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                       TENDER NOTICE.

No. 6-S/O/Stainless Steel ISM-44 Cutting/ W & S/2008                             Dated :- 08-3-2008.

On behalf of President of India, The Chief Works Manager, Northern Railway Mechanical Workshop
Amritsar invites Sealed Short Term Tender on prescribed form for the following work.

Name of Work                             Approx.        Earnest  Period of Date of           Date of
                                         cost           Money    Contract closing            opening
Collection of Stainless Steel Plates of  48,79,900/- Rs. 97600/- Running 15-04-2008 15-04-2008
different sizes from Amritsar Workshop and                       Contract at 15.00 hrs. at 15.30 hrs.
Cutting to sizes as per drawings, cut to
shape items and Scrap is to be returned
back to Mechanical Workshop Amritsar,
Punjab for 300 Nos. BOXN HL
The detailed particulars of the work will be attached with the tender documents that can be obtained
from in person or through Dak. The tender forms (duly sealed) will be accepted in our office on 15-04-
2008 up to 15.00 hrs. and will be opened on the same day at 15.30 hrs. in the presence of the contractors
or on the next working day, if it happens to be holiday. The tender documents/bids may be purchased
from the office of Chief Works Manager/Amritsar up to 12.00 hrs before the date of closing of tender or
upto 12.00 hrs. on the date of opening of tender on payment of Rs. 1500/- in cash or Rs. 1550/- if
demanded by post or demand draft in favour of Sr. Asstt. Financial Advisor N. Rly. Mechanical
workshop, Amritsar. The tender form can also be downloaded through the official website of Northern
Railway i e and the cost of tender form i.e Rs. 1500/- will have to deposit
in cash while submitting the tender documents in the office of CWM/ASR. The cost of tender will not be
refundable and tender documents are not transferable.
The earnest money will be considered only in cash, Deposit receipts, Pay orders or Demand
Draft issued by any Nationalized Banks in favors of Sr. AFA/N. Rly. ASR A/C “Firm Name”
will not be accepted and tender will be rejected.
On the acceptance of tender, the tenderer shall deposit security money in form of demand
draft/FDR/TDR issued by any nationalized bank equivalent to 5 % of the total accepted cost of the tender
in favour of Sr. Asstt. Financial Advisor N. Rly./Mechanical Workshop Amritsar. (a) Security deposit
will be 5% of the contract value. (b) The rate of recovery will be @ 10% of the bill amount till
the full security deposit is recovered (c) Security deposit will be recovered only from the running
bills of the contract and no other mode of SD such as SD in the form of instruments like BG, FD
etc, will be accepted.
The offer should be valid up to 90 days from date of opening of tender. After submitting tender, tenderer
will not be allowed to withdraw his offer to modify the terms and conditions thereof in any manner what
so ever. The tender box will be kept in the Office of Chief Office Supdt/ W & Store.
The Tenderer should have completed from start to finish at least one similar single work, for a minimum
value of Rs. 17,07,965/- (Rs. Seventeen Lakhs, Seven Thousands, Nine Hundred & Sixty Five Only )(35%
of the advertised cost), in the last three financial years ( i.e current year and three previous financial years).
The Tenderer should have received minimum Rs. 73,19,850/- ( Rs. Seventy Three Lakhs, Nineteen
Thousands, Eight Hundred and Fifty Only) ( 150% of the advertised cost) for the similar work done during
the last three years as per current ITCC.
Tender having cutting, over writing and alteration of tender documents are liable to be rejected.
The tender un-accompanied by earnest money will not be entertained and will be summarily rejected. The
bidders will submit latest I.T.C.C credential and financial capabilities at the time of submission of tender
form or TDS will be deducted as per policy of the Govt. of India.

                                                        for Chief Works Manager,
                                                        N. Rly. Mechanical Workshop,
                           ˆ¢Ö¸ü ¸êü»Ö¾Öê µÖÖ×Ó¡Ö•ú •úÖ¸ü•ÖÖ­ÖÖ †´ÖéŸÖÃÖ¸ü
ÃÖÓ0 6-S/O/Stainless Steel ISM-44 Cutting/ W & S/2008              Dated :- 08-3-2008.
                                                             ※Ô    ´Öê»Ö     ÖŸÖÖ:
                                                                             ¯         cwm-

´Öã•µÖ •úÖ¸ü•Ö-ÖÖ ¯ ÖϲÖÓ¬ÖÖ ˆ¢Ö¸ü ¸êü»Ö¾Öê µÖÖ×Ó¡Ö•ú •úÖ¸ü•ÖÖ-ÖÖ
†´ÖéŸÖÃÖ¸ü ×­Ö´­Ö×»Ö×ÖŸÖ               ­Ö¬ÖÖÔ׸üŸÖ ¯
                          ÖÖµÖÖì êÖ ×»Ö‹ ×                    Ö¸ü
                                                    ÖÏÖê±úÖ´ÖÖÔ ¯
  ÖÖ×¾Ö¬Ößü´ÖÖêÆü¸ü ²Ö¤ü ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ †Ö´ÖÓ×¡ÖŸÖ Ö¸üŸÖê ÆÏü…
•úÖµÖÔ •úÖ -ÖÖ´Ö                         †­ÖôÖÖ×­ÖŸÖ¬Ö¸üÖêÆü¸ü  •úÖµÖÔ ¯     ×-Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ
                                                                          Öæ•ÖÔ •ú¸-Öê           ²ÖÓ¤ü
                                                                                             ×-Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ •Ö
                                         »ÖÖÖŸÖ     ¸üÖ×¿Ö      •ú߆¾Ö×¬Ö •ú¸ü-Öê           -Öê
                                                                              •úßןÖ×£Ö      •úßןÖ×£Ö
Collection of Stainless Steel Plates     48,79,900/- Rs. 97600/-  Running                    פ-ÖÖÓ•ú
of different sizes from Amritsar                                 Contract
                                                                              ÖÖê 15.00 ²Ö•Öê
Workshop and Cutting to sizes as
per drawings, cut to shape items                                                             ÖÖê 15.30 ²Ö•Ö
and Scrap is to be returned back to
Mechanical Workshop Amritsar,
Punjab for 300 Nos. BOXN HL
ÖÖµÖÔ ÖÖ ×¾ÖßÖéŸÖ ²µÖÖî¸üÖ ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ Ö֍֕ÖÖŸÖÖë êÖ ÃÖÖ£Ö ÃÖӻ֍­Ö ÆüÖ
                          Ö                                ÖÏÖ¯
•ÖÖê×Ö ¾µÖ׌ŸÖÖŸÖ¯ºþÃÖê µÖÖ ›üÖÖ êÖ ´ÖÖ¬µÖ´Ö ÃÖê ŸÖ ×ÖµÖÖ •ÖÖ Ã֍֟ÖÖ
Æîü… ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ±ÖÖ´ÖÔ (×¾Ö×¬Ö¾ÖŸÖ ÃÖß ×ÖµÖê ÆÃü‹) Æü´ÖÖ¸êü ÖÖµÖÖÔ»ÖµÖ ´Öë
פ-ÖÖÓ•ú 15-04-2008 ÖÖê 15.00 ²Ö•Öê ŸÖÖ Ã¾Ö                                ˆÃÖ
                                             ÖÖ¸ü ׍ֵÖê •ÖÖµÖêÖê ŸÖ£ÖÖßפ-ÖÖÓ•ú
15.30 ²Ö•Öêê ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ•úÖ¸üÖë •úß ˆ¯                                  ê…
                                        Ö×ãÖ×ŸÖ ´Öë ÖÖê»Öê •ÖÖµÖêÖ µÖפü ˆŒŸÖ
ןÖ×£ÖµÖÖê ÖÖê †¾ÖÖÖ¿Ö „ÖÖê×ÂÖŸÖ ÆüÖê •ÖÖŸÖ ŸÖÖê †Ö»Öê ÖÖµÖÔ ×¤üŸÖÃÖ ÖÖê
×-Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ÖÖê»Öê •ÖÖµÖêÖë… ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ Ö֍֕ÖÖŸÖ ´Ö굅 ÖÖ¸üÖÖ­ÖÖ         ÖϲÖÓ¬Ö•ú
†´ÖéŸÖÃÖ¸ü •êú •úÖµÖÖÔ»ÖµÖ ÃÖê ×-Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ •ÖÖê»Ö-Öê •úß ×ŸÖ×£Ö ÖÖê 12.00 ²Ö•Öê    ŸÖ•ú
1500-/ ºþ0 •úÖ -֍֤ü ³ÖÍ֟ÖÖ Ö¸üê µÖÖ ˆ¢Ö¸ü ¸êü»Ö¾Öê µÖÖØ¡ÖÖ ÖÖ¸üÖÖ­
†´ÖéŸÖÃÖ¸ü •êú ¾Ö׸ü0 ÃÖÆüÖ0 ×¾Ö×¢ÖµÖ ÃÖ»ÖÖÆü•úÖ¸ü •êú ¯   Ö•Ö ´Öë 1550-/ ºþ0 ×›ü´Ö֍›ü
›ÕüÖ±Ö™ü ³Öê•Ö Ö¸ü ›üÖÖ «üÖ¸üÖ ´ÖÖ¾ÖÖµÖê •ÖÖ Ã֍֟Öê Æîü… ™ëü›ü¸ü ±ÖÖ´ÖÔ ˆ¢Ö¸
¸êü»Ö¾Öê •úß †×¬ÖÖÖ׸üÖ ¾Öî¾ÖÃÖÖ※Ô™ü ÃÖê ›üÖˆ­Ö»ÖÖê›ü
•ú¸ü•êú ³Ö߯ ŸÖ ׍֋ •ÖÖ Ã֍֟Öê Æîü ŸÖ£ÖÖ ※ÃÖÖ                -/
                                                   ß»ÖÖÖŸÖ 1500 ºþ0 ™ëü›ü¸ü ±ÖÖ´ÖÔ
•Ö´ÖÖ Ö¸ü¾ÖÖŸÖêê ÃÖ´ÖµÖ ­ÖÖ¤üÖ ´Öë ´Öã0 •úÖ¸ü•ÖÖ-ÖÖ ¯  ÖϲÖÓ¬Ö•ú •êú •úÖµÖÖÔ»ÖµÖ ´Öë
•Ö´ÖÖ •ú¸üÖµÖß•ÖÖ ÃÖÖŸÖ  ßÆî… ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ Ö ß»ÖÖÖŸÖ ™ÕüÖÃÖ±Ö¸ü µÖÖêµÖ  -ÖÆüßÆîü…
                                   Ö       ÖÏÖ¯      ¤ü
¬Ö¸üÖêÆü¸ü ¸üÖ×¿Ö •êú¾Ö»Ö -Ö•ú¤ü ºþ¯ ´Öê ,ú¯ ŸÖ߸üÃÖß , ³ÖÍ֟ÖÖ­Ö
†Ö¤êü¿Ö ×›ü´ÖÖ›Óü ›ÕüÖ±Ö™ü •ÖÖêוú וúÃÖß ³Öß ¸üÖ™Õüß ²Öï•ú «üÖ¸üÖ
•ÖÖ¸üß׍ֵÖê ÖµÖê ÆüÖë ŸÖ£ÖÖ ¾Ö׸ü0 ÃÖÆüÖ0 ×¾Ö¢Ö ÃÖ»ÖÖÆü•úÖ¸ü •êú
ÖÖ ´Öë ÆüÖê …
×-Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ            •úÖ¸ü
                  þÖß              ×­Ö×¾Ö¤ü֍ÖÖ¸ü •Ö´ÖÖ­ÖŸÖ ¸üÖ×¿Ö a)
                                       ÆüÖê-Öê    Ö¸ü
                                                  ¯          ß
ÖÖ­™îüë¸üÖ ´ÖÃ»ÖµÖ êÖ 5% êÖ ×ÆüÃÖÖ²Ö ¾Ö׸ü0 ÃÖÆüÖ0 ×¾Ö¢Öß           µÖ
                 ÖÖ ´Öë ü ²ÖîÖ «üÖ¸üÖ •ÖÖ¸ü
ÃÖÆüÖ»Ö•úÖ¸ü •êú ¯                        ß ×›ü´Ö֍›ü ›ÕüÖ±Ö™ü «üÖ¸üÖ •Ö´ÖÖ
Ö¸ü¾ÖÖµÖêÖÖ… b) ×²Ö»Ö ¸üÖ×¿Ö ÃÖê 10% êÖ ×ÆüÃÖÖ²Ö ÃÖê ŸÖ²Ö ŸÖÖ
Ö™üÖêŸÖ •úß•ÖÖ‹ Ö •Ö²Ö ŸÖÖ ÃÖÖ¸ü •Ö´ÖÖ­ÖŸÖ ¸üÖ×¿Ö Ö¸ü•ú´Ö ¯
       ß          ß               ß                   ß
-ÖÆüß ÆüÖê •ÖÖŸÖß c) •Ö´ÖÖ­ÖŸÖ ¸üÖ×¿Ö •êú¾Ö»Ö “Ö»ÖÓŸÖ ×²Ö»ÖÖê •êú
                                  ß ÖÏ•úÖ¸ü •úß ‹ÃÖ ›üß,²Öß•Öߟ֣ÖÖ
¤ãü¾ÖÖ¸üÖ ÆüߍÖÖ™ü•ÖÖ‹ÖŸÖ£ÖÖ ×ÖÃÖ¯
                   ß    ß
         éÖŸÖ ­ÖÆü •ÖÖ‹Ö
‹±Ö›üßþÖß        ß•úß    ß…
×-Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ •úß ¾Ö֟ÖÖ ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ÖÖê»Ö    -Öê •úß ×ŸÖ×£Ö ÃÖê 90 פ­Ö ŸÖÖ ¾Öî¬Ö
ÆüÖê•Öß ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ¯   ÖÏßÖÃŸÖ Ö¸­Öê     Ö¿“ÖÖŸÖ ×­Ö×¾Ö¤ü֍ÖÖ¸ü ÖÖêÖ-Öß †Ö±Ö¸
                                      •êú ¯                              ¯†
¾ÖÖׯ                         ÖύÖÖ¸ü ÃÖê ※Ã֍Ö
      ÖÃÖ »Öê-Öê µÖÖ ×•úÃÖß³Ö߯                 ß¿ÖŸÖÔ ²Ö¤ü»Ö­Öê Ö†­ÖôÖ×ŸÖ ­ÖÆüß
ÆüÖê•Öß ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ²ÖŒÃÖÖ ´ÖÃ0 ÖÖ¸üÖÖ ¯     ÖÖ ÖϲÖÓ¬Ö•ú •êú •úÖµÖÖÔ»ÖµÖ ´Öë ¸ü•ÖÖ
•ÖÖµÖêÖÖ… Ö×™ÓüÖ Ö                   ²ÖÖ¤ü
                      ßÆÃü※Ô, ÖØ™üÖ êÖ ×»Ö•ÖßÆ※Ôëü, ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ Ö֍֕ÖÖŸÖÖê
´Öê ±êú¸ü²Ö¤ü»Ö •úßÆÃü※Ô ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ¸ü¦ü¤ü Ö ß•ÖÖ Ã֍֟ÖßÆîü /
™îü›Óü¸ü¸ü «üÖ¸üÖ ×¯                ­Ö
                          Ö”×»Öê ŸÖß ×¾Ö×ŸÖµÖ ¾ÖÂÖÖì ´Öë Ö´Ö ÃÖêÖ Ö´Ö
¹ý¯                    ÖµÖê ÃÖ¡ÖÆ »ÖÖ•Ö ÃÖÖŸÖ Æü•ÖÖ¸ü -ÖÖîê ÃÖÖî ¯
   ÖµÖê 17,07,965/- (¹ý¯                                           ÖÓîÃÖšüü
•êú¾Ö»Ö ) ÖÖ ÖÖê※Ô ‹Ö ÖÖµÖÔ ×ÖµÖÖ ÆüÖê­ÖÖ “ÖÖ×Æü‹…
™îü›Óü¸ü¸ü «üÖ¸üÖ ×¯               -Ö                           ÖµÖê 73,19,850/-
                         Ö”×»Öê ŸÖß ¾ÖÂÖÖì ´Öë •ú´Ö ÃÖêú •ú´Ö ¹ý¯
(¹ý¯                              ÃÖ
    ÖµÖê ŸÖêÅŸÖ¸ü »ÖÖ•Ö ˆ­­Öß Æü•ÖÖ¸ü †Öšü ÃÖÖî ¯     Ö“ÖÖÃÖ •êú¾Ö»Ö) †Ö※Ô .
™üß ÃÖß .ÃÖß . êÖ †­ÖÃÃÖÖ¸ü ※ÃÖŸÖ¸üÆü •úê •úÖµÖÔ êÖ ×»Ö‹ ³ÖÍ֟ÖÖ­Ö
¯ ŸÖ וúµÖÖ ÆüÖê …

×-Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ¬Ö¸üÖêÆü¸ü ¸üÖ×¿Ö •êú ײÖ-ÖÖ Ã¾Öß           ê
                                            •úÖ¸ü -ÖÆüß •úß •ÖÖµÖêÖŸÖ£ÖÖ ˆÃÖß
ÃÖ´ÖµÖ †Ã¾Öß                        …
             •úÖ¸ü •ú¸ü ¤üß •ÖÖµÖêÖ ²ÖÖê»Öß ¤üÖŸÖÖ ×­Ö×¾Ö¤üÖ ±ÖÖ´ÖÔ •Ö´ÖÖ
Ö¸ü¾ÖÖŸÖê ÃÖ´ÖµÖ ­Ö¾Ö  ­ÖŸÖ´Ö †Ö※Ô.™üß
                        ß                 .ÃÖß îêÓÖ›Óêü×¿ÖµÖ»Ö ŸÖ£ÖÖ ×¾Ö×¢ÖµÖ
                                       .ÃÖß   .,
           ÖÏßÖÃŸÖ Ö¸êüÖë…

                                        éÖŸÖê ´Ö굅 ÖÖ¸üÖÖ­ÖÖ
                                       ˆ0¸êü0µÖÖØ¡ÖÖ ÖÖ¸üÖÖ­ÖÖ †´ÖéŸÖÃÖ¸üü

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