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05 Dec 2009


									Florida Division of Emergency Management - State Watch Office
Published:          Saturday, 5 December 2009
State Emergency Operations Center:                             Level - 3 Normal Monitoring
 Watch Officer:                         Eric Conklin           850-528-7526
 Duty Officer:                          Eric Conklin           850-528-7526
 Operations Officer:                    Jim Lawhon             850-413-9900
 Plans Officer:                         Larry White            850-413-9973
 Meteorologist:                         Amy Godsey             850-617-9121
 Public Information Officer:            Mike Stone             850-528-8975
 ESF- 8:                                Bobby Bailey           850-251-0743
Regional Coordination Team                     County Location                   Status
Team Leader - Roy Dunn:                        Leon                              Mission Capable
 Region 1 - Tom Smith:                         In Region                         Mission Capable
 Region 2 - Bryan Lowe:                        In Region                         Mission Capable
 Region 3 - Jim Britts:                        In Region                         Mission Capable
 Region 4 - Paul Siddall:                      In Region                         Mission Capable
 Region 5 - Jim Roberts:                       In Region                         Mission Capable
 Region 6 - Lee Mayfield:                      In Region                         Mission Capable
 Region 7 - John Scott:                        In Region                         Mission Capable
COMMUNICATIONS: State Watch Office
 Phone:                       800-320-0519
 SLERS:                       DEM Statewide
 EM Constellation:  
                                                         Status             R1     R2       R3     R4      R5    R6   R7

 Airports Status:                                 All Airports open.

 Border Security:                                No issues reported.

 Communications:                                 No issues reported.

 Cyber Security:                                 No issues reported.

 Energy Status:                                  No issues reported.

                                             One or More Nuclear Power
 Nuclear Power Plants Status:                Plants Are Operating At Less
                                                Than Normal Capacity.

 Public Health Advisories:                   No Public Health Advisories.

 Seaports Status:                               All Seaports are open.

                                               No Major Road Closures
 Transportation Status:                              Reported.

The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) is currently at a Level 3 (Monitoring) Activation Status.

Crystal River NPP Unit 3 is shut down for refueling. Turkey Point NPP Unit 4 is shut down for refueling.

Regions 6 Coverage: Region 4 Paul Siddal is coverning Manatee, Sarasota, DeSoto and Charlotte. Region 5 Jim Roberts
is covering Okeechobee, Glades and Highlands. Region 7 John Scott is covering Collier, Lee and Hendry. Please notify
Region 6 Lee Mayfield on all incidents in his Region.
Florida Division of Emergency Management - State Watch Office
Published:          Saturday, 5 December 2009
METEOROLOGY:                                                             STATUS BY REGIONS
Threat                                                                     R1     R2       R3      R4       R5      R6       R7

 Lightning:                                                                                 L       L                M       M
 Flooding:                                                                  L      L                M
 Damaging Wind:                                                                                     L        L       M       M
 Tornado:                                                                  M       M                M
 Hail:                                                                                                               L       L
 Freeze:                                                                   M       M
 Rip Currents:                                                              L      L        L       M
 Space:                                                                                           LOW
 Lake Okeechobee Status:                                                        13.54 ft, about 1.30 feet below normal

State: A warm front has lifted across Central and South Florida this morning, making way for a low pressure in the eastern
gulf to move through the peninsula before the afternoon. After the low clears the state, a cold front associated with the low
will push back across Central and Southern Florida this afternoon, clearing skies and limiting rain chances. Until then, there
remains a threat for severe weather across the peninsula in the warm section of the front, and a tornado watch has been
issued for South Florida until 3pm this afternoon. With any of these storms across the peninsula lies a threat of damaging
wind gusts up to 70mph and possibly some small hail stones. The threat will diminish quickly this afternoon. Rainfall
accumulations will not exceed 0.5 inches across Central and South Florida.

Extremely cold wintery air is expected to filter into North Florida as the cold front moves through the state and a Freeze
Watch has been issued for the panhandle and western portions of the Florida Big Bend and a Freeze Warning is in effect for
the western panhandle until 8am EST Sunday.

A River Flood Warning is in effect for the St Marks River near Newport, the Choctawhatchee River at Caryville, the
Apalachicola River near Blountstown, and the Shoal River near Crestview. Flooding is expected to continue for several more
days. An aerial Flood Watch continues for West-Central Florida until 1pm this afternoon.

There is a moderate threat of rip currents along West-Central and Southwest Florida beaches today due to the cold front
moving across the region.

Drought: The Keetch-Byram Drought Index (KBDI) average for the State of Florida is 341 on a scale from 0 (extremely
moist) – 800 (extremely dry).

Lake Okeechobee average elevation is at 13.53 feet today, about 1.3 feet below normal.

Space Weather: Very Low.

December 5, - (Florida) Everglades restoration advocates hail beginning of Tamiami Trail bridge.
How big was Friday's Tamiami Trail bridge ground-breaking for Everglades restoration advocates and managers? The
words ``significant'' and ``momentous'' flowed. There were Everglades-themed cupcakes, iced in stripes of blue and green.
VIPs from Washington and Tallahassee, topped by U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, abounded among nearly 300
guests. Even Miss Florida, Rachel Todd, who has been volunteering for the Everglades Foundation, showed up adorned in
sash and tiara. And a grizzled veteran of the 20-year legal, political and bureaucratic battles to overhaul a road that has
blocked the flow of the River of Grass for 80 years confessed to being moved to tears. ``We're moving again. Finally,'' said
Terrence ``Rock'' Salt, a deputy assistant secretary of the Army who oversees the Corps of Engineers, which is building the
$81 million, one-mile bridge. Salt summed up the sentiment, and relief, that work was finally beginning on a bridge that is
the final big piece of work Congress approved in 1989 to get more water to parched Everglades National Park and Florida

December 3, Associated Press - (Florida) Security stepped up for Fla. football trifecta. The rollout has begun for
stepped-up security measures at Miami's three major postseason football events: the Orange Bowl, Pro Bowl and Super
Bowl No. 44. Law enforcement and security officials were showcasing bomb squad robots, portable X-ray machines and
armored SWAT vehicles Thursday at Land Shark Stadium. The Super Bowl is annually designated as a special security
event and is considered a potentially high-value terrorist target. Officials wanted to emphasize the ability of federal, state
and local agencies to cooperate and communicate. The joint security plan is being put into effect for college football's
Orange Bowl on Jan. 5. That's followed by the Jan. 31 Pro Bowl and Super Bowl on Feb. 7.
Florida Division of Emergency Management - State Watch Office
Published:         Saturday, 5 December 2009

December 3, - (National) New York Testing Emergency Alerts Over Xbox, PlayStation, Wii Online
Networks. To expand the avenues through which New York residents are able to receive alerts about disasters and
emergencies, the state is working with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo — the makers of Xbox, PlayStation and Wii,
respectively — to broadcast alerts over the vendors’ online gaming networks. In January, Microsoft announced that it had
sold 28 million Xbox consoles worldwide and its online gaming community, Xbox Live, had grown to more than 17 million
members. To provide the ever-growing society of online gamers with a way to receive emergency alerts that doesn’t force
them to quit their games, New York is interested in adding an option for people to add gaming networks as a way to receive
emergency alerts from NY-Alert. “We’ve been working with the vendors because we know there are a lot of people in the
society — and not just necessarily adolescents or teenagers — but a lot of people are into these community games,” Dennis
Michalski, spokesperson for the New York State Emergency Management Office.

       Eric K. Conklin,              Digitally signed by Eric K. Conklin, Planning Manager
                                     DN: cn=Eric K. Conklin, Planning Manager, o=FDEM,

       Planning Manager    , c=US
                                     Date: 2009.12.05 10:16:53 -05'00'

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