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					                               News Release for Oyen to Lyalta Railway

                               Communities and Producers join to SAVE

                                         Oyen to Lyalta Rail Line

On November 18, 2009, Canadian National Railway (CNR) filed formal notice with the Canadian
Transportation Agency for the authority to abandon 177.80 miles of the Goose Lake Line
servicing Saskatoon to Calgary, namely, track between Oyen & Lyalta, Alberta. This is CNR’s
initial step in removing rail service to rural communities between Oyen & Lyalta, & from
Saskatoon to Calgary along this rail line, forever!

Palliser Regional Municipal Services has retained RailWest Management Limited, a consulting
firm with successes working with producers, negotiating with CNR, & assisting producers with
starting up short rail line companies. Diligent work by both parties has produced a feasibility
study and business plan supporting the purchase & establishment of a short rail line between
Oyen & Lyalta, owned & operated by producers & other interested parties. (To find out more
about the study, go to or call 1-877-854-3371.)

On Dec 15, 2009, a board of 20 volunteer directors was established to oversee the purchase of
the Oyen to Lyalta rail line. These directors consist of producers, rail preservationists, & other
active individuals from communities from Oyen to Lyalta. The immediate role of these
directors is to gather “seed funds” to support an Offer to Purchase the rail line from Oyen to
Lyalta. The proposed Offer to Purchase will outline the purchase of the line from Lyalta to
Hanna & outline a 20 year lease for the line from Hanna to Oyen. This proposed offer will
reduce the purchase price for the rail line for our investors to a manageable level. The
directors’ goal is to raise a $250,000 deposit to submit with the formal offer to purchase to CN.

Prospective buyers have until Feb 15, 2010 to submit a formal offer to CNR to purchase this rail line. If
there are no successful offers submitted by this deadline, CN will tear up the rail & sell the rails for
salvage! What an opportunity for producers & rural communities to participate in the
ownership of this rail line by investing in shares of this local rail company. By doing so, you will
help establish a viable alternative for marketing agriculture commodities & you will help commercial
development in communities along this rail line!

Presently, agriculture commodities are hauled to market via transport trucks on our highways.
With the development of this rail line, an alternative method of marketing will now provide an
alternative to producers. Grain producers will have the ability to self load rail grain cars at a site
designated by grain producers. Shipping grain by rail, will remove 2 super B tractor trailers
from our road for every grain car filled, & it is an effective method in reducing the carbon
footprint left by the agriculture industry on our environment; it is a proactive step to reducing
green house gas effects on our environment. Shipping grain from several producers at one
time increases the cost effectiveness of rail transport over highway transport, & increases
effective time management for producers during busy harvest & marketing deadlines. What
about other agriculture products & commodities? It sure will provide a reasonable alternative
than what is available now!

Meetings are being held in the following communities to provide additional information to
interested parties & they will also provide you an opportunity to purchase shares in the local
rail company. Come to our Shareholder Offering Meetings:

Tuesday Jan. 19, 2010:
      10 AM- Drumheller Civic Centre (over the Library)
       2 PM- Dalum Community Hall, Dalum
       6 PM- Rockyford Community Centre, Rockyford
Wednesday Jan. 20, 2010:
      10 AM- Oyen Senior Recreation Centre, Oyen,
       2 PM- Palliser Regional Municipal Services Boardroom, 115 Palliser Trail, Hanna
       6 PM- Delia Community Centre, Delia

Keeping this once vital trade corridor between Saskatoon & Calgary active can only have a
positive impact on communities along this line. Why is Canada removing rail lines while other
countries like the USA are increasing & adding new rail lines? Canada currently has 53 rail lines
transporting 75% of Canadian freight traffic and moving 72.3 million passengers yearly, yet
generates only 3% of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions. These rail lines operate 775 trains a
day in Canada and 100 trains a day cross the border between Canada and the United States.
(These are figures provided by the Rail Association of Canada.)

We have seen the negative effects on our rural communities with the removal of rail service!
Now CN is providing us with the opportunity to purchase this rail line & keep it active! Have a
positive impact on your community & invest in shares to help keep this rail line active! You can
have input into developing a competitive, viable alternative to marketing producer agriculture
commodities & help developing a rural commercial market.

If you share in this vision & you see this rail line as a vital link to the future, then we need your
support! Purchase your shares before Feb 15, 2010. Once the rail is gone, it is gone forever!

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