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   Nationality     Title        Surname     OtherNames               Institution                   Speciality               Email
Algeria          Dr        Alleg          Nalik Said         NOR                           NOR                        NOR
Algeria          NOR       Alia           Khedidja           NOR                           NOR                        NOR
Algeria          NOR       Belaadi        Salah              NOR                           Chemical Engineering       NOR
Algeria          Dr        Benachenhou    Abdellatif         NOR                           Economics                  NOR
Algeria          NOR       Benmansour     Leila              Chimique, Universite de  Chemistry                       NOR
Algeria          Dr        Bouazza        Abdelmalek         NOR                           Geotechnical Engineering   NOR
Algeria          Dr        Bourenane      Naceur             NOR                           Sociology and Economics    NOR
Algeria          Dr        El‐Keinz       Ali                NOR                           Philosophy                 NOR
Algeria          Dr        Maiassi        Nabil              INES/SM Annaba                Nuclear Medicine           NOR
Algeria          Dr        Malou          Mohamed            Hospital Durban, CHU          Hematology                 NOR
Algeria          NOR       Mansouri       Noura              NOR                           Engineering                NOR
Algeria          Dr        Ould‐Kaddour   Fouzia             Physique, Institut des        Physics                    NOR
Algeria          Dr        Souames        Ahmed              Economics Research for        Mathematics                NOR
Algeria          Dr        Zitouni        Abderrachid        and Safety in Algiers, HCE,2  Health Physics             NOR
Angola           Dr        Garcia         Jose               NOR                           Anthropology               NOR
Angola           Dr        Mankenda       Ambrose            Mines                         Economic Geology           NOR
Angola           Dr        Nsalambi       David              do Dessenvolvimento rural  Veterinary Medicine           NOR
Benin            Dr        Adam           Kolawole Sikirou   Benin                         Geography, Cartography     NOR
Benin            Dr        Aplogan        Aristide           ORSTOM de Lome                Medicine                   NOR
Benin          Dr    Boko           Michel          National University of        Physical Geography       NOR
Benin          NOR   Houssou        Segbe           Climatologie, Universite      Geography/Climatology    NOR
Benin          Dr    Oyede          Lucien Marc     Universite Nationale du       Geology                  NOR
Benin          Dr    Prudencio      Yves Coffi      Tropical Agriculture          Agricultural Economics   NOR
Botswana       Dr    Colegrave      R.K.            University of Botswana        Mathematics              NOR
Botswana       Dr    Mazonde        Isaac Ncube     University of Botswana        Social Anthropology      NOR
Botswana       Dr    Mpuchane       Sisai           Sciences,University of        Microbiology             NOR
Botswana       Dr    Sibiya         Bonginkosi      Geology,University of         Geology                  NOR
Burkina Faso   Dr    Ardjouma       Ouattara        Recherche Scientifique et     Human Geography          NOR
Burkina Faso   Dr    Hien           Victor          Ingenieur de recherche        Agrodepology             NOR
Burkina Faso   Dr    Ouegraogo      Jean‐Baptiste   Sciences Sociales et          Anthropology             NOR
Burkina Faso   Dr    Sawadogo       Laya            Rectorat Versailles           Endocrinology            NOR
Burundi        Dr    Bashahu        Mathias         Physics,Faculty of            Physics                  NOR
Burundi        Dr    Kaburungu      Salvator        University of Burundi         Agronomy                 NOR
Burundi        Dr    Karangwa       Desire          University of Burundi         Mathematics              NOR
Burundi        Dr    Katihabwa      Joseph          Department,Faculty of         Physical Chemistry       NOR
Burundi        Dr    Ndabaneze      Pontien         Sciences,University of        Botany                   NOR
Burundi        Dr    Ndeberi        Jean            Agriculture,Ministry of       Plant Tissue Culture     NOR
Burundi        Dr    Nizigiyimana   Aloys           Sciences,University of        Biology                  NOR
Burundi        Dr    Ntahuga        Laurent         University of Burundi         Anatomy;Primatology      NOR
Burundi        Dr    Rusuku         Gerard          Rwanda Faculte                Phytopathology           NOR
Burundi        Dr    Shabani        Juma            Educational,Scientific and    Mathematics/Physics      NOR
Cameroon       Dr    Acho           Thomas M.       Mathematics,University of     Applied Mathematics      NOR
Cameroon       Dr    Bopelet        Marc            NOR                           Animal Physiology        NOR
Cameroon       Dr    Dongmo         Jean‐Louis      Science,University of         Human Geography          NOR
Cameroon       Dr    Eckebil        Jacques P.      Cooperation,IITA              Plant Breeding           NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Foahom         Bernard           Forestry Research Station     Entomology                   NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Forje          John Wilson       NOR                           Political Science            NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Fotso          Laure Pauline     Informatics,University of     NOR                          NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Fouda          Efa               Energies                      Solar Energy                 NOR
Cameroon   NOR    Garba          Messomo           Nutrition Research, I.M.P.H   Food Science                 NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Jato           Gamngong          Research and Studies of       Pharmaceutics                NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Kapseu         Cesar             Department,National           Process Engineering          NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Lantum         Daniel Noni       Universite de Yaounde         Medicine                     NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Dicoum         Adele M.          Medical Research Centre       Endocrinology                NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Mbah           David Akuro       Technical Research            Genetics                     NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Mbi            Christiana Nso    Pharmaceutical Chemistry,     Phytochemistry               NOR
Cameroon   Prof   Tchouangep     Felicite          Biochemistry,Faculty of       Biochemistry                 NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Mboudou        Augustin Marie    Humaines                      Economics                    NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Nangah         Chebesi John      IRA Centre,Ekona              Rubber Agronomy              NOR
Cameroon   Prof   Ndongko        Theresa           of Buea                       Educational Administration   NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Ndongko        Wilfred Awung'    Sciences                      Economics                    NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Ngala          George Ndzi       Government High School        Plant Pathology              NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Ngu            Joseph Njimbidt   Demographic Research          Economics                    NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Ngu            Victor Anomah     Laboratory,University of      Cancerology                  NOR
Cameroon   NOR    Njomgang       Claude            Recherches Economiques        Economics                    NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Nkwi           Paul Nchoji       Anthropologists               Anthropology                 NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Nsahlai        Ignatius Verla    Research Institute,(ILRI)     Animal Nutrition             NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Nsamenang      Bame Augustine    Sciences                      Child Psychology             NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Nya‐Ngatchou   Jean              Superieur et de la            Agronomy                     NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Oben           Don               Commission for                Agricultural Economics       NOR
Cameroon   Dr     Onguene        A.M.              ITA,Maroua                    Pedology                     NOR
Cameroon        Dr     Pelle           Roger            Research Institute           Molecular Biology              NOR
Cameroon        Dr     Sama            Joseph Nkwain    Economics and                Agricultural Economics         NOR
Cameroon        Dr     Tamboue‐Soppe   Helene M.        Department,University of  Organic Chemistry                 NOR
Cameroon        Dr     Tawah           Chi Lawrence     Research Institute           Animal Science                 NOR
Cameroon        Dr     Tchegho         Jean‐Marie       NOR                          Demography                     NOR
Cameroon        Dr     Tedonkeng       Etienne Pamo     Science,University of        Economics                      NOR
Cameroon        Dr     Tonye           Jean             Research                     Agronomy                       NOR
Chad            Dr     Alhabo          N.Ahmad          NOR                          Mathematics                    NOR
Chad            Dr     Bendima         Saldj Asso       NOR                          Microbiology                   NOR
Chad            Dr     Gongnet         Pafou            EISMV                        Animal Nutrition               NOR
Chad            Dr     Tabo            Ramadjita        ICRISAT‐WASIP                Agronomy and Plant Genetics    NOR
Congo           Dr     Bani            Gregoire         Agricole ORSTOM              Agricultural Entomology        NOR
Congo           Dr     Bikinkita       Daniel           NOR                          Veterinary Science             NOR
Congo           Dr     Bouramoue       Christophe       Marien Ngouabi University Medicine                          NOR
Congo           Dr     Doulou          Victor           NOR                          Physiology                     NOR
Congo           Dr     Dzoumba         Jeanette         Universite Marien Ngouabi Mathematics                       NOR
Congo           Dr     Ekouya          Alphonse         Universite Marien Ngouabi Organic Chemistry                 NOR
Congo           Dr     Ellaly          Gaston Gabriel   d'Initiation des Projets de  Electro‐chemical Engineering   NOR
Congo           Prof   Silou           Thomas           Universite Marien Ngouabi Chemistry/Biochemistry            NOR
Cote d'Ivoire   Prof   Eholie          Rose Hubertine   Techniques,Laboratoire de  Physics                          NOR
Cote d'Ivoire   Dr     Ehui            Simeon Kacou     Research Institute           Agricultural Economics         NOR
Cote d'Ivoire   Prof   Seri            Bialli           d'Abidjan,Faculte des        Psychophysiology               NOR
Cote d'Ivoire   Prof   Seri            Dedy             de I'Universite d'Abidjan    Ethno‐Sociology                NOR
Cote d'Ivoire   Dr     Sery            Gerard Djedje    the Improvemen of Banana Agronomy                           NOR
Cote d'Ivoire   Dr     Toure           Saliou           Mathematiques                Analysis                       NOR
Cote d'Ivoire   Prof   Yace            Ignace           Cote d'Ivoire                Geology                        NOR
Cote d'Ivoire   Dr     Yapi‐Gnaore     Chia Valentine   Research Institute           Animal Science            NOR
Egypt           Dr     Abdallah        Amin M.          Cairo University,Giza,Egypt Geology                    NOR
Egypt           Dr     Abdallah        Esmat            Institute                    Electronics               NOR
Egypt           NOR    Abdeldayem      Siham J.         Ophthalmology                Immunology                NOR
Egypt           Prof   Abdelfattah     Fahmy Iman       Pathology,Research           Ophthalmic Surgery        NOR
Egypt           Dr     Abd‐El‐Galil    Awatef           NOR                          Science Education         NOR
Egypt           Prof   Abdelhardy      Yehia            Cairo University             Exploration Geophysics    NOR
Egypt           Prof   Abdel‐Khalek    L.M.R.           Pathology,Research           Medicine‐pathology        NOR
Egypt           Dr     Abdel‐Rahman    Moustapha        Pathology,Research           Prosthodontics            NOR
Egypt           Prof   Abdelwahab      Ahmed            Department,Electronics       Artificial Intelligence   NOR
Egypt           Prof   Abdou‐Habib     Antoinette       Shams University,Egypt       Botany/Cytogenetics       NOR
Egypt           Prof   Abed            Ehsan Mostafa    Institute,Informatics        Computer Engineering      NOR
Egypt           Dr     Abou El‐Ella    Wasel            Department,Faculty of        Dairy Sciences            NOR
Egypt           Dr     Abou‐Zeid       A.               Department,Ains Shams  Entomology                      NOR
Egypt           Dr     Abou‐Zeid       Nabil Y.         Research and Technology Applied Organic Chemistry      NOR
Egypt           Dr     Adham           Khadiga          Science,University of        Zoology                   NOR
Egypt           Dr     Afifi           Mahmoud N.       NOR                          Medicine and Surgery      NOR
Egypt           Dr     Ahmed           Elsayed          Institute,National Research  Computer Engineering      NOR
Egypt           Dr     Ali             Mohammad         NOR                          Monetary Economics        NOR
Burundi         Dr     Ntakarutimana   Vestine          University of Burundi        Clinical Biochemistry     NOR
Egypt           Dr     Ali             Metwally         Ophthalmology                Histology                 NOR
Egypt           Dr     Ali             Moones A.        NOR                          Ophthalmology             NOR
Egypt           Dr     Aly             Halim            NOR                          Economics                 NOR
Egypt           Prof   Ashour          Attia            Department,Faculty of        Mathematics               NOR
Egypt           Prof   Assi            Abdel‐Azim       Pharmacology,Faculty of  Pharmacology and Toxicology   NOR
Egypt           Dr     Attia           Yahya Desouky    NOR                          Physical Planning         NOR
Egypt   Prof   Awad          A.               University                   Space Science            NOR
Egypt   Dr     Azer          George Philip    Department,Faculty of        Sedimentary Petrology    NOR
Egypt   Dr     Belal         Ahmed Esmat      Brance,Assiut                Physical Electronics     NOR
Egypt   Dr     Eid           Ahmed            Institute,Microwave          Microwave Engineering    NOR
Egypt   NOR    Eid           Siham            Ophthalmology                Pathology                NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Ashry      Mohamed T.       World Resource Institute Environmental Science        NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Bakry      Mahmoud          Institute,National Research  Power Electronics        NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Baz        Farouk           Sensing,Boston University Geology                     NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Bendak     A.               Fibres                       Chemistry                NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Dessouki   Tawfik           University,Heliopoles,Roxy, Physics                   NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Din        Maisa Noun       Ophthalmology                Hematology               NOR
Egypt   Dr     Eldiwany      Esam A.          Institute                    Electronic Engineering   NOR
Egypt   Dr     Elewa         Maysa M.         Systems,Electronics          Engineering              NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Far        Talal            Ophthalmology                Ophthalmology            NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Fouly      Mostafa          Centre,Botany Department Plant Nutrition              NOR
Egypt   Prof   El‐Hefnawi    Fatma M.         Institute,National Research  Engineering              NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Hefnawi    Said Helmi       Institute,National Research  Electronics              NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Ibiari     Nagwa Naga       Engineering                  Chemical Engineering     NOR
Egypt   Prof   El‐Kattan     Nagah            Military Technical College Physics                    NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Khodary    Saheir El Said   Department,Faculty of        Cytogenetics             NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Naby       Salah Hassab     Laser,Cairo University       Physical Engineering     NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Nadi       Maksoud          Physics,Faculty of           Nuclear Physics          NOR
Egypt   Prof   Elnagdi       Mohamed Hilmy    Department,Cairo             Chemistry                NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Refaei     Mohamed          Ophthalmology,Academy  Physics                        NOR
Egypt   Dr     El Sayed      El Sayed M.      Ain Shams University         Physics                  NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Sawalhy    Alaa             Ophthalmology                Anaesthesia              NOR
Egypt   Prof   El‐Shafey     Azza Mohamed    Shams University             Botany,Physiology              NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Shahawy    Mohamed A.      Meteorological               Physics                        NOR
Egypt   Dr     El‐Shazli     Mohamed         Ophthalmology                Microscope                     NOR
Egypt   Prof   El‐Sherbini   Mahmoud         Department,Faculty of        Physics                        NOR
Egypt   Dr     Eskander      Mona Naguib     Institute,National Research  Conversion                     NOR
Egypt   Prof   Eskarous      Josephine K.    University                   Microbiology‐Virology          NOR
Egypt   Dr     Fahmy         F.              Centre,Electronics           Research                       NOR
Egypt   Dr     Ghallab       Sayed           Studies,Cairo                Historical Geography           NOR
Egypt   Dr     Habib         Abdou           Shams University             Botany(Cytogenetics)           NOR
Egypt   Dr     Hafez         Mahmoud         Entomology,Faculty of        Entomology                     NOR
Egypt   Dr     Hamdy         Wafaa           Ophthalmology,Cairo          Anaesthesiology                NOR
Egypt   Dr     Hawash        Salwa Ismail    Engineering and Pilot        Chemical Engineering           NOR
Egypt   Dr     Hebeish       Ali             Research and Technology Chemistry                           NOR
Egypt   Dr     Hegazi        Nadia H.        Institute                    Computer Engineering           NOR
Egypt   Dr     Huzzayin      Soliman Ahmed   of Egypt                     Demography                     NOR
Egypt   Dr     Ibrahim       Hamdi           Ophthalmology                Ophthalmology                  NOR
Egypt   Prof   Kebeasy       Mohamed         Geophysics,Helwan,Egypt Seismology                          NOR
Egypt   Dr     Khater        Faeka M.H.      Institute,National Research  Engineering                    NOR
Egypt   Dr     Kotb          Nadia Ali       Ophthalmology                Paediatrics                    NOR
Egypt   Dr     Maamoun       Abdel‐Hamead    Institute                    Power Electronics              NOR
Egypt   Dr     Madi          Saad            Zimbabwe,Metallurgical  Metallurgy                          NOR
Egypt   Dr     Mashali       Samia A.        Institute,Cairo,Egypt        Computer Engineering           NOR
Egypt   Dr     Mohsen        Mohammed        University,Physics           Nuclear Spectroscopy           NOR
Egypt   Dr     Moussa        Ali Helmy       Shams                        Physics and Computer Science   NOR
Egypt   Prof   Mustafa       Omeima          Ophthalmology,Cairo          Virology                       NOR
Egypt   Dr     Naguib        Ahmed Ibrahim   Genetic Engineering and  Biotechnology                      NOR
Egypt      Dr     Nassar        Mohamed           Department,Electronics       Computer Communication      NOR
Egypt      Dr     Nasser        M.I.              Physics,National Research    Physics                     NOR
Egypt      Dr     Rizk          Akmal             Ophthalmology                Ophthalmology               NOR
Egypt      Dr     Rostom        R.S.              of Agriculture and           Engineering                 NOR
Egypt      Dr     Sabaa         Magdy W.          Chemistry,Faculty of         Organic Chemistry           NOR
Egypt      Dr     Safar         Elmeya            Parasitology                 Parasitology                NOR
Egypt      Dr     Safwat        Ali               Agriculture,Minia            Agricultural Microbiology   NOR
Egypt      Dr     Said          Sayed             Al Ahram Newspaper           Political Science           NOR
Egypt      Dr     Salah‐Eldin   Fatma             Ophthalmology                Hematology                  NOR
Egypt      Prof   Salama        Abdel‐Rahaman     Centre,El‐Tahrir,Cairo       Entomology                  NOR
Egypt      Dr     Sallam        Abdel Sattar      Shams University             Biophysics                  NOR
Egypt      Dr     Selim         Younis Saleh      Science,Alexandria           Nuclear Physics             NOR
Egypt      Dr     Shalaby       Mahmoud           Science,University of        Entomology                  NOR
Egypt      Dr     Soliman       Wahid             Standards                    Chemistry of Explosives     NOR
Egypt      Dr     Soliman       Nadia             Ophthalmology                Medical Microbiology        NOR
Egypt      Dr     Springuel     Irina Vasilevna   University,Aswan,Egypt       Ecology                     NOR
Egypt      Dr     Wagih         Rashid Elsayed    Agriculture,Papua New        Breeding                    NOR
Egypt      Dr     Wahsh         Said              Laboratory,Electronics       Electrical Engineering      NOR
Egypt      Dr     Zakhary       Sayed             Ophthalmology                Physiological Optics        NOR
Egypt      Dr     Zaki          Aziza M.          Energy Conversion            Electrical Engineering      NOR
Eritrea    Dr     Beraki        Tesdayo Hannes    Department,University of     Industrial Management       NOR
Eritrea    Dr     Ghebru        Bissrat           Aquatic Sciences,Asmara      Applied Genetics            NOR
Eritrea    Dr     Habtetsion    Semereab          Resources,Ministry of        Solid State Physics         NOR
Eritrea    Dr     Zeningle      Ghidei            Mathematics,University of    Differential Equations      NOR
Eritrea    Dr     Zekeria       Zekerim           Mathematics,University of    Mathematics                 NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Abate         Dawit             Biology,Addis Ababa          biotechnology               NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Abate       Tsedeke         Research                    Entomology                   NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Abayneh     Mikyas          Department,Addis Ababa      Civil Engineering            NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Abdi        Yusuf           University of Addis Ababa   Psychology                   NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Abegaz      Berhanu M.      Addis Ababa University      Organic Chemistry            NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Adege       Negatu          Geological Survey           Engineering Geology          NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Ahmed       Abdelkarim      NOR                         Development                  NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Ahmed       Abdulhamid I.   and Gynaecology,Gondar      Obstetrics and Gynaecology   NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Ahmed       Ahmed ALI       Pathology,Addis Ababa       Health,Epidemiology          NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Amha        Wolay           Agriculture                 Agricultural Marketing       NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Ammanuel    Tukue           Agriculture                 Nutrition                    NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Armidie     Asseffa         Sciences                    Medical Microbiology         NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Asfaw       Tesfaye Lemma   Laboratory,Ethiopian        catalysis                    NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Ashagari    Dereje          Ministry of Agriculture     Plant Pathology              NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Ashenafi    Mogessie        Microbiology and            Food Microbiology            NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Assefa      Habtu           Centre,Institute of         Plant Pathology              NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Bantayehu   Gelaw           CIMMYT                      Plant Breeding               NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Bechere     Efrem           Agriculture,Debre Zeit      Plant Breeding               NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Bekele      Afework         Department,Faculty of       Systematics                  NOR
Ethiopia   NOR    Bekele      Girma           NOR                         Veterinary Medicine          NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Benti       Tolessa         Research,Bako Research      Plant Breeding               NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Beyene      Fekadu          Agriculture                 Technology                   NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Birke       Lakew           Research Council            Agricultural Economics       NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Chanyalew   Demese          Economics and Business      Agricultural Economics       NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Dagne       Ermias          Addis Ababa University      Chemistry                    NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Dagne       Kifle           Addis Ababa University      Genetics                     NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Dagnew      Melakeberhan    Sciences                    Service Management           NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Desta            Azeb            Ababa University             Teacher Education           NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Desta            Belachew        Ababa University             Pharmaceutical Chemistry    NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Desta            Zeruesenay      Pharmacology,Gondar          Experimental Pharmacology   NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Duguma           Bahiru          IRA/ICRAF                    Agroforestry                NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Gebre            Assefa          Agroeconomics and            Agricultural Economics      NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Gebre‐Amalak     Assefa          Agriculture                  NOR                         NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Gebre‐Mariam     Zinabu          Agriculture                  Limnology                   NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Gebremedhin      Tadesse         IAR                          Entomology                  NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Gebre‐Michael    Teshome         Pathobiology,Addis Ababa     Medical Entomology          NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Gebre‐Yohannes   Afeworki        of Health                    Medical Microbiology        NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Gedlu            Etsegenet       Science                      Paediatrics                 NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Gemetchu         T.              Parasitology,Addis Ababa     Parasitology                NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Habte            Demissie        Paediatrics,Faculty of       Paediatrics                 NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Haile            Geremew         University,Awassa College    Plant Breeding              NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Haile            Mitiku          Mekelle University College   Pedology                    NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Haile Micheal    Kidane Mariam   Centre,Nairobi,Kenya         Plant Breeding              NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Hailu            Wudnesh         Agriculture                  Nutrition                   NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Itanna           Fisseha         Agriculture                  Nutrition                   NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Kabede           Fekadu          Ababa University             Geophysics                  NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Kibreab          Tadesse         USAID/Mali                   Soil Science                NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Kidanu           Aklilu          Research                     Demography                  NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Kinfu            Yamrot          Anatomy,Faculty of           Anatomy                     NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Lemaga           Berga           Research,Holetta,Ethiopia    Horticulture                NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Lemma            Aklilu          Development Centre           Biology                     NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Makonnen         Eyasu           Pharmacology,Faculty of      Pharmacology                NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Mekonnen         Negussu         Pharmacy,Addis Ababa         Clinical Pharmacy           NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Mekonnen       Yalemtsehay     Biology,Faculty of           Animal Physiology           NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Menberu        Dirshaye        NOR                          Pharmacy                    NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Mengesha       Yoseph Asesn    Physiology,Faculty of        Circulation Physiology      NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Mengestou      Seyoum          Ababa University             Limnology                   NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Mengistu       Gemene          and Medical Faculty,Addis    Clinical Immunology         NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Meskal         Fisseha Haile   Health                       Parasitology                NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Moges          Ghirma          Chemistry,Addis Ababa        Analytical Biochemistry     NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Negash         Legesse         Biology,Faculty of           Plant Physiology            NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Nemomissa      Sileshi         Ababa University             Plant Biosystematics        NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Nigatu         Lisanework      Agriculture                  Plant Ecology               NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Nigatu         Yitbarek        Agriculture                  Plant Physiology            NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Redda          T.H.            Ababa University             Nero‐epidemiology           NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Berhane        Mariam          Research Centre,Alemaya      Animal Breeding             NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Tadesse        Eyob            and Gynaecology              Medicine                    NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Tadesse        Tarekegn        Geological Surveys           Structural University       NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Taha‐Sherief   Hassen          Physiology,Faculty of        Cardiovascular Physiology   NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Taticheff      Seyoum          of Health                    Parasite Immunology         NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Tefera         Hailu           Research Centre              Plant Breeding              NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Teka           Tegegne         Research,Addis Ababa         Development Sociology       NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Tesfaye        Haileselassie   Addis Ababa University       Molecular Biology           NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Tessema        Abiy Awoke      Addis Ababa University       Design                      NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Tsega          Edemariam       Medicine,Faculty of          Medicine                    NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Tulu           Taffa           Agriculture                  Hydrology                   NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Wolde          Azage Tegegne   ILRI                         Reproductive Physiology     NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Yohannes       Legesse         Endon Foundation             Plant Nutrition             NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Worku          Tadele          Centre                       Plant Breeding              NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Yalemtsehay    Mekonnen          Biology,Faculty of            Biology                       NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Yami           Alemu             Research Centre               Animal Nutrition              NOR
Ethiopia   Prof   Yizengaw       Teshome           Agriculture                   Land Evaluation               NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Youna          Bekele            of Health                     Industrial Pharmacy           NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Zekelle        Asfaw             Debre Zeit Research Centre    Viticulture                   NOR
Ethiopia   Dr     Zewdu          Medhin            Centre                        Organic Chemistry             NOR
Gabon      Prof   Georges        Azziley           Techniques de                 Geology                       NOR
Gabon      Dr     Indjieley      Marius            Sciences Humaines             Geography and Environment     NOR
Gabon      Dr     Ndong          Sylvain           NOR                           Law                           NOR
Gambia     Dr     Jallow         Amadou Tijan      Institut de Sahel             Crop Science                  NOR
Gambia     Dr     Jeng           Alhaji S.         Board,Ministry of             Soil Science                  NOR
Ghana      Dr     Abane          Machistey         Geography,University of       Transport Geography           NOR
Ghana      Prof   Abotsi         Emil Komla        Technology,Kumasi,Ghana       Biochemistry                  NOR
Ghana      Dr     Ackonor        Joseph Beka       Research Institute            Acridology                    NOR
Ghana      Dr     Acquah         Francis           Institute                     Electrochemical Engineering   NOR
Ghana      Dr     Addai          Frederick Kwaku   Anatomy,University of         Mitochondria Studies          NOR
Ghana      Prof   Addy           Hutton Ayikwei    Health,School of Medicine     Public Health                 NOR
Ghana      Dr     Addy           Ewurama           Biochemistry,University of    Biochemistry                  NOR
Ghana      Prof   Addy           Patrick           Microbiology and              Clinical Microbiology         NOR
Ghana      Dr     Adimado        Anthony Apeke     Chemistry,University of       Chemistry                     NOR
Ghana      Dr     Adjei          Samuel Akueteh    Mathematics,University of     Physics                       NOR
Ghana      Dr     Afreh‐Nuamah   Kwame             Agriculture,University of     Application)                  NOR
Ghana      Dr     Afuakwa        Joe Justice       NOR                           Agronomy                      NOR
Ghana      Dr     Agyei          Kenneth           Physics,University of         Nuclear Physics               NOR
Ghana      Dr     Ahenkorah      Yaw               NOR                           Soil Science                  NOR
Ghana      Dr     Ahunu          Kwadjo            Science,University of         Animal Breeding;Biometrics    NOR
Ghana   Dr     Akpabli         C.K.              Chemistry,University of       Chemistry                     NOR
Ghana   Dr     Akwa            Theophilus        Science,School of             Pedology and Soil Survey      NOR
Ghana   Dr     Akyeampong      Daniel Afedzi     Mathematics,University of     Theoretical Physics           NOR
Ghana   Dr     Alhassan        W.S.              Industrial Research           Ruminant Nutrition            NOR
Ghana   Prof   Allotey         Ampenyin          Science,University of         Mathematics and Physics       NOR
Ghana   Dr     Allotey         Joseph            Sciences,Rivers State         Entomology                    NOR
Ghana   Prof   Ameyaw‐Akumfi   Chris Emmanuel    Zoology,University of Cape    Zoology                       NOR
Ghana   Dr     Amon‐Kotei      David             Surgery,School of Medical     Paediatric Surgery            NOR
Ghana   Dr     Amonoo‐Neizer   Eugene            Chemistry,University of       Inorganic Chemistry           NOR
Ghana   Dr     Ampofo          James K. Owusu    NOR                           Agricultural Entomology       NOR
Ghana   Dr     Amuasi          John Humphrey     Commission                    Medical Physics               NOR
Ghana   Prof   Andam           Aba A. Bentil     Physics,Univeristy of         Physics                       NOR
Ghana   Dr     Ankrah          Nii‐Ayi           Institute for Medical         Natural Chemicals             NOR
Ghana   Dr     Anteson         Reginald Kwaku    NOR                           Parasitology                  NOR
Ghana   Dr     Appiah          Michael Roy       Cocoa Research Institute      Soil Science                  NOR
Ghana   Dr     Archampong      Quaye             Medical School                Surgery                       NOR
Ghana   Dr     Asare‐Boamah    Nana Kwaku        Botany,University of Cape     Plant Physiology              NOR
Ghana   Dr     Asibey‐Berko    Ebenezer          and Food Science              Nutrition                     NOR
Ghana   Dr     Asimeng         Ben               ICIPE Research Centre         Parasitology                  NOR
Ghana   Dr     Assoku          Gyapanim          Science,University of         Microbiology:Immunology       NOR
Ghana   Dr     Ata             Joy Agubretu      Food Research Institute       Food Science and Technology   NOR
Ghana   Dr     Atuahene        S.K.N             Environment,Science and       Entomology                    NOR
Ghana   Prof   Ayensu          Solomon           NOR                           e and Technology              NOR
Ghana   Dr     Ayertey         J.N.              Science,University of         Entomology                    NOR
Ghana   Dr     Ayitey‐Smith    Edward            Medical School                Pharmacology                  NOR
Ghana   Dr     Awedoba         Alberta Kanlisi   Studies,University of         Linguistics                   NOR
Ghana   Dr     Badu‐Apraku    Baffour            Development Project,Crop      Genetics and Plant Breeding   NOR
Ghana   Dr     Baidu‐Forson   Jojo               ICRISAT                       Economics                     NOR
Ghana   Dr     Bekoe          Daniel Adzei       NOR                           Chemistry                     NOR
Ghana   Dr     Blay           Dominic            Management                    Forest Ecology                NOR
Ghana   Dr     Blay           John               Zoology,University of Cape    Limnology                     NOR
Ghana   Dr     Boateng        Akuamoah           Department of Psychology      Psychology                    NOR
Ghana   Prof   Brobby         George Wireko      of Medical                    Otorhinolaryngology           NOR
Ghana   Dr     Chinery        William Addo       NOR                           Medical Zoology               NOR
Ghana   Dr     Cobbina        Joseph             Section,Forestry Research     Soil Science                  NOR
Ghana   Dr     Cobbinah       Joseph Rexford     of Ghana,University of        Forest Entomology             NOR
Ghana   Dr     Coleman        Samuel Ebow        NOR                           Chemistry                     NOR
Ghana   Prof   Commey         Arthur             Pharmacology,University       Pharmacology                  NOR
Ghana   Dr     Dadson         Banyan Acquaye     Chemistry,University of       onoids                        NOR
Ghana   Prof   Darkoh         Kwesi              Guinea                        Economic Geography            NOR
Ghana   Dr     Darkwa         Nicholas Albert    of Ghana,University of        Wood and Paper Science        NOR
Ghana   Dr     Dickson        Busumafi           University of Cape Coast      Geography                     NOR
Ghana   Prof   Doku           Victor             Science,University of         Agronomy;Plant Breeding       NOR
Ghana   Dr     Dzisi          Komla              NOR                           Agricultural Engineering      NOR
Ghana   Dr     Evans‐Anfom    Emmanuel           NOR                           Medicine                      NOR
Ghana   Dr     Eyeson         Kodwo Ndzibah      University of Cape Coast      and Fishery Biology           NOR
Ghana   Dr     Fianu          Francis Kwasivie   Science,University of         Agronomy                      NOR
Ghana   Dr     Frempong       Margaret T.        Medicine,University of        Molecular Medicine            NOR
Ghana   Dr     Gidigasu       Mensa David        Research Institute            Geotechnical Engineering      NOR
Ghana   Dr     Gyang          Fredrick N.        Biochemistry,University of    Biochemistry                  NOR
Ghana   Prof   Gyasi          Edwin Akonno       and Resource                  Geography                     NOR
Ghana   Dr     Gyimah‐Boadi   Emmanuel           Science,University of         Political Science             NOR
Ghana   Dr     Hemeng           O.B.               Crop Research Institute       Nematology                 NOR
Ghana   Dr     Jetuah           Francis Kobina     of Ghana                      Organic Chemistry          NOR
Ghana   Dr     Jonathan         K.                 ICIPE                         Entomology                 NOR
Ghana   Dr     Kendie           Stephen Bugu       Studies,University of Cape    and Policy                 NOR
Ghana   Prof   Kofinti          Norbert Komla      Mathematics,University of     Mathematics                NOR
Ghana   Dr     Kpikpi           W.M.               Botany,Ondo State             Wood Science               NOR
Ghana   Dr     Kumaga           Frank K.           Department,University of      Rhisobiology               NOR
Ghana   Dr     Larbi            Asamoah            ILRI                          utilization                NOR
Ghana   Dr     Lartey           Robert Tawiah      Biochemistry,Oklahoma         Plant Pathology            NOR
Ghana   Dr     Marfo            Kwasi              Department,University of      Applied Chemistry          NOR
Ghana   Prof   Mensah           Samuel             Management,University of      Finance                    NOR
Ghana   Dr     Micah            John Andoh         Economics and                 Agricultural Economics     NOR
Ghana   Dr     Tetteh           Joana Odarkai      Sciences, University of       Biology                    NOR
Ghana   Dr     Nimako           Michael Asante     Department,University of      Civil Engineering          NOR
Ghana   Prof   Norman           Japhet Christian   Production,University of      Fruit Crops                NOR
Ghana   Dr     Ntiamoa‐Baidu    Yaa                Zoology,University of         Zoology                    NOR
Ghana   Dr     Obeng            Letitia Eva        NOR                           Acquatic Biology           NOR
Ghana   Dr     Ocloo            John Kwandzo       Research Institute            Timber Technology          NOR
Ghana   Dr     Odamtten         George Tawai       Botany,University of Ghana    Botany                     NOR
Ghana   Dr     Ofori            Joseph             Institute                     Wood Technology            NOR
Ghana   Dr     Ofosu‐Asiedu     Albert             Institute                     Plant Pathology            NOR
Ghana   Dr     Okae‐Anti        Daniel T.A.        Science,School of             Pedology and Soil Survey   NOR
Ghana   Dr     Opoku            Andy Rowland       Biochemistry,University of    Biochemistry               NOR
Ghana   Dr     Opoku            Joseph Yaw         Psychology,University of      Psycholinguistics          NOR
Ghana   Prof   Oppong‐Boachie   Francis K.         Chemistry,University of       Organic Chemistry          NOR
Ghana   Dr     Osei‐Bonsu       Kwabena            Cocoa Research Institute      Agronomy                   NOR
Ghana    Dr     Osei            Yaw              Sciences,University of        Psychosomatic Medicine         NOR
Ghana    Dr     Otsyina         Robert Mike      ICRAF Agroforestry Project    Range Science                  NOR
Ghana    Dr     Owusu           Kwabena          Cocoa Research Institute      Plant Virology                 NOR
Ghana    Dr     Owusu‐Akyaw     Michael          Crops Research Institute      Entomology                     NOR
Ghana    Dr     Quaye           Eric Charles     Botany,University of Cape     Forest Ecology                 NOR
Ghana    Prof   Sackeyfio       Arthur Commey    Pharmacology,University       Pharmacology                   NOR
Ghana    Dr     Safo            E.Y.             Agriculture,University of     Soil Science                   NOR
Ghana    Dr     Sawyerr         Akilagpa         University of Ghana           Law;International Trade and    NOR
Ghana    Dr     Sekyere         Daniel           Institute                     Chemistry                      NOR
Ghana    Dr     Songsore        Jacob            and Resource                  Urban Studies                  NOR
Ghana    Dr     Stiles          Jonathan K.      ICIPE                         Entomology                     NOR
Ghana    Dr     Twumasi         Joe Kingsley     Crop Research Institute       Plant Pathology                NOR
Ghana    Dr     Wonkyi‐Appiah   John Benjamin    Institute(CSIR)               Plant Breeding                 NOR
Ghana    Dr     Yankson         Kobina           Zoology,University of Cape    Zoology                        NOR
Ghana    Dr     Yeboah          Oteng            University                    Plant Taxonomy                 NOR
Ghana    Dr     Yaboah          Samuel Owusu     Department,University of      Organic Chemistry              NOR
Guinea   Dr     Balde           Aissatou         Nationale Elevage             Animal Science                 NOR
Guinea   Dr     Diallo          Alpha Oumar      CIMMYT                        Agriculture                    NOR
Guinea   Dr     Diallo          Fatoumata Oury   Laboratory;and                Toxicology                     NOR
Guinea   Dr     Gobae           Taoune           Agronomique de Foulaya        Agronomy                       NOR
Guinea   Dr     Mamadou Dian    Diallo           ICRISAT                       Agro‐Economics                 NOR
Kenya    Dr     Aduda           Odhiambo         Department,University of      Material Science               NOR
Kenya    Dr     Afullo          Odhiambo         University                    Electrical Engineering         NOR
Kenya    Dr     Aloo            Theresa C.       Resources,Egerton             Agroforestry                   NOR
Kenya    Dr     Ayiecho         Patrick Olweny   Science,University of         Genetics                       NOR
Kenya    Dr     Bhogal          Pravin Singh     Physics,University of         Electrical Resistivity         NOR
Kenya   Dr     Buoro      Bare             Studies,Faculty of           Veterinary Medicine              NOR
Kenya   Dr     Chindia    Mark L.          Sciences,University of       Oral and Maxillofacial surgery   NOR
Kenya   Prof   Chweya     James Ayuka      Science,University of        Plant Breeding                   NOR
Kenya   Prof   Gaciri     Steve Jesse      Geology,University of        Geosciences                      NOR
Kenya   Dr     Gakuru     Mucemi           Department,University of  Engineering                         NOR
Kenya   Prof   Gichaga    Francis John     University of Nairobi        Highway Engineering              NOR
Kenya   Dr     Gichuru    Francis Xavier   Kenyatta University          Economic Development             NOR
Kenya   Dr     Gichuru    Mwenja           Tropical Agriculture         Soil Science                     NOR
Kenya   Dr     Guthua     Wangombe         Maxillofacial                Dental Surgery                   NOR
Kenya   Dr     Jama       Bashir           Research in Agroforestry  Agroforestry                        NOR
Kenya   Dr     Juma       Calestous        NOR                          Science and Technology Policy    NOR
Kenya   Dr     Karanja    Nancy            Institute(KEFRI)             Soil Science                     NOR
Kenya   Prof   Karanja    Peter            Kenyatta University of       Polymer Physics                  NOR
Kenya   Dr     Kariuki    Dadson P.        Research Institute,National  Microbiology                     NOR
Kenya   Dr     Kasembe    J.N.R            of Agriculture and           Plant Breeding and Genetics      NOR
Kenya   Prof   Kasili     Edward George    Haematology and Blood  Haematology                            NOR
Kenya   Dr     Kimani     Susan W.         Control                      Entomology                       NOR
Kenya   Dr     Kinyua     Johnson D.M      of Agriculture and           Electronics Engineering          NOR
Kenya   Dr     Kiiyukia   Ciira            of Agriculture and           Food Microbiology                NOR
Kenya   Dr     Kipkorir   John Limo        NOR                          Ophthalmology                    NOR
Kenya   Dr     Kokwaro    Elizabeth        University                   Entomology,Cell Biology          NOR
Kenya   Prof   Kokwaro    John Ongayo      Botany,University of         Plant Taxonomy                   NOR
Kenya   Dr     Kola       Barrack Oliech   Physics,University of        Electronics;Physics              NOR
Kenya   Dr     Krhoda     George O.        Geography,University of  Hydraulics                           NOR
Kenya   Dr     Lwande     Wilber           of Insect Physiology and  Organic Chemistry                   NOR
Kenya   Dr     Magutu     Gerald J.        Architecture,University of  Architecture                      NOR
Kenya   Dr     Majiwa         Phelix A.O.      Research Institute)            Molecular Biology  
Kenya   Dr     Masaba         Dinah            Foundation                     Plant Pathology              NOR
Kenya   Dr     Masake         Rachael A.       ILRI                           Immunoparasitology           NOR
Kenya   Dr     Mathooko       Francis Mutiso   of Agriculture and             Postharvest Horticulture     NOR
Kenya   Prof   Mazrui         Ali Al'Amin      Science,State University of    Political Science            NOR
Kenya   Dr     Mbati          Peter Amunga     KEMRI                          Immuno‐Parasitology          NOR
Kenya   Dr     Mengech        A.N.             ICIPE                          Natural Products Chemistry   NOR
Kenya   Dr     Migongo‐Bake   Wangoi           NOR                            Animal Science               NOR
Kenya   Dr     Muchoki        Charles H.K.     Surveys and Remote             Ecology                      NOR
Kenya   Dr     Mugenda        Olive            Kenyatta University            Home Economics               NOR
Kenya   Prof   Mukhebi        Adrian Wekulo    ILRI                           Agricultural Economics       NOR
Kenya   Prof   Mureithi       L.P              University of Nairobi          Economics                    NOR
Kenya   Dr     Murungi        Jane I.          Department,Kenyatta            Analytical Chemistry         NOR
Kenya   Prof   Mutiga         E. Riungu        Medicine,University of         Transfer                     NOR
Kenya   Prof   Mutinga        John Mutuku      Africa,Baraton                 Parasitology;Entomology      NOR
Kenya   Dr     Mwachiro       Eric C.          Zoology,Jomo Kenyatta          Limnology and Fisheries      NOR
Kenya   Dr     Mwangi         Esther N.        ICIPE                          Entomology                   NOR
Kenya   Prof   Mwangi         Waruingi         Zoology,University of          Animal Physiology            NOR
Kenya   Prof   Nandwa         Makuku           Plant Nutrition Research       Management                   NOR
Kenya   Dr     Nderitu        John Huria       Research                       Entomology                   NOR
Kenya   Dr     Ngila          J. Catherine     Department,Kenyatta            Analytical Chemistry         NOR
Kenya   Dr     Njuguna        Steve G.         NOR                            Ecology                      NOR
Kenya   Dr     Nyamwaya       David Ondieki    NOR                            Medical Anthropology         NOR
Kenya   Prof   Nyamweru       Celia Karen      Geography,Kenyatta             Geography                    NOR
Kenya   Prof   Nyong'o        Peter Anyang'    NOR                            Political Science            NOR
Kenya   Dr     Obanda         Martin           of Kenya                       Plant Biochemistry           NOR
Kenya   Prof   Obudho           R.A.              Geography,University of  Urban Geography                  NOR
Kenya   Dr     Obura            Anna P.           Independent Researcher Education                          NOR
Kenya   Dr     Ochieng'‐Odero   Roberts           Development Forum for  Entomology                         NOR
Kenya   Prof   Odada            Eric Onyango      Geology,University of       Applied Marine Geochemistry   NOR
Kenya   Dr     Odenyo           Agnes A.          Botany,Egerton University Botany                          NOR
Kenya   Dr     Odongo           Omari Mumani      KARI                        Plant Breeding                NOR
Kenya   Prof   Ogallo           Laban Ayieko J.   Department,University of  Meteorology                     NOR
Kenya   Prof   Ogana            Wandera           Mathematics,University of  Fluid Mechanics                NOR
Kenya   Dr     Ogoche           Jondiko I.J.      Department,Kenyatta         Organic Chemistry             NOR
Kenya   Dr     Ogutu            Z.A.              Geography,Kenyatta          Biogeography                  NOR
Kenya   Prof   Okelo            Gideon B.A.       University of Nairobi       Medicine                      NOR
Kenya   Prof   Okeyo            Daniel Okoth      Zoology,Kenyatta            Zoology                       NOR
Kenya   Dr     Okeyo‐Owuor      Joash Barack      NOR                         Entomology                    NOR
Kenya   Dr     Okidi            Charles Odidi     Environment                 Law                           NOR
Kenya   Prof   Olembo           Sarah A.H.        Horticulture,Jomo           Mycology                      NOR
Kenya   Dr     Olng'otie        P.A.S.            of Kenya                    Plant Breeding and Genetics   NOR
Kenya   Dr     Ondiege          Peter             Research                    Economics                     NOR
Kenya   NOR    Ongonge          George S. Okelo   Department,Moi University Engineering;Management          NOR
Kenya   Prof   Opinya           Nabubwaya         Medicine,College of Health  Dentistry                     NOR
Kenya   Dr     Othieno          Caleb Obiero      Science,University of       Soil Science                  NOR
Kenya   Prof   Othieno          Herick            Physics,Maseno University  Technologies                   NOR
Kenya   Dr     Otieno           Frederick A.O     Engineering,University of  Environmental Engineering      NOR
Kenya   Dr     Oucho            John O.           Research                    Demography                    NOR
Kenya   Dr     Owaga            Mary L.           ICIPE                       Entomology                    NOR
Kenya   Dr     Owango           Mark O.           Programme,Muguga,Kenya Animal Production                  NOR
Kenya   Prof   Owino            Fredrick          Consultant,FORIN            Forestry                      NOR
Kenya        Dr     Owuor          Philip Okinda    of Kenya                     Chemistry                    NOR
Kenya        Dr     Oyieke         Florence         Department,University of  Veterinary Entomology           NOR
Kenya        NOR    Rading         George Odera     Technology,Moi University Mechanical Engineering          NOR
Kenya        Dr     Rege           J.E.O            ILRI                         Genetics and Breeding        NOR
Kenya        Prof   Shiundu        John O.          Department,Chepkoilel        Curriculum Studies           NOR
Kenya        Prof   Some           Arap             Moi University,Eldoret       Agricultural Engineering     NOR
Kenya        Dr     Suri           N.K              Moi University               Clinical Biochemistry        NOR
Kenya        Prof   Syagga         Paul Maurice     Development,Faculty of       Real Estate Economics        NOR
Kenya        Prof   Thairu         H.M              of Agriculture and           Physical Chemistry           NOR
Kenya        Dr     Thiuri         Philip J.        NOR                          Economics                    NOR
Kenya        Dr     Tole           Mwakitawa        Radiology,University of      Medical Radiation Physics    NOR
Kenya        Prof   Tole           Mwakio P.        Studies,Moi University       Environmental Geochemistry   NOR
Kenya        Dr     Wangai         Anne             Research Centre,Kenya        Plant Virology               NOR
Kenya        Dr     Wango          E.O.             of Health Sciences,Moi       Reproductive Physiology      NOR
Kenya        Dr     Wekesa         Moni             University of Botswana       Medicine/Rehabilitation      NOR
Kenya        Dr     Woie           Ben M.           Research Centre              Ecology                      NOR
Lesotho      Prof   Jonathan       Lydia Thikhoi    Department,National          Chemistry                    NOR
Lesotho      Prof   Nyokong        Tebello          Lesotho                      Physical Chemistry           NOR
Liberia      Prof   Polson         Rudolph Adachi   Tropical Agriculture         Agricultural Economics       NOR
Liberia      Dr     Tipoteh        Togba‐Nah        Studies,The                  Economics                    NOR
Madagascar   Dr     a              Raoelina         Sciences et Techniques       Physics                      NOR
Madagascar   Dr     Andrianarivo   Aurelie          ILRI                         Cell Biology                 NOR
Madagascar   Dr     Ramanampisoa   Lalanirina       Hydrocarbon                  Chemistry                    NOR
Madagascar   Dr     na             Pascal           Recherches Industrielles et  Soil Science                 NOR
Madagascar   Dr     Ratsimamanga   Albert Rakoto    Recherche Industrielles      Medicine                     NOR
Madagascar   Prof   Ratsimamanga   Suzanne Urverg   Recherches Appliquees        Medicine                     NOR
Malawi       Prof   Banda        James W.          Agriculture                 Animal Production             NOR
Malawi       Dr     Bizaliele    M. Mgangira       University of Malawi        Environmental Geotechnology   NOR
Malawi       NOR    Chawawa      Black Jackson     The Polytechnic             Mechanical Engineering        NOR
Malawi       Dr     Chilowa      Wycliffe Robert   University of Malawi        Sociology                     NOR
Malawi       Dr     Chimphamba   Brown Beswick     Agriculture                 Botany                        NOR
Malawi       Dr     Djimde       Mamadou           ICRAF                       Production;Agroforestry       NOR
Malawi       Dr     Kamwanja     Leonard           Agriculture                 Endocrinology                 NOR
Malawi       Dr     Kumwenda     Austin Suzgo      Ministry of Agriculture     Plant Breeding                NOR
Malawi       Dr     Mhango       Aughton John      Engineering,The             Industrial Noise Control      NOR
Malawi       Dr     Mjojo        Crossley          Applied Sciences,University Chemistry                     NOR
Malawi       Dr     Msonthi      Jerome Dennis     Malawi,Chemistry            Organic Chemistry             NOR
Malawi       Dr     Mtimuni      Joshua Peter      Agriculture                 Animal Nutrition              NOR
Malawi       Prof   Mughogho     Spider K.         Malawi,Bunda College of  Soil Science                     NOR
Malawi       Dr     Nyirenda     Chekacheka        Makoka Research Station Entomology                        NOR
Malawi       Dr     Zambezi      Batson T.         Station                     Plant Breeding                NOR
Mali         Dr     Diarra       Boua              Agrhymet/CILSS              Agricultural Science          NOR
Mali         Dr     Keita        Lassana           Recherche Scientifique et  Physics                        NOR
Mali         Dr     Ladji        Sylla Malick      Rural de                    Forestry Management           NOR
Mali         Dr     Sotbar       Abderhamane       NOR                         Physics                       NOR
Mali         Dr     Tembely      Saidou            ILRI                        Veterinary Science            NOR
Mali         Dr     Toure        Yeye Tiemoko      Scientifique et             Animal Biology                NOR
Mauritania   NOR    Diagan       Bassirou          Eau et                      Hydrogeology                  NOR
Mauritania   Prof   Sidoumou     Zeinabou          Scientifique                Biology                       NOR
Mauritius    Dr     Autrey       Claude            Research                    Plant Virology                NOR
Mauritius    Dr     Govinden     Noel              Research,Reduit,Mauritius Plant Science                   NOR
Mauritius    Dr     Jugessur     Soodursun         Commission for Africa (UN‐ and Technology Management      NOR
Mauritius    Dr     Julien           Regis             Research Institute          Plant Physiology              NOR
Mauritius    Dr     Lutchmeah        Raj Sunkur        Science,University of       Postharvest Pathology         NOR
Mauritius    Dr     Maudarbocus      Yousuf            Technology,University of    Physics                       NOR
Mauritius    Dr     Mohamedbhai      Goolam            University of Mauritius     Civil Engineering             NOR
Mauritius    Dr     Ramdoyal         Kishore           Research Institute          Plant Breeding                NOR
Mauritius    Dr     Ricaud           Claude            Research Institute          Plant Pathology               NOR
Mauritius    Dr     Soopramanien     Gabriez Claude    Research Institute          Sugar Physiology              NOR
Morocco      Dr     Baddouri         Khadija           Biology,Faculty of          Biology                       NOR
Morocco      Dr     Bahraoui‐Buret   Jamila            Faculte des Sciences        Physics                       NOR
Morocco      Dr     Benyaklef        Mostafa           INSEA                       Statistics                    NOR
Morocco      Dr     Berbich          Abdellatif        of Morocco                  Medicine;Nephrology           NOR
Morocco      Prof   Besri            Mohamed           Veterinaire Hassan II       Plant Pathology               NOR
Morocco      NOR    Bouachrine       Jamal Eddine      Forestieres de Marrakech    Plant Ecophysiology           NOR
Morocco      NOR    Daoudi           A.                Veterinaire Hassan II       Meat Hygiene and Technology   NOR
Morocco      Prof   El‐Hafidi        Mouloud           Economique,Faculte de       Modelization                  NOR
Morocco      Dr     Elmandjra        Mahdi             NOR                         Economics;Future Studies      NOR
Morocco      Prof   El Marrakchi     A.                Veterinaire Hassan II       Food Hygiene                  NOR
Morocco      Prof   Jenane           Chakib            Veterinaire Hassan II       Agricultural Engineering      NOR
Morocco      Dr     Lamrini          A.                Veterinaire Hassan II       Oceanography and Fisheries    NOR
Morocco      Prof   Lemmini          Fathia            Sciences,Avenue Ibn         NOR                           NOR
Morocco      Prof   Noury‐Srairi     N.                Veterinaire Hassan II       Marine Parasitology           NOR
Morocco      Prof   Triqui           Reda              Veterinaire Hassan II       Technology                    NOR
Mozambique   Dr     Carmo Vaz        Alvaro            Engineering,Eduardo         Management                    NOR
Mozambique   Dr     De Freitas       Antonio Jorge     for Marine Biological       Marine Biology                NOR
Mozambique   Dr     De Sousa         Antonio Saraiva   University                  Chemical Engineering          NOR
Mozambique   Prof   Gerdes           Joseph            Institute                   Ethnomathematics              NOR
Mozambique   Dr   Gouveia      Ana M.M.          Engineering,Eduardo         Engineering                    NOR
Mozambique   Dr   Muchangos    Aniceto Dos       NOR                         Environmental Issues           NOR
Namibia      Dr   Isaak        Paul John         and Theology,University of  Ethics                         NOR
Niger        Dr   Dan‐Dicko    Leontine          Sciences,Universite de      Biology                        NOR
Niger        Dr   Daouda       Toukoua           SPAAR,INRAN                 Agronomy                       NOR
Niger        Dr   Tankoano     Amadou            Economiques et              International Economic Law     NOR
Niger        Dr   Traore       Abou              Universite de Niamey        Mathematics                    NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Abaelu       Adeola Majirade   Biochemistry,College of     Biological Membrane            NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Abani        Chukwuemeka       Technology                  Crop Science                   NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Abbey        Sam               Science and Technology      Microbiology                   NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Abdu         Paul Ayuba        Ambulatory                  Avian Medicine                 NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Abdulkadir   Idris A.          Medicine,Ahmadu Bello       Veterinary Medicine            NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Abdullahi    Zaiyanu           Sciences,Usmanu             Bacteriology                   NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Abdullahi    Shehu Usman       Hospital,Ahmadu Bello       Veterinary Internal Medicine   NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Abegunde     Adedayo           Management                  Geomorphology                  NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Abifarin     Olabanji          NOR                         Plant Breeding                 NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Abiodun      Philip Olayele    Health,College of Medical  Child Health                    NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Adalemo      Issac Ayinde      Geography,University of  Geography                         NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Adamolekun   Olubusi           NOR                         Management Studies             NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Addo         Adenike           and Technical               Food and Nutrition             NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Addo         Paul Benedict     and Microbiology,Faculty  Microbiology                     NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Adebayo      Yinka Rotimi      Nations Environment         Climatology                    NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Adedeji      Adebayo           Development and Strategic  Economics                       NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Adedipe      Olurun‐Nimbe      University of Agriculture   Plant Physiology               NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Adefuye      Boyejo Oludaisi   Ogun State University       Sociology                      NOR
Nigeria      Dr   Adegbenro    Oluwole           Engineering,Faculty of      Electronic Engineering         NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adegbola     Olukunle           and Planning,University of  Geography,Demography     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adegboye     Rufus Oladokun     Economics,University of  Agriculture                 NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adegoke      Sylvester          Geology,Obafemi Awolowo Palaeontology                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adejuyigbe   Omolade            Services Centre,Obafemi  Political Geography         NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adekola      Adetoyese          Research,School of          Statistics               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adekola      S.Adeniyi          Engineering,University of  Engineering               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adeloye      Johnson            Offshore                    Engineering              NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Adeloye      Adelola            Surgery,College of          Neuroscience             NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ademola      Ade                Sciences,Department of      Anthropology             NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adeniyi      Peter Olufemi      and Planning,University of  Remote Sensing           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adeoye       Olusoji            Pharmacognosy,University  Plants                     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adeoye       G.O.               Ibadan,Nigeria              Management               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adepegba     Dotun              Engineering,University of  Civil Engineering         NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Adepoju      Aderanti           University of Lagos,Nigeria Demography               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adesina      Kolawole           Production Unit,Faculty of  Phytochemistry           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adesiyan     Samuel Oladeji     Biology,University of       Nematology               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adetiloye    Philip Omoniyi     and Crop                    Cropping Systems         NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adetunji     Michael Tunde      University of Agriculture   Soil Science             NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adewale      Micael Oluwole     Studies,Ahmadu Bello        Mathematics              NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adeyanju     John Bayo          Medicine and                Radiology                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adeyoju      Kolade             Resources                   Geography                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adigun       Olusegun           Science,Obafemi Awolowo  Computer Science            NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adu          Israel Foloruwso   and Livestock               Animal Science           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Adubi        Adimbola           Economic Management         Agricultural Economics   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Afolabi      Abraham            Chemistry,Obafemi           Biochemistry             NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Afuwape      Anthony Uyi        Mathematics,Obafemi         Mathematics              NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Aganga          Ademiju           Science and                    Animal Science             NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Agbede          Shehu             Parasitology and               Parasitology               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Agiobu‐Kemmer   Ibinabo           Psychology,University of       Child Psychology           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Agwu            Chiori            Botany,University of           Botany                     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ahmed           Taiwo Ayoola      Engineering,University of      Civil Engineering          NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ahonsi          B.A.              Sociology,Faculty of Social    Demography                 NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Aina            John Olu          Sciences,University of         Entomology                 NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Airede          Catherine E.      Division,Nigerian Institute    Agricultural Biology       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Aiyelaagbe      I.O.O.            Division,National              Agronomy                   NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Ajaegbu         Iheanyichuku      and Planning,University of     Social Geography           NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Ajayi           Olatunde          Physics,Ahmadu Bello           Physics                    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ajaji           Olupomi           Research Institute for the     Entomology                 NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ajewole         Gabriel Adeniyi   Applied Sciences,Lagos         Biology Education          NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ajibola         Kolawole          Mathematics and                Mathematics                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ajibola         Obafemi           Engineering,Obafemi            Agricultural Engineering   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akamigbo        Frank             Science,University of          Soil Science               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akachuku        A.E.              Resources                      Wood and Paper Science     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akanya          John Ndanusa      Chemistry,Federal              Analytical Chemistry       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akeju           Ibidapo           Engineering,University of      Engineering                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akeredolu       Funso A.          Engineering,Obafemi            Chemical Engineering       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akerejola       Eminefo           Medicine,Ahmadu Bello          Veterinary Medicine        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akesode         Fatiu Ademola     State                          Endocrinology              NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akingbala       John Olusola      Department,University of       Utilization                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akinola         Ade Peter         Mathematics,Obafemi            Applied Mathematics        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akinola         Olatunde          Sciences,University of         Weed Ecology               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akinrimisi      Ezekiel Olabisi   Biochemistry,University of     Biochemistry               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akinsola    Emmanuel         NOR                         Entomology                     NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Akinwande   Amos Ifeolu      Biochemistry,College of     Nutrition/Biochemistry         NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akinwande   Jelilia          Maxillofacial               Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akobundu    Enoch N.T.       Science and                 Food Science                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Akobundu    Ishmael Okezie   IITA                        Weed Science                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Alabi       Gbade Abiodun    Library,Archival and        Science                        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Alakija     Wole             Health,University of        Community Health               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Alausa      Kamilu           Ogun State University       Medicine                       NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Alika       J.E.             Science,University of       Agronomy                       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Alimi       Taiwo            Department,Obafemi          Agricultural Economic          NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Aliu        Yusuf Otaru      and                         Veterinary Pharmacology        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Allen       Olukunmi         Anatomy,College of          Medicine                       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Alo         Babajide         Chemistry,University of     Chemistry                      NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Alonge      Michael Foluso   Education,Faculty of        Mathematics                    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Amadi       Amadi            Studies,Rivers State        Management                     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Amber       Elijah I.        Surgery,Ahmadu Bello        Surgery;Oncology               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Andy        Joseph J.        Medicine,College of         Medicine                       NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Anekwe      G.E.             Biochemistry,Faculty of     Lipids,Tropical Diseases       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Anyiwo      Emenike          Microbiology,College of     Medicine                       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Asadu       Charles          Science,University of       Soil Science                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ashiru      Adenrele         Medicine,University of      Medicine                       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Asokhia     Babatunde        NOR                         Geophysics                     NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Asuquo      Bassey Okon      Science,Faculty of          Animal Science                 NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Atu         Ubandu Godson    Technology,Owerri,Nigeria   Crop Science                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Awachie     Anazoba          Pharmaceutical              Synthetic Organic Chemistry    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Awanbor     David            Education,University of     Special Education              NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Awoderu      Victor Ayoola     Sciences,Ogun State          Plant Pathology               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Awodi        Shuaibu           Education,Science            Biology                       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Awogbami     Popoola           Ibadan,Nigeria               Information Science           NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Aworh        Ogugua Charles    Technology,University of     Food Science and Technology   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ayanwale     Babatunde         Economics,Obafemi            Agricultural Economics        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ayanwale     Lekan             Public Health &              Veterinary Medicine           NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Ayeni        Bola              Geography,University of      Geography                     NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Babatola     Olatunbosun       Department,University of     Plant Nematology              NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Badejo       Adesina           Science,University of        Political Science             NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Bafor        Benson Esimaje    NOR                          Geology                       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Balogun      Adewale           Engineering,University of    Mechanical Engineering        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Bamgbose     Akindele          Pharmacology,University      Pharmacology                  NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Bamkole      Titus Olubode     University of Ibadan         Chemistry                     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Barrow       Robert O.         NOR                          Microbiology                  NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Bello‐Imam   Inusa Bright      University of Ibadan         Administration                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Berepubo     Nelson Amaitari   Science,Rivers State         NOR                           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Chidebe      Chris B.          NOR                          Political Science             NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Chidebelu    S.Angus           Economics,University of      Agribusiness                  NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Chiejina     Virginia          Botany,University of         Plant Virology                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Chineme      Nwankwo           Pathology,University of      Veterinary Medicine           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Chukwu       Amarauche         Pharmacy.Technology and      Pharmaceutical Sciences       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Coker        Olusegun          Microbiology and             Clinical Microbiology         NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Dambatta     Bello Bako        Chemistry,Bayero             Chemistry                     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Dede         Ighotemu          Agriculture,University of    Animal Science                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Dike         M.C.              Protection,Institute of      Insect Taxonomy               NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Dim          Lawrence A.       Technology Section,Centre    Physics                       NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Dim         Ndu Ihe        Science,Ahmadu Bello         Agronomy                     NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Dipeolu     Oladipupo      University of Ibadan         Medicine/Parasitology        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Du‐sai      Dan Hirekaan   Public Health and            Parasitic Zoonoses           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Eboh        Eric Chiedum   Economics,University of      Agricultural Economics       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ebuehi      Taiwo          Biochemistry,College of      Biochemistry                 NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Echetebu    Okwudili       Department,University of     Molecular Biology            NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Edet        Aniekan        Geology,University of        Hydrogeology                 NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Eghafona    Nosakhare'Odeh NOR                          Virology                     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Egharevba   Patrick N.     University of Benin          Agronomy                     NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Egunjobi    James Kolawole Biology,University of        Botany                       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Egunjobi    Agbeke         Zoology,Ondo State           Agricultural Nematology      NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Egwu        Egwu U.        and Applied                  Psychology                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ekenobi     Sebastian Lema NOR                          Geodetic Science             NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Eke‐Okoro   Theophilus     Rehabilitation,College of    Physiology;Neurophysiology   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ekong       Donald         University of Rivers State   Chemistry                    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ekpe        Ekpeni         University of Agriculture    Agriculture                  NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ekpenyong   Thomas Essien Science,University of         Nutritional Biochemistry     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ekpo        Enefiok Ben    Medicine,University of       Medicine                     NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Ekpo        Akpan Hogan    Economics,University of      Economics                    NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Ekpo        Nse            Physics,University Uyo       Nuclear Physics              NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ekpenyong   Georgina       Library,University of        Parasitology                 NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Elemo       Olufemi        Biochemistry,Faculty of      Food and Nutrition           NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Eluwa       Mark C.        Zoology,University of        Entomology                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ene‐Obong   Efiom          Botany,University of         Biometrical Genetics         NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Eniayeju    Paul Adewole   Ahmadu Bello University      Chemical Education           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Enwezor     Okwundu        Science,University of        Soil Science                 NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Erinosho      Olayiwola         Ogun State University        Sociology                       NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Eshiet        Israel Thompson   State                        Chemistry                       NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Essien        E.M.              Haematology,College of       Medicine                        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Essien        Enobong           Drugs Administration and  Pharmaceutical Chemistry           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Etuk          Ekaette U.I.      Chemistry,University of      Food and Nutrition/Lipidology   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Eze           Johnson M.O       Botany,University of Benin Plant Physiology                  NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Eze           Ngwagbo           Psychology,University of  Industrial Psychology              NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Ezeilo        Chukula           University of Nigeria        Mathematics                     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ezueh         Ikechukwu         Science,University of        Entomology                      NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Fadiran       Olutayo           Pharmaceutical               Pharmaceutical Chemistry        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Fajemirokun   Francis Afolabi   Surveying,University of      Geodesy                         NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Famoriyo      Olusegun A.       Management and               Agricultural Economics          NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Fapohunda     Olanrewaju J.     Economics,University of  Manpower Economics                  NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Fasehun       F. Eji            Resources                    Forestry                        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Fatope        O.                NOR                          Organic Chemistry               NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Fatunla       Olajuyigbe        Mathematics and              Science                         NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Filani        Olanrewaju        Geography,University of  Geography                           NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Folarin       B. Adepeju        Department of Psychology Psychology                          NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Fubara        Animiah           Science and                  Business Studies                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Gabriel       Ijeoma            Science and Technology       Education                       NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Gana          Jerry Alhassan    Ahmadu Bello University Geography                            NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Garba         S.A.              Science and Technology       Mycoplasmology                  NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Gbodi         Timothy A.        Sciences,Federal University  Mycotoxicology                  NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Grillo        T. Adesanya Ige   and Cell Biology,University  Pathology                       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Gyang         Erastus Orseer    Surgery and                  Veterinary Medicine             NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ibidapo‐Obe   Oyewusi           University of Lagos          Mathematics                     NOR
Nigeria   Mr     Ibrahim     Aminu            Commission,Maitaa            Veterinary Medicine        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ibukun      Lawrence Olu     Sciences,UNESCO,Place de     Engineering,Physics        NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Igboeli     Gaius            Science,University of        Reproductive Physiology    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ige         Abel Folorunso   Department,University of     Statistics                 NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Igwegbe     Kingsley         Science,University of        Plant Pathology            NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Igwilo      Cecilia Ihuoma   Pharmaceutics and            Pharmacy                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ihonvbere   Omozuanvbo       and Administrative           Political Science          NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ijalana     Adeniran         University of Agriculture    Agroforestry               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ikediobi    Okwuolisa        Biocemistry,Ahmadu Bello     Biochemistry               NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Iloba       Chukwunyeaka     Science,Faculty of           Seed Pathology             NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Isoun       Timinipre        NOR                          Pathology                  NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Iwegbu      Godwin           Orthopaedic Surgery,ABU      Orthopaedic                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Iweze       Ikechukwuka      NOR                          Surgery                    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Iyahen      Osarumwense      Mathematics,University of    Mathematics                NOR
Nigeria   NOR    Iyun        Oluremi          Medicine,University          Medicine                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Iyun        Folasade         Geography,University of      Medical Geography          NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Jackson     John Olufemi     Engineering,University of    Geotechnical Engineering   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Jagun       Abdul Ganiyu     University                   Veterinary Medicine        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Jayeola     A.A              Botany,Obafemi Awolowo       Plant Taxonomy             NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Kadiri      Medina O.        Botany,University of Benin   Limnology and Algology     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Kenku       Akangbe          University of Lagos          Mathematics                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Kintomo     Abiodun A.       Research Institute           Agronomy                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Kio         Philip Rivogbe   of Nigeria                   Statistics                 NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Kuku        Oluyomi          Department,University of     Mathematics                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ladipo      David Olajide    Research in Agroforestry     Physiological Genetics     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Lawani      Stephen M.       NOR                          Information Science        NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Longe         Oyebiodun G      Science,University of         Animal Science                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Mabogunje     Ladipo           NOR                           Geography                     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Maduewesi     Chidube          Botany,University of          Plant Pathology               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Madunagu      Bene E.          Sciences,University of        Phytopathology                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Magbagbeola   Abiola           Biochemistry,College of       Food Science                  NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Makinde       Ademola          Biochemistry,College of       Food Science                  NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Makinde       Martin Oladiran Veterinary                     Veterinary Physiology         NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Adebusoye     P.K.             Department,Nigerian           Demography                    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Malomo        Siyan            Secretariat,Marlborough       Engineering Geology           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Martins       Olasumbo         NOR                           Hydrochemistry/Hydrology      NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Matanmi       Babajide Ayodeji Science,Obafemi Awolowo       Entomology                    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Mba           R.E. Chikelu     Programme,National Root       Plant Breeding and Genetics   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Mbagwu        Chinyere         Science,University of          Applied Soil Physics         NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Mbah          Ndubuisi         Science,University of         Horticulture                  NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Mbipom        Ebong W.         Physics,University of         Geophysics                    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Molokwu       Eliezer          and Pharmacy,Ahmadu           Veterinary Medicine           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Momoh         Siaka            University of Agriculture     Agricultural Economics        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ndubizu       Chukwujike       Science,University of         Physiology                    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ndubuisi      Walter C.        Management,University of      Commerce                      NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Njoku         C.O.             Pathology and                 Veterinary Pathology          NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Njoku         Obioma U.        Biochemistry,University of    Fats and Oil Chemistry        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Nkado         Nnaemeka         and Quantity                  Construction Management       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Nnodim        Joseph Ogbonna Anatomy,School of               Human Anatomy                 NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Noah          Abiodun          Engineering/Polymer           Engineering                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Nsude         Chikwendu        Technology,Federal            Architecture                  NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Nwa           Emem Ufot        Engineering,University of     Irrigation Engineering        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Nwachuku   Okechuku         NOR                          Theoretical Physics                NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Nwana      Ifedioramma E.   Veterinary Medicine          Economic Entomology                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Nweke      Felix Izu        Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Agricultural Economics              NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Nwoboshi   Louis Chelunor   Resources                    Silviculture;Forest Soil Science   NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Nwoke      Bertram E.B.     Parasitology Unit,School of  Entomology/Parasitology            NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Nwosu      Christopher      Science,University of        Animal Breeding                    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Nwosu      Maria Obiageli   Botany,University of         Plant Taxonomy                     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Nwufo      Ikechukwu        Technology                   Plant Pathology                    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Nzewi      Mariestella      Education,University of      Science Education                  NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Obeta      Malachy Ezeja    Economics and                Finance                            NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Obi        Ugwudike         Science,University of        Plant Breeding                     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Obiefuna   J.C              Technology                   Horticulture                       NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Obika      L.F.O            University of Benin          Human Physiology                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Obioha     Festus           Science,University of        Animal Nutrition                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Oboh       Olufunmilayo     Sciences,Biology             Plant Science                      NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Odebiyi    Adebayo          Biology,University of        Entomology                         NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Odemerho   Francis O.       NOR                          Geography                          NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Odeyemi    Olu              Microbiology,Obafemi         Microbiology                       NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Odeyemi    Olorunfemi       Chemistry,University of      Technology;Ethanol                 NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Odeyemi    Olusola          Federal University of        Zoology                            NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Odibo      FJC              Microbiology and Brewing Microbiology                           NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Odigboh    E.U              Department, Faculty of       Agricultural Engineering           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Odi‐Owei   Steven           Science and Technology       Engineering                        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Odugbemi   Tolu Olukayode   Microbiology and             Clinical Bacteriology              NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Odulaja    Adedapo          Biomathematics, Research  Statistics                            NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Odunfa     Sunday A.        of Industrial Research,      Industrial Microbiology            NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Odunlami     Victor Babafemi   Medicine and Primary         Medicine                   NOR
Nigeria    Prof   Ofomata      Godfrey E.K       University of Nigeria,       Geomorphology              NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Offiong      Offiong Efanga    Chemistry, University of  Bio‐inorganic Chemistry       NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ogboja       Olu               Engineering, University of  Chemical Engineering        NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ogbuji       Rufus Omez        Science, University of       Nematology                 NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ogundana     Samuel Kayode     Ile‐Ife, Ogun State, Nigeria Plant Pathology            NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ogundipe     Ayodele           Sociology/Anthropology,  Cultural Anthropology          NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ogunkunle    Oyoade O.         Nigeria                      Pedology and Soil Survey   NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ogunmoyela   Akinbajo          Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria Food Technology              NOR
Botswana   Dr     Ogunniyi     Meshack           Department of                Science Education          NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ogunrinade   Folasayo          School, University of        Parasitology               NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ogunrinde    Samuel Ibidapo    Education, Ondo State,       Agricultural Education     NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Oguntimein   Gbekeloluwa B.    Department of Food           Biochemical Engineering    NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Oguntunde    Omotayo           Food Technology,             Food Processing            NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ogunyemi     Olugbenga         PMB 2001, Sagamu,            Biochemistry               NOR
Nigeria    Prof   Ogwu         David             Theriogenology,              Theriogenology             NOR
Ghana      Dr     Ohadike      Patrick O.        Nations Development          Demography                 NOR
Botswana   Dr     Ohiopehai    Omo               Kanye, Botswana              Food Science               NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ojo          Matthew Ola       Nigeria                      Microbiology               NOR
Nigeria    Prof   Ojo          Samuel Adiniyi    Department of Veterinary  Veterinary Medicine           NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ojo          Simon Oyediran    University of Lagos, Lagos,  Climatology                NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ojo          Adisa             Nigeria                      Hydraulic Engineering      NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ojoko        Sydney Simeon     Technical Education,         Agricultural Education     NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Okafor       Francis           and Geographical Planning,  Agricultural Geography      NOR
Zimbabwe   Dr     Okagbue      Richard Nnamdi    Biology and Biochemistry,  Food Science/Microbiology    NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Okali        David U.U         Resources Management,  and the Environment              NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Okecha       Stephen Agwo      University, Ekpoma,           Chemistry                  NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Okeke        Chiekezie         Science, University of        Computer Science           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Okeke        Elizabeth C.      Department of Home            Human Nutrition            NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Okeke        Eunice A.C        Education, University of      Science Education          NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Okereke      Udensi            Science, University of        Agronomy                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Okide        George Bosah      Pharmaceutical Chemistry,  Pharmaceutical Chemistry      NOR
Ghana     Dr     Okigbo       Bede Nwoye        University Institute for      Agriculture                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Okogun       Joseph Ibomein    Agbazilo Local Government  Chemistry                     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Okoli        Ogbonnia          Tropical Agriculture (IITA),  Agronomy                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Okonkwo      Chukuenye         University of Nigeria,        Plant Physiology           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Okor         Dorcas Izegbua    University of Benin, Benin  Chemistry                    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Okorie       Uroka             Department University of  Agriculture; Nutrition         NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Okotore      Rufus             Biochemistry, University of  Biochemistry                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Okoye        Samuel Ejikeme    University of Ibadan,         Physics                    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Okuneye      Peter Adebola     Abeokuta, Nigeria             Agricultural Economics     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Okusanya     Tejumola          Sciences, University of       Plant Ecology              NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Oladipo      Afolayan          Zaria, Nigeria.               Chemistry                  NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Olaifa       Julius I.         Toxicology Laboratory,        Insecticide Toxicology     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Olatunji     Francis Oladipo   Engineering, University of  Chemical Engineering         NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Olofin       Emmanuel Ajayi    University of Agriculture,  Geomorphology                NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Olorunda     A.O               Food Technology, Faculty  Post Harvest Food Technology   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Olorunfemi   Martins Olusola   Obafemi Awolowo               Applied Geophysics         NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Olorunsogo   Folarin T.        Engineering, Obafemi          Structural Engineering     NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Olowu        Akinsola          Obafemi Awolowo,              Psychology                 NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Olufeagba    Benjamin Jimi     Engineering and               Engineering                NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Omaliko      C.P.E             Department of Crop            Forage Agronomy            NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Omololu       Adewale            Medicine, University         Medicine                         NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Omoluabi      Peter Folarin      Faculty of Social Sciences,  Clinical Psychology              NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Omorodion     Nasakhare E.       Engineering                  Chemical Engineering             NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Onabolu       Olaide             ado, Ibadan, Nigeria         Ophthalmology                    NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Oni           Ebun               Earth and Space Physics      Physics                          NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Ononogbu      Christopher        Biochemistry, University of  Biochemistry                     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Onwuka        Chryss F. Ijeoma   Science, Faculty of          Animal Science                   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Onwumechili   Cyril Agodi        London, UK                   Physics                          NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Onyekwelu     Chijindu           University of Nigeria,       Plant Ecology                    NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Onyeneke      E. Chukwu          Biochemistry, University of  Biochemistry                     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Orebamjo      Oremade            Sciences, University of      Plant Physiology                 NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Orhewere      Felix Ailoba       Benin City, Nigeria          Orthopaedics                     Nor
Nigeria   Prof   Osagie        A.U                Faculty of Science,          Plant Biochemistry               NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Osikanlu      Yejide O.K.        Research and Training,       Botany                           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Osim          Eme Efiom          Department of Physiology,  Physiology.                        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Osiname       Adenkule           Ibadan, Nigeria.             Soil Science                     NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Osonubi       Oluwole            Botany and Microbiology,  Agroforestry                        NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Osuji         Paschal O.         International Livestock      Animal nutritional physiology.   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Osuji         Rose Uzoma         Centre for Energy Research  Physics                           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Oyebande      Lekan              University of Lagos.         Science.                         NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Oyedipe       Ajibade            Department of Sociology,  Sociology                           NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Oyekanmi      Durotaiye          Ilesha, Oyo State, Nigeria. Demography,  Social Statistics.   NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Oyeleye       David Ajibade      Kajola Local Govt. Area,     Geography                        NOR
Nigeria   Prof   Oyenuga       Victor A.          Agriculture, University of  Agricultural Chemistry            NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Rotimi        Olubunmi           Microbiology, University of  Medical Microbiology             NOR
Nigeria   Dr     Salako        Qansy              Pharmacy, College of         Pharmaceutical Chemistry         NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Salau         Musbau Amao       Engineering, University of  Engineering                 NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Salawu        Raifu Isola       Department, University of  Electronics                  NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Sangodoyin    Abimbola Yisali   Engineering, Faculty of      Health Engineering.        NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Sannusi       Abdulrahim        Parasitology and             Parasitology; Pathology    NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Saror         Daniel Iyorkegh   Ahmadu Bello University,  Veterinary Pathology          NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Shuaibu       Mammon Jimoh      Education, Lagos, Nigeria. Science.                     NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Smith         Ayodeji           University of Lagos, Lagos,  Chemistry; Biochemistry.   NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Sobulo        Raufu Ajani       Research and Training,       Soil Science               NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Sofola        Olusoga           College of Medicine          Physiology                 NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Sokari        Tokuibiye G.      Sciences, Rivers State       Food Microbiology          NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Solarin       T.                Mathematics, Obafemi         Mathematics                NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Soyibo        Kalawole          Education, Department of  Biology Education             NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Spencer       Christie          Ibadan, Nigeria.             Agricultural Economics     NOR
Swaziland   Dr     Subair        Kayode            Swaziland, Luyengo           Agricultural Extension     NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Sule          Peter Ojo         Ahmadu Bello University,  Geophysics                    NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Susu          Alfred Akpoveta   Department, University of  Chemical Engineering.        NOR
Botswana    Prof   Taiwo         A.A               Education, Department of  Chemistry Education           NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Thomas        A. Babatunde      UNDP, New York City, USA. Economics                     NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Thomas        Adeyemi           Pharmacy and                 Pharmaceutical Chemistry   NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Tijani        Kyari             Science and                  Administration             NOR
Nigeria     Prof   Tomori        Oyewale           Virology, College of         Virology                   NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Ubamadu       H. Oziri          P.A. Via Owerri, Imo State,  Education                  NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Uche          Chinma O.         Mathematics, University of  Mathematics                 NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Udeala        Oleka, Kelechi    University of Nigeria,       Pharmacy                   NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Udeogalanya   Chudi             Science, University of       Plant Breeding             NOR
Nigeria     Dr     Udo           Eno J.            University of Ibadan,        Soil Chemistry             NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Udoessien     Etim I.          and Environmental              Enviromental Chemistry       NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ugbaja        Remigius A.E.    Crop Physiology and            Crop Science                 NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ugborogho     Edemayibo        Sciences, Faculty of           Biology                      NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ugwu          Daniel S.        Enugu State Agricultural       Agricultural Economics       NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Uju           Chukwuma         University of Nigeria,         Botany, Wood Anatomy         NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Ukoli         Frank Mene Ade   University of Ibadan,          Parasitology                 NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Umoh          Jarlath Udoudo   Public Health and              Preventive Medicine.         NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Umoh          Jimmy E.         Calabar, Cross River State,    Animal Science               NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Umoh          Veronicah J.     Microbiology, Faculty of       Food Microbiology            NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Umenweke      Meshack O.       Geological Sciences,           Environmental Geology        NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Umunna        N.N.             International Livestock        Ruminant Nutrition           NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Uniamikogbo   Sam O.           Economics, Edo State           Economics                    NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Uvah          Ignatius I.      Protection, Faculty of         Agricultural Entomology.     NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Uzo           Joseph Obgonna   Science, University of         Agriculture.                 NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Uzoka         Azubike Felix    University of Lagos, Lagos,    Clinical Psychology          NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Wekhe         Samuel Nnadi     Department of Animal           Veterinary Medicine.         NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Williams      Olufemi          Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria          Pathology                    NOR
Nigeria    Dr     Youdeowei     Anthony          Communication, West            Agricultural Training and    om
Rwanda     Dr     Bangamwabo    Fr. Xavier       National University of         Socio‐Lingustics.            NOR
Rwanda     Dr     Gasiga        Athanase         Butare, Rwanda.                Soil Chemistry               NOR
Rwanda     Dr     Habyalimana   Jean‐Baptiste    Rwanda.                        Construction Engineering     NOR
Rwanda     Dr     Karangwa      Evariste         B.P 565, Butare, Rwanda.       Animal Science               NOR
Tanzania   Dr     Munyanziza    Esron            Department of Forestry,        Agroforestry                 NOR
Rwanda     Dr     Murengezi     Ildephonse       Rwanda                         Plant Science                NOR
Burundi    Dr     Murigande     Charles          Burundi, Burundi               Mathematics                  NOR
Rwanda     Prof   Ndengejeho    Pascal B.        Nationale du Rwanda,           Comparative Education        NOR
Rwanda         Dr     Nsanzabiga     Eugene             Universite Nationale du     Linguistics                   NOR
Rwanda         Dr     Ntezurubanza   Leopold            Institut de Recherche       Essential Oil Chemistry       NOR
Rwanda         Dr     Nzanzabiga     Eugene             Rwanda.                     Linguistique Africaine        NOR
Rwanda         Dr     Rwangabo       Pierre Claver      Prefecture de Butare,       Pharmacognosie.               NOR
Rwanda         Dr     Tegera         Pierre             PNAP, Ruhengeri, Rwanda. Pathology                        NOR
Rwanda         Dr     Ukiriho        Bonaventure        Kigali, Rwanda              Agronomy                      NOR
Senegal        Dr     Bal            Amadou Bocar       en Protection des           Agricultural Entomology       NOR
Senegal        Dr     Camara         Papa Assane        Dakar, Senegal.             Plant Breeding                NOR
Senegal        Dr     Diagne         Ousman             mycorrhizas, Nitrogen       Soil Microbiology             NOR
Senegal        Dr     Diop           Ousseynou          Management                  Environmental Engineering.    NOR
Senegal        Dr     Diop           Mar Ibrahima       Senegal                     Medicine                      NOR
Senegal        Dr     Kane           Ousmane            Technology, Dakar,          Food Science and Technology   NOR
Senegal        Dr     Ndoye          Ababacar Sedikh    maristes, Dakar, Hann,      Food Science Technology       NOR
Senegal        Dr     Ndonye         Mbaye              Recherche Agricole, Dakar,  Entomology                    NOR
Senegal        Dr     Sadio          Syaka              ORSTOM, Dakar, Senegal. Soil Science                      NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Alghali        Mohamed            Freetown, Sierra Leone.     Agricultural Entomology       NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Alghali        Sidi Tejan Omarr   NOR                         Parasitology, Immunology      NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Amarteifio     Joan O.            Basic Sciences              Organic Chemistry             NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Bomah          Andrew K.          Geography and Rural         Environmental Management      NOR
Sierra Leone   Prof   Cole           Norman H.A.        Botany Department,          Physiology Ecology            NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Davidson       Ogunlade R.        Leone, Freetown             Mechanical Engineering        NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Davies         Clavell            Geology, Nairobi            Environmental Geology         NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Dixon          Alfred G.O.        Tuber Improvement           Genetics of Cassava           NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Kandeh         Borbor Sama        and Rural Development,  Demography                        NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Lakoh          Alpha Kepifri      Economics aand Extension,  Development                    NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Massaquoi      M.                 Fourah Bay College,         Chemical Engineering          NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Pratt         Nana Claris     Department of Chemistry,  Chemistry                     NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Rashid‐Noah   Bundu           Agricultural Engineering,  Soil and Water Engineering   NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Terry         Eugene Robert Cote d'Ivore.                  Plant Pathology            NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Thomas        Malamah         Street, Freetown, Sierra     Human Nutrition.           NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Tucker        Sonny Willie    Teacher Educator,            Agricultural Education     NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Wright        Ernest Haynes Fourah Bay College,            Physical Chemistry         NOR
Sierra Leone   Dr     Yormah        Thomas B.R      Fourah Bay College,          Soil Chemistry             NOR
Somalia        Dr     Mohamoud      Yusuf           Tropical Agriculture,        Hydrology                  NOR
South Africa   Dr     Abratt        Rusell          Director of Academic,        Industrial Marketing       NOR
South Africa   Dr     Adam          Abdul Aziz      Department of                Mathematics                NOR
South Africa   Dr     Africa        Joyce           Microbiology, University of  Clinical Bacteriology      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Alexander     Jennifer Jean   Microbiology, University of  Microbiology               NOR
South Africa   Prof   Alexander     Mark Gavin      Civil Engineering;           Civil Engineering
South Africa   Dr     Ameer         Farouk          University of Western        Organic Chemistry          NOR
South Africa   Dr     Anhaeusser    Carl Robert     Geology Research Unit,       Economic Geology           NOR
South Africa   Dr     Annergan      Harold John     Schonland Research Centre  Nuclear Physics              NOR
South Africa   Prof   Appleton      Charles         Zoology and Entomology,  Medical Parasitology           NOR
South Africa   Dr     Aswegen       van             University of Pretoria,      Urology                    NOR
South Africa   Dr     Baker         Carolyn         Department,University of  Mammals             
South Africa   Dr     Balkwill      Kevin           University of The            Botanical Systematics
South Africa   Dr     Balkwill      Mandy‐Jane      Botany, University of The  Botany             
South Africa   Dr     Bamforo       Marion Kathleen Price Institute for          Paleontology               NOR
South Africa   Dr     Bardin        Phillip G.      Department of Internal       Pulmonology                NOR
South Africa   Dr     Barnard       Alret Louis     Industrial Personnel,        Industrial Psychology      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Bassaon       Linda           Department of Zoology        Zoology                    .za
South Africa   Dr     Beckley       Elizabeth       Oceanographic Research  Marine Ecology, Ichthyology     NOR
South Africa   Prof   Beighle       Dale Edward        Department of Animal         Nutrition                    NOR
South Africa   Dr     Beighton      Peter              Genetics, Department of  Human Genetics                   NOR
South Africa   Dr     Beke          Andy               University of Southern       Occupational Health
South Africa   Dr     Bendixen      Michael Thomas     School, University of the  Management                     NOR
South Africa   Dr     Berman        Mervyn Clive       Clinical Pathology,          Medical Biochemistry         NOR
South Africa   Prof   Bezwoda       Werner             Hematology and Medical  Oncology                          NOR
South Africa   Dr     Bhana         Arvinkumar         Department, University of  Community Psychology           NOR
South Africa   Dr     Bhoola        Kanti              Experimental and Clinical  Biochemistry                   NOR
South Africa   Dr     Blignaut      Catharina Maria    Science, University of the  Food Science                  NOR
South Africa   Dr     Bloch         Cecil              Groote Schuur Hospital,      Surgery                      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Boden         Roger              Department of Town and  Urban Design, Town Planning.      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Botha         Phylis Louisa      University of the Orange  Clinical Bacteriology 
South Africa   Dr     oberholster   Anna‐Maria         Botany and Genetics,         Biotechnology.               NOR
South Africa   Dr     Botha         Wilhelm Carl       Food Science, University of  Dairy Science                NOR
South Africa   Dr     Bouwman       Henk               Department of Zoology,       Zoology                      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Bradley       John Dolman        Research and                 Chemical Education           NOR
South Africa   Dr     Brand         Robin Michael      Department of Electrical  Communications Engineering
South Africa   Dr     Brozel        Volker Siegfried   Department of                Environmental Microbiology   NOR
South Africa   Prof   Burger        Renier             Research Unit, Department  Cosmic‐Rag Astrophysics        NOR
South Africa   Dr     Butler        Nadine Carol       of Department Pharmacy  Pharmacy Practice                 NOR
South Africa   Dr     Cadman        Ann                Price Institute for          Palynology                   NOR
South Africa   Prof   Cameron       Noel               Head of Department,          Human Biology      
South Africa   Prof   Cannone       Alberto John       Department of Zoology,       Neurophysiology              NOR
South Africa   Dr     Caper         Wayne Logan        Biomedical Engineer,         Biomedical Engineering.      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Chalkley      Lynda Janette      Medical Microbiology (G4),  Medical Microbiology          NOR
South Africa   Prof   Cherian       Varghese Lepen     Department of Psychology  Psychology                      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Christov     Lyudmil Pavlov   Department of                Biotechnology                 NOR
South Africa   Dr     Cipolat      Daniele          Witwatersrand, School of  Engineering                      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Clark        Alan Robert      Engineering, Wits,           Electromagnetic Engineering   NOR
South Africa   Prof   Coetzee      Andre            Department of                Medicine            
South Africa   Dr     Connell      Simon Henry      Witwatersrand,               Solid State Physics           NOR
South Africa   Prof   Cooper       Kumarasen        of Pathology, University of  Anatomical Pathology          NOR
South Africa   Dr     Cooper       Peter A.         Paediatrics, Johannesburg  Pediatrics Neonatology          NOR
South Africa   Dr     Coopoo       Yoga             Durban, Westville, South  Exercise Physiology              NOR
South Africa   Dr     Coville      Neil John        Chemisry, University of the  Chemistry           
South Africa   Dr     Cress        William Arthur   Department of Botany,        Botany                        NOR
South Africa   Dr     Crewe        Robin Michael    University of the            Communication in Insects
South Africa   Prof   Crouch       Andrew Martin    Department of Chemistry,  Chemistry              
South Africa   Dr     Cywes        Sidney           Pediatric Surgery,           Paediatric Surgery            NOR
South Africa   Dr     Dannhauser   Andre            Human Nutrition,             Nutrition Dietetics           NOR
South Africa   Prof   Davidson     James            Department of Chemical  Molecular Endocrinology            NOR
South Africa   Prof   De Gruchy    John             Studies, Department of       Theology                      NOR
South Africa   Prof   De Jager     James Murray     Department, Faculty of       Agricultural Meterology       NOR
South Africa   Dr     De Jager     Linda            Department of Anatomy  Anatomy                             NOR
South Africa   Prof   De Jager     Ocker Cornelis   Potscheftroom University,  Astrophysics                    NOR
South Africa   Dr     De Jong      Peter            University of Cape Town,  Obstetrics and Gynecology        NOR
South Africa   Prof   De Clerk     Gerhadt          Department, Department  Sociology                          NOR
South Africa   Dr     De Clerk     Hendrik          Department of                Applied Mathematics           NET.PUK.AC.ZA
South Africa   Dr     De Kock      Andre            Department of                Immunology                    NOR
South Africa   Dr     De Kock      Michael Josias   Department of Medical        Molecular Microbiology        NOR
South Africa   Dr     De Ravel     Thomy J.L        Department of Human          Human Genetics                NOR
South Africa   Prof   Dent         David Marshall   Department of Surgery,       Surgery/Oncology              NOR
South Africa   Dr     Dietrich     Louise Leonora     of the Western Cape,       Heart Research                   NOR
South Africa   Dr     Dirr         Heini              Lecturer, Department of  Biochemistry                       NOR
South Africa   Prof   Dolamo       Ramathate          University of the North,   Ethics                           NOR
South Africa   Dr     Dry          Mark E.            Rondebosch, South Africa. Chemistry                         NOR
South Africa   Prof   Du Plessis   Paul de Villiers   Physics, Department of     Solid State Physics              NOR
South Africa   Prof   Du Preez     Cornelius          Department of Soil         Soil Science                     NOR
South Africa   Prof   Du Preez     James Charles      Microbiology and           Microbiology                     UOVS.AC.ZA
South Africa   Dr     Du Preez     Pieter Johannes    Department of Botany and  Phytosiology                      NOR
South Africa   Prof   Du Toit      Ernette D          Associate Professor,       Immunogenetics                   NOR
South Africa   Dr     Dutton       Michael F.         Physiology, University of  Medical Biochemistry   
South Africa   Dr     Dzomsky      Alison Emslie      Engineering Department,  Chemical Engineering     
South Africa   Prof   Eagles       Peter F.K          Pharmaceutical Chemistry,  Pharmaceutical Chemistry         NOR
South Africa   Prof   Erick        Rauf Hurman        Faculty of Engineering,    Material Science, Engineering.
South Africa   Dr     Every        Arthur George      Department, University of  Solid State Physics              NOR
South Africa   Prof   Ferreira     Daneel             Chemistry and Head,        Organic Chemistry                NOR
South Africa   Prof   Field        John Stainer       Chemistry, University of  Coordination Chemistry            NOR
South Africa   Prof   Fincham      Robert J.          Department, Department  Nutrition Surveillance              NOR
South Africa   Dr     Finnie       Jeffrey Franklin   Department, University of  Biotechnology.                   NOR
South Africa   Dr     Firer        Colin              Management, University of  Management, Finance.             NOR
South Africa   Prof   Folb         Peter Jan          Pharmacology,              Pharmacology, Toxicology         NOR
South Africa   Prof   Fourie       Jan Hendrik        Mathematics,               Mathematics                      JHF@PUKNET.P
South Africa   Dr     Fransman     Andrew             Department of              Algebra‐Group Theory   
South Africa   Dr     Fraser       McKenzie           Department of Chemical  Chemical Engineering      
South Africa   Dr     Fray         Llewellyn          Department of              Mathematics                      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Friedland    Ian Rodney         of Infectious Diseases,    Pediatric Infections             NOR
South Africa   Prof   Gathiram     Premjith           Physiology, University of  Hypertension                     NOR
South Africa   Prof   Geertsema      Jan Cornelius    Professor of Statistics,     Statistics                    NOR
South Africa   Dr     Geldenhuys     Coert Johannes   and Woodland                 Indigenous Forest Ecology     NOR
South Africa   Prof   Gevers         Wieland          Professor of Medicine        Biochemistry                  NOR
South Africa   Dr     Geyer          H.J.             Department of Anatomy  Histology                           NOR
South Africa   Dr     Gibson         Roger Lawrence   University of the            Geology                       NOR
South Africa   Dr     Gieras         Jacek F.         University of Cape Town,  Electrical Machines and Drives
South Africa   Dr     Gillman        Mark Alfred      Africa Brain Research        Psychopharmacology            NOR
South Africa   Dr     Givati         Ofer             University of the            Electromagnetic Engineering   NOR
South Africa   Dr     Goldring       Dean             Biochemistry,                Biochemistry                  NOR
South Africa   Dr     Gordon         Moses            Johannesburg, South          Architecture                  NOR
South Africa   Dr     Gounden        Poobalam         Department, King Edward  Physiotherapy                     NOR
South Africa   Dr     Gow            Christopher      Bernard Price Institute for  Vertebrate Paleontology       NOR
South Africa   Prof   Green          Ivan             Chemistry, University of  Synthetic Organic Chemistry
South Africa   Dr     Greyvenstein   Lesley Ann       Department of Nutrition  Home Economics                    NOR
South Africa   Dr     Grobbelaar     Johan U          Botany and Genetics,         Algal Biotechnology           NOR
South Africa   Dr     Grobler        Sias             Dentistry, University of     Dentistry                     NOR
South Africa   Dr     Groenewald     Gilbert J.       Department of                Operational Theory  
South Africa   Dr     Gupthar        Supersad         Department of                Yeast Genetics                NOR
South Africa   Prof   Haines         Raymond John     Professor of Inorganic       Coordination Chemistry
South Africa   Prof   Hallett        Arthur Frank     Microbiology, University of  Medical Microbiology
South Africa   Prof   Hammond        Kate             Department of Medical        Medical Biochemistry          NOR
South Africa   Prof   Hansford       Spearing         Engineering, University of  Chemical Engineering           NOR
South Africa   Dr     Hartney        John             Mathematics Department,  Mathematics                       NOR
South Africa   Prof   Hattingh       Phillipus        Department of Geography,  Geography                        NOR
South Africa   Dr     Havenga        Daniel           and Management Sciences, Marketing Management              NOR
South Africa   Dr     Hearne         Giovanni         University of the            Condensed Matter Physics      NOR
South Africa   Prof   Helm          Hugh              Physics, University of the  Physics Education                NOR
South Africa   Dr     Hennesy       Esme Frances      University of Natal, Private  Plant Taxonomy                 NOR
South Africa   Prof   Heyns         Chris             urological trauma.             Medicine (Urology)            NOR
South Africa   Dr     Hickman       Rosemary          Department of Surgery,         Surgery                       NOR
South Africa   Dr     Hill          John Clifford     (Ophthalmology),               Ophthalmology                 NOR
South Africa   Prof   Hoch          Michael J.R.      Physics, Physics               Condensed Matter Physics
South Africa   Dr     Holtzhausen   Lucy‐May          Anatomy and Cell Biology,  Medicine                          NOR
South Africa   Dr     Hoosen        Anwar Ahmed       Department of Medical          Clinical Microbiology         NOR
South Africa   Dr     Hough         Stephen           Endocrinology, The             Metabolism                    NOR
South Africa   Prof   Hugo          Pierre Jacques    Politics, University of South  African Politics              NOR
South Africa   Prof   Ibragimov     Nail              Department of                  Mathematics         
South Africa   Dr     Illing        Nicola            Biochemistry, University of  Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics   OL.UCT.AC.ZA
South Africa   Dr     Jacobus       Nicolaas          Department of Statistics,  Mathematics                       NOR
South Africa   Dr     Jandrell      Ian Robert        Department of Electrical  Engineering (High Voltage)         NOR
South Africa   Dr     Rensburg      Catharina Susan   Sciences Research Council,  Physical Science and Biology     NOR
South Africa   Dr     Jansen        Stander           Director, University of the  Human Genetics        
South Africa   Dr     Jithoo        Rondhir           University of Natal, P.O.      Surgery, Anatomy              NOR
South Africa   Prof   Joffe         B.I               Medicine, Department of  Metabolic Disorders                 NOR
South Africa   Dr     Jooste        Petrus Johannes   Science, University of the  Food Science                     NOR
South Africa   Dr     Joubert       Daniel            University of the              Solid State Physics           NOR
South Africa   Dr     Julies        Edmund            of the Western Cape,           Nuclear Physics               NOR
South Africa   Dr     Kahn          Dscaisir          University of Cape Town,  Surgery                            NOR
South Africa   Dr     Kallie        De Beer           Branches, Technikon Free  Distance Education       
South Africa   Dr     Kara          Abdul Hamid       Mathematics Department,  Applied Mechanics                   NOR
South Africa   Prof   Karabus       Cyril             Cross Children's Hospital,  Oncology.                        NOR
South Africa   Prof   Kaschula      R.O.C             Department of Pediatric  Paediatric Pathology                .UCT.AC.ZA
South Africa   Prof   Kew              Michael C.       Director, Molecular            Molecular Biology                NOR
South Africa   Dr     Kfir             Rivka            Watertek, CSIR,                Microbiology                     NOR
South Africa   Prof   Kgatla           Selaelo Thias    University of the North,       Theology                         NOR
South Africa   Dr     Killian          Gouws            Department of                  Microbiology           
South Africa   Prof   Kirsch           Emmanuel         of Medicine, Chief             Hepatology                       NOR
South Africa   Dr     Kloppers         Jacobus          Plan Pathology, University  Plant Pathology                     .UOUS.AC.ZA
South Africa   Prof   Knoeseiv         Dirk             University of the Western  Solid State Physics, Thin Films      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Knopfmacher      Arnold           Mathematics Department,  Theory                       
South Africa   Prof   Kotze            D.               Statistics, University of the  Applied Statistics in Medicine   NOR
South Africa   Dr     Kotze            Harry F.         Department of                  Haematology                      NOR
South Africa   Prof   Koursaris        Andreas          University of the              Materials Processing             NOR
South Africa   Prof   Kramer           Beverly          Department, Department  Biology                                 MOS.WITS.AC.Z
South Africa   Prof   Kruger           Gert H.J.        Plant and Soil Sciences,       Ecophysiology                    NOR
South Africa   Dr     Kruger           Hester           Potchefstroom University  Botany                                NOR
South Africa   Prof   Krylon           Igor             Department; University of  Solid State Physics                  NOR
South Africa   Dr     Labadarios       Demetre          Human Nutrition, Faculty  Medicine, Nutrition                   NOR
South Africa   Dr     Labuschagne      Maryke Tine      Plant Breeding, University  Plant Breeding                      NOR
South Africa   Prof   Landy            Charles Farrel   Electrical Engineering,        Electrical Engineering           .WITS.AC.ZA
South Africa   Prof   Lewis‐Williams   James David      Witwatersrand, South           Archaeology                      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Liebenberg       Johannes         Health, Internal Box M6,  Community Health                      NOR
South Africa   Prof   Linder           Cedric John      Physics and Physics            Physics Education                NOR
South Africa   Dr     Lindesay         Janette Anne     and Deputy Director,           Geography                        NOR
South Africa   Prof   Litthauer        Derek            Department of                  Biochemistry                     UOVS.AC.ZA
South Africa   Dr     Mabusela         Thozamile        Chemistry, University of  Chemistry                             NOR
South Africa   Prof   Macleod          Ian Malcolm      Engineering, Department  Control Engineering                    NOR
South Africa   Dr     Mafeje           Archie           American University, Cairo,  Sociology of Development           NOR
South Africa   Dr     Mahabeer    Manorunjunie     of Durban, Westville, South Psychology.                    NOR
South Africa   Dr     Maharaj     Manoj Sewak      Mathematics, University of  Cosmology            
South Africa   Dr     Maharaj     Romilla          Biochemistry, University of  Microbial Genetics  
South Africa   Dr     Malan       Stephanus        Forest Science and             Wood Science                NOR
South Africa   Dr     Manas       Gary John        Statistics, University of the  Statistics                  NOR
South Africa   Dr     Mapolie     Selwyn Frank     Western Cape, Private Bag  Chemistry                       NOR
South Africa   Dr     Marais      Nicholas John    Department of Civil            Engineering                 NOR
South Africa   Dr     Mariner     Susan Leigh      Department, University of  Ethology                        NOR
South Africa   Prof   Maritz      Gert Stephanus   Physiological Sciences,        Lung Physiology             NOR
South Africa   Dr     Martin      John B           Engineering, University of  Applied Mechanics              .UCT.AC.ZA
South Africa   Dr     Mather      Charles T        Geography, University of  Geography                        NOR
South Africa   Dr     Matjila     Daniel Mmushi    Doctoral Fellow, University  Mathematics                   NOR
South Africa   Dr     Mayer       Joseph James     Geology, Potchefstroom  Geology                            NOR
South Africa   Prof   Mcfadyen    Margaret Lynn    Pharmacology                   Pharmacology                NOR
South Africa   Prof   Mclachlan   David S.         Witwatersrand,                 Physics                     NOR
South Africa   Dr     Mclean      Michelle         Department of Physiology,  Mycotoxins and phytotoxicity.   NOR
South Africa   Prof   Merry       Charles          Department of Surveying  Geodesy                           NOR
South Africa   Dr     Meyer       Johannes         CSIR, Forestek, Pretoria,  Botany                          NOR
South Africa   Prof   Millar      Ward             Principal Scientist,           Paediatrics                 NOR
South Africa   Dr     Minnitt     Anson            Department of Mining           Miberal Economics           NOR
South Africa   Prof   Mollentze   Frederick        University of the Orange  Internal Medicine                NOR
South Africa   Dr     Moller      Klaus Peter      Cape Town, South Africa Chemical Engineering               NOR
South Africa   Prof   Moodley     Jack             Obstetrics and                 Science                     NOR
South Africa   Prof   Morall      Harm             Head of Department,            Science.                    NOR
South Africa   Prof   Morris      Alan Gregory     Department of Anatomy  Palaeoanthropology                  NOR
South Africa   Dr     Morris      John             Science, Department of         Building Materials          NOR
South Africa   Prof   Murray       Neil              Department, Department  Opthalmology                      NOR
South Africa   Prof   Myen         Jonathan Elliot   Community Health,           Community Health              NOR
South Africa   Prof   Naidoo       G                 Department of Botany,       Plant Physiology              NOR
South Africa   Dr     Naik         K.C.              of the Witwatersrand, Wits  Mathematics                   NOR
South Africa   Prof   Ncayiyana    Daniel J..        Gynaecology, University of  Medicine                      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Nel          Hester Isabel     Unit, Department of         Astrophysics                  NOR
South Africa   Dr     Nitch        Derek Colin       Department of Electrical  Electromagnetics                NOR
South Africa   Prof   Noakes       Timothy David     of Exercise and Sports      Sports Science                NOR
South Africa   Dr     Nongxa       Loyiso G.         Mathematics, University of  Algebra                       NOR
South Africa   Dr     Nortje       J.D               Department of Obstetrics  Reproductive Biology            NOR
South Africa   Dr     Nxumalo      Muziwani          Soweto Campus,              Chemistry                     NOR
South Africa   Prof   Nyamapfene   Kingston          Faculty of Agriculture,     Agricultural Sciences         NOR
South Africa   Prof   O'connnor    Cyril Thomas      Chemical Engineering,       Chemical Engineering          NOR
South Africa   Dr     Odendaal     Hein H.J.         Mortality Research Unit,  Maternal Fetal Medicine         NOR
South Africa   Dr     Oelofsen     Michiel Jacob     University of the Orange  Virology                        NOR
South Africa   Prof   O'keefe      SJD               Clinic, E 23 Room 93, New  Medicine                       NOR
South Africa   Prof   Olivier      Jana              Physical Geography,         Environmental Management      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Oosthmizen   Mathus M.J        University of the           Biochemistry                  NOR
South Africa   Prof   Osthoff      Gernot            Department of Food          Biochemistry                  NOR
South Africa   Dr     Otto         Christoffel       Nuclear Medicine,           Nuclear Medicine              NOR
South Africa   Dr     Owen‐smith   Norman            Ecology, Department of      Ecology                       NOR
South Africa   Dr     Ozbay        M.U.              Department of Mining        Mining                        NOR
South Africa   Dr     Ozinsky      Alison Emsilie    Department, University of  Mathematical Modelling         NOR
South Africa   Prof   Parker       M. Iqbal          Cancer Research,            Molecular Biology of Cancer   NOR
South Africa   Dr     Parkinson    Barbara M.        Department, University of  Botany                         NOR
South Africa   Prof   Partridge    T.C.              and Honorary Professor      Geomorphology                 NOR
South Africa   Dr     Passmore       Neville Ian       Witwatersrand              Animal Behaviour               NOR
South Africa   Dr     Peter          Jonathan C        NeuroSurgery, University  Paediatric Neurosurgery.        NOR
South Africa   Prof   Pienaar        Richard Noel      Department of Botany,      Plant Biology                  NOR
South Africa   Dr     Pieters        Henry             Department of              Haematology                    NOR
South Africa   Prof   Pieters        A.J.H             Department, Department  Botany                            NOR
South Africa   Dr     Pile           Kerry George      University of the          Cell Biology                   NOR
South Africa   Dr     Pillay         Yogan             Department of Psychology,  Health Policy                  NOR
South Africa   Dr     Pirrow         Peter             University of the          Perfomance.                    NOR
South Africa   Prof   Pistorius      Gabriel Jacobus   Department of Family       Family Medicine                NOR
South Africa   Prof   Postma         Stefan Willem     Western Cape, Bellville,   Informatics                    NOR
South Africa   Prof   Potgieter      Steenkamp         Physics, Potchefstroom     Physics                        NOR
South Africa   Prof   Potter         Paul Charles      Acting Head, Department  Immunology                       NOR
South Africa   Dr     Pretorius      Jacobus Petrus    Orange Free State, South  Agronomy                        NOR
South Africa   Prof   Pretorious     Zacharia A.       Orange Free State,         Plant Pathology                NOR
South Africa   Prof   Prior          Alexander         Department, Department  Yeast Biotechnology               NOR
South Africa   Dr     Rabali         Christopher       for CHE, Vaal Triangle     Religion                       NOR
South Africa   Dr     Raidoo         Munsamy           Physiology, Faculty of     Neurochemistry                 NOR
South Africa   Dr     Ramsay         Michele           Lecturer, Department of  Human Genetics                   HIRON.WITS.AC.
South Africa   Prof   Raubenheimer   B.C.              Space Research Unit,       Astrophysics, Space Physics.   NOR
South Africa   Prof   Rawdon         B.B.              Department of Anatomy  Endocrinology                      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Rayner         Brian             University of Cape Town,  Nephrology                      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Redelinghuys   Christian         Department of Mechanical  Aeronautics                     NOR
South Africa   Prof   Reinecke       JPL               Physics, Potchefstroom     Astrophysics                   NOR
South Africa   Dr     Retief         Andries           Department, University of  Genetics                       NOR
South Africa   Dr     Rey            Christine         Microbiology Department,  Plant Virology                  NOR
South Africa   Prof   Ridley         J.N               University of the          Mathematics                    NOR
South Africa   Prof   Robertson    B.A.            Department of Psychiatry,  Child Psychiatry                NOR
South Africa   Dr     Robinson     E.R             Botany, University of the  Molecular Ecology               NOR
South Africa   Prof   Rocke        David Anthony   Anaesthesia, University of  Obstetric Anaesthesia.         NOR
South Africa   Prof   Rogers       G.G.            Department of Physiology,  Physiology                      NOR
South Africa   Prof   Rogers       Kevin           Water in the Environment,  Aquatic Ecology                 NOR
South Africa   Prof   Roodt        Andreas         Chemistry, University of  Chemistry                        NOR
South Africa   Prof   Roux         F.S.            Potchefstroom University  Electronics                      NOR
South Africa   Dr     Rubidge      Bruce S.        Department, Bernard Price  Paleontology                    NOR
South Africa   Prof   Russell      Irina           of the Pharmaceutics         Carbohydrate Chemistry        NOR
South Africa   Dr     Russell      Vivienne Ann    Department of Chemical  Neurochemistry                     NOR
South Africa   Dr     Saloojee     Haroon          Department of Paediatrics,  Paediatrics                    NOR
South Africa   Dr     Schleyer     Michael Henry   Oceanographic Research  Marine Biology                     NOR
South Africa   Dr     Scholes      Mary            Department, University of  Plant Ecophysiology             NOR
South Africa   Prof   Schoombie    S.W.            Department of Applied        Numerical Analysis            NOR
South Africa   Dr     Schutte      De Wet          Institute for Community  Sociology                         NOR
South Africa   Dr     Scott        David F.        Division of Forest Science  Forest Hydrology               NOR
South Africa   Prof   Scott        Louis           Department of Botany and  Changes                          NOR
South Africa   Dr     Scott        Mechaela        Educational Psychology, PU Education‐learning motivation   NOR
South Africa   Prof   Sears        Michael         Mathematics, University of  Mathematics                    NOR
South Africa   Prof   Segal        Isidor          Gastroenterology,            Gastroenterology              NOR
South Africa   Dr     Sellers      Ewan James      CSIR/Miningtek               Geomechanics                  NOR
South Africa   Prof   Sellars      Sean Liam       Groote Schuur, Hospital,  Surgery                          NOR
South Africa   Dr     Shackleton   Magdel          Physics, University of Cape  Medical Physics               NOR
South Africa   Prof   Sibara       M.M             Microbiology, University of  Plant Pathology               NOR
South Africa   Dr     Singels      Abraham         Department of                Agrometeorology               NOR
South Africa   Dr     Sitas        Frederick       Registry, South African      Cancer                        NOR
South Africa   Prof     Skews        Beric William     Mechanical Engineering,      Dynamics.              NOR
South Africa   Dr       Slabber      Marthinette       Human Nutrition, Faculty     Nutrition Dietetics    NOR
South Africa   Dr       Slammert     Lionel Clint      Department of                Systems                NOR
South Africa   Prof     Smit         Antonie           Physics, Potchefstroom       Physics Education      NOR
South Africa   Prof     Smith        Martin S.         Department of Medical        Medical Virology       NOR
South Africa   Dr       Smith        Michael Trevor    Department of Botany,        Plant Alkaloids        NOR
South Africa   Prof     Spies        Jacobus           Department of Botany and     Genetics               NOR
South Africa   Dr       Stein        Dan               Department of Psychiatry,    Psychopharmacology     NOR
South Africa   Prof     Stephenson   David             Water Systems Research       Water Resources        NOR
South Africa   Prof     Steyn        Nelia Patricia    Human Nutrition,             Clinical Nutrition     NOR
South Africa   Prof     Stoker       Pieter H.         Physics, Potchefstroom       Physics                NOR
South Africa   Prof     Strydom      Hendrik Andries   University of the Orange     Law                    NOR
South Africa   Dr       Swart        Dirk Hermanus     Marine Atmospheric           Coastal Engineering    NOR
South Africa   Dr       Swart        Wijnand J.        Department of Plant          Plant Pathology        NOR
South Africa   Dr       Swartz       C.L.E.            Department of Chemical       Chemical Engineering   NOR
South Africa   Prof     Syce         James A.          Department of                Pharmacology           NOR
South Africa   Dr       Sym          Stuart David      Department, University of    Hydrobiology           NOR


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