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									                                      SOUTHERN RAILWAY

                                                                          Headquarters Office,
                                                                          Personnel Branch,
                                                                          Chennai- 600 003.

No.P(S) 98/IV/P/Vol.XI                                                    November 10 , 2009

Dy.CE/EWS/AJJ, SPO/Stores/PER, Manager/Printing Press/RPM

       Sub:      Engagement of Course Completed Act Apprentices .

       Ref:      This office letters of even No. dated 01/07/2009, 11/09/2009 and

1.      The list of Course Completed Act Apprentices who have been screened and found
suitable for engagement as Substitutes in Railway Establishments is enclosed. The same is
also available in the Southern Railway Website “” and Railnet
(address ).

2.     The Division/Department in which they are to be engaged is also detailed there in.

3.     The following methodology has been adopted in distributing the candidates to various

3.1.   296 selected candidates as per seniority are first allotted to divisions in the
       following order:

       1. MAS          2. TPJ         3. MDU         4. SA       5. PGT     6. TVC

3.2.   After allotting the candidates in the above order to the                   Divisions,
       Department-wise allotment are made in the following order:

              1. Mechanical           2. Electrical      3.Operating

3.3.          The summarized position of the above is as under:

               Divisions                                                  Total
                           Mechanical       Electrical       Operating
                 MAS            Nil             Nil             Nil        Nil
                 TPJ            Nil             Nil             Nil        Nil
                 MDU            54               -               -         54
                  SA            36              19              20         75
                 PGT            23               -              25         48
                 TVC            63              41              15        119
                G.Total         176             60              60        296


3.4.   Balance candidates in the selected list numbering 234 are allotted to
       Engineering Department and distributed to various divisions in the following

                      1.   MAS       -   Nil
                      2.   TPJ       -   60
                      3.   MDU       -   60
                      4.   SA        -   45
                      5.   PGT       -   29
                      6.   TVC       -   40
                           Total     -   234

4.          The candidates who have been found suitable may report immediately to the
Division concerned to take up their engagement order.

4.1.   The engagement of these Act Apprentices as Substitutes is provisional
       and subject to the final outcome of WP No.8821/2007 pending before the
       Hon'ble High Court of Madras and OA No.632/2009 pending before the
       Hon'ble Central Administrative Tribunal/Madras Bench.

4.2.   These Substitutes will not be considered for regularization till the
       finalization of recruitment by Railway Recruitment Cell/Chennai as per the
       Notification dated 24.11.2007.

5.        The engagement of these 530 Act Apprentices has the personal approval of the
General Manager.

5.1.        The individual allotment to Divisions/Departments has the approval of CPO.

Encl: Annexure-1 in 21 pages.

                                                          (MEENA BASKARAN)
                                                       Asst. Personnel Officer/M&E
                                                        for Chief Personnel Officer

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