Scope of services Rolling stock • Analysis of the German rolling stock market

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					                       Scope of services                              Rolling stock

                                                     • Analysis of the German rolling stock market,
                                                       searching for the best suitable vehicles for the
General /Project Organisation                          tendered services
 • Permanent observation and monitoring of           • Technical conception and description of the
   the national and international public               suitable vehicles
   transport market                                  • Compilation of requirement specifications for
 • Financial, strategical, organisational und          the purchase of rolling stock, analysis of offers
   technical evaluation of new projects,               of vehicle manufacturers, selection of the best
   including risks and chances for the potential       offer, negotiation with vehicle manufacturers
   bidder                                            • Internal und external evaluation of the rolling
 • Operational and technical analysis and              stock financing/leasing
   evaluation of tender documents                    • Development of concepts for spare vehicles
 • Project leading and coordination
 • Target-orientated coordination of the               Maintenance and servicing
   project with the management board and
   other internal/external decision makers           • Development and optimisation of concepts for
                                                                                                           Rail consulting for
 • Project calculation and risk assessment
 • Formulation and sending of inquiries and
                                                       the workshop and the heavy and light
                                                       maintenance of rolling stock
                                                                                                           heavy rail, light rail
   reprovals concerning unclear/inequitable          • Search for suitable workshop locations within       and bus tenders and
   demands of the PTA                                  the tendered network, negotiation with local
 • Neutral evaluation of bids, bid reviewing           companies and authorities                           awards
 • Expert monitoring during the PTA evaluation       • Technical workshop conception and adjustment
   phase of the bid                                    with the operational planning

          Operational planning                                      Other concepts

 • Construction, optimisation and description of     • Development and optimisation of staffing
   the demanded and alternative timetables on          concepts and the general internal and organisa-
   the basis of all infrastructural, rolling stock     tional structure of the new company
   technical and operational conditions              • Calculation and optimisation of rolling stock       Short Information
 • Development and optimisation of vehicle             energy consumption (with partners)
   circulation plans                                 • Development and optimisation of target-,
 • Operational and technical negotiation of            customer-orientated and tailored marketing and
   operational concepts with the railway infra-        sales concepts (with partners)
   structure companies and other partners            • Determination of the daily passenger demand,
 • Development and optimisation of rolling stock       revenue forecasting, evaluation of the existing
   cleaning and siding concepts                        revenue allocating procedures (with partners)
 • Technical conception of the OCC                   • Development and optimisation of all necessary
 • Description of the test operation and the           concepts for service, quality, safety, security,
   duties for the start of operation                   correction of faults and passenger information
 • Planning of rail replacement services             • Development, optimisation and collecting of all
 • Development of contingency plans and                necessary parts for the final bid, testing for
   concepts for operational perturbations              completeness
                                                                           Personal information                                        Partners

                                                      By founding Weidinger railconsult in winter
                                                      2006 Dipl.-Ing. Roman Weidinger has started his
                    The market situation              self-employment, after working for more than
                                                      5 1/2 years at several heavy and light rail
Since the German rail reform in 1994 and the                                                              Interlink Consulting GmbH
                                                      companies in the business and bid development.      (
beginning of the regionalisation of the               Another duty was the daily operation, especially
regional short distance services in 1996 the          in technical, organisational and personal fields.
German heavy rail market has completely               Therefore I am very familiar with the German
changed. Within the last years the market             heavy and light rail market and in all relevant
share (concerning annual train-km) of private,        fields of work.
federal and municipal railway companies has                                                               econex Verkehrsconsult GmbH
rised up from 1% in 1994 to currently 16% and         My aim is to use my experiences (and the
will further expand to 20% at the end of 2007.        experiences of my partners) of more than 20
                                                      national and international award procedures to
Bearing in mind both the significant reduction        always produce the best and especially successful
of public financial means for regional railway        results for my clients.                             I am self-employed member
services in summer 2006 and the consequence                                                               of team red.
of an increased number of tenders of regional
railway services to compensate the financial                    Qualifications and references
gap as well as the preparation of these
services, it will be difficult for the existing       - Study of traffic planning at the Technical
and potential railway companies to cope with            University of Berlin, major subject               (
these tasks organisationally and personally.            „planning, construction and operation of
                                                        railway services“, certification: diploma
                                                      - Working at Connex Regiobahn GmbH,
                               The solution             Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) AöR,
                                                        Hamburger Hochbahn AG und Serco Group
To allow railway companies to participate on as         in different fields of work
much tenderings as possible with a defined
                                                      - Management and coordination of bid
amount of staff, Weidinger railconsult was
                                                        proposals for several tenders als project
                                                        leader or project engineer:
Weidinger railconsult offers you to develop
efficiently complete bids, being ready for                  •     S-Bahn Rhein-Neckar (2001)                                           Contact
despatching to the PTA, for all interesting current         •     Neumünster – Heide – Büsum (2002)
heavy rail, light rail and bus tenders in close             •     Ostnetz Brandenburg (2002)
                                                                                                          Dipl.-Ing. Roman Weidinger
cooperation with your existing staff, management            •     Marschbahn (2003)                       railconsult
and supervisory boards and, if necessary, external          •     Nordharznetz (2003)
partners. You are free to decide whether you will           •     Teutoburger Wald-Netz (2004)            Sarrazinstr. 5
get a complete bid or only parts of such a bid. Our                                                       D-12159 Berlin
                                                            •     Nordost-Hessen-Netz (2004)
service offering is divided into several defined                                                          Tel.: + 49 – 30 - 859 66 729
modules, so you can choose the parts you need.              •     Ostseeküste (2005)
                                                            •     Red Line Tel Aviv (2005)                Fax: + 49 – 30 – 859 66 729
These services can be commissioned either on a                                                            Mobile: + 49 – 162 – 911 51 88
financial all-inclusive or a by-the-hour basis.             •     West- und Südpfalz (2006)
                                                            •     E-Netz Würzburg (2006)                  Internet :