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									             N AMES     OF K REMENETS R ABBIS , M O HELS , & O FFICIALS
                        From the Kremenets Vital Records & Other Documents
                                         Proofed and Edited
                   Dr. Ronald D. Doctor, Co-Coordinator, Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP
                                          5 February 2010

This list contains names of Rabbis, Mohels, and Jewish community officials from the following vital
records of Kremenets.

      Births: 1870 & 1871, 1893 & 1894
      Deaths: 1870 through 1872

As a convenience to researchers, we also have integrated surnames that occur in the two Kremenets
Yizkor Books, the series of Booklets published by the Kremenets Association of Emigrants, and the
Pochayev Yizkor Book. And, we have added names extracted from the Jewish Encyclopedia article
about Kremenets (

The table is alphabetized according to the Hebrew surname. Transliteration is based on the guidelines
developed by the Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP. Where the guidelines are ambiguous, we have relied on
Beider’s book, A Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names for guidance. To resolve any remaining
ambiguity in the Hebrew transliteration, we have used the Russian pronounciation as a guide to the
English spelling.

How to read Source and Location Information:

As noted above, the List derives from two types of sources: Vital Records and Yizkor Books. Surnames
are in alphabetic order using the Hebrew transliteration.

      Vital Records

For Vital Records, the second column gives you the LDS Microfilm Number, tells you what type of
record this is (B=Birth, M=Marriage, V=Divorce, D=Death), and in what year the event occurred.

      Example: 60B1870 means that the microfilm number is 2086060, the record is a birth record, and
      the birth occurred in 1870.

The third column identifies the file number from the corresponding cd-rom data disk. It also tells you
whether the event involves a male, female or both (F=female, M=Male, x=both, as in a marriage), as
well as the sequential event number.

      Example: 351 F43 in combination with 60B1870 means that this record is the 43rd female birth in
      1870. The record is in file 351 on LDS disk (microfilm) 2086060. Each record on the microfilms is
      uniquely identified in this way.

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                                          Names of Rabbis, Mohels, & Officials

      Yizkor Books

For Yizkor Books, the second column identifies the Yizkor Book by name of the Editor (Stein, Lerner, or
Gelernt), or by Booklet number. The Organization of Kremenets Emigrants produced a series of Booklets
beginning in 1967 with Booklet 1 and ending in 1982 with Booklet 18. Over the course of those 16 years,
the title of the Booklet and the list of editors changed. We refer to these Booklets by number in the list
below. A typical bibliographic citation, Goldenberg …, is given below. A complete bibliography of the 18
Booklets is available in the translation of Pinkas Kremenets on the JewishGen website and on the
Kremenets Shtetlinks website (

      Stein, Abraham Samuel. (ed.) (1954). Pinkas Kremenitz (Pinkas Kremeniec: A Memorial, sefer
      zikharon). Tel Aviv, Israel: Former residents of Kremenets in Israel. One volume, 453 pp., Hebrew
      & Yiddish.

      Lerner, P. (ed) (1965). Kremenits, Vishgorodek un Pitshayev; yisker-bukh (Memorial Book of
      Krzemieniec). Buenos Aires: Former residents of Kremenits and vicinity in Argentina. One
      volume, 468 pages. Yiddish.

      Gelernt, H. (ed.) (1960). Memorial book dedicated to the Jews of Pitchayev-Wohlyn executed by the
      Germans (Pitshayever yisker-bukh). Philadelphia: The Pitchayever Wohliner Aid Society. One
      volume, 311 pages. Yiddish. (Note: Pochayev, or Pitshayev, 50° 01’/25° 29’, 11.8 miles WSW of
      Kremenets. Pitshayev also is included in the Kremenets Yizkor Book published in Argentina.

      Goldenberg, M., Y. Rokhel, A. Argman, M. Ot-Iker, Yehoshua Golberg (eds.) (1974). Kol yotzei
      Kremenits baYisrael v’batfutsot (Voices of those who departed Kremenets, in Israel and the Diaspora),
      Booklet 11, 58 pp., Hebrew-Yiddish. Title on back cover is "Kremenitzer Landslayt Shtime, in Yisrael,
      in Oysland." Published by Organization of Kremenets Emigrants, 67 La Guardia St., Tel Aviv,
      Israel 67221 [Note: This is one of a series of 18 Booklets published by the Organizaton of
      Kremenets Emigrants.]

The third column gives the page number(s) on which the surname appears.

      Jewish Encyclopedia, Online Edition

The Kremenets article is from the online version of the Jewish Encyclopedia
(, which originally was published in 12 volumes between 1901 and 1906.
References in this Index to the article about Kremenets (Kremenetz in the JE) are identified in the Source
Column by the abbreviation JE, and in the Record Location column by the Search Term, Kremenetz.

Corrections to this Index are welcome. If you see any names in need of correction, or if you find other
errors in this list, please contact me via e-mail.

                                                                                               Ronald D. Doctor
                                                             Co-Coordinator, Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP/JRI-Poland


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                                    Names of Rabbis, Mohels, & Officials

                        Hebrew                   Russian             Record Location

                                           Khirits, Shaia        60D1872        State Rabbi?
                 Aaron Samuel, Rabbi,                               JE           Kremenetz
                  of Kremenets, (1563)
                 Aharon, Rabbi                                   YB-Stein       Endnote 39
                 Altira, Avraham        Altira, Avrum            60B1871          Mohel
                 Asher, Khasher         Asher, Khasher           60D1871        State Rabbi
                 Averbakh, Aryeh Lev,                               JE          Kremenetz
                  father of R’ David
                  Zebi (1793)
                 Avraham Khazzan, R’                                JE           Kremenetz
                  of Kremenets (1510)
                 Avraham, R’ of                                     JE           Kremenetz
                  Kremenets (Council
                  of 4 Lands, 1595)
                 Berinshteyn, Yosef     Beranshtejn, Ios         60B1870           Mohel
                 Betsalel, Rabbi                                 YB-Stein           15
                 Cohen, Zalman, father-                             JE           Kremenetz
                  in-law of Yitskhak
                  Ber Levinsohn
                 David Zebi ben Aryeh                               JE           Kremenetz
                  Lev Auerbach, R’ of
                  Kremenets (1793)
                 Emer, Mendil                                    64M1899           Rabbi
                                                                               Neeman (Fiscal
                 Gelis, Avraham                                  63B1893          Officer)
                 Grinbarg, Avraham         Grinbarg, Abram       60B1871          Mohel
                 Grindel                                         60B1870           Rabbi
                 Grindel, U.                                     60B1870           Rabbi
                 HaCohen, Rabbi Isaac,                              JE           Kremenetz
                  of Kremenets (1573)
                 HaCohen, Rabbi
                 Heler, Rabbi Yitskhak                           YB-Stein        57, 58, 210
                  from Korilovka
                                                                 60B1871        State Rabbi ?
                 Hindes, Asher             Gindis, Usher         60D1872            Rabbi
                 Hindsev, U.               Gindeyev, U.          60D1871         State Rabbi
                 Hurvits, Rabbi                                  YB-Stein           17, 43
                 Jacob Israel, Rabbi &                              JE           Kremenetz
                   Preacher of
                   Kremenets (1788)

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                                   Names of Rabbis, Mohels, & Officials

                          Hebrew              Russian              Record Location
                 Jaffe, Rabbi Mordekhai                           JE        Kremenetz
                   of Kremenets (1590)
                 Johanen ben Meir,                                JE          Kremenetz
                   Rabbi of Kremenets
                 Kharson, Shamay                               63B1893           Gabay
                 Khayim, Rabbi (1648)                          YB-Stein      16, Endnote 39
                   see also, Ashkenazi
                 Kremenetz, Rabbi
                   Joseph of Moghilef
                   (Podolia), 1757                                JE          Kremenetz
                 Krisbarg, Leyzir       Krysberg, Leyzor       60B1870          Mohel
                 Kuibyeda, the                                    JE          Kremenetz
                   Alderman (1556)
                 Kunin, Dov                                    63B1893        State Rabbi
                 Levinsohn, Rabbi Isaac                           JE          Kremenetz
                 Levinson, Rabbi                               YB-Stein       52, 151, 196
                   Yitskhak Ber (See
                   also Solomon,
                 Levinzon, Rabbi                              Booklet 11       17, 23, 52
                   Yitskhak Ber
                 Levinzon, Rabbi                              YB-Lerner         190, 196
                   Yitskhak Ber
                 Levinzon, Rabbi                               YB-Stein       47-49, 71-77,
                   Yitskhak Ber                                               213, 284-299
                 Liva ben Bezaleel,
                   Rabbi                                         JE           Kremenetz
                 Luria, Rabbi Shlomo                           YB-Stein          15
                 Mandiuk, Rabbi                                YB-Stein            83
                 Marder, Rabbi                                 YB-Stein           363
                 Meir, Rabbi of
                   Kremenets (mid
                   1600s)                                         JE          Kremenetz
                 Melmal                 Mejlmal                60B1871          Mohel
                 Mendyuk, Rabbi                                YB-Stein          105
                                        Mojelman, Gerts
                 Mihalman, Hirts        Moel’man, Gerts        60B1871          Mohel
                 Mordekhay ben                                    JE          Kremenetz
                   Michael, R’ of
                   Kremenets (1817)
                 Mordekhay’li, Rabbi                           YB-Stein            91

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                                   Names of Rabbis, Mohels, & Officials

                        Hebrew                   Russian           Record Location
                 Moshe Kharif Khayim,                             JE        Kremenetz
                  R’ of Kremenets
                 Moshe Shalom, Rabbi                              JE         Kremenetz
                  of Kremenets (1617)
                 Moshkeh’le, Rabbi                             YB-Stein        91-92
                 Phoebus, Rabbi of
                  Kremenets (1770)                               JE          Kremenetz
                 Rapaport, Rabbi                               YB-Stein         366
                  Yekhiel Yitskhak
                 Roykhel A.                Rojkhel, A.         60D1872         Rabbi
                 Sag, Shlome             Sag, Shliome          60B1893         Mohel
                 Samuel, Rabbi of                                 JE         Kremenetz
                   Kremenets (1690)
                 Sanderovich, Rabbi                            YB-Stein         57
                 Semashko, the                                   JE          Kremenetz
                   Alderman (1556)
                 Shalom Zebi ben                                  JE         Kremenetz
                   Naphtali Rokeakh of
                   Brody, R’ of
                   Kremenets (1811)
                 Shmuel, Rabbi of                              YB-Stein          15
                   Kremenets (1563)
                 Simson ben Bezaleel,
                   Rabbi of Kremenets
                   (c.1600)                                       JE         Kremenetz
                 Solomon, Jekuthiel, ggf
                   of R’ Isaac Ber
                   Levinsohn                                      JE         Kremenetz
                 Tsukerman, Duvid                              63B1893         Mohel
                 Vinik                                         64M1899         Rabbi
                 Yitskhak, Rabbi, Chief                        YB-Stein         43
                   Judge in Belza
                 Yosef, ba”a Rabbi                             YB-Stein      Endnote 39
                   Aharon (1648)
                 Yosef, R’ of Kremenets                        YB-Stein          16
                 Yospe, Moshe            Yoshpy, Moshko
                 Yoshpa, Moshe           Yoshpa, Moshko        60B1870         Mohel

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