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									Ultrasonic Phased Array Systems
                               For Rail Wheel Inspection

                          Shown above is a Krautkramer test fixture

Economical ultrasonic phased array systems save time and
money in rail wheel inspection
Cut changeover downtime to just seconds                More consistent test accuracy & documentation
• Rapid, reproducible, PC controlled setups            • Entire test area is electronically scanned for
• No adjustments of individual probes or                 a complete, uniform test and increased
  mechanical fixtures                                    defect detectability
• Less operator intervention                           • Electronic scanning and focus provide full
                                                         test coverage
Eliminate system and test failures                     • Software captures a permanent record of test
• Electronic beam steering requires no moving
   scanning parts that could fail and cause            Contact your local Krautkramer Sales Rep or visit
   costly shutdowns                                    www.krautkramer.com for more detailed information.
• Arrays are sized and shaped to fit any wheel size
*Systems can be supplied to meet AAR and/or customer
Custom designed wheel inspection systems
to meet user requirements and mandated test criteria
Some recent, expensive derailments have been                                       These benefits are provided by the Krautkramer wheel
attributed to wheel failures. This has led the AAR,                                inspection systems which can be interfaced to
rework facilities, and wheel manufacturers to                                      existing computer networks to provide documented
increase wheel scrutiny, particularly with regard to                               inspections for all wheels in your facility. If this is not
shattered rim failures caused by porosity or                                       required, standalone systems can record and retrieve
inclusions. The inspection standards adopted in the                                inspection data for individual wheels, providing
late 1960’s are under review and new inspection                                    documented inspection details. All systems provide
criteria are being developed. Automated inspection                                 up to 90% tread inspection with increased defect
systems are increasingly being adopted by wheel                                    detectability.
manufacturers and rework facilities to meet the
following criteria:                                                                * Operator input is required for initial calibration only
• Improved defect sensitivity
• Better defect detection                                                          Specifications
• Increased volumetric coverage                                                    Number of elements in a standard system
• Reduction in signal–to–noise ratio                                               256
• Consistent and repeatable inspection                                             Max number of elements to fire as one group
• Less operator intervention and computer                                          32
  compatibility                                                                    Max number of group firing sequences
                                                                                   256 Controllable features per firing sequence
                                                                                   Delay per element
The Krautkramer ultrasonic phased array systems                                    0 to 2.5 microsecs in 2.5 nanosecond steps
provide all of the above in a versatile package that                               Start element
can be supplied in a variety of configurations:                                    Programmable
                                                                                   Group size
• Electronics only – for interfacing with existing                                 Programmable
  mechanical handling systems                                                      Pulser voltage
• Electronics plus mechanics – for replacing existing                              65 volt into 50 ohms negative spike
                                                                                   Amplifier bandwidth
  mechanical systems or new installations
                                                                                   .025 – 12 MHz
• Operator free systems* – allow systems to run                                    Max PRF
  unattended and operators are alerted to any                                      20 kHz
  defect indications                                                               Pre amplifier gain
• Operator controlled systems – where operator                                     ± 10 dB in 0.1 dB steps
  input is considered essential                                                    Digitization resolution
• Automatic wheel size recognition and system                                      50 MHz
  configuration is an option that can be installed at                              The above details are based on previously supplied
  system installation or later during the life of the                              systems. Because Krautkramer designs and
  system if desired.                                                               manufactures all phased array components, we are
                                                                                   able to offer custom solutions to users and
                                                                                   application requirements.

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