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Railway Equipment Certification in Compliance with Industry Standards

The identification of defects in rail components has played an important role in the Railway Industry. Worn out
rails, weld problems, internal defects, cracks and other issues can all lead to breaks and derailments. The
challenge faced by clients is when to conduct inspections to identify these potential risks and how to develop the
necessary steps for maintenance and prevention.
                                                                                                RELATED SERVICES
The coordination and facilitation of global Quality Assurance activities requires a firm
                                                                                              Bureau Veritas offers a wide range of
with unique domestic and international networks. Bureau Veritas’ coordinators have            services related to Rail and Equipment
established procedures, whereby, regardless the geographic location, our clients can          Inspections:
expect a uniform level of Quality Assurance.
                                                                                              • Shop Auditing and Verification
                                                                                              • Expediting
                                                                                              • In-Service Inspections
                                                                                              • Intermodal Inspections
SOLUTION                                                                                      • Non Destructive Testing
                                                                                              • Certified Welding Inspections
What is Railway Component Inspection?                                                         • Welding Procedure Specifications
The Inspection of Railway Components consists of providing independent quality reviews          Consultation
                                                                                              • Weld Procedure Review
and “hands on” activities of inspectors from the specification stage through final            • Welder Qualifications Review
production. Our inspectors monitor the production processes (including control of             • Welding Consulting
materials, subassemblies and final assembly), non-destructive weld evaluations,               • Protective Coatings
dimensional conformance reviews, and protective coating inspections. In-service               These services are built to be
inspections include damage verification, post repair, on-hire, off-hire as well as repair     compatible and can be combined to
shop audits and evaluations to reduce non-physical errors in the fabrication process.         generate efficiency, consistency and

Bureau Veritas’ contemporary experience includes inspections during the fabrication of
Special Trackwork including Turnouts and their components such as: Switch Points, Frogs, Guard Rails, Tie
Plates, Gauge Rod, and Concrete and Timber Ties. Our team is skilled with New Construction and In-Service
inspections of owned and leased Locomotives, both Passenger and Freight Railcars, and their components such
as: Axles, Wheels, couplers, cushioning units, air brakes, Trucks, Traction Motors, Lighting, Doors, Brakes,
Seats, Pantographs and AC Systems.

Our staff is equally experienced with the provision of Quality Assurance services associated with the procurement
of Stock Rail. Our staff routinely evaluates the conformance of New Rail to both industry and customer
specifications, performs non-destructive evaluation of Continuous Welded Rail in-shop and Thermite Welds in the
field, and classifies Used Rail.

Further illustrating the comprehensive nature of our Quality Assurance services, Bureau Veritas offers our
clients the expertise of our staff in matters regarding the Condition Assessment of in-place passenger railcars.
These services typically involve an evaluation of both the car’s interior, from a health and safety perspective, as
well as the car’s exterior, from the wear-and-tear perspective.
Knowledge and Expertise         Our qualified representatives are extremely well educated in the applicable
inspection codes and guidelines such as AREMA, with specific knowledge in Manual for Railway Engineering,
“Specifications for Steel Rail; Fabrication of Continuous Rail; Thermite Welding”; American Welding Society
(AWS) D1.1 and D1.5; AASHTO; ASTM Standards E10, E142, E164 and E709; AISI; and SSPC.

Network      With more than 33,000 employees in 850 offices and laboratories covering 140 countries, Bureau
Veritas is able to act quickly on its clients' behalf anywhere in the world.

Online Reporting Services       Our exclusive password secured extranet, BVNet enables clients to monitor
progress of their shop inspections worldwide. BVNet facilitates follow-up, speeds reporting, and can be
customized to specific client needs.

Our Railway inspection staff’s repertoire has developed to include a wide range of services from the review and
commentary on Welding Procedure Specifications to Non Destructive Testing or Acceptance Testing. The
influence of our staff’s presence on the shop floor during fabrication sets a tone that helps drive the
manufacturing of a quality product in a timely manner. We have tailored our operating procedures and developed
the professional credentials of our staff, specifically to secure the highest levels of manufactured product quality.
Assignments are performed in accordance with our internal Quality Program which is compatible with those
created by international and national standards or professional organizations. The scope of the assignment can

    Assembly Inspection                                     Pre-inspection/Preproduction Meetings

    Documentation Packages                                  Non-destructive Testing

    Full Expediting Services For The Order                  Test Stand Performance Acceptance Testing
    In Process Inspections of Manufacturing &
                                                            Packing & Shipping Operations
    Intermediate Testing Operations
    Plant QA, QC Audits                                     Sub Vendor Inspections

If my equipment is manufactured oversees how does communication work?
Bureau Veritas would assign a primary office in the US to be in contact with the overseas locations. The primary
US office would be responsible for the international communications and coordination; the client would only need
to speak with one local office.

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