet-Kune-Do Club; 1977; Trade Paperback);
BRUCE LEE AND JKD MAGAZINE (Bruce Lee Jeet-Kunt-Do Club Pub.;1st Issue "Memorial Monthly" all are folded out
into poster.)
1976 #1-12, #23 & #24("Kung-Fu Magazine");
BRUCE LEE: KING OF KUNG-FU (Straight Arrow Books Pub.; 1974; Trade Paperback);
BRUCE LEE 1940 - 1973 (Rainbow Pub.; 1974; Trade Paperback/ hardcover);
BRUCE LEE'S NUNCHAKU IN ACTION (Bruce Lee Jeet-Kune-Do Club Pub.; 1976);
BRUCE LEE: STUDIES ON JEET-KUNE-DO (Bruce Lee Jeet-Kune-Do Club Pub.; 1976);
BRUCE LEE: THE UNTOLD STORY (CFW Enterprises; 1980; trade paperback);

-- ( C ) --
1975 October (Volume 1 #3; cover & story Wally Slocki);
1976 January (Volume 2 #1; cover & story Park Jong Soo);
June (Volume 2 #3; cover & story Wally Slocki vs. Jeff Smith);
September/October (Volume 2 #4; cover & story Bill Wallace vs. Daniel Richer);
COMBAT KARATE (Horizon Pub. Inc.)
1986 June (Volume 1 #1; cover & story Chuck Norris/ Sho Kosugi);
October (Volume 1 #3; cover & story Ralph Macchio/ Nin-Ju-Ka);
1987 February (cover & story Kumi-Uchi);
June (cover & story Joe Louis);
COMBAT KARATE (Rainbow Pub. Inc.)
1976 October (cover & story Ralph Alegria);

-- ( D ) --
DOJO (Pacific Rim Pub.)
1995 Spring (cover & story Willy Cahill vs. Jason Katz);
DOJANG (Pacific Rim Pub.)
1995 April/May (cover & story Byong Hong Yu);
October (cover & story Seung Hyeom);

-- ( F ) --
THE FIGHTER (Michael H. Anderson and Sons Pub. Co. Inc.)
1987 Spring (Volume 1 #1; cover & story Ernie Reyes Sr./ Ernie Reyes Jr.);
Summer (cover & story Bruce Lee/ Sugar Ray Leonard);
December (cover & story Joe Lewis; Bruce Lee);
1988 August (cover & story Bruce Lee; Chuck Norris);
1989 September (cover & story Ralph Macchio/ Pat Morita);
THE FIGHTERS (Rainbow Pub. Inc.)
1974 October (Volume 1#1; cover & story Joey Orbillo);
December (Volume 1#2; cover & story Jeff Smith vs. Darnell Garcia);
1975 February (Volume 2 #1; cover & story Joe Lewis);
April (Volume 2 #2; cover & story Robert Tilden vs. Steve Kijewski);
August (Volume 2#4; cover & story Illustrated by Tony Yamada);
FIGHTING ARTS (Can-Am Media Pub.)
1976 March (Volume 2 #5; cover & story Bruce Lee);
No Date (#16; cover & story Tadashi Yamashita);

FIGHTING STARS (Rainbow Pub. Inc.)
1974 June (Volume 1 #5; cover & story Davide Carradine);
December (cover & story Alejandro Rey vs.Dean Stockwell);
1975 Febraury (cover & story Roger Moore "James Bond");
April (cover & story Ron Ely "Doc Savage");
June (cover & story Bruce Lee);
August (cover & story Bruce Lee);
October (cover & story Robert Lee);
1976 February (cover & story Bruce Lee/ Alex Kwon);
April (cover & story Chuck Norris);
1980 February (cover & story Chuck Norris);
April (cover & story Bong Soo Han);
August (cover & story Chuck Norris);
1981 June (cover & story James Ryan);
August (cover & story Chucki Norris vs. Toru Tanaka);
December (cover & story Dallas Cowboys Tony Dorsett);
1982 February (cover & story Scott Glenn/ Donna Kei Benz);
April (cover & story Ray McCallum vs. Tommy Williams);
June (cover & story Ken Marshall "Marco Polo");
August (cover & story Arnold Schwarzenegger "Conan the Barbarian");
October (cover & story Toshiro Mifune);
Decmber (cover & story Dan Inosanto; Bruce Lee)
1983 February (cover & story Chuck Norris "Lone Wolf McQuade");
1984 August (cover & story Stuart Quan vs. Gary Michak);
1986 February (cover & story Josie Candolita);

Fighting Stars NINJA (Rainbow Pub; Weight for Postage = 135 Grams each);
1985; October (V7 #5; Killer Elite; Korea's legendary SULSA - Hwarang Warriors; Hayes; Hatsumi; Arab Assissins;
Daughters of Death - Hashashin; Robert Bussey; Bar Wars; VG/FN $9);
1986; April (V8 #2; Cover Photo of Dr Tetsuya Higuchi; World Ninja summit; Ninja dreams; Ninja connnection ; Ranger
training; Military-style techniques; Taijutsu - Root of Ninja power; Weapons of Ninja; Mapping a Warriors path; FN $10);
1986; June (V8 #3; Cover Photo of Stephen Hayes & Tom Stowers; Special NINJA CAMP issue; Seminar in snow;
Hatsumi in USA; Ninja night training; Ranger Training; Versatile weaponry of the Sulsa; Night tools & training; FN $10);

FROM BRUCE LEE-TO-THE-NINJAS MARTIAL ARTS MOVIES (Citadel Press Pub.; 1985; Trade Paperback);

-- ( H ) --
HALL OF FAME KARATE (Modern Day Periodicals Inc.)
1975 Winter (cover & story Mike Warren; Bruce Lee; Joe Lewis; Jay T.Will);
HEROES (Heroes Pub. Inc.)
1985 October (Volume 1 #1; cover & story Sylvester Stallone "Rambo");

-- ( I ) --
INSIDE KARATE (CFW Enterprises Inc.Pub.)
1984 December (cover & story The Young Karate Masters);
1985 February (cover & story Takayuki Kubota);
March (cover & story Jhoon Rhee/ John Chung/ Steve Anderson);
1987 October (cover & story Jean Frenette);
December (cover & story Dennis Alexio);
1988 March (cover & story Byung in Lee; June Castro);
1992 December (cover & story Jean Claude Van Damme);
1993 January (cover & story January (cover & story Bolo Yeung);
1994 August (cover & story Hillary Swank);
1997 October (cover & story Michael Jai White "Spawn");
INSIDE KUNG-FU (Inside Kung-Fu Co. Pub.)
Inside Kung-Fu 1974
May (Volume-1#6; cover & story Ed Parker; Ed Parker Commemorative issue; American Karate it's 20th year; Ting Fong
Wong, real Kung-Fu in Buffalo; Black Karate federation article & pinup centerfold; Yin & Yang: Nunchaku - David
Goodman & William Francis; Hung Gar Kung-Fu & Tai Mantis Kung-Fu; FN=$20; or VG=$14);
August (Volume-1 #9; cover & story Kung-Fu for Women, with Hung Gar Kung-Fu & Tai Mantis Kung-Fu, Yang Tai Chi
knife defense, Sil Lum Pai, Wing Chun, 7 Stars Praying Mantis = with Jill Chong, Erika Wong, Diana Yee, Karen Agonza,
Leaa Yen, Rita Pavilionis, Dianne Nishio, Janet Wong & Lorraine MacDonald; Also; Swordsmanship; Acupuncture; MIKE
STONE article & centerfold pinup; Wally Emery; FN $18);
Inside Kung-Fu 1980 June (cover & story Jay T. Will);
Inside Kung-Fu 1981 December (cover & story Jim Lau);
Inside Kung-Fu 1983 August (cover & story Bruce Lee)
September (cover & story Bruce Lee/ Jackie Chan/ Chuck Norris);
December (cover & story James Lew/ Carrie Ogawa-Wong: 10th Anniversary);
Inside Kung-Fu 1984 January (cover & story Tadashi Yamashita vs. Eric Lee);
February (cover & story Adriano D. Emperado);
June (cover & story Jeff Imada);
August (cover & story Ninja Sho Kosugi);
October (cover & story Bira Almeida);
November (cover & story Bruce Lee);
December (cover & story Li Xia);
Inside Kung-Fu 1985 March (cover & story Sifu Adam Hsu);
April (cover & story Hee II Cho);
August (cover & story Randy Williams);
September (cover & story Bruce Lee);
October (cover & story Sho Kosugi);
Inside Kung-Fu 1986 January (cover & story Jon Funk vs. Al Cheng);
May (cover & story Cast of "Big Trouble in Little China");
August (cover & story Bruce Lee);
Inside Kung-Fu 1988 April (cover & story Bruce Lee "Enter the Dragon");
August (cover & story Dr. Ricahrd M. Chin vs. Jeffrey Pascal);
Inside Kung-Fu 1992 June (cover & story Bolo Yeung);
Inside Kung-Fu 1993 February (cover & story David Carradine);
Inside Kung-Fu 1994 January (cover & story Cynthia Rothrock: Jiang Hao-Quan);
October (cover & story Jean Claude van Damme);
Inside Kung-Fu 1995 November (cover & story Graciela Casillas );
Inside Kung-Fu 1996 February (cover & story Renzo Gracie: Steven Segal: Elvis Stojko);
May (cover & story Emin Boztepe);
Inside Kung-Fu 2000 May (cover & story Jet Li/ Zhuang Hui);
INSIDE KUNG FU PRESENTS (C.F.W. Enterprises Inc. Pub.);
1982 November (cover & story "Secrets of the Masters" Soke Takayuki Kubota);
1984 September (cover & story "The Master Ninja" Stephen Hayes);
1985 January (cover & story "The Best of Matial Arts Movies");
1986 January (cover & story "Kung Fu" Way of Life" Bruce Lee/ David Carradine);
May (cover & story "Martial Arts Weapons");
October (cover & story "Ninja Training");
1987 March (cover & story "The Complete Guide to Nunchako" Bruce Lee);
June (cover & story "The Complete Martial Arts Photo Album");
December (cover & story "The Masters Fighting Guide" Eric Lee/ Benny Urquidez);
1988 February (cover & story "Jackie Chan" Jackie Chan);
1989 May (cover & story "Bruce Lee Cover Story" Bruce Lee);
1991 August (cover & story "The Masters'Fighting Guide" Rorion & Rickson Gracie);
November (cover & story "Kickboxing" Kathy Long/ Troy Dorsey/ Bill Wallace);
1994 July (cover & story "Masters and Styles" Haruo Matsuoka);
1975 November (cover & story Show-Ottawa Civic Center)
-- ( K ) --
1965 Fall;
Karate Illustrated 1970 January (Volume 1 #3; cover & story Caylor Adkins/ Ken Osborne);
June (cover & story Joe Corley vs. Steve Smith);
Karate Illustrated 1971
February (cover & story Kiyoshi Yamazaki);
March (cover & story Victor Guerrero vs. Jerry Peddington);
April (cover & story Byong Yu);
May (cover & story Leo Fong);
July (cover & story George Byrd);
November (cover & story Siamese Kick-Boxing);
Karate Illustrated 1972 March (cover & story "Battling Billy" Watson);
July (cover & story Bob Halliburton);
November (cover & story Calvin Lockhart from Movie "Melinda");
Karate Illustrated 1973 January (cover & story Steve Sanders vs. Jerry Smith);
May (cover & story Dan Lee vs. Pete Jacobs);
September (cover & story "The Adventures of Shawn-Tung");
Karate Illustrated 1974 January (cover & story Dan Anderson);
March (cover & story Jerry Piddington vs. Raymod Hubbard);
April (cover & story Jay Hyon);
May (cover & story Donnie Williams);
June (cover & story Yong Kil Kim);
August (cover & story Danny Esquivel);
September Joe Lewis vs. Steve Sanders);
October (cover & story Bob Kurban);
Karate Illustrated 1975 February (cover & story Hidy Ochiai);
March (cover & story New National Karate League);
April (cover & story Johnny Lee);
May (cover & story Parker Shelton);
June (cover & story Hapkido Techniques);
July (cover & story Florida's Mel Wise Fights Leukemia);
August (cover & story Albert Leong);
September (cover & story Dan Ivan);
October (cover & story Ray Sua);
November (cover & story Fumio Demura);
December (cover & story Jeff Smith);
Karate Illustrated 1976 January (cover & story Lindsay "Lenny" Ferguson);
February (cover & story Aau 3rd World Karate Championships);
April (cover & story Top Ten Hits, Anderson, Indinia);
May (cover & story Makoto Ibushi);
June (cover & story Jhoon Rhee);
July (cover & story Al Gene Caraulia);
August (cover & story Flem Evans);
September (cover & story Jay T. Will);
November (cover & story Kang Chu Yi);
Karate Illustrated 1977 January (cover & story Mike Cass);
February (cover & story Ishmael Robles);
July (cover & story Jun Chong);
October (cover & story Toyotaro Miyazaki);
Karate Illustrated 1978 February (cover & story Roy Kurban);
November (cover & story Dong Lim);
Karate Illustrated 1979 March (cover & story Doug Ivan vs. Dave Crockett);
October (cover & story Joe Corley);
November (cover & story Chung Eun Kim);
December (cover & story Gordon Franks);
Karate Illustrated 1980 March (cover & story Steve Chephard);
April (cover & story Hee II Cho);
May (cover & story Keith Vitali);
September (cover & story Larry Kelley vs. Steve Foreman);
October (cover & story George Chung of "Choi's West Coast Demonstration Team");
Karate Illustrated 1981 March (cover & story Bobby Tucker);
Karate Illustrated 1982 March (cover & story Jeff Gripper vs. Erine Hart Jr.);
Karate Illustrated 1983 May (cover & story Stuart Quan);
Karate Illustrated 1985 February (cover & story William Cheung);
Karate Illustrated 1986 April (cover & story William Cheung);
1980 Spring (Volume 1 #1;cover & story Jason Lau);
1989 July/August (Volume 1 #3;cover & story Ralph Maccio "Karate Kid III");
1990 June (cover & story Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles);
1991 April (Volume 1 #5; cover & story Steven Seagal);
July (Volume 1#7; cover & story Arnold Schwarzenegger);
1995 March/April (Volume 5 #4; cover & story Bruce Lee);
1998 April/May (Volume 8 #5; cover & story Mark Coleman);
1993 April (cover & story Richard Branden);
August (cover & story Jeff Speakman);
1995 August (cover & story Kathy Long);
KICK (CFW Enterprises Pub.)
1980 July (Volume 1 #1; cover & story Bruce Lee);
1981 March (cover & story Jackie Chan);
August (cover & story Stephen K. Hayes);
KUNG-FU AND YOU (G.C. London Pub. Corp)
1975 Annual;
KUNG-FU MONTHLY (Fold Out Poster Magazine; Fiona Press Inc. Pub.)
1976 #5 (Cover & Poster Bruce Lee);
#7 (Cover & Poster Bruce Lee);
#8 (Cover & Poster Bruce Lee);
#9 (Cover & Poster Bruce Lee);
#11 (Cover & Poster Bruce Lee);
1977 #16 (Cover & Poster Bruce Lee);
#17 (Cover & Poster Bruce Lee);
#18 (Cover & Poster Bruce Lee);
#19 (Cover & Poster Bruce Lee);
#21 (Cover & Poster Bruce Lee);
#22 (Cover & Poster Bruce Lee);
-- ( M ) --
1972 January (Volume 1 #1; cover & story Joe Lewis vs. Jesse "Atlas" King);
March (Volume 1 #2; cover & story Ron Duncan);
May (Volume 1 #3; cover & story Howarrd Viele and the Kama);
MARTIAL ARTS ILLUSTRATED (Multi-Media Communications Inc.)
1998 October (Volume 1 #3; cover & story Royce Gracie);
1999 April (Volume 1 #1; cover & story Sammo Hung TV's "Martial law");
1993 (No #; cover & story Los Angeles Dodges Ritcher Jim Gott);
MARTIAL ARTS MOVIES (C.F.W. Enterprises Inc. Pub.)
1981 August (Volume 1 #2; cover & story The Ninja: America's Sinister Hew Hero);
September (Volume 1#3; cover & story Chuck Norris);
1982 January (cover & story David Carradine);
February (cover & story Bruce Le aka: Huang Kin-Lung);
March (cover & story Jackie Chan);
May (cover & story Chcuck Norris "Silent Rage");
June (cover & story Arnold Schwarzenegger "Conan the Barbarian");
July (cover & story Scott Glenn and Mifune Toshiro "The Challenge");
September (cover & story Chcuk Norris);
October (cover & story Carter Huang);
M.A. TRAINING (Rainbow Pub. Inc.Pub.)
1994 May (cover & story Jhoon Rhee);
MASTER SERIES (Inside Karate) (C.F.W. Enterprises Inc. Pub.)
1990 November #3 (cover & story Bruce Lee);
MASTER (Pacific Shuai Chiao Pub.)
1992 Summer (cover & story Daniel Weng Shuai Chiao);
MASTERS OF SELF DEFENSE (Countrywide Communications Inc. Pub.)
1974 August (Volume 1#2; cover & story Richard Bowe);
December (Volume 1 #4; cover & story Al Dacascos);
1975 February (cover & story Yoshimitsu Yamada);
April (cover & story C.K.Kim);
June (cover & story Joel Buchholtz);
August (cover & story Jimmie Jones);
-- ( N ) --

 NINJA magazines (Condor Books Inc. Pub.; Title changes to "The Original Ninja" in 1986; Weight for Postage = 150
Grams each)
1984; Warriors Special #2 (cover & story; Snow Ninja - Stealth Tactics for Winter Warfare; **Plus; Art of Invisibility; History
& Techniques of Deadly Shuriken; Battle of the Swords; Kunoichi; Manrikigusati; Flowering the Ninjutsu; Advanced
Weaponry; VG $9.00);
1985; April (#6; Manrikigusati; Kyoketsu Shoge; deadly chain & Sickle; Goton-Po; Taihenjutsu; Chain Lightning; VG/FN
$7) ;
1985; June (#7; Chain Weapons; How Ninja's Learn from Animals; Combat Weapons; Mikkyo: Secret weapon of Ancient
Ninja; Knife Fighting; Kanji: art of writing Ninja; Ninja warefare against terrorism; VF $12) ;
1985; August (#8; Spider Ninja; Ninja Death House; Spirit of Shinobi Warrior; Bo fighting; Star Fighter; FN $8);
1985; October (#9; Dr. Masakki Hatsumi; Fukiya Darts of death; Ninja Fist; Ninja GI; Super Fly; Kaito; Silent Sash; VG $7);
1985; October (#9; Dr. Masakki Hatsumi; Fukiya Darts of death; Ninja Fist; Ninja GI; Super Fly; Kaito; Silent Sash; FN/VF
1985; December (#10; Ninjutsu Code of Honor / Death; Trial by Sword; How kids become Ninja; Silent Stalker; Rolling
Tanto; Jumping Jack Ninja; Ninja knife; Kunoichi in Combat; FN/VF $10);
1986; February (#11; Dr. Masakki Hatsumi; Ninja as Anti-Terrorist; Knife Fight; Killer Kunai; Ninja Diary; FN/VF $10);
 1986; February (#11; Dr. Masakki Hatsumi; Ninja as Anti-Terrorist; Knife Fight; Killer Kunai; Ninja Diary; FN $8);
1986; April (#12; Dr. Masakki Hatsumi; Net Fighting; Stephen Hayes; Battle of Long Weapons; Naginata-Yari:
Spear Fighting; Sword Master; Festival of Iga Ueno; FN/VF $8);
1986; June (#13; Explosive Ninja; Grappling Hook; How the Ninja disappear; Cold weather warriors; Firestar;
Ilan Gattegno; Capture without killing; School for Survivors - IGA Ninja Festival; Centerfold Poster pages 39-42
are missing;rest of mag is VG $4);
1986; August (#14; Secrets of sneak attack; Dr. Masakki Hatsumi; S.W.A.T.; Shadow Masters; Centerfold Poster
pages 39-42 are missing; rest of mag is VG $4);

NINJA SPECIAL; magazines (Condor Books Inc. Pub.;                  Weight for Postage = 150 Grams each);
Summer / 1985; Fighting Ninja (Ismaili Assassins; Ninjutsu the Art of Survival; Harunaka Hoshino; Ninja legacy of
Takamatsu; Knife fighting; Winter warefare tactics; Clothing as a weapon; Handgun Tactics; New weapons; VF $14);
Winter / 1985; Ninja Weapons in Action (Manrikigusari chain of death; Deadly blades; Airborne arsenal; Lethal Shuiken;
Advanced weaponry; Way of the Yawara; Knife fighting & throwing; VG/FN $10);
Spring / 1986; Ninja Combat Tactics (Surviving the multiple attack; Masaaki Hatsumi on Spear fighting; Principles of
Combat Strategy; Silent talk codes for communication; Fire Ninja; Winter warfare; Kunoichi Woman Warriors; Cover Photo
= Mike Stone; FN+ $12);
Summer / 1986; Ninja Secrets of Invisibility; (Vanishing in a puff of smoke; Masters of illusion; Art of Urban Camouflage;
Goton-Po; Principles on evasion & Escape; Wayne Roy of Australia on Jungle Warfare; Snow Ninja; Death House; Ninja
Assassin; Water Ninja; Theories of Stealth; Ninja hand signals; G/VG $7);
NINJA: THE DEADLY WARRIOR (Horizon Pub. Inc.; Weight for Postage = 150 Grams each)
1987 February (Volume 1 #3; Chained Weapons of the Ninja; Secret Ninja; Nin-Ju-Ka Combat weapons; Ninja
Fighting- Bare Fisted self defense; Dark Arsenal of the Ninja; Centerfold Poster pages 33-36 are missing; rest of mag is FN

NIN-JU-KA (Combat Karate Special ; Horizon Pub. Inc./Warner Pub Services; ; Editor = Michael DePasquale Jr;
 Weight for Postage = 150 Grams each)
1986; (Volume 1#1; Combat Kata drills; Weapons section; Karate Hand & Foot fighting techniques; Ju-Jitsu falling
techniques;Self Defense; Judo throws; Karate Kid movie photo's; FN/VF $15);
1986; (Volume 1#1; Combat Kata drills; Weapons section; Karate Hand & Foot fighting techniques; Ju-Jitsu falling
techniques;Self Defense; Judo throws; Karate Kid movie photo's; G/VG $8);

-- ( O ) --
OFFICIAL KARATE (Charlton Pub. Inc.)
Official Karate 1969 June (Volume 1 #1; cover & story John Kuhl of Bryant Park Gym, New York);
October (Volume 1 #3; cover & story Louis Delgado vs. Ron Marchini)'
Official Karate 1970 February (cover & story ICMA Commemorative Karate Championships);
June (cover & story Don Nagel);
Dember (cover & story Jon Kuhl);
Official Karate 1971 April (cover & story Joe Lopez);
August (cover & story Albert Gotay);
October (cover & story Wally Slocki);
Official Karate 1972 February (cover & story Dennis Bootle/ Lloyd Doppman);
June (cover & story Bill Hayes);
October (cover & story Jay t. Will);
December (cover & story John Kuhl vs. Uwe Igel);
Official Karate 1973 February (cover & story Andrew LInick);
July (cover & story Chuck Norris vs. Ray Martin);
August (cover & story S. Henry Cho's 1973 All American Open Karate Championship);
October (cover & story Hugh Kelley);
November (cover & story Alex Sternberg vs. Sam Nussenblatt);
Official Karate 1974 January (cover & story Isaac Henry);
February (cover & story Hidediko Ochiai);
April (cover & story Jae-Hwa Kwon);
June (cover & story Teddy Wong);
July (cover & story Numano);
August (cover & story Bill Wallace);
September (cover & story Tayari Casel/ Little John Davis);
October (cover & story Jimmy Jones);
November (cover & story John Kuhl);
Official Karate 1975 January (cover & story Eizo Onishi);
Febraury (cover & story Angi Uezu);
March (cover & story 1st Southwest Regioal);
April (cover & story Tayari Casel/ He-Young Kimm);
June (cover & story Louis Delgado/ Karriem Allah);
July (cover & story Cliff Kelly);
September (cover & story Flem Evans);
1975; November (cover & story Ed Parker; VF/NM Like new = $15);
Official Karate 1976 January (cover & story Bong Soo Han);
Febraury (cover & story Bob Wall);
March (cover & story Mas Oyama);
April (cover & story Alexander Kwok);
May (cover & story Alex Sternberg);
June (cover & story Ron Rosen/ Ron Duncan/ Ross Scott vs. Johnny Lee);
July (cover & story Jhoon Rhee);
September (cover & story Harry Rosenstein);
Official Karate 1978 April (cover & story Bill Wallace/ Earnie Hart);
Official Karate 1980 Janaury (cover & story Roy Kurban);
February (cover & story Joe Lewis);
April (cover & story IK-Mu Kang);
May (cover & story Earl Smith);
August (cover & story Ninja Weapons);
Official Karate 1983 May (cover & story Frank Van Lenten);
November (cover & story Ronald Duncan);
Official Karate 1985 January (cover & story C.K. Chu);
April (cover & story Jay T. Will);
May (cover & story Joe Lewis);
September (cover & story Herb lamprecht);
Official Karate 1986 Febraury (cover & story Dan Ivan);
May (cover & story Andrew Linick);
Official Karate ANNUAL 1974 Fall (cover & story Bill Hayes/ Ron Duncan);
Official Karate ANNUAL 1975 Winter (cover & story William Louie/ Bruce Lee);
Official Karate ANNUAL 1983 Spring (cover & story Jay T. Wll/ Herb Lamprecht);
Official Karate ANNUAL 1985 Spring (cover & story T. K.Chan);
Official Karate ANNAUL 1986 Spring (cover & story John Kuhl);
Official Karate YEARBOOK 1974 Summer (cover & story Wilfredo Roldan);
Official Karate YEARBOOK 1976 Summer (cover & story Kasim Dubur);
Official Karate YEARBOOK 1978 Summer (cover & story Jay T. Will);
Official Karate YEARBOOK 1979 Fall (cover & story 10th Anniversary);
Official Karate YEARBOOK 1980 Fall (cover & story Billy & Julie Castro);
Official Karate YEARBOOK 1985 Fall (cover & story June & Julie Castro);
1975 August (Volume 1 #1; cover & story Frank Ryan);
October (Volume 1 #2; cover & story Beware Martial Arts Rip-Offs)
April (cover & story Tom Defelice);
June (cover & story the Mysery of Ki);
August (cover & story Isshinryu Karate);
1974 Summer (Volume 1 #1; cover & story Jay T. Will);
Fall (Volume 1#2; cover & story Ron Van Clief);
Winter (Volume 1 #3; cover & story Bob Taiani);
1975 Spring (cover & story Bob Long);
Summer (cover & story Dan Smith/ Ron Marchini/ George Dillman);
1976 April (cover & story Jeff Smith);
August (pages missing);
October (cover & story Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki);
1983 Winter (cover & story William Louie);
1994 Summer (Volume 1 #3; cover & story Mark Dacascos);
Circa 1970(#1); (#2);
1974 July (Volume 1#1; cover & story William Chen);
September (Volume1#2; cover & story J.C. Kim/ Mr. Choi/ Mr. Lee);
October/November(Volume1 #3; (cover & story Aaron Banks);
December (Volume1 #4; cover & story George Cofield);
1975 January (cover & story Chuck Norris);
February (cover & story Rico Mercado);
March (cover & story Ted Vollrath/ Frank Ruiz);
April (cover & story Women Can Fight Back);
June (cover & story Wally Slocki vs. Andy Dion);
July (cover & story Alex Sternberg/ Thomas La Puppet);
September (cover & story "Fighting Arts Team");
November (cover & story Sifu Shum);
THE ORIGINAL NINJA (Condor Books Inc.; Weight for Postage = 150 Grams each)
1986 December (#17; Dr. Hatsumi = Swords; Koppojutsu; 1st Israeli Dojo; VF $9);
1987 January (#18; Shinobi Zue - Hidden Blade - Instant Death; Robert Bussey, training the Ultimate Warrior; Dr. Hatsumi
= Swords; Stephen Hayes; VG/FN $5);
1988 February (#27; Stephen Hayes; Deadly Kaginawa; Ultimate Warrior workshop; Kuji-In, Tai Kai, Tamashi-I; VF $8);
1989 February (#35; FN/VF, but Poster pages 35-50 missing $3);
1991 September (#50; Fear Factor; Ninjutsu's deadly airborne arsenal; Unarmed vs the BO; Leathal Trickery; FN/VF,
Poster is intact $7);

-- ( P ) --
Press Inc.)
1979 (No #);
-- ( R ) --
REMINISCENCE OF BRUCE LEE by Wong Shun-Leung (Bruce Lee Jeet-Kune-Do Pub.; 1978; Trade paperback);
-- ( S ) --
1976; trade paperback);
1986 September (Volume 1 #1);
November (Volume1#2);
-- ( T ) --
1975 June;
TAE KWON DO JOURNAL (Tae Kwon Do Journal Pub.)
1977 Winter (Volume 1 #1);
1978 Summer (Volume 1#2);
Fall (Volume 1 #3);
1983 Summer (cover & story Master J. Lee);
1984 July (cover & story Hee II Cho);
1985 September (cover & story The Kim Brothers of Georgia);
November (cover & story Tiger Kim);
1987 January (cover & story S.T. Choe);
1991 January (cover & story In Hyuk Suh);
July (cover & story Y.K. Kim);
TRADITIONAL TAE KWON DO (Tulsa Graphic Press Inc.)
1975 Summer (cover & story Jeff Smith);
Fall (cover & story Bong Soo Han);
1976 Summer (cover & story Jong Lee);
Fall (cover & story Alex Gwon);
Winter (cover & story David Moon);
1977 September (cover & story He Il Cho);
1977 YEARBOOK (cover, interview & story Master of Knife hand, with In Mook Kim; History of TaeKwon-Do; Philosophy
Competitions; Properties of Water by Sang Kyu Shim; Evaluating Black Belt levels by Suh Chong Kang; Chivalrous Spirit
by Yong-Sun-Kang;Legend of Kwan Chang; TaeKwon-Do vs Boxing, by Leon Snearly; Teaching TaeKwon-Do, to children,
by Roy Kurban; 5th Mid-AmericaTaeKwon-Do Championships in Tulsa, Oklaahoma; Jong Soo Park & Championship in
Etobicoke Canada; Vegas Triple Crown; nice VF = $14);
1977 YEARBOOK (cover, interview & story Master of Knife hand, with In Mook Kim; History of TaeKwon-Do; Philosophy
Competitions; Properties of Water by Sang Kyu Shim; Evaluating Black Belt levels by Suh Chong Kang; Chivalrous Spirit
by Yong-Sun-Kang;Legend of Kwan Chang; TaeKwon-Do vs Boxing, by Leon Snearly; Teaching TaeKwon-Do, to children,
by Roy Kurban; 5th Mid-AmericaTaeKwon-Do Championships in Tulsa, Oklaahoma; Jong Soo Park & Championship in
Etobicoke Canada; Vegas Triple Crown; decentG/VG, but with 1-1/2" x 2" piece off back cover corner = thus G, reading
copy = $8);

-- ( W ) --
WARRIORS (Ideal Pub. Corp.)
1979 June (Volume 1 #1; cover & story Tadashi Nakamura);
1980 March (Volume 1 #4; cover & story John Kuhl);
1984 April (cover & story Ninja Training for Undercover Agents);
June (cover & story Surprise Attacks);
1985 April (cover & story Deadly Hands of the Ninja);

WARRIORS (Self Defense & Survival Today); (Condor Books Inc. Pub.; Weight for Postage = 120 Grams each);
1983; December (#24; Yawara Stick; Ninjutsu Combat training techniquies; Senator D'Amato; Blackbirds Combat Survival
group; Taser; Ruger Mini-14; Submarine school; FN $10);
1984; April (#26; Ninja Undercover agent; Kill your attacker?; Ninja Striking techniques; History of Japanese sword; Quick-
Drawing the shotgun; Stickfighting in streets; Elite Swat Team- West Germany's Sek commandoes; Police Brutality;
Bodyguard; VF $12);
1985; February (#31; Survival techniques of Underground Ninja; Jujutsu block Kick; Killer instinct; History of European
Knife Fighting; Ninja training; War against crime; Streetfighter kickfighting; FN/VF $10);
1985; April (#32; Deadly Hands of the Ninja; defending against weapons with Jujutsu; William Cheung; Impact Warriors -
Tools for deadly strikes; Angola Rebel warriors of Africa; Ranger Olympics; Professional Police training;. .45 vs 9mm;
VG/FN $9);
1985; December (#36; The .25 ACP; Ninja down under - Austrlaina connection; Camouflage; Beat the Street punk; San
Francisco Swat Team; Daewoo Max II; Folding Knives; Combine & Conqueri; Photo cover = Wayne L. Roy of Australia's
Bujinkan Dojo; FN $10);

WORLD KARATE (World Karate Inc.)
1976 July/August (Volume1 #1; cover & story Aaron Banks);
October (Volume 1#2; cover & story Killing a Mugger);
1998 March/April;
WUSHU KUNGFU (Pacific Rim Pub.)
1998 February/march (cover & story Yuan Wen Quing);
1999 May (cover & story Laurence Fishburne);
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SAVE TIME locating the items; (3) GET them from a RELIABLE source; (4) Receive items PROPERLY GRADED by
Condition; (5) Satisfaction Always Guaranteed! >>> MAIL ORDER since 1971, with OVER 25,000 DIFFERENT
Satisfied Customers, with over 250,000 completed Mail Orders!
Condition Scale, from Best at top, to worst at bottom;
>> [Note plus "+" and Minus "-" Grades are not in common use, except on more expensive comics!]
MT = (10.0 Mint); Absolutly Flawless in every way. Mostly a fantasy grade. Out of the 30 to 50 BILLION Comics so far
Printed, so far only about 1000 Comics in Total grade a strict 10.0 or Perfect Mint;        *** [ Imagine that you had 50 hours
to pick the Single Best Copy, out of 5000 Copies on the DAY the item was printed, THAT copy MIGHT approach MINT;
But if you could find the Tiniest of Flaws, inside or outside, where "It could be ever so slightly better", then it is NOT Mint.
Less than 1 in 5000 collectors, will have a single book in their entire collection that grades MINT; At this time there is
  ONE comic in the World, Pre-1980 that is considered MINT; The current market value of a CGC graded 10.0 MT copy,
is 50-100 Times Guide 9.2 price];
MT- (9.9) = MINT minus = Virtually FLAWLESS in EVERY Way, inside & outside. Might have only the tiniest of Flaws,
almost microscopic in size, & probably not visible to the Human Eye, except to the most trained experts. [ current market
value of a CGC 9.9 MT- copy, is 15-50 Times Guide 9.2 price]
NM/MT (9.8) = NEAR MINT to MINT; Only about (1 in 100) to (1 in 1000) Extremely Carefully Hand-Picked still Brand
NEW items can attain this Lofty essentially Flawless Grade. Only the tiniest of nearly invisible flaws is allowed. The
untrained eye will not be able to see a flaw. [ current market value of a CGC graded 9.8 NM/MT copy, is about 6-20 Times
Guide 9.2 price ]
NM+ (9.6) = NEAR MINT plus; Superb & Almost Flawless example. BETTER than MOST items when still Brand NEW on
the Newsstands; MOST Brand New comics on day of release are not this high in grade. IF you get to hand-pick the BEST
copy availiable out of about 50 copies upon day of Release, you will likely have a NM+;           [ current market value of a
CGC graded 9.6 NM+ copy, is about 4-10 Times Guide 9.2 price]
NM = (9.4 Near Mint); This grade is NO LONGER listed in the Overstreet Annual Guide, due to the scarcity. [9.2 is
currently the TOP guide grade] NM copies are almost LIKE NEW, & almost flawless. Most 1976-1985 items are
SCARCE in this grade, if Strictly graded. Most 1975 & Older items are RARE in this grade, if Strictly graded. [Most
1975 & Older Non-Marvel/DC Super-Hero comics are VERY RARE in this grade, MANY with NO KNOWN copies in 9.4
condition]; We Rarely use this grade on our regular inventory, even on Original Un-Used Warehouse copies. [Unlike many
dealers who incorrectly throw the grade around like they are common. If another dealer is NOT charging a premium for
this grade, it is probably not a "True" NM]; Even MANY older Pedigree collection & File copies are not this high in grade
[Most older File-Copies are more in the 9.0 condition range];
  >>> Essentially in Hand-Picked AS NEW, Never Read, Never handled & immediately Bagged and BOARDED
  With only the tinest of Flaws, usually not apparent to the Un-Trained Eye. [About 50% of the BRAND NEW Comics
Printed, do not quite Grade STRICT Near Mint, upon the Day they are released. IF you get to pick the BEST copy
availiable oot of about 10 copies upon day of Release, you will likely then have a NM ]; **** [ current market value of a
CGC graded 9.4 NM Copy, is about 3-6 Times Guide 9.2 price ]
NM- (9.2) = Near Mint minus; Currently the HIGHEST grade listed in the Overstreet Annual Guide. This is about the
AVERAGE condition for a NON hand-Picked comics that is still Brand-New on day of release. Flaws usually include; 1-2
NON Sharp corners OR 1-2 very tiny
 STRESS marks on spine or elsewhere on comic. **** [ Current market value of a CGC graded 9.2, NM- Copy, is about 2
to 4 Times Guide 9.2 price ]
VF/NM (9.0) Very Fine to Near Mint; >>> This is the condition the average NEW ITEM is in on DAY 2-14 after New
Release (after packing, shipping, sorting & NORMAL handling by Distributors, Store Keepers & Customers); Flaws
usually include; 1-3 NON Sharp corners OR 1-4 small STRESS marks on spine or elsewhere on comic. Might have a
small dinged corner. Might have minor spine kinks. Might have MINOR handling wear or MINOR rubbing or shelfwear.
[Often mistaken as NM or NM+ to the untrained eye]; **** [ current market value of a CGC graded 9.0, VF/NM Copy, is
 about 1.5 to 3 Times Guide 9.2 price ]
VF+ (8.5) VERY FINE plus; Basically an overall NM appearance, but with several minor flaws, as described in the 9.0
description. A Scarce "High Grade" for most 1975 & older item's;
VF = (8.0 Very Fine); Nearly AS NEW copy, usually normal minor handling or shelf wear. Most of our Un-Read Original
Warehouse copies fall in this catagory, usually with only minor shelf wear. [ This is the AVERAGE grade for an UN-Used
condition example, or moderately well cared for, comic & magazine of the 1980-1990 period. Most 1980's Collectors did
NOT use STIFF Back-Boards with their comic bags on 1985 & older comics, thus many small flaws have accumulated on
MOST copies on the market & even in MOST Original Owner collections];
  *** [ Many inexperienced sellers, VERY commonly Mis-Grade FN/VF or VF copies as NM or "Mint" on eBay; Many
INCORRECTLY assume if they bought it new & are Original Owner, it has to be "Mint"]; A Scarcer "High Grade" for most
1975 & older item's;
VF- (7.5) VERY FINE minus;
FN/VF = (7.0) FINE to VERY FINE; a Beautiful & WELL Above Average example on most items over 20 years old.
The beginning of "Higher Grade" for most items 1975 & older. An Un-Common Grade for most 1975 & older item's;
FN+ = (6.5) FINE+
FN = (6.0 Fine); Above Average condition, for any comic Pre-1973; a NICE example. NO major problems. Nice, Clean,
Solid & still very attractive example. Average Used condition for comics & magazines of the 1976-1984 period. Possibly
an Un-Read Copy, with light handling, shelfwear, or rubbing wear.
FN- (5.5)
VG/FN (5.0) = VERY GOOD to FINE!
VG+ (4.5);
VG = (4.0 Very Good); Decent average used condition example. No major flaws. Usually a few Reading Stress Lines, & light
edgewear, or minor creasing at corners. Occasionally only a minor amount of Hidden & Non-Obvious Magic Tape repairs
usually inside the covers; (Magic Tape is not allowed on FN or higher grades, unless with specific special mention);
AVERAGE Used Condition Copy, still Collectible & still Attractive with Nice Eye Appeal.
 This is the average condition that 1964-1975 Comics & Magazines are found in!
VG- (3.5);
G/VG = (3.0) GOOD to VERY GOOD!
G+ (2.5);
G = (2.0 Good); Well Used, but still COMPLETE, & intact, but not badly abused copy; Great as a still DECENT Reading
Copy; Appears to have been Read lovingly several times. Still relatively attractive & NOT De-Faced. NO big chucks out,
or NO severe damage. Minor to Moderate amounts of Magic tape Repairs are common & often present in this grade, but
should not detract too much from the "Look" or appeal of the cover. (Defects might include, one or more of the following;
Possible Creases to covers, Cover Partly splitting at spine, light to moderate stains, tears in cover at edges, some soiling
to covers, bumped corners, cover wrinkles, minor small pieces out, etc); This is the average condition that 1933-1963
Comics, Magazines & other items are found in.
G- (1.8);
FA/G = (1.5) FAIR to GOOD!
FA = (1.0 Fair); Very Heavily Used & "Beat Up" Copy, but still complete; Cover is no longer attractive & most wear & tear
is usually to the covers. Interior is typically much better; (Defects might include, one or more of the following; Writing,
creases, rips, Defaced front cover, Stains, Water Damage, heavy tape repairs, fragile covers or pages, cover plit spine,
detatched cover, possibly 5-15% of cover missing, etc); Still great as a Cheap Reading Copy!
PR = (0.5 Poor); Horrible condition, nearly destroyed, usually NOT complete, pieces out, badly defaced, possibly big
chunks of cover missing, etc. Special notes & descriptions usually stated. Often has 3 out of 4 stories complete, & might
be partly readable. Often useful in repairing other copies.A "filler" copy at best, until a better copy comes alomg.
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>> I am a strict and accurate grader. I do NOT overgrade or undergrade. I just try to grade as accurately as the current
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dealing with comic books (which has been my main specialty since 1971).
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