January 2010 Northern Colorado Model Railroad Club Volume 9 by bbp18167


										          Northern Colorado Model Railroad Club

           January 2010                            Volume 9 Number 1
	                                                                                                                                         November	2009

            DISPATCH                                                                                      New President
    Northern Colorado Model Railroad Club
                                                                                          At	the	December	meeting,	the	new	president	of	the	North-
                                                                                          ern	Colorado	Model	Railroad	Club	was	officially	installed.		
The	Dispatch	is	the	official	publication	of	the	Northern	Colorado	                        Here,	John	Atkinson	transfers	the	club	gavel	to	Ted	Nutting	
Model	Railroad	Club	(NCMRC).	It	is	published	monthly	to	keep	the	                         who	will	preside	over	the	NCMRC	for	the	next	two	years.
membership	informed	of	all	meetings	and	activities	of	the	club,	to	
recognize	achievements	of	club	members	in	the	hobby	of	model	
railroading,	and	to	encourage	all	members	in	the	personal	practice	of	
the	many	aspects	of	the	hobby.

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                              Newsletter	Staff
                                Bill	Kepner
                      email:	drgw0579@comcast.net

                            Associate	Editors
                     Dave	Zamzow	and	Chase	Kepner
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                              Valued	Consultant
                                                                                            President’s	Report																																						3
                                  Bob	Sobol
                                                                                            BCMRC	Show	Report																																	3
                                                                                            2009	Contest	Awards																																	5
President	                    		Ted	Nutting	                             663-5217	
Secretary	                    		Dave	Turner	                             302-7693	          Living	the	Dream	at	CRM																									6
Treasurer	                    		Roger	Smith	                             493-2662
                                                                                            NCMRC	Contest	Rules																															8
Sandee	Michaelson	            	                                          232-9704	          NCMRC	Contest	Categories																			10
Ed	Hurtubis	                  	                                          223-8767
Roger	Michels	                	                                          461-3630           Christmas	Dinner																																							11
Dal	Schaefer	                 	                                          221-3704
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Contest	                             			Rich	Coleman	                                       Club	News	and	Reports																											13
Database	Manager	 			Bill	Beranek	                                             416-1945
Events	Coordinator	 			John	Atkinson																								204-9287	                       Progress	on	George	Booth’s	GW											16
Help	Desk	                           			Rick	Inglis	                           223-1979
Layout	Tours	                        			Roger	Michels	                        622-0797      Club	Timetable	and	Information											17
Library	                             			John	Atkinson	                        204-9287	
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Membership	                          			Rich	Wilson	                          484-9915                              Cover
Newsletter	                          			Bill	Kepner	                          226-0809
NMRA	Liaison	                        			<yet	to	be	named>                                    	A&O	261	runs	south	at	Ridge	on	David	Stewart’s	
Programs	                            			Gene	Fusco	                           226-4105       former	A&O	1.0.	Stay	tuned	for	photos	of	A&O	2.0.		
Webmaster	                           			Rob	Toler	                    	502-523-6197          Photo by Bob Sobol.
Webmaster	Assistant			Roger	Smith	                                            493-2662         	
NCMRC	Website:	 http://www.ncmrc.org
NCMRC	Address:	P.O. Box 271493, Fort Collins, CO 80527-1493

DISPATCH	                                                                                                     November	2009

                                      President’s Report
Welcome	to	the	first	year	of	the	second	decade	of	the	21st	      the	cards	filled	out	at	the	Christmas	Dinner	and	suggestions	
century	for	the	Northern	Colorado	Model	Railroad	Club.	          from	past	presidents,	add	their	own	ideas,	then	establish	
(Or	is	it	the	last	year	of	the	first	decade?)	This	has	been	a	   priorities	that	reflect	the	preferences	of	the	club.
growing	organization.	With	growth	come	new	interests	and	
opportunities.                                                   Our	club	meetings	will	continue	on	the	fourth	Thursday	
                                                                 (except	for	Nov.	and	Dec.	which	will	be	the	third	Thursday)	
The	meeting	schedule	for	club	meetings	and	board	meetings	 with	the	present	rotation	between	the	Greeley	Freight	Sta-
is	set,	the	contest	categories	have	been	approved	for	the	year,	 tion	Museum,	Harmony	Presbyterian	Church	in	Fort	Collins,	
and	the	contest	rules	are	being	updated.	They	will	be	made	      and	the	Pulliam	Building	in	Loveland.	Dues	will	remain	at	
available	to	club	members	either	in	this	issue	of	the	Dispatch	 $24.00	per	individual.	If	you	have	not	yet	renewed	your	mem-
or	in	the	near	future.	If	you	have	questions	about	contests	     bership,	we	hope	you	will	do	so	before	the	March	1	deadline.
please	contact	our	new	Contest	Chairman,	Rich	Coleman	at	
richcoleman@mesanetworks.net		or	(303)	833-4831.                 I	hope	to	see	you	at	the	January	28	Club	Meeting	at	the	
                                                                 Greeley	Freight	Station	Museum	at	7	PM.	Dave	Trussell	will	
The	first	three	to	six	months	of	this	year	will	be	a	time	of	    be	giving	the	program	on	the	“State	of	the	Museum.”
rethinking	the	direction	we	want	the	club	to	go.	Beginning	
with	the	February	4	board	meeting	the	Board	of	Directors	        Ted	Nutting
and	Department	heads	will	review	feedback	received	from	         President,	NCMRC

                    Boulder County Model Railroad Club Show
On	December	12	and	13,	the	NCMRC	took	their	sectional	layout	to	the	Boulder	County	Fairgrounds	in	Longmont,	pictured	
below	during	the	Sunday	mid-afternoon	operations	shift	was	from	(left	to	right),	John	Atkinson,	Dave	Turner,	Chuck	Pieper,	
and	Jeffrey	Andreski.	

DISPATCH	                                                            January	2010

                                     Left: A highlight of out club’s layout is the
                                     loco-cam which broadcasts video of the engi-
                                     neer’s view to a video monitor. It is a very
                                     good tool to generate excitement with the
                                     younger attendees.

                                     Someday we need to find a locomotive
                                     control stand and set it up with a throttle and

Right: The camera train passes
through downtown. Below
Left: One of the most popular
trains on the layout was led
by no other than Thomas the
Tank Engine. Below Right:
The great looking Atlantic
Coast Line E6 makes a visit to
Colorado. Photos by Jeffrey

DISPATCH	                                                                  January	2010

                       2009 Contest Year End Awards

The	winners	for	the	2009	contests	were	recognized	at	the	
Christmas	banquet	on	December	17th.		Congratulations	to	these	
excellent	modelers	and	thanks	to	all	participants	in	the	contests.		
The	awardees	were:

Patrick Earhart-- Modeler of the Year – Modeler Level. 	
(Right)	This	award	is	presented	to	the	Modeler	level	contestant	who	
receives	the	highest	total	of	average	scores	for	all	entries	during	
the	contest	year.	

Jason Jensen -- Modeler of the Year – Craftsman Level.
(Right	Middle)	This	award	is	presented	to	the	Craftsman	level	
modeler	who	receives	the	highest	total	of	average	scores	for	all	
entries	during	the	contest	year.

Larr y Barker -- Craftsman Model of the Year. (Bottom	Left)		
This	award	is	presented	to	the	Craftsman	class	model	receiving	the	
highest	average	score	for	a	single	entry	during	the	contest	year.	
Larry	won	for	his	On3	caboose.

Mike Michaelson -- Best Artwork / Photo (Bottom	Right).	This	
award	is	presented	to	the	member	receiving	the	highest	average	
score	at	the	annual	Art/Photo	contest.		Mike	won	for	his	artwork	
entitled	“Steamer	&	Water	Tank.”s

DISPATCH	                                                                                                                          January	2010

                               Living the Dream at the
                              Colorado Railroad Museum                                                                           By Art Mitchell

I	think	that	one	of	the	things	that	has	helped	my	hobby	is	volun-
  teering	at	the	Colorado	Railroad	Museum.	Working	with	the	real	
thing	shows	me	how	it	is	put	together	and	how	it	is	operated.	Did	
                                                                           of	the	large	ventilator	on	its	roof	that	looks	like	a	small	chicken	
                                                                           coop)	is	being	restored	and	the	RGS Rico	is	being	restored,	all	in	
                                                                           the	warmth	of	the	heated	roundhouse.	Imagine	that,	learning	how	
you	know	that	a	tender	backup	light	that	is	mounted	to	the	side	is	        these	cars	are	put	together	and	putting	on	real	parts	that	modelers	
turned	slightly	so	the	light	shines	on	the	track	150	feet	back	of	the	     will	be	replicating	on	their	models	for	years	to	come	making	your-
tender?	Ever	think	of	doing	a	stretch	after	making	a	joint	to	make	        self	part	of	the	history	of	the	car.
sure	that	the	coupling	made?	You	notice	that	not	all	the	cars	in	the	
same	class	have	the	same	details.	Like	some	of	the	3000	series	            There	is	also	grunt	work	to	do	on	the	operating	steam	engines	
boxcars	have	economy	doors	and	some	have	Murphy	steel	roof	                doing	maintenance	on	the	engines	between	steam	ups.	Debbie,	the	
walk	cleats	as	opposed	to	the	traditional	wood	cleats.	You	notice	         grounds	keeper	could	always	use	help	keeping	the	weeds	down	and	
while	tying	the	hand	brake	that	the	800	series	drop	bottom	gons	           doing	landscaping.	Operating	the	train	is	definitely	for	women	too.	
have	different	brake	wheel	heights.	This	teaches	me	that	if	I	am	          If	you	don’t	like	to	get	your	hands	dirty	you	can	volunteer	in	one	
going	to	make	a	model	of	a	car	that	I	should	acquire	some	photos	          of	the	most	comprehensive	railroad	libraries	in	the	world.	Help	is	
of	the	car	that	I	wish	to	model	rather	than	making	a	generic	model.	       needed	cataloging	historic	pictures	and	documents	and	doing	his-
                                                                           toric	research.	Railroad	maps	that	I	recently	donated	helped	solve	a	
The	thing	that	I	like	the	most	is	operation	of	this	historic	equip-        land	dispute	at	North	Yard.	
ment.	Have	you	ever	watched	a	steam	train	go	by	and	wonder	what	
it	would	be	like	to	get	a	cab	ride?	How	about	daring	to	wonder	what	       To	be	on	the	operating	crew	you	must	volunteer	72	hours	a	year	
it	would	be	like	to	fire	that	engine	or	really	dare	to	wonder	what	it	     and	time	operating	the	train	does	not	count	for	your	hours.	One	
would	be	like	to	actually	run	that	engine?	Ever	wonder	what	it’s	like	     time	only	you	must	attend	a	volunteer	orientation	meeting.	You	
doing	a	water	stop	and	putting	water	in	the	tender	tank	from	a	real	       must	have	steel	toed	work	boots	with	a	defined	heel.	You	must	
water	tank?	At	the	railroad	museum	I	stopped	wondering.                    attend	a	class	and	pass	the	operating	rules	test.	This	class	is	put	on	
	                                                                          by	the	museum	in	Golden	at	no	cost	to	you.	There	is	a	class	and	
On	the	operating	crew	you	get	to	work	with	these	icons	of	history.	        exam	in	March	and	May	of	each	year.	The	March	class	is	usually	
You	physically	live	history.	You	get	to	know	what	it	was	like	to	work	     reserved	for	regular	operating	crews	but	there	may	be	openings.	
with	this	equipment	on	a	daily	basis.	This	is	something	that	you	          The	May	class	and	exam	is	usually	for	new	volunteers.	The	after-
can’t	learn	from	a	book.	You	become	a	little	less	of	a	foamer and	a	       noon	following	your	class	and	exam	your	training	as	a	brakeman	
little	more	of	a	real	railroader.	The	fact	that	the	Shay	you	are	work-     will	begin	so	come	appropriately	dressed.	You	may	train	as	you	are	
ing	on	was	made	in	1928	becomes	insignificant	while	you	watch	the	         turning	in	your	72	hours.	
sun	rise	as	you	oil	around	and	get	the	engine	ready.	It	is	insignifi-
cant	that	the	rod	engine	that	you	are	working	on	was	made	in	1881	         To	start	off	you	need	to	qualify	as	a	brakeman.	After	qualifying	as	
while	you	figure	out	a	way	to	oil	the	Stephenson	valve	gear	without	       a	brakeman	you	can	move	on	to	conductor	or	fireman	training	or	
having	the	air	compressor	drip	hot	water	on	your	back	as	it	has	           both.	After	that	is	engineer	training	to	become	a	qualified	engineer.	
done	with	others	in	years	past.	                                           Being	in	brakeman	training	does	not	preclude	you	from	operating	
                                                                           the	engine	under	the	guidance	of	a	qualified	engineer.	You	just	
You	learn	how	to	do	a	brake	test	as	they	have	done	a	hundred	years	        need	to	show	your	dedication	to	the	museum	by	volunteering	and	
in	the	past.	You	learn	how	to	switch	cars	and	give	signals	as	they	        making	yourself	an	asset.	One	of	my	track	volunteers	that	has	been	
have	done	in	the	past.	You	learn	that	you	have	to	be	a	bit	more	care-      working	with	me	for	the	past	3	years,	is	in	brakeman	training,	and		
ful	with	wooden	cars.	This	is	living	history.	This	is	living	the	dream.    started	operating	the	engine	this	year.	He	has	operated	346	and	
                                                                           Shay	#12.	
It	doesn’t	take	a	huge	wallet;	it	just	takes	some	of	your	time	and	a	
little	dedication.	It	doesn’t	cost	any	money,	just	sign	up	and	attend	a	   Almost	every	Saturday,	weather	permitting,	my	friend	Gus	Sitas	
volunteer	orientation	meeting.	The	museum	needs	volunteers.		Just	
                                                                           and	I,	car	pool	down	to	the	railroad	museum.	We	have	room	for	3	
like	model	railroading	the	field	is	wide	open	except	your	knowl-
                                                                           more.	All	you	have	to	do	is	pay	your	share	in	gas.	Other	than	that	
edge	of	DCC	will	do	you	no	good	here.	I	volunteer	working	on	the	
track	which	has	instant	gratification	because	I	can	plainly	see	what	      there	is	no	cost	to	you.	You	have	just	run	out	of	excuses.	So,	come	
I	have	done.	There	are	several	restoration	projects	going	on	in	           on,	improve	your	modeling	skills	and	live the dream	at	the	Colorado	
the	roundhouse.	The	CB&Q	caboose	is	being	restored.	A	narrow	              Railroad	Museum.
gauge	kitchen	car	(commonly	called	a	chicken	coop	car	because	

DISPATCH	                                                                                                        November	2009

Above: Club member Art Mitchell running ex D&RGW 346 during the Halloween 2008 steam up. Left Below: This is really scary. Now the
author is running Shay #12 on Halloween. Right Below: Switch construction on No Name siding. Since Art has been building track at
the museum they built a spur that has no name and a spur called No Name, go figure.

DISPATCH	                                                                                                                       January	2010

  Northern Colorado Model Railroad Club Contest Rules
                                                    Revised Januar y, 2010

 Editors	Note:		In	the	following	document,	the	wording	changes	
                                                                                 enter	during	that	year.
 from	the	previous	rules	are	highlighted	in	blue,	and	the	actual	rule	
 changes	are	highlighted	in	red			Anywhere	in	this	document	that	
 the	term	“Contest	Chairman”	appears,	it	also	may	be	interpreted	as	         C.	 If	a	member	who	has	entered	at	the	Modeler	level	in	the	year	
“Contest	Committee”,	if	appropriate.                                             consistently	displays	the	level	of	skill	expected	of	a	Crafts-
                                                                                 man,	the	Contest	Coordinator		may	switch	that	modeler	to	
I.		Entr y                                                                       the	Craftsman	level	at	any	time	during	the	year,	prior	to	
                                                                                 the	beginning	of	the	final	contest	of	the	year.	If	they	do	so,	
   A.	 All	members	in	good	standing	in	the	Northern	Colorado	                    all	points	earned	that	year	by	the	member	at	the	Modeler	
       Model	Railroad	Club	(NCMRC)	are	eligible	to	enter	the	con-                level	will	be	transferred	to	the	Craftsman level	with	them.	
       tests.                                                                    A	member	who	has	established	in	the	past	that	they	are	a	
                                                                                 Craftsman caliber	modeler	are	not	expected	to	enter	at	the	
    B.	Only	one	entry	per	participant	per	category,	(or	per	sub-cat-             Modeler	level,	but	may	discuss	the	issue	with	the	Contest	
       egory,	in	the	case	of	a	contest	with	multiple	sub-categories)	            Coordinator.
       unless	otherwise	specified	in	the	monthly	contest	rules.
                                                                          III.	Categories
    C.	 Entries	can	include	brass,	kits,	or	ready-to-run	models,	as	
        long	as	they	have	been	painted,	decaled,	detailed,	weath-            A.	 The	categories	for	each	year’s	contests	are	determined	by	
        ered	or	otherwise	modified	by	the	contestant.                            the	Contest	Coordinator.	These	categories	should	reflect	a	
                                                                                 wide	range	of	subject	area,	so	modelers	of	all	interests	may	
    D.	Models	entered	can	be	a	collaborative	effort	of	more	than	                participate.
       one	member;	however,	all	points	will	be	split	evenly	among	
       the	contributing	members.                                             B.	The	list	of	categories	for	the	coming	year’s	contests	will	be	
                                                                                published	in	the	January	issue	of	The	DISPATCH.
    E.	Each	entry	must	be	accompanied	by	a	3x5	card	(or	similar),	
       containing	the	title	or	description	of	the	model,	and	any	            C.	 Each	contest’s	category	may,	at	the	discretion	of	the	Contest	
       additional	documentation	that	the	entrant	may	wish	to	pro-                Coordinator,	include	multiple	sub-categories.	For	example,	
       vide.                                                                     the	category	“Motive	Power”	might	include	the	sub-cate-
                                                                                 gories	of	“Diesel”,	“Steam”,	and	“Electric	&	Other”.	Each	
       1.	 his	card	will	also	contain	the	entry	#,	which	is	assigned	            sub-category	is,	in	effect,	handled	as	a	separate	contest,	so	
       by	the	Contest	Coordinator	at	the	time	the	model	is	entered.              a	member	may	enter	one	model	in	more	than	one	of	the	sub-
                                                                                 categories,	and	accumulate	points	from	each	(see	Scoring,	
    F.	 Any	member	or	visitor	can	bring	an	item	for	non-contest	                 below).
        display	(and	are	encouraged	to	do	so).	
                                                                             D.	Non-modeling	categories,	such	as	“Art	&	Photo,”	will	be	run	
                                                                                in	the	same	way	as	the	modeling	contests,	but	the	points	
II.	 Levels                                                                     received	will	not	be	counted	toward	the	Modeler Of The
                                                                                Year	awards	at	the	end	of	the	year.
   A.	 Contests	will	be	judged	at	two	levels:

   	   1.	 odeler	-	This	level	is	for	those	whose	skills	are	not	yet	
         M                                                                IV.	      Scoring
       at	the	level	expected	of	a	Craftsman,	and	for	those	of	a	less	
       competitive	nature	who	just	want	to	enter	for	the	enjoyment	       The	contest	scoring	method	is	designed	to	promote	and	encourage	
                                                                          contest	participation.	Contest	participants	will	accumulate	point	
       of	it.	All	members	who	are	new	or	less	experienced	model-
                                                                          from	each	judged	entry,	which	will	be	used	to	determine	the	Mod-
       ers	are	encouraged	to	participate	at	the	Modeler	level	to	feel	
                                                                          eler Of The Year awards	at	the	end	of	the	year.
       comfortable	with	displaying	their	work	and	to	just	have	fun.
                                                                             A.	 In	each	contest,	each	entry	in	a	category	(or	sub-category)	
   	   2.	 Craftsman	-	This	level	reflects	a	higher	degree	of	skill	in	          will	be	given	a	number	that	corresponds	to	a	number	on	the	
       the	modeling	art.	A	Craftsman	is	expected	to	create	models	               ballot.	
       of	exceptional	quality	in	design,	construction	and	detail.
                                                                             B.	All	members	are	eligible	to	vote	in	the	contests,	with	the	
    B.	A	member	must	decide	each	year,	at	the	time	they	enter	                  exception	of	the	Contest	Coordinator	(or	the	person	run-
       their	first	contest	of	the	year,	at	which	level	they	wish	to	            ning	a	particular	contest).

DISPATCH	                                                                                                                        January	2010

      C.	 Members	attending	the	contest	will	judge	each	entry	by	
          assigning	a	score	from	0	to	10		(0	=poor,	10	=	excellent),	and	     B.	Year	End	Awards
          mark	that	score	next	to	that	entry’s	number	on	their	ballot.        	
                                                                              1.	 Model Of The Year –	This	award	is	presented	to	the	
      D.	Only	whole	numbers	may	be	used	for	scoring	(no	decimal	                  Craftsman	level	model	receiving	the	highest	final	score	for	
         places	or	fractions).	Incorrectly	marked	or	illegible	scores	            a	single	entry	during	the	contest	year.
         will	be	discarded.
                                                                              2.	 Modeler Of The Year - Craftsman –	This	award	
      E.	Ballots	which	contain	no	valid	scores	will	be	discarded.	                is	presented	to	the	Craftsman	level	member	who	
                                                                                  receives	the	highest	total	of	final	scores	for	all	entries	
      F.	 Whenever	possible,	ballots	will	be	provided	which	include	              during	the	contest	year.
          guidelines	for	scoring	the	contest	entries.	These	guidelines	
          are	determined	by	the	Contest	Coordinator,	provided	they	           3.	 Modeler Of The Year - Modeler –	This	award	is	pre-
          are	consistent	with	these	rules.                                        sented	to	the	Modeler	level	member	who	receives	the	
                                                                                  highest	total	of	final	scores	for	all	entries	during	the	
      G.	The	final	score	for	each	entry	is	determined	by	taking	the	              contest	year.	A	member	who	receives	this	award	is	not	
         total	of	all	scores	entered	on	the	ballots	for	that	entry,	and	          required	to	advance	to	the	Craftsman	level	in	future	
         dividing	that	number	by	the	total	number	of	ballots	cast.	               contests,	but	is	encouraged	to	consider	doing	so.
         (note	that	it	is	divided	by	the	total	number	of	ballots	cast,	
         not	by	the	number	of	scores	given	for	that	entry,	so	it	is	not	      4.	 Best Artwork/Photo*	–	This	award	is	presented	to	
         just	a	simple	average.	This	means	a	ballot	which	does	not	                the	member	receiving	the	highest	final	score	in	the	
         contain	a	score	for	an	entry	is,	in	effect,	a	score	of	0	for	that	       “Art	&	Photo*”	contest.	
         entry.)                                                              				*	or	equivalent	non-modeling	contest.

      H.	These	final	scores	for	each	entry	will	be	used	to	determine	
         the	order	of	finish	in	each	level.	(Highest=1st	place,	next	         Help!
         highest=2nd	place,	etc.)
                                                                              A	question	submitted	by	Doug	Geiger:
      I.	 The	cumulative	totals	of	the	final	scores	(“points”)	for	all	of	
          the	models	that	each	member	enters	throughout	the	year	             Is	there	anyone	in	the	club	that	is	a	serious	steel	mill	mod-
          are	used	to	determine	the	Modeler Of The Year	award	in	             eler?		And	could	help	me	plan	an	integrated	steel	works	for	
          both	the	Modeler	and	Craftsman	levels.                              our	layout?		Someone	who	knows	steel	and	iron	production.		
                                                                              I	am	contemplating	changing	a	section	of	the	layout	(Colton)	
  	      1.	 n	the	event	of	a	tie,	the	member	with	the	highest	indi-
           I                                                                  to	accomodate	a	blast	furnace,	several	steel	mills	and	the	
         vidual	final	score	for	an	entry	will	be	the	winner.                  associated	buildings	and	processes.		And	I	want	to	do	it	cor-
                                                                              rectly	<g>.
  	      2.	 If	this	fails	to	break	the	tie,	then	co-Modelers	Of	The	
         Year	will	be	declared.                                               I	have	already	subscribed	to	the	Steel	Yahoo	email	group	and	
                                                                              they	have	been	quite	helpful.		But	it	would	be	nice	to	bounce	
  J.	 The	result	of	each	month’s	contest(s),	along	with	the	run-              ideas	off	of	someone	local	that	knows	steel.
      ning	points	total	for	all	entrants	will	be	published	in	the	
      DISPATCH                                                                 thanks.
                                                                              -Doug	Geiger	s
      K.	As	mentioned	above,	non-modeling	categories,	such	as	“Art	
         &	Photo,”	will	be	run	in	the	same	way	as	the	modeling	con-           For Sale
         tests,	but	the	points	received	will	not	be	counted	toward	the	
         Modeler	Of	The	Year	awards	at	the	end	of	the	year.                   Unimat	Hobbyist	and	Watchmaker’s	Lathe,	Model	SL1000
                                                                              With	numerous	accessories,	including	3-jaw	chuck,	indexing	
V.	         Awards                                                            and	dividing	head,	milling	table,	live	center,	and	much	more.		
                                                                              Current	true	market	value	at	least	$750	(check	eBay),	but	I’ll	
  A.	 Individual	Contest	Awards                                               take	$450	for	the	lot	from	a	fellow	club	member.	
         1.	 t	the	end	of	each	contest,	prizes,	such	as	ribbons,	will	be	     Call	to	discuss	or	arrange	to	have	a	look:
         awarded	for	1st,	2nd,	and	3rd	place	in	each	of	the	two	levels.       Roger	Smith			(970)	493	2662	s
  	      2.	 In	the	event	of	a	tie,	duplicate	prizes	will	be	awarded.

DISPATCH	                                                                                                                         January	2010

                             NCMRC 2010 Contest Categories
                                                                                                                              by Rich Coleman

Hello	everyone	-	let	me	introduce,	or	re-introduce	myself.	My	name	       August:	“Seen	Better	Days”	(also	called	‘Old	Things’	in	the	calen-
is	Rich	Coleman	and	I	have	recently	re-joined	the	club	after	having	      dar)	-	These	are	models	of	things	that	have	seen	better	days,	and	
been	away	for	a	few	years,	and	I	have	agreed	to	take	on	the	Contest	      are	now	old,	weathered,		broken	down,	abandoned,	decrepit,	etc.
Coordinator’s	job	from	Paul	Overmeyer.	                                   (if	you	think	about	it,	these	are	often	some	of	the		most	interesting	
                                                                          and	eye-catching	models,	so	this	is	really	a	chance	to	get	creative)
First	of	all,	I	want	to	thank	Paul	for	the	work	that	he	has	done	as	
Contest	Coordinator,	and	for	the	assistance	that	he	has	given	me	in	      September: “Art	&	Photography”,	with	four	sub	categories:
the	transition.
                                                                            -	Prototype	Photograph
 Here	are	the	contest	categories	for	2010.	Please	read	them	carefully	
-	there	are	some	opportunities	for	extra	creativity!
                                                                            -	Model	Photograph

Januar y: Greeley	meeting	-	no	contest
                                                                            -	Computer	Composite	Picture

Februar y: Motive	Power,	with	three	sub-categories:
                                                                            -	Other	Art	Media	(in	the	past,	this	was	called	‘Original	Art-
   	 -	Diesel                                                                   work’,	but	things	which	are	your	work,	but	not	necessarily	
                                                                                your	original	design,		such	as	kits,	are	acceptable)
   	   -	Steam
                                                                          October: Greeley	meeting	-	no	contest
   	   -	Other	(this	sub-category	includes	not	only	the	usual	things	
       like	traction	and	gas-electrics,	but	also	anything	that	is	rail-   November: “Making	a	Scene”	(dioramas,	with	a	maximum	size	of	
       road	related	and	self-propelled.	For	example,	railroad	car	        10,000	scale	square	feet	(100	x	100	feet).	There	will	be	two	sub-
       ferries,	railroad	owned	tug	boats,	hi-railers,	etc.)               categories:

March:	Swap	Meet	-	no	contest                                               -	Urban

April:	Greeley	meeting	-	no	contest                                         -	Rural

May:	Rolling	Stock,	with	three	sub-categories:                            December: Club	Dinner	-	no	contest

   -	Passenger	(cars	normally	found	in	a	passenger	train,	includ-         Remember	that	in	the	months	where	the	contest	category	has	sub-
       ing	baggage,	express,	steam	generator	cars,	etc.)                  categories,	you	can	enter	one	model	in	each	of	the	sub-categories	if	
                                                                          you	want	to	-	a	good	way	of	building	up	points	for	those	who	will	be	
   -	‘Ordinary’	Freight	(cars,	including	cabooses,	that	would	not	be	     working	toward	that	Modeler Of The Year	award.
       thought	unusual	if	seen	in	a	freight	train.
                                                                          Also	remember	that	each	entry	must	be	accompanied	by	a	3x5	card	
   -	Maintenance	of	Way	and	Unusual	Freight	(for	example,	air-            (or	similar)	with	the	name/title	of	the	model,	plus	any	other	infor-
      craft	cars,	depressed-center	flat	cars,	other	special-purpose	      mation	about	the	model	or	what	you	did	to	it	that	you	think	people	
      or	unusual	cars)                                                    would	be	interested	in.

June:	Techniques	-	any	type	of	model	that	showcases	a	particular	         Finally,	at	each	contest,	there	will	also	be	a	display/show-and-tell	
modeling	technique.	For	example,	if	you	have	a	favorite	technique	        table,	where	you	can	put	your	handiwork	out	for	the	club	to	see	
for	simulating	rust	on	freight	cars,	enter	a	rusty	freight	car;	if	you	   without	entering	the	contest.
know	a	good	way	of	doing	peeling	paint	on	wood,	enter	a	wooden	
building	with	peeling	paint;	if	you	have	a	great	idea	for	animation,	     So	start	thinking	about	what	you	can	do	for	each	of	those	categories.	
enter	a	diorama	that	shows	off	the	animation,	etc.	Voters	will	be	        There	are	lots	of	opportunities	for	you	to	exercise	and	demonstrate,	
asked	to	consider	not	only	the	over	all	model,	but	also	how	effective	    not	only	your	modeling	skills,	but	also	your	creativity.
is	the	technique	that	you	are	showcasing.
                                                                          If	you	have	any	questions	about	the	contests,	please	feel	free	to	
July:	Greeley	meeting	-	no	contest                                        contact	me	at	a	meeting,	or	at	richcoleman@mesanetworks.net s

DISPATCH	                                                                                                                         January	2010

                    The 2009 Christmas and Holiday Dinner
A	special	highlight	of	this	year’s	Christmas	and	Holiday	Dinner	was	         We	should	all	thank	Randy	Ditton	and	Pete	Porter	for	another	great	
the	entertainment	by	the	Lonesome	Traveler	Bluegrass	Band.	This	             dinner	served.		And	if	you	didn’t	get	enough	to	eat,	next	year	check	
is	a	very	professional	6-piece	band	which	performs	all	over	the	             with	Chris	Johnson,	as	she	will	be	making	the	decision	of	which	
country	and	has	done	well	in	several	band	competitions.                      tables	will	be	served	first	s.

Right Top: 	The	band	members	from	Left	to	Right	are	Rick	Scott,	
guitar;	Evan	Neal,	upright	bass;	Dustin	Scott,	guitar;	Ansel	Foxley,	
resenator	guitar;	Jodi	Boice,	mandolin;	and	Chad	Fisher,	fiddle.			Left
Middle The	band	seemed	like	a	perfect	match	for	our	group	and	the	
stage.		The	church	probably	had	better	acoustics	than	most	venues	in	
Fort	Collins.		Right Middle: What	is	a	Resenator	Guitar?		Its	an	acoustic	
guitar	whose	sound	is	produced	by	one	or	more	metal	cones	(reso-
nators)	instead	of	the	wooden	soundboard	(guitar	top/face).		Ansel	
plays	his	resonator	guitar	as	a	lap	steel	guitar.		Left Bottom: 	The	band	
played	several	“train	songs”	which	they	added	to	their	play	list	just	for	
us.		Right Bottom:		Spotted	in	the	audience	was	this	distinguished	
music	critic,	who	no	doubt	crashed	our	party	to	be	able	to	hear	this	
band	without	having	to	go	to	some	far-away	mountain	music	festival.

DISPATCH	                                                                                                                    January	2010

                                                Club Recognitions

During	the	Christmas	Dinner	meeting,	the	Officers,	Board	Mem-
bers,	and	Committee	Chairmen	were	recognized	for	their	service	to	
the	club	over	the	past	year.		Several	special	awards	were	also	given,	
most	notably	to	Pearl	Hagemeister	and	Bill	Beranek	for	service	
beyond	the	call	of	duty.		For	others,	our	usual	“Suitable	for	Fram-
ing”	Club	Certificate	was	presented	by	our	outgoing	president,	John	

Not	all	of	those	awarded	are	shown	here.		Outgoing	Board	Mem-
bers	Russ	Boehm	and	Don	Allender	were	not	present.		Several	
other	presentations	were	missed	because	the	photographer	wasn’t	
paying	attention.	s	


                                                                         Bill Beranek received a special award for planning, organizing and
                                                                         executing the Train Show last May.

Gene Fusco was recognized for organizing the programs at each            Pearl Hagemeister received a special award for putting up
club meeting.                                                            with the club layout stored in her garage attic for many

    Doug French was recognized for being the Layout Meister during       Paul Overmyer has conducted the club contests for the past
    part of 2009.                                                        serveral years and certainly deserves credit for his hard work.

DISPATCH	                                                                                                                    January	2010

CLUB NEWS & reports
Commitee Reports                                                        We	had	one	individual	join	the	club	for	the	year	2010.		He	is	Steve	
                                                                        Kile	of	Fort	Collins,	CO,	modeling	in	HO	scale.		Steve,	we	hope	you	
                                                                        will	become	involved	in	our	activities.		Welcome	aboard.

Events                                                                  We	now	have	81	regular	“paid	up”	members,	15	family	“paid	up”	
By John S. Atkinson, Events Chairman                                    members	for	a	total	of	96	members	plus	one	Honorary	“LIFE”	
Rails in the Rockies 2010
                                                                        Our	attendance	at	the	December	Christmas	party	in	Fort	Collins	
The	Northern	Colorado	Model	Railroad	Club	will	be	participating	        was	113.
in	the	Rails	in	the	Rockies	Train	Show	in	Estes	Park	on	February	
13	and	14.	The	club	has	participated	in	this	show	for	the	past	few	     	Again,	a	reminder	that	it	is	dues	time	again.		I	will	be	accepting	
years	and	found	it	to	be	really	fun.	The	show	runs	Saturday,	Febru-     dues	at	the	January	meeting,	(January	28,	2010).		If	you	don’t	have	
ary	13	from	9:00	AM	to	5:00	PM	and	Sunday,	February	14	from	9:00	       your	membership	application	blank,	please	pick	it	up	before	you	pay	
AM	to	4:00	PM.                                                          your	dues.		THANK	YOU!s

We	will	be	transporting	the	club’s	layout	to	Estes	Park	on	Friday,	
February	12.	We	will	meet	at	Roger	Michels’	house	at	3:00	PM	(see	
below	for	his	address),	transport	the	layout	to	Estes	Park,	and	set	
up	the	layout	at	the	show.	I	expect	we	will	be	done	setting	up	some-    Programs and Clinics
where	around	6:00	PM.                                                   By Gene Fusco, Program Chairman

We	need	transportation	crews	for	Friday	afternoon	and	Sunday	           The	program	for	our	annual	Christmas	Dinner	on	Dec.	17	was	a	hit	
afternoon	as	well	as	operating	crews	for	Saturday	and	Sunday.	A	        with	the	Lonesome	Traveler	Blue	Grass	band.	They	entertained	us	
sign-up	list	will	be	at	the	club	meeting	or	you	can	e-mail	me	at:	      with	several	traditional	songs	as	well	as	some	of	their	own	com-
john.atkinson101@comcast.net                                            position.	Of	course	they	had	to	include	some	train	songs	in	their	
                                                                        repertoire.	According	to	our	unofficial	counter	113	people	were	in	
However,	don’t	forget	that	Valentines	Day	is	Sunday	February	14.	       attendance	to	enjoy	the	music	and	the	meal.
Sheryl	and	I	are	spending	the	weekend	in	Estes	Park	at	a	bed-and-
breakfast.	You	may	want	to	make	special	plans	too.		                    Dave	Trussell	will	give	the	program	at	our	January	28	meeting	at	
                                                                        the	Greeley	Freight	Station	Museum	on	“The	State	of	the	Museum.”	
Work Session                                                            He	will	cover	the	relationship	of	the	museum	with	the	City	of	
                                                                        Greeley,	future	dreams	and	plans	for	the	museum,	and	ways	in	
We	need	a	little	fix-up,	clean	up,	and	add-on	session	for	the	club’s	   which	the	NCMRC	can	be	supportive.	He	will	also	show	clips	from	
layout	before	the	show.	We	will	be	having	a	work	session	in	Roger	      a	new	DVD	that	has	been	produced	to	promote	the	museum	to	
Michael’s	garage	on	Saturday,	February	6.	All	club	members	are	         service	clubs,	schools	and	other	organizations.
invited	to	come	help	out.	Roger’s	house	is	at	1003	West	41st	St.	in	
Loveland.	We	will	be	working	from	10:00AM	to	3:00PM	(or	earlier	if	
we	get	done).	I	heard	pizza	will	be	provided.	I	hope	to	see	many	of	
you	there.	s                                                            Treasurer’s Report, 2009
                                                                        By Roger Smith, Treasurer


Membership                                                              	        Gift	Received		 	       	       	             1,618.45	
By Rich Wilson, Membership Chairman                                     	        Membership	Dues	
                                                                        	        	        Membership	Dues	2009		 	             3,655.00	
Another	year	has	come	and	gone	and	another	Christmas	party	has	         	        	        Membership	Dues	2010		 	             					12.00	
been	placed	in	the	record	books.		Randy	Ditton,	Pete	Porter	and	        	        	        TOTAL	Membership	Dues			             3,667.00	
their	crew	cooked	another	excellent	meal,	as	usual.		THANKS	            	        Name	Badge	Sales		      	       	             					72.00	
GUYS!		The	entertainment	was	excellent	and	enjoyed	by	all.              	        TOTAL	INCOME			         	       	             5,357.45	

DISPATCH	                                                                                                                     January	2010

                                                                       By Bill Kepner, Editor
	          Building	Usage		 	          	        	        1,852.75	
	          Club	Layout		       	       	        	        					16.23	
           Equipment	Purchases		
           Insurance	163.00	
                                                                       Y  our	editor	will	be	attending	the	Board	meeting	where	the	
                                                                          club’s	leadership	discusses	the	organizational	goals	for	the	
                                                                       year.		I	hope	some	of	you	wrote	down	some	ideas	on	how	we	could	
	          Membership	Expenses	
                                                                       improve	the	Dispatch,		if	you	didn’t	you	can	send	suggestions	to	
	          	         Awards		 	        	        	        					60.00	
                                                                       me	at	any	time.		I	would	like	to	get	to	the	point	where	I	get	regular	
	          	         gratuities	and	memorials		 	        			100.00	
                                                                       requests	for	certain	types	of	articles.		
	          	         Name	Badges		 	            	        			161.12	
	          	         new	member	expenses		      			      					57.83	
                                                                       If	you’ve	got	some	interesting	photographs	of	your	layout	or	other	
	          	         Other	Membership	Expenses	          					27.75	
                                                                       modeling	project,	I	would	really	like	to	include	them	in	a	future	
	          	         TOTAL	Membership	Expenses		         			406.70	
	          Operating	Expenses	
	          	         Advertising		     	        	        			100.00	
                                                                       I	appreciate	the	support	I’ve	received	over	the	last	year,	and	I	want	
	          	         Postal	Box		      	        	        					58.00	
                                                                       to	thank	the	outgoing	officers,	board	members,	and	department	
	          	         Taxes	and	Fees		 	         	        					10.00	
                                                                       heads	for	their	help.		I	would	also	like	to	recognize	Paul	Overmyer	
	          	         Other	Operating	Expenses			         					13.34	
                                                                       for	his	quality	and	prompt	submissions	of	the	monthly	Contests	
	          	         TOTAL	Operating	Expenses		          			181.34	
                                                                       Report.	s	
	          Publicity	&	Advertising	
	          	         Dispatch		        	        	        			294.76	
	          	         TOTAL	Publicity	&	Advertising				   			294.76	
                                                                       Photo Contributions Wanted
	          Social	Events	
	          	         Christmas	Banquet		        	        			626.00	     I	am	producing	a	“Colorado	Railfan	2009	Yearbook”	which	I	hope	
	          	         TOTAL	Social	Events		      	        			626.00	     to	show	100	or	more	of	the	best	prototype	and	model	photo-
	          TOTAL	EXPENSES		            	        	        4,169.70	      graphs	taken	in	Colorado	during	2009.		For	more	information,	see	
                                                                        http://drgw0579.home.comcast.net/yearbook			Or	contact	me	at	
OVERALL	TOTAL		              	        	         	        1,187.75.	s    drgw0579@comcast.net.		Deadlines	for	submittals	is	January	31.
                                                                       -	Bill	Kepner	s

    Jeffrey Andreski represented the Teen
    Association of Model Railroaders at the
    Boulder County Model Railroad Club show
    in December. He also helped the NCMRC
    and could be found running back and
    forth between both displays. Maybe next
    time we should convince the show organiz-
    ers to place them closer together!

DISPATCH	                                                                                                                       January	2010

Layout Tours                                                           For	those	using	a	GPS	to	find	Mark’s	house	note	that	the	full	
By Roger Michels                                                       address	is	5627	West	16th	Street	Road,	at	the	end	of	a	cul-de-sac.		
                                                                       Omitting	“Road”	may	put	you	someplace	else.	s	.
The	January	Layout	Tour	will	feature	Mark	Linn’s		Bordeaux	
Creek	Subdivision	at	5627	West	16th	Street	Road	in	Greeley.	           Below: Showing the model of Chadron Yard and engine facility. Left
Mark’s	description	follows.		We’ve	included	some	“teaser	photo-        Bottom: A prototype photo of the Valentine Viaduct, Mark doesn’t
graphs”		this	month,	and	next	month	we	will	have	a	full	report	of	     model this exactly, pointing out it would be over 19’ long in HO scale!
the	actual	layout	tour.		See	maps	on	the	last	page	of	this	issue.      This part of Nebraska is definitely not flat. Right Bottom: The Chadron
                                                                       engine facility.
My	layout	is	named	the	Boadeaux	Creek	Subdivision,	part	of	the	
Black	Hills	Division	of	the	Chicago	and	Northwestern	RR.		This	
line	(often	called	the	“Cowboy	Line”)	ran	through	northern	
Nebraska,	west	from	Long	Pine	to	the	division	headquarters	at	
Chadron.		The	line	then	split	west	of	Chadron	at	Dakota	Junction,	
part	heading	north	to	Rapid	City,	SD	and	to	Pierre,	SD	and	the	
other	part	proceeding	into	Wyoming	eventually	ending	at	River-
ton,	WY.		

My	layout	is	an	HO	scale	representation	from	Long	Pine,	through	
Valentine	and	on	to	Chadron	through	Bordeaux	Creek.		This	is	
a	very	scenic	area	with	a	large	limestone	bluff	overlooking	the	
valley.		From	Chadron,	which	is	a	large	yard	area,	I	have	a	wye	at	
Dakota	Junction,	which	proceeds	up	an	island	to	Rapid	City	and	a	
hidden	staging	yard	with	the	Milwaukee	Road.		On	the	other	end	
of	the	wye,	I	interchange	with	the	CB&Q	at	Crawford,	NE	and	
another	hidden	staging	yard	represents	the	line	into	Wyoming.

The	layout	room	is	about	13’	x	24’	and	is	a	shelf	style	around	the	
edge	of	the	room	with	an	island	down	the	center.		It	also	has	a	
helix	into	a	hidden	staging	area.		The	construction	is	modular,	
designed	to	be	disassembled	and	moved	if	the	need	should	ever	
arise	so	as	to	prevent	having	to	start	from	scratch	again.

The	last	of	the	hand	laid	code	83	track	and	turnouts	have	been	
installed	recently	as	and	is	up	and	running	trains	using	a	NCE	
Powerhouse	Pro	5A	system.		Most	of	the	base	foam	scenery	has	
been	installed,	but	the	scenic	vegetation	has	not	yet	begun.

While	working	on	scenery	I	also	plan	to	start	creating	a	car	card	
system	to	begin	operations	so	I	can	fix	any	track	plan	issues	prior	
to	having	scenery	done.

DISPATCH	                                                                                                                      January	2010

  Progress on George Booth’s
        Great Western
Now	retired,	George	Booth	and	his	wife	have	moved	to	Grants	Pass,	
Oregon		and	George	is	making	great	progress	building	the	new	
Great	Western	Railway.		He	has	found	a	small	local	model	railroad	
club,	so	he	expects	to	be	able	to	hold	operating	sessions	in	the	
future.		They	won’t	be	the	large	sessions	he	had	in	Loveland,	but	he	
expects	the	slower	pace	will	still	be	fun.

Below: An overall shot of the west Loveland GW yard benchwork
and homasote. Bottom: is the tracks in the north end of the

                                                                        town of Loveland. This is either a fiddle yard or a live interchange,
                                                                        depending on the number of operators. The lift-up bridge that
                                                                        will span the aisle is the track between the GW depot and the C&S
                                                                        crossing US 287. Above: is the bare benchwork heading towards
                                                                        Officer Jct. Gorom is under the window and Birds is to the right of
                                                                        the lumber pile. The benchwork ends where the helix and Officer
                                                                        Jct will be. The benchwork under the lumber pile will be the tracks
                                                                        leading to Windsor. The gap is for the Poudre River scene. Below:
                                                                        is the north end of the staging yard. The three outside tracks will
                                                                        hold C&S through trains for tours and railfanning. The three inside
                                                                        tracks will hold live interchange cars for Kelim (UP) and Windsor
                                                                        (C&S). The staging yard will be on a continuous loop around the
                                                                        outside of the room.

DISPATCH	                                                                                                        January	2010

                                   T I M E T A B L E
JANUARY MEETING:		     Thursday,	January	28,	2009,	7	PM,	Greeley	Freight	Station	Museum	680	10th	Street,	Greeley,	CO.
	 PROGRAM:				         Dave	Trussell	-”The	State	of	the	Museum.”		
					LAYOUT TOUR:      January 30, Mark Linn 5627 W 16th St Rd, Greeley 1-4 PM (map below)
					BOARD MEETING:    February 4 - Pulliam	Building	545	N.	Cleveland,	Loveland	7	PM

    					February	6															Club	Layout	Work	Session	at	Roger	Michel’s	house.
									February	13-14								Rails	in	the	Rockies	-	Holiday	Inn,		Estes	Park.		Club	layout	on	Display.
									February	20-21							World’s	Greatest	Hobby	on	Tour	-	National	Western	Complex,	Denver,	Colorado	
									February		25	           	Club	meeting	-	in	LOVELAND	!																		


                      Department of Maps and Directions
          Mark Linn Layout Tour                 Rails in the Rockies
          5627	West	16th	Street	Road,	Greeley                          Holiday	Inn,	101	S	Saint	Vrain	Ave,	Estes	Park


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